A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Fifty Three

Friday October 1st, 2010: Mid-Late Evening:

Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel: Room 300

“The place you will be staying is the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel. It is about a fourteen minute drive from the building to the arena. We will be arriving to the hotel in about three minutes.” Jack said. “Thanks Jack!” Randy replied. When he gazed back at Kolleen he realized how pale her complexion was. “What’s up with the pale skin?” She jerked her head up to him and shook it in return. “I just f-feel a bit nauseous, that’s all.” Kolleen muttered.

Her arm was wrapped tightly around her stomach as she said this. “Morning sickness?” he asked. “Something like that. Ever since I became pregnant, nausea became my best friend. I can’t stop vomiting.” Kolleen rested her head back on the seat and covered her eyes. Randy, in turn, held onto her belly. She felt the warming touch and shivered. There was a smile spreading across her face now, as she always did before.

“There’s that patented grin I was looking for.” Randy stated. She removed her arm and showed off her rosy cheeks. “You look overheated. Here, take this.” he stated, handing a bag of ice over. “Put it on your forehead, it should help.” “Thanks.” She replied. For the rest of the trip, they sat in silence, with the occasional groan escaping Kolleen’s lips. Just then they felt the limo pull over to the right and then park. “We have arrived sir!” Jack yelled.

He got out and opened their door. When the two of them exited, sure enough, there was the hotel. It was gargantuan. The building had two equally tall towers with a few floors holding them together at the bottom. They immediately entered the hotel, after passing by a pair of giant glass doors. Randy was instantly blown away by how fancy it looked. All along the ceiling was a medium brown colored paint, with pale orange light breaking it up every couple of feet.

The floors were solid stone, waxed and shined to perfection. Directly across about ten feet from the doors, sat the receptionist desk. A male clerk had been attending the center desk, in which Jack guided them up to. The man was a very tall, and lanky person. He had short shaggy brown hair, huge ears, a long nose and thin lips. He looked down at Kolleen and grinned and then nodded towards Randy. “Are these the DWL clients?” The man asked in a low voice.

“They are sir. I am their driver. They are checking in for the night.” Jack replied. “They will be staying in Room 300 Mr… Jack.” The man replied. “My name is Liam, by the way. It is very nice to meet new DWL talent!” he stated. Randy accepted the man’s hand shake and nodded back in return. “How much will that be Liam?” Randy asked. “No need to ask sir. Your room has been paid for already by the DWL. Here are your keys. We have a complimentary dinner and room service. Order what you please, it’s already paid in full!”

“Thank you Liam.” Randy stated. Jack nodded and then guided Randy and Kolleen to the far right side of the main lobby. Here stood two elevators and a set of stairs. “Room 300 is on floor 13 I believe.” Jack stated as the elevators opened up. They even looked immaculate, with brown paneled walls and the similar marble like floor. All three of them stepped in and just as it was about to close, a familiar set of voices called out. “Wait for us!” Samantha yelled! She was sprinting towards the elevators with Marcos in hand, running behind her.

Randy stopped the door and nodded as they entered. “Thanks homes.” Marcos stated. Randy saw him stick his fist out so he pounded it. “You’re looking amazing tonight Samantha!” Kolleen said. Samantha blushed and brushed the hair from her eyes. She was wearing a short skirt, tall black boots and a tight black/blue shirt. Marcos had a long pair of jean shorts on as well as a baggy white wife beater. The elevator was already up to room five and rising even steadier.

“Can you believe we’re in our first matches tomorrow!” Samantha said excitedly. “I know right?! I’m super stoked about Randy and I teaming up tomorrow night. We’re gonna kick so much professional ass!” Marco laughed into the air. “There ain’t no doubt about it homes.” Randy replied. They fist bumped again and chuckled a bit. “Did Samantha tell you… Of course she didn’t, we’ve only just re-met.” Marcos said, cutting himself off. “What’s up?” Randy asked, tapping Samantha’s shoulder.

