A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Fifty

Tuesday September 28th, 2010: Late Night:

Rodriguez Residence

“We have arrived at your residence sir!” Jack called back. “Thank you Jack!” Randy replied. “Hey, I’ll get the pizza.” Kolleen chimed in, as she exited the limo. Jack already had the door open. Marcos followed and then Randy exited. “Hey Jack?” “Sir?” “Here is an extra hundred bucks. Could you please go get some drinks and some crackers? Also, please get some ginger ale for my mom, and some Pepsi and Sprite for Marcos and I. Kolleen…” “Yeah?” Kolleen replied. She was up at the door with Marcos. “What drink do you want?”

“I would like water of course, but maybe some Frappacino with whipped cream and chocolate syrup?” “Sure thing. Jack? Would you mind?” Randy asked him. Jack waved his hand. “No problem sir! I will be back within fifteen minutes…” “Wait… Jack?” He turned around. “Yes sir?” he replied. Randy withdrew an extra couple hundred, since he had a few thousand on him. “Take this and use it as you will. This is for all you’ve done for us today.” “Oh… Thank you sir!”

He got into the limo and drove off. Just as he left, an ambulance pulled up. Two EMT’s got out. One was tall and burly with red hair all over his arms. He had a thick handlebar mustache and an even thicker Amish like beard. The other was a very tall but thin man with dark tan skin. He had the face of a bear and a black goatee. They both were talking incoherently to each other as they walked to the back of the vehicle. “Do you have her?” “Ugh.. I got her…” The red haired man was guiding Diana up to the front door, as the tan skinned man helped push her.

“Can I help you sir?” the tan skinned man asked. “Yeah, I’m her son. How will she be situated?” He asked. “First off, my name is Joshua, and this is Dane. We’re here to help set up your mother’s I.V. as well as her heart monitor…” “Randy?” Penny called out as she walked around the ambulance. “Hey Penny!” Randy replied. Penny walked up to him and hugged him. “I’m here to monitor mom every day. I’ll be here from the morning until the late afternoon. At the current moment, I have to stay here to watch over these two; they’re new.”

Joshua and Dane nodded and then waited for Randy to open the door, which he did shortly afterward. They guided Diana through the door and then all of them followed in. They all walked into the living room, shortly after the door shut. They had her set up nearby the fireplace, since the outlets were there. “Penny was rummaging through a medical bag and withdrawing I.V. needles and tubes as Dane set up the I.V. bag.

“We’re going to give her ten C.C.’s of pain sedatives to help her sleep. Randy, are you staying here for the rest of the night?” Penny asked him. He saw the concern in her face and then nodded. “Alright, just make sure she eats something. I don’t care what it is, but make sure she has something in her stomach. She’ll need it with the chemo she had today.” “I’ll be here, don’t worry.” Randy stated. Penny smiled and then started prepping Diana for the I.V. needle.

“The I.V. has entered and it is now… hooked up.” Penny said as she started the I.V. drip. “Mrs. Rodriguez is strapped up to the heart monitor ma’am.” Dane added in. “Thank you.” “Mom is all set up. I will be back tomorrow morning with a new dose of the chemo.” “See you then!” Randy stated. They looked at each other a bit and then hugged. After she and the two EMT’s left, Randy turned back to Marcos and Kolleen. Both of which were sitting in a couple of the living room chairs.

Randy pulled one up to Diana’s right and held onto her hand. “Mom?” He called out. She was stirring a bit and then opened her eyes. “Where am I?” She asked. Kolleen grabbed a hold of Diana’s free hand and patted it lightly. “Mom, you’re back in your house.” Randy replied. “R-Really? Wow that was fast!” Randy couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. “I have some drinks coming soon. I asked my limo driver, Jack, to pick up some ginger ale for you and some crackers. I also have a pizza here. Randy stated.

“Can I have some of the cheese?” Diana asked. “Of course!” Randy replied. Marcos picked up a slice and handed it over. Randy immediately pulled some cheese off and put it towards Diana’s mouth. She accepted it and chewed gracefully. “G-God, that was better than the hospital f-food… Th-Thank you!” Diana said. “No worries Mom. We have plenty left.” “You kids should eat. You’re probably famished.” Kolleen had already been eating a bit of her first piece. She looked so adorable. Her cheeks were a bit pink, but it just made her look even cuter.

Marcos had just picked up his first slice and had over a quarter of it gone in less than ten seconds. “I’ll eat in a bit Mom. I’m just worried about you.” Randy said. Diana grabbed his hand and smiled up at him. “I haven’t had the proper chance to thank you son. Because of your generosity I can now have the comfort of my own home.” “Think nothing of it Mom. I love you too much to see you suffer.” Diana laughed and then coughed a bit. “You kids may want to leave soon. I feel nauseous.” Marcos and Kolleen left, leaving Randy alone with her.

“Here’s a bucket Ran-Ran.” Kolleen said, handing over a metal pale. “Thanks Kol.” She smiled at him and leaned against the doorframe. Randy saw the pain in her eyes, but didn’t say a word. He held the pale up for his mother, after removing her oxygen mask and helped her as she heaved into it. “I’m s-so sorry…” Diana said, before throwing up again. Randy rubbed her back as he held her up. She continued to vomit for over five minutes, until nothing but acid came up.

