A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Fifty Four

Saturday October 2nd, 2010: Mid-Afternoon

Room 300

Randy was tossing and turning, groaning all the while. He kept seeing flashes of light and then loud grunting. When his eyes opened, he was resting against ring ropes. His face was sweating profusely and he felt an excruciating pain on the back of his head. He reached back, winced and then jerked his hand away. There was a thick amount of crimson pasted onto his fingertips. “What…?” He asked confusedly. He heard another loud scream from in front of him.

A very tall, burly pale white skinned man was standing there with a chair in hand. His face was bloody but he still wore the look of determination. Randy felt the chair smack him across the face, forcing him to the mat. All he could hear was loud ringing and the occasional gasp from the audience. Just then, as he stirred around on the mat, he heard a familiar voice. “RAN-RAN, GET UP!” Kolleen yelled from the crowd. Randy shakily lifted his head, feeling his sweaty hair dump in front of his face.

There she sat, in the front row, with an enormous belly. He used the ropes to lift himself up to his feet. His legs were shaking to the point where he had to hold onto them just to stay upright. His head was now shaking a bit as he felt his muscles reacting. There was another scream from that man but no swinging of metal. Randy felt the man’s thick arms wrap tight around his throat and then the constriction followed. His head pulsed hard from the lack of blood flow. He clawed at the man’s hairy biceps but couldn’t break free.

His muscles began to spasm now, causing him to shake even harder. He fell to the mat, as the man let go of him. Randy couldn’t stop jolting around. “RAN-RAN! GET UP!” Kolleen yelled again. This time she was just outside the ring, near the apron. He reached for her and felt her warming hands hold onto his. Randy smiled and then another bright flash of light erupted all around him. He clenched his eyes and when he opened them, he was in the hotel room again. He jerked awake, breathing heavily with his body caked in a cold sweat.

“What happened Ran-Ran?” Kolleen asked. She was rubbing his arm and staring all scared like at him. “That dream… My god, that dream!” he stated, as his breathing calmed down. He rubbed his eyes and then took a deep breath. “It must have been horrible.” She leaned down, trying to get a good look at his face. Her hair dangled on the right, flowing like water as it always did. When he spoke, it was lovingly. “How do you get your hair to flow so fluidly like that?” he asked her.

Kolleen laughed, and swiped the hair behind her ear. “Don’t put it away, I love your hair so much!” He kissed her forehead and then her cheek and then his lips met hers. When he pulled away, her cheeks were burning pink a bit. She grinned then hopped out of bed to take a shower. Randy decided to lay there. After a few minutes passed, the steady flow of water from the shower steadied his heart. When he got up he checked the dresser, and couldn’t believe how big the T.V. was in there. It took up the entirety of the four by three foot space.

He clicked it on and flipped through the PPV section to see if any good wrestling shows were on. There was one that dated way back to the late 1990’s. It was of, “Roaring” Robert Rodriguez Vs. “Jumping” Jalapeño Jorge for the DWL K.O. Championship. It only cost ten dollars, so Randy paid for it and pulled up a chair to watch. He decided to munch a bit on the cold pizza as he watched the DWL ramp light up. The sound of the American Anthem started, and sparks flew everywhere.

He watched as his father appeared on the stage, with his American flag outfit. His hair very long and shaggy, but was tied in the back to make him look like a founding father. In one hand he held a scroll of old parchment. He used his right hand, placed it over his heart, looked to his feet and then shot a prayer up to God. As he looked up, red, white and blue sparks blew out all along the sides of the ramp. Randy could feel his heart beating fast and hard in his throat as his father continued his trek towards the ring.

He entered it and started jogging around until he did three laps. The camera then went over to a couple of guys sitting behind a desk nearby the ring. The guy on the left was tall and overweight. He had short black hair, brown eyes and a thick biker mustache. His ears were huge as was his crooked nose. The man on the right was tall, slender, had short brown hair, hazel eyes, and a long, yet slightly flat nose. His face was long and he had a huge forehead. “And there is his patented three lap jog around the interior of the ring which now has ended. Hello people I am John Parker alongside my partner in crime, Paul Brooke. Hello Paul, how are you feeling about this match right here, right now?” John asked.

