A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Fifty Eight

Sunday October 3rd, 2010: Early Afternoon:

Rodriguez Residence:

“Did you see how Randy just locked in that move? What’s it called now?” Marcos asked. Kolleen laughed a bit, feeling better now that her nausea had passed. “I call it the Back Stab!” She replied. “Yeah man. When he locked in that Back Stab, I was so elated. I honest to God thought Blood was gonna tap out, he almost did earlier in the match. But the poor S.O.B. passed out from the pain. I’ve never seen Randy knock someone out like that!” That day Marco had been wearing baggy white pants, and an even baggier shirt. Samantha took it upon herself to wear a short red skirt with matching top, and red fishnet stockings.

Her hair was tied up into a small ponytail which really showed off her features very well. “You are so beautiful!” Kolleen stated. “Thanks!” Samantha replied. She had an orange juice in her hand and was sipping it gingerly. The party had relocated from the entrance hallway to the living room so Diana could be a part of it. “I can’t believe you won though.” Samantha said, gazing over at Marcos, who now had an upset look to his face. “Hush now Marcos, I meant that these men were enormous, even for Randy. I give you two props; I really do!” She added in.

He grinned and kissed her cheek. “You did amazing as well Sammie. That spin kick you did to the girl’s face… Damn that looked painful.” He replied. “She’s a fierce opponent though. I barely was able to pull out that victory. Remember, Laura had her finishing submission locked on me. The figure four leg lock? It’s more painful than you think. It felt like someone was separating my kneecaps from the rest of my legs; it hurt a lot! But I was able to slither over to the ropes, luckily enough.”

“Who’s Laura?” Kolleen asked. “Oh sorry. Her name is Laura Froge. She’s a Diva’s competitor from France. She’s got long dark hair, hazel eyes, a small mouth yet pretty thick lips. Her nose is chiseled looking and she has a pretty darn good figure. She wears these tight light blue leather looking pants with a matching top that shows off her belly. I thought she was rather hot.” Marcos gazed at her bewildered and yet amused. “Don’t act like you didn’t know Marcos.” she added in.

“I know; I know.” He replied. They kissed lightly and then she returned her gaze to Kolleen, who looked very confused. “You’re wondering who the other divas are, aren’t you?” Samantha asked. “Yeah, how did you know?” “I can see the look of confusion in your face. Let’s see here; I’ll go down the list of those I met last night. Mind you , it’s not all of them, just like Randy didn’t meet all the guys yet. Just those who were listed for matches that night.”

Samantha trailed off into deep thought and then began the list. “Second off the list is, Natalie Loothe. She’s almost as tall as I am, about five foot, six. She has bronze skin, bright blue eyes, long blonde hair and a face that really resembles Britney Spears. I’m not even kidding, she could be her twin sister. The only thing Natalie has different is her ears, which are slightly smaller than Britney’s. Her attire is a full body suit that is silver with gold trim, and matching wrist guards. Her boots are silver as well. Her finisher is a shooting star press; dangerous move I might add. She calls it: The Loothe Press.” Samantha stated.

Meanwhile, over by Diana, Gorgon was chatting away with her, regarding Randy. “How is he doing?” she asked him. “Mrs. Rodriguez…” “Please, call me Diana.” she interrupted.. “Sorry. Diana, he’s been slammed around a lot and he needed rest. I’m not gonna lie, Kolleen told me that he was on the floor, shaking a bit…” “Shaking? Is; Is he alright?” She asked. “He’s fine now ma’am. He’s just sleeping it off. He was slammed pretty hard into the ring post last night.” Gorgon replied.

“I saw that. The moment I heard his head crack that steel, I winced so bad. I’m just glad he’s okay. I didn’t like the sound of the seizure esq, happenings earlier, but at least he’s alright.” Kolleen overheard this and felt her heart breaking a bit. She hated hearing Randy’s mother worry when she’s got aliments of her own. “Okay, third on the list is a girl named: Bailey; that’s it. She’s pretty tall; stands at about five feet, eleven inches. She’s easily the tallest of all us divas. Her skin is a light brown; almost caramel colored…” Samantha trailed off as she tried to remember this girl.

“Ah! I remember now. She has long, smooth brown hair, light brown eyes and a slightly flat, and slightly widened nose. Her eyes are nearly almond shaped, but not quite. She has an average sized mouth, with pretty thick lips. She’s also got a bit of extra pounds around the mid section, giving her a very and I mean very slight muffin top, which I think looks sexy anyway. She wears pure black tights with white stars lining up the top part of her legs. A white trim goes around the waist, which matches the spandex like top she wears. There’s one giant white star in the center with the letter B stamped in black italic directly in the center of the star.”

“Is there anything unique about her?” Kolleen asked. She stood up, and stretched her legs a bit. “Yes; yes there is! Other than the matching black wrist guard/glove combo, she has the tattoos all across her arms and on her stomach, as well as a tramp stamp. I haven’t gotten close enough to see exactly what they say, but if/when I do, I will tell you. Her finisher is a spinning missile drop kick from the top rope. She calls it: Heat Seeker. Like heat seeking missiles? It’s amazing!” Samantha finished.