She patted his hand and then took a deep breath as the doors clanged open. As she stepped out, she whipped around and smiled brightly. “Mr. Lawrence has given me a DWL women’s championship tournament slot! I will be opening up the tournament tomorrow night during the first match. I’m going against a girl by the name of: Spice. She’s a girl about my height and weight and same agility. I’ve loved her since her debut a few years back. She’s this lightly brown skinned girl, with an amazing body and flexibility like Shakira.”

They were standing out in the hallway now, with tons of white doors lining both walls. The walls were painted just like the ceilings downstairs. The floor was lined with a long, yet thin mosaic like carpet. Randy looked down into Samantha’s eyes and smiled at her. “I’m so proud of you! I know we just met, but I can see you’re a great person. You busted your butt off to get this slot and now it’s paid off.” “I hope you two kick serious butt in that tag team title tournament!” Randy’s eyes shot open from this news.

“You didn’t know?” Marcos asked, seeing the shock in Randy’s face. “Nah… Nah, I didn’t.” They all started walking down the hallway, passing rooms: 295, 296, 297, 298 and 299. “This is our stop!” Marcos said, pointing out room 299. “Looks like we’re neighbors buddy.” Randy said to him. “Hey Randy, I know this may be a bit blind sided right now, but it’s the perfect chance for anyone. It’s the most fair way to give the titles away. The DWL Tag Team Championships have been vacant for five months now and they need a new family.”

“I hear ya man, I really do.” Randy said to him. “We’ll try our best, that I am sure of.” He ended, grabbing Marcos’ shoulders. He grabbed onto Randy’s in return and they pressed their foreheads together. “We dominated that Tag Title match in CSWS, I’m sure we can kick ass at this tournament in the big leagues.” Marcos said. They released their hold and then Marcos as well as Samantha entered their room. They both waved and then shut their door. Randy continued walking, a couple of feet with Kolleen in his wake.

Jack had been behind them the whole time. “Oh Jesus! I’m sorry man.” Randy stated, as he saw his friend standing there. Jack took his hat off and bowed. “It is my duty sir, to assist you in any way.” “You are dismissed Jack.” “Thank you sir. Have a good rest you two!” “You too man.” Randy replied. Jack began walking away, leaving them at their door. Kolleen had already slid the key into the lock and opened it for them. “Thanks Kol.” Randy said to her. She just smiled.

As they entered, Randy was taken aback by the beauty of this room, but more so than he was downstairs. It had the same carpets as out in the hall, and cream colored walls. In the far left corner sat a dresser, with two huge windows on each side of it. A couch had been propped up to the right. Sitting to the direct left was a huge queen sized bed. “This is amazing!” Kolleen stated, running straight to the windows. She gazed out at the water below and couldn’t believe the beauty. The setting sun was already falling behind the mountains, casting a purplish aura amongst the clouds.

Randy jumped over the bed and towards the bathroom on the left. It was so amazing that he couldn’t believe his eyes. The entire room was a blinding white, making his eyes burn a bit. “I can’t believe this place either.” he yelled. “Hey, it’s almost seven, do you wanna order some room service Ran-Ran?” Kolleen’s voice sounded so innocent when she asked this. Randy turned on the sink and splashed water in his face. “Yeah sure. I’m gonna take a shower Kol, you can order whatever your’s and our baby’s hearts desire.”

He stripped off his slightly sticky clothes and hopped into the shower. As he felt the hot water caress his skin, his mind was beginning to float off. He held himself up with the wall behind the shower head, allowing his head to droop. He closed his eyes and suddenly sounds of squeaking metal and laughter erupted in his ears. He heard whispering voices, both encouraging and hating. Gorgon’s voice broke through as clear as day.