“I am feeling very anxious about it John, I can’t lie to you.” Paul replied in that familiar southern drawl. Just then the sound of dozen of Spanish people rolling the letter r, broke through, silencing the crowd. “And here comes Jalapeño Jorge, the DWL Knockout Champion! Just look at that belt!” John stated. The camera zoomed in on the yellow strapped belt around Jorge’s waist. There were five letters and a word on the silver plate. They read: D.W.L. K.O. Champion. Underneath that in a different nameplate was current title holder‘s name..

The belt strap had flaming chairs on each side of the center plate, and barbed wire printed all over the strap randomly. Randy was taken aback by how amazing the belt looked and wanted to get his hands on it himself. Jorge was very tall and lanky. He had shoulder length black hair, a thick mustache/goatee combo and a wide, yet short nose. His mouth was wide and his forehead was huge. His attire always consisted of bright colored tights and jalapeño’s plastered all along the sides of the legs in a darker color.

The camera went behind Jorge, showing off the patented: J.J.J. stamped onto the butt of his tights. His boots matched the color of the tights, which happened to be a bright yellow this time. “Jorge is making his way to the ring apron now ladies and gentlemen. I cannot believe the atmosphere in this arena tonight. The Valley View Casino Center is packed to the brim of happy, yet anxious spectators!” Paul stated. “That is correct Paul! The tension is so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Jorge has entered the ring now. He’s flashing that Knockout title like its his crown jewel.” John answered.

“You have to remember John, Jorge has held that belt for more than eight years now. No one has been able to break free of that deadly sleeper hold that he puts on. The Spice of Life; that’s the name!” The referee held the belt up in the air and then handed it off to the time keeper. “Now folks remember, the Knockout Championship can only be won via knockout. Meaning, there is no pinfalls, no submissions, no count outs, disqualifications, rope breaks; what have you. You must incapacitate your opponent so that he cannot answer the count of ten.” Paul stated.

“Ran-Ran, what are you watching?” Kolleen asked. Randy jerked his head to the left, cracking it a bit. “Oh, sorry Kol. I noticed some old DWL matches on pay-per-view so I decided to watch one with my dad in it. “Would you like to watch it with me?” He asked. She was wiping her face with a towel and when she withdrew it, she nodded. “I’ll get you a chair, just hold on.” Randy said, jumping up to drag another chair over. He put both of their chairs evenly in front of the T.V. and then patted Kolleen’s seat.

She smiled and then grabbed the cart and pulled it over to them. “Do you mind cold food?” Kolleen asked him. “Nah, I’ve been eating this pizza the whole time. Do you?” He replied, looking over at her. She already had a bag in her lap, and withdrew a veggie burger. There was a bottle of ketchup to her left, so she squirted a bit onto the top patty and began eating. Randy un-paused the match. “Can you please pass me a burger and the ketchup?” Randy asked. Kolleen fished around for a beef burger and handed it over along with the topping. Randy smothered the top of his burger with it and began eating happily.

“That’s your dad?” Kolleen asked, swallowing her bite a bit hard. “Yeah, the guy in the American colors; that’s him!” The referee looked at both men and then waved to start the match. The bell rang and then Jorge and Robert were circling. Jorge ran in and immediately tried to wrap the Spice of Life onto Robert’s throat, but Robert escaped. He slid out of the ring and stared up at the Spanish man, who was laughing at him now. “It looks like Jorge is getting under Robert’s skin already. Will he be able to recover?” John asked.

Jorge turned around and started gloating towards the fans who were booing and throwing garbage at him. Randy laughed at this, and continued eating his burger. It tasted amazing to him, even though it wasn’t hot anymore. Robert grabbed a steel chair from below the ring and slid in silently behind Jorge. Everyone, including the commentators were silent. Robert cracked the chair deep into the small of Jorge’s back, causing him to lurch and fall to one knee. Robert then opened the chair and slid Jorge’s arm into it and then stomped on it as hard as he could.

Jorge screamed in pain, writhing around on the mat, with his good arm clutching his aching one. “Ooh, that looked horrible!” John yelled. “Just watching that made me sick to my stomach John. I can’t even imagine how shattered Jorge’s arm must be.” Paul replied. Jorge was down and not moving. The ref began his count. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven… Then Jorge staggered up to his feet. He rested against the ropes, gazing at his swollen hand and wrist. “How is he gonna lock on the Spice of Life if his arm’s broken Paul?” John asked.

