A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Fifty Six

Saturday October 2nd, 2010: Early Night

Randy’s/Marcos’ DWL Debut

Randy had been jogging in place, shadow boxing and breathing heavily outside the final steel doors. That gawking piece of metal that separated him. On his side was safety and peace but opposite of that metal stood potential fame and even more potential failure. It was a make or break situation and Randy had no idea how he was going to cope with it. He heard voices behind him and then felt a friendly hand touching his own. It was that familiar soft and warm touch that he came to love.

“Hey Ran-Ran!” He looked down at his loving girlfriend, noticing she had her own outfit. It consisted of short, black shorts, that showed off her legs beautifully. There was a matching black jacket and shirt. Printed on the shirt were the words: ‘The Phantom’ Randy Rodriguez. “Great name; ha!” Randy stated. “I figured it would be a good nickname to give someone with your attire. You really do look amazing by the way.” Kolleen replied. He quickly hugged her, and they kissed for a few seconds. Then, Mr. Lawrence began to speak in the ring. Randy just noticed two T.V. screens set up; one on each side of the doors. The camera was focused on Mr. Lawrence in the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another exciting episode of Dominate Wrestling League! Tonight we have a series of amazing tournament matches where the finalists will face off in our next Pay Per View, Haunting Hallows, October 31st. For tonight we will have the opening matches of a few tournaments. First up, there will be an opening tag team competition for a shot at advancing closer to a championship fight. Stay tuned and have fun!” Mr. Lawrence stated. He exited the stage and an attractive, tall and tan skinned woman entered.

Just then a hardcore metal song broke out with tons of screaming and heavy lead guitar sounds breaking the silence. The crowd began to go wild as the familiar beat came to their ears. “First up, from Manhattan New York, at a combined weight of, five hundred and thirty pounds, Blood and Bruiser!” Randy watched as Blood and Bruiser walked around them, kicking the doors open and entering the arena. The fans were going insane as Bruiser flexed his arms every now and then. Blood would keep lifting his fist up, turning every which way and that.

They both entered the ring, which looked amazing. There was green all around the apron, with big yellow letters: D.W.L. across the center. The ring posts were green and the ropes were yellow, as were the turnbuckle pads. “I’m so excited homes!” Marcos stated. He was jumping up and down on the balls of his feet and flailing his hands around. Kolleen could feel Randy’s hand shaking so she grabbed it with her free one. “You’ll be fine Ran-Ran, just stay relaxed and use your instincts.” “Thanks Kol.”

“And their opponents…” The announcer began. She trailed off as the sound of Randy’s and Marcos’ song came on. “Hailing from your home town of San Diego California. Weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and ten pounds. Marcos ‘The Cheetah’ Gonzales and ‘The Phantom’ Randy Rodriguez!” “You ready homes?” “As I’ll ever be.” Randy replied. They fist bumped and slammed the doors open. Randy was taken aback by how bright the interior of the arena was. There were thousands of people all packed to the rafters, and were actually cheering.

“There they are, two of the newcomers, making their DWL debut tonight John.” Paul stated. “You’re absolutely right. Randy and Marcos have never set foot inside a professional ring, until tonight. Mr. Lawrence, generously gave them a deal and even a title shot if they can survive this tournament.” John replied. Randy could feel his heart beating hard in his throat. The adrenaline was getting so hype that he was beginning to block out the cheers. He and Marcos were at the bottom of the ramp now, and beginning to ascend the steel steps.

They both entered the ring, with Marcos jumping back and forth and Randy taking in the crowd. “Just look at their attires, John; they’re amazing!” Paul stated. “I know, I can’t get over how ghostly Randy looks and that animal print for Marcos? It’s ingenious!” John replied. The referee entered the ring, and stood between the two teams. He was relatively shorter than the four wrestlers, but Randy knew he could hold his own. He’s been the senior official for the DWL for years now. He has a long, yet wide nose, balding black hair, and a small mouth with thick cheeks. He is slightly heavyset and his skin is as dark as the stripes on his shirt.

“Now you four, I want a nice, clean match tonight. I don’t want to have any of you sent to the hospital especially not you two.” The ref stated, nodding towards Randy and Marcos. “Now get to your corners, and do not enter the match unless you’re tagged in by your partner.” Randy and Marcos headed off towards their corner, nearby the ramp. Blood and Bruiser resided at the opposite side nearby the announcer’s tables. “You wanna go in first buddy?” Marcos asked.

