A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Fifty Five

Saturday October 2nd, 2010: Early Night

Valley View Casino / Locker Room

“Sir, we will be arriving at the Casino soon!” Jack yelled. “Thank you!” Randy replied. He was fiddling with the bottom of his shirt, and muttering incoherently to himself. “If they try a clothesline, drop to the mat, or hook the arm and hip toss…” Randy stated under his breath. “Yo Randy, are you ready to kick some serious ass tonight?’ Marcos asked. Randy heard the worry in his voice and then replied. “You’re nervous too?” “Yeah man. I knew we already situated this but I can’t shake this horrible gut feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s not the wrestling part to be honest, it’s the whole debuting part.” Marcos replied.

Just then something struck Randy’s mind as they neared closer to the arena. “Kol?” “Hmm?” She replied. “We never officially quit our jobs at the gas station.” Her eyes shot open at these words and immediately she began dialing a number into her phone. “Hello Mrs. Jones!” “Kolleen! How wonderful it is to hear you. What’s up?” Kolleen sighed, rubbing her eyes all the while. “Ma’am, we need to talk. Randy and I need to anyway.” There was a short pause and then a laugh from Mrs. Jones. “Honey, don’t worry about your jobs. I was aware that Randy got that shot when your mother came over last night. I already took the liberty of opening up your positions and have an entire list of prospects to interview today. You two have yourselves a good life and thank you for working with me.”

Kolleen gazed up at Randy and offered him the phone. He accepted and cleared his throat a bit. “Well good to hear from you too young man.” Mrs. Jones said, laughing even more afterwards. “Sorry that this had to happen this way Mrs. Jones. I wanted to do this in person but I’ve been so busy. What, with my mother’s sickness and all this preparation before the match tonight… I never had a chance and I’m sorry.” Marcos was still staring at his knees as he listened on. “Don’t you worry Randy! Like I told Kolleen, I have an entire list of potential prospects to fill your guys’ shoes, though they won’t quite fill them efficiently; not like you two anyways. I gotta go Randy, good luck!” “Thank you ma’am. Have a good night.” With that they hung up.

Samantha was playing with her hair and looked even paler than normal. “Our first matches are going to be shots for major DWL titles. Why the generosity? I mean why us? Just… why?” she asked. She rested her head on Marcos’ shoulder and stayed silent the rest of the trip. “Do you know if they got our outfits?” Randy asked. “Yeah man. The locker room has a place where the outfits are stored. Ours are in boxes, resting inside Mr. Lawrence’s room however. Just to make sure nobody tampers with them.”

“We are here.” Jack yelled back. The limo pulled over and then the back door opened up to a huge parking lot. Directly across it stood the Casino Center, which was very wide and white. Randy was feeling more nervous by the second the closer they got to the arena. In big yellow letters were the words: Valley View Sports Center. Bright lights lit up the main entrance. Kolleen had been walking right next to him like she always did in the past.

“Are you okay?” She asked. Randy took a deep breath, sighed and then nodded at her. She grabbed his hand and shook it a bit. “You’ll do great!” She stated, after he looked at her. “Thanks, I hope so.” They continued walking towards the main doorways. As soon as they got there, they ran into Gorgon who was leaning against the wall, face first. “Sup Gorgon buddy? You look especially toned tonight!” Randy stated. Gorgon spun around and smiled immediately after seeing all of them. “Hey guys. I’m doing alright, just super anxious. I don’t know what the deal is with all these tournaments, but I’m in the running for the DWL Heavyweight Championship. My first match is the main event tonight against Heavy Slaughter. That big ass black guy.”

“That sounds terrifying…” Randy replied, sort of sarcastically. “I hear that man. I also heard that Marcos and yourself will be wrestling Blood and Bruiser; tough break you two. But I know if anyone can advance in that tournament, you two can. You’re an amazing team!” “I heard their names before.” Marcos said. He was scratching his head when the front doors opened. Standing in the doorway was none other than their boss. “Mr. Lawrence, sir, how nice to see you again!” Gorgon said, shaking his hand.

“It’s great to see you all here fit and ready for your first matches. As Gorgon and I have probably informed you, Randy and Marcos, you two will be facing Blood and Bruiser tonight in the opening match. That will be in, thirty minutes. Your outfits are now residing in the locker rooms, so if you would follow me.” Mr. Lawrence stated. Gorgon held the door open for them all and then followed behind. The main entrance was enormous. The ceiling appeared to be at least ten feet tall, which had numerous amounts of tiny spot lights lighting up the room.

The floors were made of smooth stone and ran straight back to the two doorways on the opposite side. “The guys will go through the left entrance and the girls through the right. The locker rooms are… three doors in and on the left for the men and on the right for the women. The rest of the roster should already be in there. Good luck to you all!” Mr. Lawrence said, before exiting through the men’s doorway.