“I don’t know John, but if Jorge wants to retain his belt and his five year winning streak, he’s gonna have to pull out all the stops. It seems that Robert has done his homework ladies and gentlemen.” Paul replied. Jorge turned around, digging his free hand into his tights. Robert walked up to him with confusion in his eyes. Jorge spun around and blew a thick dust into Robert’s eyes. “Oh man, he got Robert with that patented dust blow technique. That’ll sure as shoot buy the man more time.” Paul stated.

Robert was stumbling around in the ring, rubbing his eyes at a pour attempt to rid himself of the pain. He fell to his knees, continuing to massage his aching eyeballs. He was unable to see Jorge, who now had a barbed wire table set up on the opposite side of the ring. “I don’t know what he has in mind, but that looks too medieval for even me to watch.” John yelled. “I hear that John. And we used to be hardcore icons.” Paul stated. Jorge grabbed Robert by the neck and steered him towards the table. He then pulled the table to the center of the ring, walked around to the opposite side and began locking in the Spice of Life.

“How is he doing that?! His arm is broken!” Paul yelled. Robert flailed his arms around, attempting to break himself free of that vice grip like clutch. He started to go limp and then Jorge dropped to his stomach, crashing Robert back first through the barbed wire table. Robert jerked around, with his fists clenched and screamed in agony. He sat up, ripping some of his flesh off that stuck to the barbed wire. “Ooh, that looks horrible!” John yelled, covering his mouth. Randy heard Kolleen gasping, and paused the video.

“What’s the matter Kol?” he asked. “T-That’s disgusting!” She had a hand cupped over her mouth and was lurching a bit. But she couldn’t contain it any longer. Kolleen ran from the room and sure enough, began vomiting into the toilet. Randy got up to assist her, but was stopped at the doorway. “Please, just give me some space. Sorry Randy it was just the combination of morning sickness, and the gore that made me sick. I can handle it, I promise.”

She got up and then wiped her mouth into the hem of her bath robe. They both sat back down and continued watching the match. Robert was now holding tightly onto the top rope, heaving and swearing. His back was bleeding so hard that within seconds, it was covered in a thick crimson and dripping onto the mat. “If this were a First Blood match, Jorge would have had it right there.” John said. “Nothing you want to add partner?” He asked, looking over at Paul. His eyes were open in shock and he was just shaking his head.

“There you have it folks. Jorge has rendered one of the hardcore icons himself, speechless.” John stated. Just then Jorge, slid back into the ring with what looked like bag full of a white substance. The camera zoomed in and saw a word on it. It read: Salt. Jorge snuck up behind Robert and dumped the entire bag over his back. Robert’s eyes shot open as wide as they could go and his mouth was open in a silent, agonizing yelp. He began tearing at his hair and fell to one knee, reaching his hands back to try and rid himself of the painful substance..

The white powder had already turned a light pink and then a dark red as it soaked up all the blood. Robert’s eyes glazed over and then he fell to the mat. “It looks like Robert may be down and out folks.” John said, staring at his monitor. The ref began his count now. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Robert began stirring, grabbing a hold of the ropes and pulling himself up. Eight. The ref said as Robert got to his feet. Nine. The ref counted, as Robert leaned against the turnbuckle. “Are you okay to continue?” the ref asked.

Robert nodded and then the ref signaled for the match to continue. Jorge was on the opposite side of the ring, resting in his turnbuckle with a look of panic in his eyes. Robert was breathing heavily but he was still in it. He waved, motioning for Jorge to come towards him. Jorge shook his head and slid out of the ring, walking towards the ramp. “What is he doing? He can’t just walk away, there’s no count outs.” Paul said, finally breaking free of his stupor.

“Nice to hear you again buddy.” John replied. Robert got out of the ring and grabbed the K.O. belt then sprinted around the ringside towards Jorge. He whipped the belt as hard as he could onto Jorge’s back, causing him to wince and fall to his stomach. Robert’s face looked so maniacal; so crazed, that Randy was in shock. His father continued to whip Jorge‘s back, over and over again until it was raw and then dropped to his knees and placed the belt around the man’s throat. He grabbed both ends and pulled in opposite directions, which immediately started choking Jorge..

Robert picked Jorge up and dragged him to the ring. Jorge was nearly knocked out so he released the hold and pulled both himself and Jorge into the ring. He then slid back out of the ring and fished underneath it once more. He pulled out another barbed wire table and then a can of gas as well as some matches. He threw all of them into the ring, set the table up, dumped the gas all over both Jorge’s back which made him scream even more and the table. He lit a match and threw it onto the table, setting the barbed wire, ablaze. “What does he have planned for that?” John asked.