“Yeah sure. Which one’s going after me though homes?” Randy replied. He jogged in place for a bit to get hyped up. Across the ring he saw the massive form of Blood. He was slamming his arms across his chest like a gorilla. The bell rang and the match had started. Randy walked towards Blood and jogged around the ring with Blood always facing him. Blood ran straight towards him, but he dipped around Blood, sliding his legs around the man’s left foot. Blood tumbled, and slammed face first into the mat.

Randy felt the opportune moment to slap on the Supershooter so he wrapped Blood’s legs around his left, and reached back, locking his hands around Blood’s neck. “He’s already got his finisher locked in?! Jesus that was fast!” Paul yelled. Blood screamed and groaned, flailing his fat arms around at an attempt to break free from the hold. Randy was barely able to maintain a finger lock due to the man’s massive form. “If Blood taps, this will be the fastest victory in DWL history!” John stated.

Blood had his right arm up, shaking it as he attempted to resist the temptation. Just as he was about to slap his hand onto the mat, Bruiser stomped his foot hard into Randy’s stomach. Randy immediately let go, and grabbed his midsection. It felt as if a Mack truck had pummeled him. He got up, shakily stumbling towards the ropes. He was on the wrong side however. Just as he noticed this, Bruiser wrapped a thick arm around Randy’s neck as he began choking him out. Blood was distracting the referee, which Marcos noticed.

“Ref, turn the f around!” he yelled. The ref did as he was told and noticed Bruiser choking Randy. “Let go of him! If you don’t let go I’ll disqualify your asses!” The ref yelled. Just then, Blood ran in, screaming and rammed his head hard into Randy’s already aching stomach. “Ooh, that’s gotta hurt, John. That’s over three hundred pounds of weight slamming into your abdomen. His insides have got to be ravaged by now.” Paul yelled. “I wouldn’t doubt that partner. He’s been gingerly grabbing onto his midsection ever since that stomp from Bruiser.”

Randy felt Blood’s thick fingers grabbing onto the back of his shirt and whipping him around. Blood then released Randy, throwing him in between the top and middle ropes. His head slammed hard into the corner post, nearby Marcos. His ears were ringing and eyes stung as he tried to caress the swelling scalp. He could already feel blood trickling down his face, barely missing his eyes. Blood was stumbling towards him, with the most angriest face Randy had ever seen in a man. Instincts kicked in just as Blood jumped at him.

Randy shot around him, doing a perfect boxer’s dodge. He then ran over to Marcos and slapped his hand. “Marcos has been tagged in by his partner Randy and what a good move on his part. Randy is gonna have to recover from that nasty collision with the ring post. Let’s hope Marcos can hold his own.” “WOW, I believe he can!” John interrupted Paul. Just as Blood went to grab Marcos, he slid between Blood’s legs and swung his leg hard, kicking Blood in the small of his back.

Blood stumbled a bit, and then turned, running towards Marcos. Marcos slid between Blood’s legs again and then grabbed his ankles, pulling hard towards himself. Blood slid and tripped, landing face first on the mat once more. “Dang man, for a small frame, Marcos sure knows how to handle the big guys.” John said. “You said that straight partner. Look at him now; OH MY GOD!” Paul yelled. Marcos had leapt off of the top rope, flipping backward twice, and landing elbow first onto Blood’s back.

“That agility is amazing.” John stated. “That’s right buddy, keep at it!” Randy yelled, encouraging his friend. Marcos gave a thumbs up, removing his gaze from Blood for too long. Marcos heard the clapping from the ref and turned just in time to see Bruiser’s giant arm slam hard into his throat. He fell to his back, clutching his aching neck. “That was a sick clothesline from Bruiser. You gotta remember his arms are like chiseled stone smacking human flesh.” Paul stated. Randy’s ears were beginning to ring a bit more, as he felt more and more lightheaded.

The collision he had previously was beginning to build up more blood than before. His head throbbed so uncontrollably that he felt like he was going to pass out. He watched Bruiser lift Marcos up and then throw him down hard onto the mat. Bruiser then jumped, dropping all his weight onto Marcos’ legs. He screamed in agony, writhing around the mat. “Those sharp knees on top of all that weight hitting those tiny legs can’t be anything good.” John said.