“I am so sick and tired of this vomiting!” The nausea subsided finally, allowing her time to breath. “I’ll go get a damp cloth.” Kolleen stated. She left the room, leaving only Randy and his mother again. “Why do you have to get sick?” Randy asked. He sat down and rested his head on his mother’s shoulder, listening to her labored breaths. “Sometimes things happen Randy. I can’t deny that and I want you to know, that you’re not alone. You have your friends, your peers and your career to help your mind. But most of all, you have that beautiful young woman.”

“I think she’s the one.” Randy said. “Really now? What makes you say that?” Diana asked. She sat herself back up and then waited for Randy’s reply. “I don’t know how to explain it Mom. Whenever I see her my heart feels like it’s going to rip straight out of my chest. Whenever she’s not around it…” “Feels like your heart’s going to break into a million pieces.” Diana interrupted. “Yeah!” Randy replied. He fiddled with the collar of his shirt for a shot while. She laughed a bit and then coughed hard. “Here you are man. Kolleen said she had to use the bathroom so she’ll be right back.” Marcos stated.

He handed the damp hand towel over and then grabbed another slice of pizza and exited the room. Randy wiped Diana’s sweat away on her forehead. “That feels so good.” She said. For once, he saw his mother in complete peace again. It took only minutes for her to doze back off into a blissful sleep. Randy kept the damp towel on her forehead, and then exited the room. He was interrupted by Kolleen who had tear stricken eyes. “I love you!” She yelled, wrapping her arms around his neck. Randy couldn’t even bring himself to hug back for a few seconds.

“I heard what you s-said t-to your m-mom! I think y-you’re the one t-t-too!” She cried harder into his chest. Randy started to rub her back and rested his head onto her shoulders. They rocked back and forth for minutes on end until the door rang. “I should get that.” he stated. Before he left, Kolleen pulled his head down and kissed him passionately. Afterwards, he went to open his door and was greeted by Jack, who had way too many bags. “Oh god, let me help you man!” Randy said. He grabbed four of the bags and left Jack with two.

“Thank you sir!” “Please, come in.” he stated, ushering Jack through the door. “Are you sure sir?” Randy set the bags down and placed his hands on Jack’s shoulders. “Jack, I know I just met you but you seem like a nice guy. You’re not just my driver or errand boy. You’re my friend and my friends are allowed inside my house.” Jack had a tear in his eye. He pulled out a handkerchief and wiped it away. “That is very kind sir, thank you!” he said as he walked past Randy with the bags and set them onto the kitchen table.

Kolleen hugged Randy around the waist this time. She then grabbed a hold of his hand and guided him past the kitchen up the stairs and into his room. Once the door shut, she turned and grinned at him. “Ran-Ran?” She asked with her lust filled voice. “Yeah?” he replied. She grabbed him and yanked him towards his bed, pushing him onto it and then stripped off her coat. Randy felt excitement in his chest as his heart began to beat faster and faster.

“And that’s where we’ll break this off!” Randy said. “Oh come on!” Charlie exclaimed. Randy laughed and rubbed his eyes. “You’re all way too young to know about any of this stuff.” he replied. He then stood up and watched as Kolleen set the waffles down onto the table, followed by the biscuits. He grabbed the butter and then helped the great grand kids doctor them up. As they sat and ate, Randy had warmth in his heart. He felt a frail and old yet still very warm hand slip into his worn out one. Seconds later the patented squeeze followed suit. He squeezed back and then heard Kolleen sigh.

“Hey kids, make sure you behave yourselves. Play nicely and don’t hurt each other.” Kolleen ordered as the kids ran out back. Randy loved it out here since it was filled to the brim with anything a kid would want. It had swings, a jungle gym made entirely out of wood and metal. There was an enormous sand box to the far right corner and along the back towards the door, sat a patio. It was here, that Randy and Kolleen sat down to enjoy the kids’ entertainment.

Charlie and Lori walked over to the swings whilst Randal and Roy headed up the jungle gym. “It warms my heart, you know?” Randy asked, as he took a deep breath of fresh morning air. “It warms mine as well Ran-Ran.” They continued to hold hands and watch on as the kids had fun. “When do you think they’ll do more of their work?” Randy asked. Kolleen shook her head and replied, “I’ve no idea.” “They did a good job in doing it last night so I trust they’ll do it again tonight. When they ask for more of the story, which I know they will, I’ll take them up to the day before my first match in DWL. I figured nothing really happened between us in my room and that day.”

As if on cue, the twins came over and sat across from Randy. Randal had been twirling his hair as Roy was sucking his thumb. “You really shouldn’t have your fingers anywhere near your mouth before washing it kid. It’s not cleanly.” Randy stated. “Sorry grandpa.” Roy said innocently. “Don’t be sorry! Just wash your hands next time.” Roy smiled in return and nodded. “Are we gonna hear more of the story grandpa?” Randal asked.

“Why of course you are! In fact, I want to bring you all to the day before my first DWL match. How exciting is that?!” Randy asked, grinning at the twins. “That sounds awesome!” they replied in unison. “Charlie? Lori?” “Yes grandpa?” they yelled back. “Do you want to hear more of the story?” He didn’t have to say another word, as the both of them ran over to the table and sat to the left of the twins. “That’s more like it! Now, where were we? AH, yes!” Randy cleared his throat and picked back up on the story.

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