A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Fifty One

Friday October 1st, 2010: Mid-Afternoon:

Obstetrician’s Office

Randy and Kolleen had been sitting in the waiting room of the Obstetrician’s Office for over forty five minutes now. “What in God’s name is taking them so long?!” Randy asked furiously. Kolleen sensed the frustration in his voice and grabbed a hold of his arm. “Calm down Ran-Ran. It’s an Obstetrician’s Office for a reason! There were women before me who need to be checked, so we wait our turn.” She stated. Randy looked over at her, and saw her holding onto her somewhat flat belly.

“I can’t believe you’re pregnant Kol. It’s amazing!” At the time she was wearing a tight pair of blue jeans, furry boots and a thick gray hoodie. Randy slipped on some jogging pants and a sweatshirt as well as his work boots to help combat the cold. The waiting room was your typical Obstetrician waiting room. It had huge windows behind the two of them with matching windows on the opposite side. All along the walls were pictures of women holding their pregnant bellies and of internal diagrams of the baby in the womb.

To the right sat a receptionist desk which inhabited a middle aged, light skinned woman. She had long red hair, green eyes and a small face. She would look over her computer screen at Kolleen and Randy from time to time. Each time that she did so, a small grin spread across her face. “How far along are you honey?” she asked the last time she looked up. Kolleen sat up and thought deeply about the right answer. “I honestly don’t know. I used a pregnancy test last week but I know I’ve been pregnant before that. I would say maybe a three weeks to a month?” She replied.

“That’s adorable.” The woman replied. “Thanks!” Kolleen stated. She turned her gaze back to Randy who was looking as nervous as ever. “You look like you’re about to do your first match already Ran-Ran; what’s up?” She asked, grabbing his hand. “N-Nothing Kol. I’m just worried is all. My mind’s all over the place right now.” There was pain in his voice and Kolleen sensed it. She shook his arm a bit and got him to turn his gaze to her direction. “You’re not alone Ran-Ran; you really aren’t.”

“I know Kol, I know. I just can’t take all of this stress. My mind feels like it’s split into hundreds of pieces. I’m worried about you, I’m worried about my mom, I’m worried about the show tomorrow night… I’m worried about what’s gonna happen to me and if I can even be around for our child. I’m so scared.” He leaned in and let Kolleen hold onto him. “It’ll be okay. I have faith in you and always will.”

“Miss Sparks?” A male doctor called out. He was bald and had huge ears. His nose was very wide, and cheekbones were high. He was just barely short enough to fit through the door. Randy stood up and helped Kolleen to her feet and then guided her towards the man. He extended a hand, which Randy shook. “Hello sir, I am Randy Rodriguez and this is my girlfriend, Kolleen Sparks.” “Hello Miss Sparks. I am aware that you are about a month into your pregnancy?” he asked. “Yes sir, I figured about three weeks to a month right now.” The man smiled and then held the door open for them.

Inside the room was a bed in which Kolleen could lay on and counters all along the walls. A window was open allowing a slight breeze to move the blinds around. “My name is Dr. Harlow. I have received my Associate/Bachelor degree in the mid seventies and then my PhD in the early eighties. I’ve been practicing this type of medicine for over twenty years now and am still going strong. I just wanted to give you some of my background, just in case you were curious.” he stated.

“Please, Miss Sparks, sit up on the bed and we shall do your check up. Once we are done here I suggest you get yourself on pre-natal vitamins as well as a very healthy diet. You’ll want to be strong during the pregnancy as well as the birthing process.” Kolleen hopped up onto the bed and then rested back. “Mr. Rodriguez, please sit down and relax.” Randy did as he was told and rested in a chair, nearby the bed. He was close enough to touch her so he grabbed her hand. After a few seconds as Dr. Harlow was turned around, he squeezed it lightly. She blushed a bit and moments later he felt her squeeze back.

“I love you too.” Kolleen whispered. Dr. Harlow turned back around with a blood strip and something to prick Kolleen’s finger with. “We’re just making sure your blood sugar level is normal, that’s all.” He said. Kolleen extended her free hand and closed her eyes tight, waiting for the pricking. Once she felt it, she winced and then opened her eyes. “There we are. Just give me a few seconds… Ah! Your blood sugar level is, 80 mg/dL. That’s normal by the way.” Dr. Harlow stated at the confused look in Kolleen’s face.

“We will now check your blood pressure…” He added, wrapping a sphygmomanometer around Kolleen’s arm. “Your blood pressure is… 105, which is great! You’re already well on your way to a normal pregnancy. I just want to make sure that you are not sick.” Dr. Harlow said, checking Kolleen’s throat and ears. “Everything seems pink, which is great! I just want to check your height and weight.” He stated, waving towards a scale. Kolleen hopped up off of the bed and stepped up on the scale without her shoes.

“You are currently one hundred and twenty pounds and stand at five feet six inches tall. That’s a great measurement! That’s all we need here.” he ended. “That’s it?” Kolleen asked. Dr. Harlow smiled and nodded. “You aren’t that far along so there’s no need in taking a sonogram. Come back in about one month and that should give me a better reading to go by. Your baby will have already developed more by then. Now make sure you go and get some of those pre natal vitamins and remember to eat healthy.”

“I will doctor, thank you!” Kolleen stated. “Of course darling. Now go; go get some fresh air!” “Thank you doc.” Randy said, shaking the man‘s hand. “You are very welcome young man. I remember when your mother was in here during her pregnancy. Yes I have been in practice that long!” he added. “How is she by the way?” he added, cocking his head a bit. “Uh… She’s not doing well.” Randy replied. “Oh I’m sorry, what’s wrong?” “She’s sick doc; very sick.” Kolleen, sensing his tears, cut in. “We’ll be going doctor! I’ll see you in exactly one month. Stay safe.” she interjected.

“You too!” Kolleen guided Randy out the door and into the waiting room. It was here that Randy saw Jack waiting with the limo. “What the…?” he muttered. He exited the building, into the chilly October air. “What’s up Jack?” Randy asked him, swiping the hair from his face. “I was instructed to drive you towards the Valley View Casino Center for the next DWL show. Don’t worry about your car, I will take your car back to your house if you wish.”

“Umm… Sure?” Randy asked with a confused face. Jack laughed a bit and shook his head. “It’s a joke sir. You do have to go to the arena, but it’s clear across the city and is no less than an hour drive. You’ve been through so much, so how about this? You can drive back to your house and drop off your car, check in with your mother and then I’ll drive you and Miss Sparks to the arena. Is that alright?” “That sounds perfect Jack, thanks!”

“It is no problem sir, nor will it ever be!” With that, Randy walked over to his truck and helped Kolleen into the passenger seat. He then got in and started driving down the highway. His mind, like he stated, was fractured all over the place. He was fuming a bit and still feeling sick to his stomach. Kolleen knew this and slipped her hand onto his inner thigh. He just held onto it tight. She could feel the pain burning off of his touch and began to feel teary eyed. She knew he was teary as well and decided to stay in silence.

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