A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Sixty Two

Sunday October 10th, 2010: Late Morning

Hospital Room 205:

All around Randy’s bed, were his friends. Samantha and Marcos were standing to the far left. Gorgon took up the entire end of the bed whilst Kolleen continued sitting on Randy’s right. They were all looking on with apprehension, everyone except snoozing Kolleen who continued to sleep on his chest. Randy began to stir, groaning all the while. “Ugh…” He said, rubbing his eyes. When he opened them, everything around him was blurry. He continued to rub his eyes until everything came into focus. That’s when he noticed all of those around him.

The brightest grin spread across his face at this sight. “There’s my main man!” Marcos stated. He rubbed the top of Randy’s head playfully. “Welcome back sleepy head.” Samantha chimed in. Randy noticed, finally, what his friends were wearing. Marcos had a long pair of tight blue jeans on with a gray muscle shirt. Samantha had a short brown skirt on with a matching top, that showed off her belly button. Gorgon was wearing a tight black turtle neck with black jeans on as well.

“It’s nice to see you’ve finally come to.” Gorgon stated. “That was a nasty seizure you had man.” Marcos said. His brows were furrowed into a saddening expression. “A seizure?” Randy replied. “That’s right homes. You passed out shortly after hitting the floor, but that seizure was intense!” Kolleen hadn’t said a word, due to her still sleeping. “How long has she been here?” Randy asked, nodding towards Kolleen. Gorgon stood up, crossing his arms all the while. “Man, she’s been here since day one. Every single day and night, she’s been here. That’s overt a week man.” he said.

“God, she must be exhausted!” Randy started to stroke her hair and then rested his hand on her head. “I love her so much. Y’all know that right?” “Yeah, of course we do silly.” Samantha stated. She was chewing gum at the moment, and twirling her hair. He assumed it was out of nerves and it made sense to him. “What ya nervous about?” he asked her. “Oh nothing. I’m just thinking about my next match coming up… I can’t believe the semi-finals are almost here already.” She replied. “Hey, I heard you did an amazing job during your match!” Randy told her.

“Man, ya should have seen ’er! When she landed that sick kick to that girl’s face; good GOD did that make me laugh!” Marcos said. He was chuckling a bit and grinning up a storm. “It’s nothing, really. That finisher just took a little bit of training.” “Little bit of training my ass!” Marcos quickly replied. He shook his head, grasping his nose for a second. “I talked to Samantha’s trainer one day. She told me that spin kick took Sammie three whole months to master. But lordy, did she master it; HA!” He said. He couldn’t control his laughter for a short while but finally stopped after a few minutes.

“What about you homes?” Randy asked Gorgon. “Man I tried my best but Slaughter was too much for me. The funny thing is, though, he became a buddy of mine. He even gave me tips as to how I can wrestle better!” “Hey, that’s great man. I’m sure you’ll get back to the top fast.” Randy stated. “Now there’s the situation dealing with us.” Randy then said, nodding at Marcos. “What are we supposed to do now?”

“I don’t know Randy. From what I heard that injury you sustained really messed your brain up good. I don’t know how you’re gonna get a doctor to clear ya.” Then the door opened, and Penny walked inside. She had a chart in her hands which she was reading vigorously. “It says here the damage to the skull created a slight crack which in turn caused a brain hemorrhage. That lead to the seizure which puts you where you are now.” She said, turning to the first page.

“What do I gotta do to prove I can wrestle again?” Randy asked her. She saw the disdain in his eyes and then shook her head. “I honestly don’t know Randy. I just don’t know. That was a hell of an injury and the brain trauma? Don’t get me started!” She added. “But I can still wrestle, right?” the depression in his voice stung Penny hard. “It’s all I know, Penny. This is my life here.” She sighed and started rubbing her eyes. “I’m not your doctor Randy, I’m just your nurse. I can’t help you to that extent, it’s up to Dr. Farber to clear you. As for my personal opinion, you should stay far; FAR away from the ring.”

She set the chart down and began to walk out the door. Just before she exited, Randy spoke up. “I can’t do that Penny. It’s my future; my one awesome thing!” She stopped mid step and walked back in, towards the bed. She then picked the chart up and flipped through a few pages. “If you get anymore injuries like you obtained that night, it’ll be horrifying for your health.” She said, looking at him over the clipboard. He looked up towards the ceiling, groaned and then ruffled his hair. “What, exactly, will happen to me if this injury arises again?” He asked politely.

