A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Sixty

Monday October 4th, 2010: Early Morning


“Will he be okay?” Kolleen asked the EMT in the back. He had a long beaked nose, small mouth and long face. “First off, my name’s Jake. We are doing all we can to ensure your boyfriend’s safety. Is this the first time he’s had a seizure?” Jake replied. He looked very concerned and, to Kolleen, he appeared legitimately interested. “No. He was grasping his head tightly. He nearly tore out his hair and I could have sworn his hearing was faltering.”

“Faltering? Like is he hearing impaired? Or was there ringing?” “How am I supposed to know?! He’s the one who’s having the seizure. He’s the one who showed the symptoms beforehand. I just didn’t know what to do when it was happening. Thank god his sister was there.” Kolleen began playing with her ponytail as nerves began to kick in. “Who, Penny?” “Yeah, the very same.” “You’re boyfriend will be okay ma’am. Just stay calm and be there for him.”

The ambulance had just pulled up to the hospital, and then the sirens cut off. The back doors flew open and the black haired guy prepped Randy to be rolled in. “You may follow us ma’am, since you are a significant other. Please, stay close and remain calm.” The man said. “My name’s Niles by the way.” They ran into the main ER entrance, down the hallway and towards the nearest elevator.

“We need to get him to I.C.U. for a short while. We will have to ask you to remain as silent as possible while we assess Mr. Rodriguez’s problems.” Jake stated. Both men had sweat beading on their foreheads and Jake kept darting his gaze between Randy’s arm and his watch. The doors slid open in which Dr. Farber was standing. “What seems to be the problem?” He asked, noticing Randy on the stretcher. “He’s suffered a seizure approximately ten minutes ago doctor. He seems to be stabilizing now but we should get him to I.C.U. just in case.” Niles replied. “Thank you. I will take Miss Sparks and Mr. Rodriguez to the room now.”

Dr. Farber guided Kolleen and Randy down the hallway, past the nurse’s station and through a thick set of steel doors. They rushed down to the last cubicle area on the right. Once inside, Dr. Farber asked for Kolleen’s assistance. “I need you to help me get him onto the bed, can you do that for me?” Kolleen nodded fast, sniffing all the while. She grabbed onto his feet as Dr. Farber got him by the back. They both heaved as they lifted him up and over to the bed. Dr. Farber rolled the I.V. up to Randy’s left and hooked up the heart monitor.

“It seems that the EMT’s were right. The seizure appears to have stabilized. As to how this happened, I cannot be completely certain. Has he suffered any head injuries as of late?” he inquired. He gazed over at Kolleen who was beginning to freak out a bit, as she kept running her fingers through her hair over and over. “You have to calm down miss. Randy needs you now more than ever. Can you answer me that one simple question?” He had his clip board out, and pen at the ready. “Y-Yeah. Randy suffered a head injury during his wrestling match last night. He slammed head first into the ring post.” Kolleen replied shakily.

“That would probably be the cause then. We’ll need to give Randy an MRI to make sure he’s alright. I don’t like the sounds of the head injury either. Maybe I should recommend he not compete for a short while.” He exited the cubicle, shutting the curtains behind him so Randy and Kolleen could have privacy. Kolleen pulled a chair up to his side, and held onto his hand as gingerly as possible. “I-I should have n-never let you o-out there.” she said.

Her shaky lips kissed the back of his hand. Randy didn’t seem to be waking up. “Ran-Ran, if you hear me, please nod. Groan, moan… say something!” She was becoming restless and exasperated. Her eyes were wide open in fear and then clenched tight as tears, once more, rolled down her cheeks. She rested her head onto the side of his leg and started to sob harder and harder by the second. Soon after, the sobs turned into hysterical crying. She heaved with each breath. Randy’s heart was still beating but he was showing no signs of response.

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