A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Fifty Nine

Sunday October 3rd, 2010: Early Evening

Rodriguez Residence

“That was an amazing thing you did there Ran-Ran.” Kolleen was resting on the bottom step of the stairway. Randy had just entered the main entrance hall and sat down next to her. “Mom’s getting her Chemo done so I gave her some privacy with Penny.” He felt Kolleen’s head resting on his shoulder now. She grabbed his waist with both hands and stared off towards the door. “What did it feel like being in that ring?” She asked him.

“It was scary as hell. Seeing that big guy coming after me. It was terrifying.” She sighed, but not from happiness. Randy sensed a bit of fear in that exhale of breath. “Kol?” He asked. “Hmm?” She replied, looking up at him. “Are you nervous? Or scared?” “Of course I am Randy. After I saw you go head first into that ring post, I became more scared than ever. Even more so than when I found out I was pregnant.” She said. Randy saw the sincerity in her eyes and heard it in her voice.

“I’m sorry Kolleen. I didn’t know it was affecting you like this.” He stared off into the abyss now, as thought upon thought rose deep inside his mind. He kept imagining his father’s last match with Jorge. The way his back was torn and raw. Then a loud ringing took place in his ears, causing his eyes to wince. He grasped the sides of his head, clutching hard onto his hair.

“Are you alright Randy?” She asked, shaking him slightly. Randy could barely hear her voice. All he could hear was the yelling that Blood did when he attacked him over and over again. Each time Blood would hit him, Randy would jolt and wince. “Ran-Ran?” Kolleen called out, moving him a bit more. Randy’s hands began to shake hard and the ringing grew even louder. “Randy… Randy… Randy…” he heard his name echoing inside his brain. Kolleen’s voice became distant and low as the ringing increased intensely.

“What’s the matter with him?!” Kolleen asked, as Penny came out. “I heard you calling his name repeatedly… Oh my god. Someone call an ambulance!” she yelled. She squatted down and grabbed a hold of Randy’s shoulders. “What’s wrong?!” Kolleen called out. “Just give him some space. Randy? Randy if you can hear me, breath deeply. Focus on your breathing.” Penny said. She looked him straight in the face. His hands wouldn’t stop shaking and now his head was beginning to shake.

“Damn it… He’s having a seizure.” Penny stated soon afterward. “What?” Kolleen asked. Her face was painted with a horrifying expression. “What am I supposed to do?!” “Just give him some space damn it!” Penny replied. Gorgon entered the room with his cell phone in hand. “I called nine one, one already. They’ll be here in about five minutes.” “Thank you Gorgon!” Penny replied. “Help me get Randy to the floor, please.” She said. He lifted Randy up and set him gingerly down onto the entrance hall floor and then Kolleen stepped over to help. “I need to do more than give him space!” she yelled. The worry was apparent in her face, which Penny noticed.

“Okay…first off I’m gonna need you to stay calm. I need you to be one hundred percent here.” She started. “Right, will do.” Kolleen steadied her breathing and calmed down a bit. “Now, I need you to hold Randy’s head so he doesn’t slam it around; DO IT NOW!” Penny yelled, as Randy began to jolt around. Kolleen’s heart ached as she saw him bouncing around on the floor. She cradled his head as his body continued to shake hard. Tears welled in her eyes, quickly running down her face.

“Right, Gorgon?” She called out. “Yes ma’am?” He replied, dropping to one knee. “Hold onto his legs. Make sure he doesn’t kick around too much.” Penny ordered. Just then Diana’s crackling voice called out from the living room. “What’s wrong with Randy?” Penny sighed, closing her eyes for a few seconds. “I have to tend to our mother. Please, make sure he stays as still as humanely possible.” She exited the hallway. Randy started to froth at the mouth now, as the shaking continued. “Why is this happening…?” Kolleen said, as she began to cry.

“You can do this. Just keep your mind focused and help your boyfriend. I believe in you.” Gorgon assured her, resting a hand on her shoulder. She felt the weight pushing her down a bit. “Thanks.” She muttered. Just then the door burst open as EMT’s ran into the house. They saw Randy and immediately shooed Kolleen and Gorgon away. They picked him up and strapped him tightly onto a stretcher. Penny showed back up, talking rapidly to them. “Right ma’am. We’ll have him at the hospital in five minutes, max.” a burly white man with thick black hair answered.

“C-Can I go with him?” Kolleen asked. “I’m his girlfriend.” She quickly added in. “Of course ma’am. Just follow us.” the blonde haired EMT replied. They quickly rushed out the front door, into the chilly night air. Kolleen ignored this and followed the three men towards the ambulance. After Randy was in the vehicle, she stepped up into it, and saw the doors slam hard in front of her. The sirens went off and then they were speeding out of the driveway, down the road and towards the hospital. Kolleen held onto Randy’s hand, as one of the EMT’s were inserting an I.V.

“How long have you two been together?” he asked. “F-For about a year or so now.” She replied. She wouldn’t take her eyes off of Randy for love nor money. Her heart was aching so badly. “I’m sorry this had to happen to you.” She whispered into his ear. She then kissed his cheek, and felt her tears pouring down his face. They drove off the rest of the way in silence. Randy’s hand never left Kolleen’s firm grasp, not for one second.

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