“You are an amazing wrestler my friend.” He stated. “You are too.” Randy whispered out loud. Then the squeaking metal stopped, and the whispering died down. He saw a flash of light erupt inside his brain and then his father’s face appeared. It was all scarred, with his left eye being torn up. When he spoke, his voice was very low and dry. “I have faith in ya! You’re a third generation wrestler and I’m so proud to call you my son. Make our family proud kid, you sure as hell are making this old man happy.”

Randy’s arms were shaking as were his lips as sadness swept over him. He looked up, allowing the water to wash over his chest. His hair dangled, dripping water onto his back. For some reason, every time the water touched his skin, he would wince. Then he was mentally rushed back into an old memory. The day he got done with turnbuckle training. One of the Salem twins had removed the turnbuckle and replaced it with sandpaper.

No one noticed it, not even Randy. Every time someone threw him into that corner, he felt his skin rub angrily against it. By the end of the practice, his back was bleeding so bad that it was running down his butt and legs. That night the Salem twins were suspended, which started the hatred they had against him. The water droplets felt like the rubbing alcohol that Kolleen applied to him that night. She would hush him every time he yelped in pain.


He loved her so much that it made his heart ache sometimes. Randy took a few deep breaths and then shut the water off. As he exited the shower, he saw Kolleen leaning against the doorway. Her face looked worried and her arms were crossed. He clothed himself with a towel, looking Kolleen straight in the eye. “What’s up?” he asked her. They hugged for a short while. “I saw you in the shower Ran-Ran. You looked troubled. Are you okay?” She asked. “I’m fine and dandy Kol. There’s no need to be worried.”

She backed up a bit and gazed into his eyes. They were a bit puffy and slightly pink. “You were crying, weren’t you?” she asked him. “I wasn’t crying! I just got shampoo in my eye.” He exited the room and saw a clean bath robe resting on the left side of the bed. “You should at least put that on. You know I like it a bit chillier, since it helps me stay comfortable and less nauseas.” Kolleen said. She walked over to her side and sat down. Just as she went to put her feet up, the door bell rang.

“I got it Kol, no worries. You just rest those aching feet.” Randy replied. He slipped the bath robe on, before answering the door. Outside was Liam. “Hey, what’s up man?” Randy asked. “Nothing much, I was told you two ordered room service?” He had a table filled with lid covered dishes. Below him, on the second shelf sat a metal sheet, with a huge cheese pizza on it. “We have assorted drinks in the mini fridge. It’s located inside that closet to the right of the bathroom.” Liam stated.

“Thank you good sir. Let me get my wallet real quick. Randy rushed into the bathroom and withdrew a fifty from his wallet. He hopped back over the bed and handed the money over. “Wow, fifty bucks?! Thanks man!” He wheeled the food into the room and then closed the door behind him. “A fifty dollar tip; really?” Kolleen asked, as Randy pulled the cart to the end of the bed. She shifted down to the end and patted the seat beside her.

“Yeah, I just wanted to tip him good. He’s a hell of a good worker, from what I gathered so far.” He sighed and then began opening up the silver dishes. There was a whole assortment of food, ranging from double battered fries to cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, steamed vegetables, fresh fruit salad and even cole slaw. “My god this looks amazing!” Randy stated. Kolleen reached for the veggies, and put some into a glass bowl then began munching on them.

Randy grabbed a hold of the juiciest burger her could find and started digging into it. It tasted so amazing, as if it came straight off of the grill. The cheese was a mixture of American, Mozzarella, Swiss and Sharp cheddar. When Randy was half way through his burger, Kolleen decided to speak. “I’m glad you are a good tipper Ran-Ran.” She began, setting her empty bowl down. She grabbed his leg and rubbed it a bit. Randy finished his burger and grabbed hers in return.

“I love you.” He said, kissing the back of it. She blushed, shying away from him. “I love you too.” Randy started digging into the pizza, which Kolleen did as well. Within forty five minutes, the pizza was almost gone. There were still two burgers left and three veggie burgers as well as all the fries. Kolleen began munching on the fries, and left him to the remainder of the food. “I wonder if there’s doggy bags.” Randy asked, searching the cart. Sure enough, a stack of paper bags were resting underneath the pizza dish.