“Ooh, he’s applying a traditional cross face. Look at the torque he has on that back and neck of Marcos.” Randy couldn’t stand this. He saw the referee tending to Marcos, to see if he would tap, so he slid into the ring. He then stomped Bruiser hard on the shoulder, causing him to grunt and let go. “Th-thanks buddy.” Marcos whispered. Randy was waved off by the referee and re-entered his corner. He then stuck his hand out, yelling and waving at Marcos. Bruiser got up and grabbed him though, dragging him back towards Blood.

“There has got to be something horrifying brewing in these two monster’s brains.” John stated. Bruiser tagged in Blood and then lifted Marcos up above his head again. Blood climbed to the top rope and readied himself. Bruiser dropped Marcos onto his own knee, back first, causing him to grunt loudly. Blood then jumped off the top rope, landing his fists deep into Marcos’ chest. He dropped to the mat seconds later, motionless. “I’ve seen them perform that deadly tag team finisher for years now Paul, but not to the extent of this.” John said.

“You got that right. Never before have they performed that move on a cruiserweight. I’ll be surprised if Marcos is still even breathing by the end of this match.” Paul replied. Marcos was barely moving, but still enough to where the ref didn’t call the match. He crawled as fast as he could, pulling himself across the mat towards Randy. Blood had been busy gazing over at Bruiser for ideas, when Bruiser slapped the back of Blood’s head and pointed over. Marcos was just a bit away, lacking inches. Blood yelled, and ran towards him, jumping as high as he could.

Just before he landed a big fat elbow on Marcos’ back, Randy felt his fingertips touch his friend’s. The referee clapped, indicating it was a clean tag in and Randy jumped the top rope, kicking Blood straight in the face. Blood backed up, holding onto his nose for a few seconds. Moments later, a dark crimson poured down like two little streams from his nostrils. “Wow, no one has ever made Blood bleed!” Paul said. “Not until tonight they haven’t. But look at how angry it’s made the massive man.” John replied. Randy saw Blood running towards him, and ducked from a series of punches.

He then kicked hard at Blood’s left leg, causing him to fall to one knee. As he grunted from the tiny pain, Randy got up and nailed a hard roundhouse kick to the side of Blood’s head. “The power behind that kick looked amazing!” Paul yelled. “It seems as if Blood’s been befuddled.” John replied. Randy saw Marcos sneaking around the other side of the ring and moments later, Bruiser was yanked off the apron. He slammed his face hard into the steel steps and never got back up; Marcos gave a thumps up.

Randy nodded and pulled Blood to the center of the ring. He then got the finisher cinched in once more. “He’s got his finisher locked tightly in place. Just look at the friction he has on this poor man.” John said. “AH!” Blood yelled. “Do you give up Blood?” The ref asked. “AH! NO!” He replied. He started flailing his hands, at a poor attempt to reach the ropes. “I c-can’t take the pain…” He began to fade out. His head drooped, which Randy felt as Blood’s muscles became limp. “I think he’s been knocked out.” Paul indicated.

The ref lifted Blood’s hand and dropped it to the mat. He then counted: “One!” He lifted Blood’s arm again and repeated the process. “Two!” He yelled. “This could be it. If Randy gets a third count it’s all…” John began, but was interrupted. “Three! Ring the bell!” the ref interrupted. “Randy Rodriguez has done it folks. He has become the first competitor in DWL history to ever knock out Blood. I can’t believe it ladies and gentlemen. Congratulations go out to Marcos and Randy.” Paul said.

Randy stood up, feeling his heart pounding harder than ever. Marcos slid into the ring, and hugged him, cheering loudly in his ear. “You did it homes! We’re advancing to the next round!” he kept yelling. The ref grabbed a hold of Randy’s and Marcos’ wrists then hoisted their arms into the air. The crowd was cheering and stamping so loud that it boomed in Randy’s chest. They couldn’t see it, but Randy was smiling under his mask. He had a glistening in his eyes as well. “Here are you winners and advancers to the semi-finals. “The Phantom” Randy Rodriguez and Marcos “The Cheetah” Gonzalez!” The ring announcer proclaimed.

Just before Randy could take all the crowd in fully, he was turned around hard. Blood was standing there, grasping his neck but there was a smile on his face. Randy pulled his mask off, and couldn’t help but smile back. “Hey kid, good job out there. No hard feelings, eh?” he stated. He stuck out his hand and Randy stood there, in shock from Blood’s sportsmanship. Randy shook his opponent’s hand heavily. “What a good show of sportsmanship from Blood to the new kid.” John said.