“I’ll see you all out there!” Kolleen stated, following Samantha through the right door. Randy watched her walk away, and felt so fuzzy when he saw her hips move. “Alright guys, we should get changed. Especially you two, your match is in twenty five minutes.” Gorgon stated. He lead them towards the left door and through it into a slightly darkened hallway. The hallway was very long, with a set of steel doors at the end. They walked until they passed two doors and then stopped at the third.

It read: DWL Men’s Locker Room on a taped up sign. Gorgon opened it and inside it was something Randy only dreamt of. He could see all the famous DWL superstars. Crackin’ Jackson was there, all dressed up with his afro sticking as far out as Randy had ever seen. To the very back was Blood and Bruiser. Blood is 6′ 3″ tall. He is sort of overweight by thirty pounds. He is slightly fat, but mostly muscle. His hair is buzz cut and dyed a blood red color. He has red contacts in and has a very huge body. His arms are long as well as his legs. He has a thin nose, beady eyes, and tiny ears. He wears a black leotard with splotches of red, to make it look like blood splattered all over it.

Bruiser is 5′ 11″ tall. He has long black hair, and a thick beard/mustache combo. He has a huge nose, a wide face and very chiseled arms and legs. He wears a wrestling leotard, with one arm strap. It is black with random splotches of dark blue, giving it a camouflage look. In the middle of the room was, unmistakably, Heavy Slaughter. He had been sitting in the center of the room and Randy could tell why; he was incredibly tall and heavy.

Heavy Slaughter stands at 7′ 3″ tall. He is black, with dread lock hair, down past his shoulders. He has a huge nose, small eyes, a small mouth and tiny ears. He wears a spandex outfit, that only reveals half of his calves down to his taped feet, and half his forearms down to his taped hands. The outfit has white barbed wire print wrapped all around it. The tape on his fingers are white as well as the tape around his feet. His irises are white, giving him the appearance of a zombie.

Standing in the far left corner was another tag team. Both of the men looked like identical twins. They had matching beak like noses, big green eyes, long faces, pointed chins and chiseled cheekbones. Their ears are huge and their hair is shoulder length and neon green. The guy on the left had been wearing a neon pink leotard with neon green wristbands and boots. The guy on the right had the same outfit except his leotard was neon green and had the opposite colored wristbands and boots. Both of which seemed pretty tall and fairly built.

They saw Randy enter and immediately walked over to him. The man on the left spoke for the two. “Hey! I’m Bruce Bailey and this is my twin brother, Brad Bailey. We’re The Bailey’s; that’s our team’s name.” “Nice to meet you guys! My name is Randy Rodriguez and this is my partner, Marcos Gonzales.” Randy stated, shaking each one of their hands. “We know who y’all are.” They replied. Randy heard a hint of an English back tone. “Are you guys from England by any chance?” he asked. “You have a keen sense about you Randy; yes, we are!” Brad stated, smiling.

“I see you’ve seen Blood and Bruiser. Tough break for your first match gents. But I’m sure you two can pull through this. We’ve seen your last match which coincidentally was your first tag team match. You two seem closer than partners, perhaps friends?” Bruce asked, folding his arms. “You’re right man!” Randy stated. “Yeah. Randy and I have been good friends since grade school. We instantly connected, just like we did with Gorgon here.” Marcos said. Gorgon had already gotten his outfit on, which was just a pair of torn yellow shorts, and matching boots, with black tiger stripes all over them. His hands had yellow gloves on, with the same tiger stripes.

“Nice outfit man!” Randy said, smiling over at his friend. “Yeah, that’s my persona’s name; Giant Animal Steel or G.A.S.” he replied. “Hey, be aware of that clique over at the opposite end of this room.” Brad stated, pointing with his thumb, behind him. That was when Randy noticed a group of dark skinned guys. One was very tall, at least seven feet, but he wasn’t that much taller than the rest of his buddies. He had long, thick black hair, a big mouth, wide jaw, big ears, big nose, and a giant forehead. He was very lanky but had huge hands and massive legs. He was wearing baggy black jean shorts and a matching baggy black muscle shirt and black sneakers.

“That guy in the middle’s name is Horace Homes. That clique with him are all single’s competitors but they also act like a team of sorts. Horace is the leader.” Brad stated. Horace saw them staring and smiled, bearing his golden teeth. To Horace’s left was a slightly shorter man, who had to be at least six feet, ten inches.

He had tight cornrows and medium sized ears. His nose is small as is his chin but his eyes and jaw are huge. He looked like a mixture between a bull dog and gorilla. He had oversized arms, and giant hands but a slightly smaller lower half. It made his arms look unnaturally built. His shorts were baggy and white as was his muscle shirt. His shoes were white as well. And on Horace’s left was the only man that wasn’t black. He was tan, but a dark tan and looked like he was of Mexican descent. His nose was wide as was his face.