“Do they know how to service or what?” he exclaimed, opening up some bags. He stuffed the last of the food into it, and then put the last few slices of pizza into a fresh bag. Kolleen was still snacking on the fries from time to time, so he left them alone. “We do need to work this off though.” she said, as she finished the fries. “The show doesn’t start until nine P.M. tomorrow night, so we have time.” he replied. That’s when he noticed a whole extra shelf on the cart, in the middle. He didn’t know how he bypassed them thus far.

He grabbed the dishes from the top and sat them on a nearby chair. When he turned around, Kolleen already had the new dishes on the first layer. She was opening them, revealing: brownies, cookies, semi melted ice cream sundaes; Randy dove into his sundae immediately. Kolleen was too full so she gave Randy her ice cream as well. He grabbed the lid of an empty dish and tipped it over, dumping their ice creams into it. He then grabbed a couple brownies, and crumbled it in as well as a few cookies. “This tastes so good!” He exclaimed, with a mouth full of delight.

“Here, try some.” He insisted, holding a spoon above his hand. Kolleen let him feed her, and instantly her eyes perked up. “It tastes like Heaven!” she stated. Randy put an extra spoon in the bowl and held it between them. Seconds later, Kolleen was diving in like he was, eating politely but fast as well. After the dessert was finished, there were only a few cookies and brownies left. He slid them into some extra paper bags and set them aside with their dinner. He felt so stuffed that he could barely move. As he lay there in bed, Randy began doing sit ups.

“I figured you were right and I should try to work some of this off now.” he said, doing more and more crunches. Kolleen wiped her face with a napkin and then crawled over to Randy’s legs. She sat down on top of his feet, and held his calves tightly so he could be grounded. “Thanks Kol…” he said with an exasperated breath. He was already in on crunch thirty, and could feel the burn. One hundred and seventy crunches later, Randy laid back with a cramp in his stomach. He covered his eyes and then felt Kolleen’s weight lift off of him.

Seconds later, the right side of the bed was moving as Kolleen got off. She got to the floor and started doing push ups. “You too eh?” Randy asked, sitting up to watch her. “Y-Yeah, I figured I should work this off now!” She replied. She was doing full bodied push ups and was counting low to herself. “Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen… s-sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, t-twenty…” She gasped. She stood up and began doing squats, until she reached one hundred. Randy decided to join in and did squats alongside her. They smiled at each other as their faces perspired heavily.

Randy got to the floor and did fifty push ups while Kolleen began a wall sit. She was breathing slowly but hard with each exhale. Randy could barely feel his legs and arms anymore. They felt so heavy, like lead had replaced his bones. He got to the wall and did a wall sit as well, focusing his mind on Kolleen’s beautiful face. She was holding onto her stomach, and closed her eyes. Randy couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, no matter how much he wanted to groan in pain. They continued to wall sit until fifteen minutes passed.

Randy fell to his butt, unable to retain the position any longer. Kolleen fell shortly afterward. He got to his feet, stumbling all the while and then helped his girl to hers. They both fell backward onto the bed, gasping for air. Randy rolled over to his side, and gazed out the window to the city below. Kolleen got up for a second and turned the AC up a bit. The temperature read: 70 degrees. She shut the shades to the window and slid into her side of the bed.

They both laid there for a while in silence, breathing heavily until their heart rates lowered. As Randy’s eyes felt heavy, he shot them open. “Kol, can you set…” “I already set it!” She interjected, after setting her phone down. “Thanks…” He replied. His eyes began to shut, and then he heard the light click off. Just before sleep swept over him, his arm dropped to the bed. He felt a soft, warm hand sliding into his palm which made him smile a bit and slightly tightened his grip over her hand. They both sighed and then fell fast asleep.

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