“You said it partner. And look at Marcos. He’s helping Bruiser up to his feet, and into the ring as well. Bruiser seems to be a bit upset however. I would be too, after eating steel.” Paul replied. Bruiser walked over and allowed Blood to grab him. He looked at Randy, sizing him up and then nodded. “Not bad new meat, not bad. Hell, you astounded even the likes of me and that’s saying something. And as for you…” He stated, turning his gaze towards Marcos. He patted Marcos on the shoulder, then ruffled his hair. (Marcos had taken his mask off at this point).

“You remind me a bit of myself when I first started. I would do anything I could to obtain a victory and you did just that. You distracted me while your partner went in for the kill. And WHAT, a kill that was.” He said, jerking his head back towards Randy. “My GOD, what do you call that move?!” He asked. Randy couldn’t help but laugh. “I call it the Supershooter, but I’ve been thinking of renaming it.” he replied. “Other than the name kid, ya did great. Come on Blood, let’s get cleaned up.” Bruiser stated. Just before they exited the ring, Bruiser saw the blood dripping down Randy’s face.

“Hey Rodriguez!” He said, as Bruiser exited the ring. “What’s up?” Randy replied. His head was throbbing at this point. “Put some ice on that and the swelling will go down right quick. I’m sorry ’bout that by the way. I must have lost my cool in this whole reputation thing.” Randy walked over to him and clapped a hand on Blood’s shoulder. “You did me proud Blood. I wanted something epic for my first professional match and you gave it to me. Keep on kicking ass man.”

“You too man, you too.” They bumped knuckles and then parted ways. Randy heard a feminine gasp from behind him. He turned and saw Kolleen entering the ring, with teary eyes. “What’s the matter Kol?” Randy asked. His ears were still ringing and his head continued to throb painfully. “I was so scared Ran-Ran. That big man, Blood was it? He was so frightening. I thought you were done after smacking that ring post.” “Well thanks for having confidence in me.” Randy said, laughing.

“I’m just glad you’re okay.” She told him, caressing his chest with her face. He felt her tears soaking his outfit and then rubbed her back, hushing her. “Let’s have it one more time for the new kids, ‘The Phantom’ Randy Rodriguez and Marcos ‘The Cheetah’ Gonzalez!” The ring announcer yelled. Randy heard an uproar that made the first sets of cheers sound pitiful. All of the fans were standing and cheering names. “Patrick, Robert, Randy; yeah! Patrick, Robert, Randy; yeah!” They yelled. Another group started up with, “Go Cheetah go; go! Go Cheetah go; go!”

“It’s apparent that we have started a fan base now.” Randy stated, as he and Marcos as well as Kolleen exited the ring. They began ascending the ramp and entered the doors behind it. Standing in this area was none other than Gorgon who looked like a nervous wreck. “Don’t sweat it homes, you’ll do great.” Randy said, holding onto Gorgon’s shoulder. “Thanks man. I saw that move you did on Blood. Good lord does it look evil.” he smiled shortly afterwards.

“Good luck with Slaughter tonight.” Marcos stated. “Thanks man. And as for you three, thanks for being there for me when I needed you most. And yes, that includes you miss.” He said, nodding towards Kolleen. “What happened to your main event?” Randy asked. “Oh, it appears that I’ve been pushed down after all, since I’m a newbie here too.” Gorgon replied. He then turned his attention to Kolleen. “As I was saying, you’re Randy’s girl and if he’s your friend then you’re my friend.” He heard the announcer beginning the speech for the DWL Heavyweight Championship tournament. “First up, debuting. Hailing all the way from Moscow Russia. Weighing in at five hundred pounds and at an astounding height of seven feet four inches tall. Giant Animal Steel!”

A loud booming explosion sounded, followed by a heavy metal song screaming: “He’s the Giant to the Animal and he has wills of steel. Go G.A.S. He’s cunning and massive; he’ll make ya reel! Go G.A.S.” “Nice song man.” Randy stated. “Good luck again.” Marco added. “We believe in you Gorgon.” Kolleen chimed in. Gorgon smiled and then burst through the doors, holding both arms up. Randy was proud of his clique. No matter how small they may be to others, this was a family to Randy. A family away from family.

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