He had a thin black mustache that ran down his face, caressing his small chin and looked like he was six feet eight inches tall. He was the only one wearing full length jeans. His pants were black and he had a white belt on. His shoes were black and white. He was shirtless, revealing a series of tattoos all over his chest and abdomen. Family Means Forever was across his chest. On his abdomen was a cross with the words: Jesus is my savior, written over the top. His arms were covered in tattoos including claw marks, peace signs, and a bunch of names. His hair was very scraggly, black and wet.

“Nolan Mira is the guy to Horace’s left and on his right is Kevin Lorence. They’re quite an amazing clique. Don’t get me wrong, they can get heated in battle but out of the ring they are quite nice.” Bruce stated. “There aren’t that many guys back here are there?” Randy stated. Just then the door slammed open behind him, and three more guys walked in. The first of which was none other than Gregory Hammond. The Salem twins were right behind him. “Oh my god…” Randy stated, watching as Gregory waltzed by him. “How did you get signed on?!” Marcos complained.

“Looks like you two aren’t the only ones who can impress Mr. Lawrence.” Gregory stated, laughing. The Salem twins looked Randy and Marcos dead in the eye and then grinned. “You two better watch your backs!” Jacob Salem stated. John just laughed and followed his brother over to the opposite end. Gregory saw Gorgon and grabbed a hold of his shoulders, making Gorgon tighten up. “Relax big guy, you’re not facing me tonight, so there’s no need to feel nervous!” He said, laughing again. He turned and walked over to his buddies.

“What happened to the two sportsmen at the end of our last match?“ Marco asked. “Clearly they’ve become blind with rage and forgot about it.” Gorgon stated. Randy hated them so much but decided it was best to get changed. He saw a black box with his name on it, sitting on the bench to his left. Once it was open he lifted the outfit up, seeing that it looked just like Ghost Face’s outfit but it had some modifications. Instead of being a long cloak, it had two pieces. The shirt part, was tight, but had extra fabric at the ends of the arm sleeves as well as the hem of the shirt. Randy stripped and slid the shirt on, noticing that it fit him perfectly. He then grabbed the pants part and slid them on, seeing that it ended a few inches below his knees, with the same wavy fabric at the end.

There was a pair of black leather gloves, which he slid and strapped in. Then a pair of size fourteen, double EE black boots rested underneath the bench. Randy slid them on as well and began tying the boots up. Just as he finished up his left boot, he noticed the hood, which he slid over his head.

It wrapped snuggly around his face, and covered his neck perfectly. He then saw the Ghost Face mask resting inside the bottom of the box. It looked legitimate but had a slight change. Printed into each cheek was a long black R, which looked like it was cut into the skin. “That is so awesome!” Randy stated, putting the mask around his head, and resting it over his face. It fit perfectly with the front of the hood. “You look amazing mate!” Bruce stated, clapping Randy on the back. “That looks so cool!” Marcos said. He had his outfit on as well.

“You really do look bad ass man!” Randy replied. “Thanks homes. I think we’re ready for this!” They both grabbed each other’s hand and pulled themselves into a one armed hug. As they patted each other on the back, Gregory walked between them, shoving them apart. He was wearing short green shorts, green boots and a tight black shirt, with green going up the sides. The Salem twins were wearing matching outfits as well. They had full body spandex suits on which were dark blue, with yellow trims, running around the waist and up the sides of the legs and torso.

They shoved themselves between Marcos and Randy as well and then followed Gregory out into the hallway. “Just an FYI.” Brad stated, whispering into Randy’s ear. “This isn’t the full roster, just those who are participating tonight. There’s an equal amount of female competitors in the girls’ locker room.” “That makes sense man, thanks.” Randy replied. “Knock em’ dead mates.” Bruce stated, as he and Brad exited the locker room. “You’re match will be starting in ten minutes y’all.” Gorgon stated. “Still nervous?” Marcos asked, staring into Randy’s mask.

“You have no idea.” Randy felt his heart beating a million times per minute, making him feel light headed. “That heart palpitating you’re feeling… that’s adrenaline man!” Gorgon stated. He grabbed a hold of Randy’s shoulders, so he flipped his mask up so he could look Gorgon in the eyes. “You are an amazing competitor. The both of you are.” He indicated, nodding towards Marcos, then turned his attention back to Randy. “Just do what you two did during your last CSWS match. Don’t let Bruiser and Blood intimidate you. Just stay on the up and up, and you’ll be fine.”

Gorgon clapped Randy’s shoulders and then patted Marcos’ as well before exiting the locker room. Randy looked over at his best friend who then nodded back. “Are you ready?” Marcos asked. “As I’ll ever be!” He held the door open for Marcos and then exited with him. They walked down to the left towards the steel doors, then exited the hallway, entering a small room with another set of steel doors. Beyond these doors, Randy could hear the crowd piling in and cheering. He silently prayed and then crossed his chest. The time was close and he was just counting the seconds.

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