A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Fifty Two

Friday October 1st, 2010: Early Evening:

Rodriguez Residence

As Randy pulled into the driveway, Jack parked across the road and sat in the limo. Randy saw the man giving a thumbs up and then he turned his attention towards the house. It looked so ominous now, knowing his mother was sick inside. With a deep breath he walked around the truck, where Kolleen was now standing. She had a look of depression etched on her face as well.

“Let’s go say our goodbyes for now.” she said. “Right.” Randy replied. He held onto her hand as he always does and quickly ran to the door and entered the house. Once inside, Randy was immediately greeted by Penny. She was still in her nurse’s uniform and had a bunch of orange like stains on the front. “Mom’s not doing too well. She had her chemo earlier this morning and it’s caught up with her breakfast.” Penny said. “Let’s go talk to her.” Randy told her. “Alright. Just be warned, Mom’s very sensitive right now.”

They followed Penny into the living room, where Diana was still set up by the fireplace. “She’s been moved around a lot today, so she requested to face the actual fireplace for some peace. Hey, Mom? Randy and Kolleen are here to see you!” Penny said. Diana had the oxygen mask back on her face and her hair was looking so thin and patchy. Randy started to stroke Diana’s hand when she grabbed a hold of his. “R-Randy?” She called out. “I’m here Mom.” he replied.

“I hate you seeing me like this!” Diana whimpered. Her eyes were barely open, and Randy could see the fatigue behind them. They were splotched with redness and veins. “God, Mom, I hate seeing you in all this pain.” “It’s nothing your old mother can’t handle, dear.” Diana said, with a weak smile. He bent down and kissed her forehead, then stroked the remainder of her hair from her face. “I know; I’m going bald.” “You’re as beautiful as ever Mom, don’t forget that.” “You’ve always had a way with words, son. Just like your father…” Diana was interrupted by a series of coughing fits.

Randy started to rub her back at an attempt to calm the coughing down. When she let her head droop, Randy saw the blood specks inside her mask. “Oh dear, I’m sorry you had to see that.” Diana tried to take the mask off and clean it, but Penny took it instead. “I’ll get this for you Mom. You just relax.” Penny walked out of the room and soon thereafter, the faucet turned on. “Mom, I came by to tell you something. Kolleen and I are being transported to the Valley View Casino Center, for my first match in the DWL.”

“That’s g-great, son!” Diana replied. This time Randy saw a full smile on her face and couldn’t help but grin back. “Your father would have been s-so proud!” She then turned her attention to Kolleen. “What’s this I hear about you being pregnant?” Kolleen’s eyes shot open and instantly, sweat formed on her forehead. “Wh-What are you talking about?” She replied, wiping the sweat away. Just then, Penny re-entered the room with a clean, dry oxygen mask. “Here you are Mom. Just use this when you need it.” Penny said.

“Thanks darling. Now, back to you Kolleen. How far along are you?” Kolleen started to rub the back of her head and was looking at Randy’s legs. She then turned her attention to Diana’s eyes and cleared he throat. “I am about four weeks along right now. Randy and I arrived here after leaving the Obstetrician Office.” she replied nervously. Randy saw the embarrassment in her face and went to her aid. “Kol and I… Well, you know how these things happen.” Randy said, now rubbing the back of his neck.

Diana sat there in silence for a short while and then burst into laughing. “Of… Of course I know how this happens! I was just curious when you two started being s-sexually active… Oh, you must forgive an old woman’s sick sense of humor.” Diana finished. She sighed deeply and just beamed down at Kolleen. She reached over, which Kolleen saw and grabbed her hand. “You and Randy are great kids. You’re down to earth and have so much intelligence. I can see the love between you two and am so happy you two have met. You’ll be great parents and I have absolutely, no doubt about it.”

“Thanks Mrs. Rodriguez.” Kolleen replied. “You kids better get going. You don’t want to keep that nice man outside waiting.” Diana replied. “You’re right, we should get going.” Randy chimed in. He kissed his mother’s forehead again and then walked over towards the living room doorway. Kolleen followed him and instantly he felt her arms wrapping around his waist. She sighed lovingly and rubbed her face into the small of his back. “I love you.” she said. “I love you too!” Kolleen walked around him and leaned up on the tips of her toes to kiss him, which he bent down to help.

They waved one last goodbye to Diana and Penny, who waved back and then exited the house. Jack had the limo pulled up next to the curb with the back door now open. “Did you have a good talk sir?” He asked as Kolleen entered the limo. “We did Jack, thanks!” Randy replied. Soon after the door shut, they both heard the limo start. “Next stop is the hotel nearby the Valley View Sports Arena.” Jack stated and then, the limo lurched into life and they were off.

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