A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Fifty Seven

Sunday October 3rd, 2010: Mid-Morning:

Randy’s Room

Randy had awoken late Wednesday morning, groggy and incredibly sore. When he rubbed his eyes and looked around, he realized he was in his bedroom. A low sigh came out from behind him, startling him a bit. But he saw the golden blonde hair and felt a small hand sitting on his chest. You look so peaceful when you sleep. He kissed the top of her head and then got up to get dressed. There was a damp bathrobe in the laundry bin nearby the door, as he stumbled up to it.

I must have taken a shower when I got back. he thought, smiling all the while. There was a pair of clean black jogging pants and a long sleeved gray shirt which he slid on quickly. He decided it was best to probably go for a run, despite how sore he felt. When he was by the door, he turned the doorknob which squeaked a bit. It caused a low ringing to come out, but the ringing didn’t stop, it grew louder and louder, which made his eyes wince.

He dropped to one knee, grasping both sides of his head as a headache began to come on. The room became darker and his head felt lighter than air. His breaths became heavier and harder as time wore on. When his eyes opened all he could see was Blood’s hulking form. He felt his head smacking the ring post over and over again. With each time he hit it, becoming harder than the last. Randy’s head was beginning to shake a bit and then his body. He fell to his back, still grasping onto his head.


“Ran-Ran…?” Kolleen called out. She looked towards the door and saw Randy shaking a bit on the floor. “RANDY?!” Kolleen yelled, jumping out of bed. She ran towards him, resting his head in her lap. “It’s okay Randy, stay calm!” she said, holding onto his head. She cradled him back and forth, shushing him all the while. Over a small period of time, Randy became calmer and then he fell back asleep.

“Is everything okay in there?” A deep voice called through the door. “Gorgon?” Kolleen asked. The door opened and there he was, wearing a big pair of jogging pants and a hoodie. “Yeah, your mother invited me as well as Marcos and a few others over today. She wanted to throw a celebration party for Randy’s first win. Is he alright?” Gorgon asked, nodding towards Randy. “He was on his back when I woke up, shaking a bit. I was terrified that he was having a seizure so I came over to help him. He fell back asleep soon thereafter.” Kolleen replied.

“Let me get him back into bed. It’s only…” he broke off to check his watch. “Nine thirty A.M. Randy could use some more sleep anyway, after last night’s match.” He lifted Randy up like he was a small child and carried him back to his bed. When he set him down, he did it as gingerly as a mother. “Wow, you have very soft hands for a big guy.” Kolleen said. She was now brushing her hair, figuring she was up for the day. “Yeah, my mother raised me to be gentle but my father raised me to be mighty. He’s a boxing legend back in Russia. You can imagine how he’s feeling towards me now.” Gorgon replied.

“Still though, I give you props. I did happen to see your match by the way. Good effort you had there with Slaughter, but it’s a shame he won.” Kolleen stated. Gorgon faced her and nodded. “You can’t win every one. I gave it my all and in the end Slaughter happened to get the upper hand. He hit that finisher so fast that I didn’t even see it coming. You’d think you’d have enough time to counter it when he lifts you, belly up but no; no you don’t. My back’s been killing me since then, but it’s gotten a bit better.”

“What happened after the match?” Kolleen asked. She had set her brush down and began rummaging in her bag that she left. She always had spare clothes in Randy’s room just in case she stayed the night unexpectedly. She withdrew a pair of blue jeans and a black long sleeved shirt. Gorgon leaned against the door with his arms crossed. He was in a deep thought until he finally spoke. “He caught up with me after the match in the back locker room. Despite how massive this man is, he’s got a heart as big as he is. He actually sat down next to me and gave me some tips. Some of them were pretty darn good.”

“So it sounds like you two are friends.” she replied, from inside the closet. She was in there changing and exited with her new outfit on. After pulling her hair out from her shirt and brushing it, she was satisfied. Leaning against the dresser, Kolleen focused her attention on Gorgon. “I would say that, yes. He’s honestly a big teddy bear, just like I am. We have a mutual respect for each other now and it’s nice to have some new friends.”

She nodded, chewing her tongue a bit. “So what happens to Giant Animal Steel next?” she gave him a huge smile. Gorgon took a deep breath and sighed. “I gotta start at the bottom and work my way up. Next week I’ve been pitted against a DWL legend. He goes by the name of: Teo “Soul Sucker” Nales. And the last name’s not spelled how it sounds. It’s N-a-l-e-s.” Gorgon replied, spelling the last name. “He sounds evil.” She was playing with her hair a bit, which she does a lot when she’s nervous.

“He looks pretty evil. He’s seven feet, one inch tall, pure muscle. He’s almost as black as coal and has a wide mouth, small nose and small ears. His hair’s very dark, bushy and long. He has a beard that runs down to his chest.” “Dang…You weren’t kidding. So he’s just about your height, lacking a few inches of course. But where does the ’Soul Sucker’ part come in?” Kolleen curiously inquired.

“His attire is a pure white spandex leotard with black ghostly faces printed up the sides of the legs and chest, until they connect to a whirlwind print on his chest. His finisher is a whirlwind like move. He lifts the opponent up, spinning them in his hands and then throws them, with one last hard pull, that causes the opponent to spin even harder. Not only does it discombobulate the person, but it really hurts the back as it’s rubbed hard against the canvas. So it’s more than enough to knock someone out.” Gorgon replied.

“That sound pretty painful. I was thinking about Randy’s finisher. He calls it the ’Supershooter’ and he’s been debating whether or not he should change it. What do you think?” Kolleen asked, looking up at her massive friend. “It’s up to him. To be honest I think he should change it, to better match his persona. I’m really digging his attire by the way. The whole ghost face thing; it’s original.” Gorgon said. Something clicked deep inside Kolleen’s mind. Her eyes lit up and a wide smile spread across her face once more.

“What’s that ominous grin about?” Gorgon asked her, chuckling a bit. “I thought of a perfect name for that finisher. ’Back Stab’. Cause the move gives the person a face like they’re being stabbed in the back. It would go great with his persona. I can hear the commentators now. ’It looks like Randy’s ready to give his opponent a little back stab. There it is! The Back Stab! It’s locked and you can see the pained expression on his opponent’s face.’” Kolleen finished.

She was grinning so brightly up at Gorgon, that he couldn’t help but laugh a bit. “It sounds amazing!” He replied. Kolleen already had her phone out and was typing a memo to herself. Tell Randy your name for his finisher. “There, it’s set. We should probably give him some space so he can get a couple more hours in.” she stated. “Sounds like a plan. I’ll have some pizza ordered in waiting for when he wakes up. In fact…” Gorgon trailed off as they exited Randy’s room. “Let’s order some movies as well and just have a full day and night to ourselves. Just a party so we can wind down. Not only will it help Randy but it’ll give his mom some time with him too.”

“That sounds fantastic, but minus the movies. I love the party aspect, but Randy does need more rest.” They both descended the stairs and left Randy to his sleeping. Kolleen’s mind was focusing on her boyfriend as was her heart. Meanwhile, her stomach was churning badly. She felt like she was going to vomit but she held it back. No one, other than her coach, Randy, Penny, her mother and her Obstetrician knew she was pregnant. She preferred to keep it this way at least until everything has settled down a bit. “Would you like a drink?” Gorgon asked. “A ginger ale please?” She replied. “Coming right up!” With that she sat down on the bottom step in deep concentration.

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