“You want the truth?” She asked, setting the clipboard back down. He nodded at her, waving his free hand all the while. She crossed her arms and started picking at her finger for a second. “It says if you get an injury too many more times like that, the brain damage will render you incapable of taking care of yourself. If you sustain something worse than this, it could cause you to become a vegetable or even kill you.” She promptly turned and exited the room, before she could be badgered anymore. Randy’s expression told a thousands tales.

His eyes were open in shock and mouth was slightly agape. “Dude… That sucks.” Marcos said. “Vegetable?” Randy muttered. He looked down at his lap, darting his eyes back and forth. Hundreds of thoughts were bombarding his brain at once. He kept picturing Kolleen giving birth, and their kid smiling up at him. He saw his mother laying in their house, dying slowly of her cancer. “They can’t be able to see me like that. I wouldn’t want them to see me like that.” Randy said.

It was at this time that Kolleen began to awaken. She rubbed her eyes and breathed in deep. “How are you Ran-Ran?” She asked him. He couldn’t help but reach down and brush the hair from her face. “I’m fine Kol, thanks.” Kolleen stood up and stretched then realized the other three people standing around the bed. “Oh, hey guys!” She added. “What’s up Kolleen?” Marcos replied. “I’m fine, thanks. And you?” “Doin’ great!” He said. “Can you guys give us a moment please?” Randy asked them. “Sure; sure we can.” Gorgon replied. He opened the door for Marcos and Samantha, then went to follow.

He stopped halfway through the door then looked slowly over at Randy. The look of concern on his face, made Randy’s chest ache. He nodded, then exited the room. “What was that all about?” Kolleen asked. Randy looked over at her, watching her tying that golden hair up into a neater ponytail. “You always look amazing with your hair up.” he told her. “Thanks Ran-Ran. What’s the privacy all about?” “Penny just visited and she was reading over my charts. She said that the brain injury I sustained caused a hemorrhage and then the seizure.”

“At least we know exactly what happened then. But why did that require secrecy? Marcos, Samantha and Gorgon already know.” Kolleen replied. “I know that they know, Kol.” He stared up at the ceiling, praying for God to give him strength. He then returned his gaze to his lover, who was holding her chin with her hands. “Penny told me that if I get a few more injuries like that, I’ll obtain permanent brain damage. If I get anything worse than the last injury, I could go into a permanent vegetative state or even die.” Randy replied.

“Oh my god.” Kolleen sat straight up, staring off into the abyss. She was in deep thought, about this news. “What are you thinking about doing?” She replied, now staring straight into Randy’s eyes. “I don’t know Kol. If I’m careful, I can go so much longer than this. I have much more to learn and I want to be a somebody in the DWL, not a low card nobody.” “I hear you Randy. But what about your brain? A permanent vegetative state?! Isn’t that something to be worried about?” She was concerned and he picked up on that immediately. “It is Kol, believe me, it is. I just don’t know what to do.” he said, closing his eyes.

“I’m scared Randy. What happens if you die? Or worse?! A vegetative state means you’re here, but you’re not really here. Being kept alive by some machine just for the sake of staying alive?! That’s…That’s just not a way to raise a child.”

She was rubbing his arm, and gazing into his eyes once more. “Don’t you think I’m thinking about that Kol?! I just can’t quit now, when I just started. There’s so much left I have to do.” “Does your mom know about this?” She replied.

“No. I just found out about this myself. God I hate my life right now!” Randy added in. He put his free arm over his eyes as he tried hard to think. “Whatever you decide to do Randy, I’ll back you up one hundred and ten percent, you know that!” Kolleen said, shaking his arm a bit. He looked back down at her and brushed the hair back out of her face. “I love you Kol.” She crawled in closer, and kissed him hard. When they were done, her eyes were teary and cheeks burning like they always did. “I love you too Ran-Ran.” They then hugged, as Randy started to feel that sadness creeping in. Seconds later, like a breaking dam, his eyes poured with tears as he cried into his partner’s loving embrace.

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