“I don’t like the look of this at all John.” Paul replied. He had his mouth covered again and this time, so did John. Robert grabbed the belt, tightened it around Jorge’s neck until he was nearly choked out. He then picked the man up and holstered him, back first onto his shoulders. “It looks like Robert’s getting ready to hit his finishing move, the American Pride!” Paul yelled. “American Pride?” Kolleen asked. Randy paused the match and looked at her.

“I’m sorry, of course you wouldn’t know. Alright, the American Pride is simple. My father would lift the opponent up onto his shoulders, back first. I know this cause he told me. This is the first time I’m seeing this type of match though, but I digress. He then straddles them a bit, pulling on both the opponent’s legs and head. He then turns to the left, adding torque to his abdomen and then flips them around his head and drops them back first onto the mat.” He replied, excitedly.

“I’m kind of scared to see the results of this though.” Kolleen stated. Randy turned back to the T.V. and continued the match. Robert began wrenching Jorge and then turned to his left as far as he could go. He twisted hard to the right, and released Jorge’s legs and then flipped him around dropping to the mat, with Jorge’s back landing onto the table. “AAAHHHH!” Was all that escaped Jorge’s lips. He peeled his burnt flesh off of the barbed wire and fell stomach first onto the mat. His back was blistering and bleeding like crazy. To add to the torment, Robert got out of the ring, grabbed some bleach and then slid back in.

“No, no Robert, that’s enough!” John exclaimed. “I think he’s finally gone off the deep end John. OH MY GOD!” Paul replied as Robert dumped the bleach all over Jorge’s back. Jorge screamed so loud that it made the crowd go silent. He tossed and turned all over the mat, flipping around until he fell limp onto his stomach once again. “Now count.” Robert said, looking at the ref, who was in utmost shock at what he just witnessed. He walked over to Jorge’s side and began the count.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten!” With that, he waved for the bell, which went off seconds later. “There we have it ladies and gentlemen!” John said. The ring announcer spoke next in a thick Australian accent. She was a very slender, blonde haired, tan skinned woman. “Ladies and gentlemen! Here is your winner, and the new, D.W.L. Knockout Champion… ‘Roaring’ Robert Rodriguez!” Robert had his arm raised up into the air by the ref, and then he motioned for the ref to put the belt on him. Soon thereafter, the belt was fastened tightly and he started saluting the fans.

“After eight years of being Knockout Champion, Robert Rodriguez has done the impossible. He has defeated Jorge and claimed his first major title here in the DWL.” Paul said. “That is correct partner. Robert is standing tall in that ring with a newly found purpose in life. He is the new Knockout Champion and deserves that title!” John replied. Randy shut the T.V. off and sat back in his chair. He was astounded by that match. Just then, his phone went off. It was Mr. Lawrence. “Hello Mr. Lawrence, what’s up?” he asked.

“Randy my good man, I hope you’re ready for tonight. All night long we will be having preliminaries for the DWL Tag Team Championship Titles. You and Marcos will be teaming up against Bruiser and Blood in the opening match. It will start at eight o’ clock sharp, so you may want to head over here soon. It is already six fifty.” “Thank you sir, I will be there as soon as I can!” “Good luck m’ boy!” Mr. Lawrence stated, then hung up.

“We gotta get going. My first match is in an hour and ten minute.” Randy said. He stood up and grabbed some deodorant in his backpack. Kolleen did the same and then they were off, out the door and into the hallway. They met up with Marcos and Samantha at the elevator, both of which looked pale but excited. Randy got into the elevator, along with everyone else, and they started descending. “Nervous bro?” Marcos asked. Randy looked over at him and shook his head. “Nah, I’m lying. I’m nervous as hell!” he replied.

“Dang man, I am too! I was relyin’ on you to be my rock tonight!” Marcos replied, smirking. “Okay smart ass.” They fist bumped and then the door opened. Jack was already standing at the main entrance, and smiling when he saw Randy. They all walked over to him with a kick to their step. “Good to see you sir, I hope you had a good night and day as well.” Jack stated, bowing as they all exited. He then jogged over to open the limo door and waited until they were situated. Once inside, Jack left them and got into the drivers seat to head off. Randy had been sitting there with a ghost white face and butterflies swarming deep inside his stomach.

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