“So there’s you, Bailey, Natalie and Laura. That’s only four divas so far. Meaning you faced off against Laura, like you said and the other two faced off.” Kolleen said. “That’s correct! Bailey and Natalie faced off and surprisingly, Bailey lost. I guess that Loothe Press was too much for her. Anyway, next week four more divas are coming in to fight for their semi-final qualifiers. So far I only know their names. They are: Hannah Luntz, Sabrina Morrace, Katty Matins and Sidney. I’ll get more info on their appearances next week.” Samantha stated.

“Thanks! I’m keeping a record of each person just so I can get their win/loss records going. It’s just something I do to pass the time. I am going to be Randy’s official trainer/manager so it’s best to keep on the up and up, even if they’re divas as well.” Just then, Marcos smiled and raised a juice up in the air. “There’s the man with the plan!” he said. “Thanks homes.” Randy replied. He stumbled into the living room and noticed all the people standing there.

“What’s going on?” He asked. “Come here my big, strong man!” Diana stated. She held her arms up as Randy walked over to her. They hugged and she kissed the top of his head. When he pulled back, Randy saw the smile and the tears in his mom’s face. “You did me proud out there Randy. You did both myself, your grandparents and your father all proud out there.” She laughed a bit, before coughing hard. Randy handed her some water which she sipped. “Th-thank you my son.” She said, touching his cheek.

Randy grabbed her hand and then kissed the back of it. “You’re such an amazing woman.” He said, holding her hand tightly. “And you’re an amazing son. You’re everything your father and I raised you to be. Both respectful and honorable.” Diana replied. “Now, enough with this sappy stuff, let’s get this party started!” She added. Marcos raised his juice again and cheered, then went over to the stereo and turned up the volume. He did it just enough to where it was slightly loud but not too loud so it didn’t hurt Diana’s ears.

Maroon 5 was playing out of the station, with their song: This Love. Marcos walked over to Samantha and pulled her over towards the couch. After he moved it he and she danced. “Go Randy. Go dance with her.” Diana said. Randy kissed his mother’s forehead and then walked over to Kolleen. He grabbed a hold of her shoulder, lightly which got her attention. “Would you care to dance ma’am?” He asked. She couldn’t help but grin towards him. He saw her cheeks turning a bit pink. “I don’t know sir. Can you bust a move?” She asked, as he helped her up.

“I’ve been known to break it down back in my day.” he replied. They both joined Samantha and Marcos, dancing hard to the music. Kolleen swayed her hips to and fro, waving her arms erotically as she gazed into Randy’s eyes. He began to sway his hips as well, dancing like Elvis, and then threw in some Michael Jackson kicks, and started side walking, like he was on the moon.” Damn, Ran-Ran, where’d you learn those sweet moves?” “Believe it or not, that lovely woman over there taught me.” he replied, jerking his thumb towards his mother.

“He’s right young lady. Back when I was his age, I danced hard. Harder than you can ever imagine. That’s honestly how Robert and I met. We were both at some dance party many years back. Our favorite song: Unchained Melody was playing.” Just then the song ended and the radio DJ spoke. “This is Smooth Coffee, comin’ at ya loud and proud in the great city of San Diego. I have a personal request, by a man who has it all. He’s got the looks, he’s got the charm and he’s got the heart of an honest person. Here’s to you, Randy Rodriguez. And to Diana; he loves you.”

With that said, the beginnings of Unchained Melody began. “Oh, my love, my darling. I hungered for your touch, a long lonely time.” Randy walked over to Diana, with his hand extended. “May I have this dance miss?” he asked. “W-What?” Diana replied. Her lips were trembling now and tears welled hard up in her eyes. “Let me help you two.” Gorgon said, grabbing a hold of Diana’s bed. Marcos came over and helped move the I.V. around. Randy held onto his mother’s hands, keeping his head close to hers as they danced back and forth.

Wait for me; wait for me. I’ll be coming home, wait for me.” The Righteous Brothers continued to sing. Diana was sobbing hard into Randy’s ear as they continued to dance around. “Why?” she asked. “I didn’t know about the party Mom. I had this planned for quite a while. I know today is yours and Dad’s anniversary and I wanted to make it special, as if Dad were here right now.” Randy said. Diana sobbed even harder at the sound of these words. “O-Oh R-Randy. Your f-father is here, r-right now…” she replied. They continued to dance slowly as Diana cried even harder. What her son did not know was the confusion in his mother’s mind.

“I know Mom. Dad lives with us every day, even though he is no longer here. Dad lives through me and I know you loved him.” “Oh my love, my darling. I hungered for your touch a long, lonely time.” The Righteous Brothers continued to sing as they hit their last chorus. Just as the song ended, DJ Coffee’s voice broke through. “Happy 10th Anniversary Diana and Robert Rodriguez. I know Robert isn’t here right now, but he lives on in your son and in your hearts. We’ll be right back after this short break.”

“Even though Robert died seven years ago, it still hurts me to think about him. We were married in 2000 and only had a couple years or so but I knew we would last. We were together for a short while before that… I just can’t believe he’s gone…” Diana said. She cried a bit, which Randy immediately helped with. He wrapped his arms around her neck and let her cry out into his shoulder. Marcos and Gorgon helped move her back towards the fireplace, whilst Randy continued to cradle his mother. They all stood in silence for a while, as Diana kept wailing on, and shaking hard in her son’s embrace.

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