A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Sixty Three

Sunday October 10th, 2010: Evening

Hospital Room 205:

Penny walked into the room again, with the chart back in her hands. Dr. Farber was there with her. “What’s going on?” Randy asked. Kolleen had been sleeping once more, so he tried to keep his voice down. “Dr. Farber here wants to say something to you Randy. So please just set aside your mental pain and listen.” Penny replied. Randy sighed and then cleared his mind of all anger and agony. Dr. Farber walked up to his bed, and grabbed the chart out of Penny’s hands.

“As Miss Rodriguez here said earlier, if you sustain anymore injuries like this you’ll be hurt badly. She’s right when she says that a vegetative state is possible. Death is also a possibility as is paralysis. You have to tread carefully when or if you decide to continue pursuing this career Randy.” He ended. The concern in his face was apparent, as Randy gazed into his scared expression. “So you’re here to denounce me urge to return?” he replied.

“This is much more than a denouncing. Dr. Farber here is concerned just as much as I am. He saw the results of the cat scan you took this morning. It doesn’t look good Randy, it really doesn’t!” Penny stated. She was now at the end of the bed, sitting on the very edge. Dr. Farber pulled out some extra papers from the clipboard and began reading. “The cat scans revealed that you suffered some minor brain injuries due to that collision you had with the ring post.”

He walked over to Randy’s left side and continued to read. “It states here that your mobility has become a bit restricted due to damage to the cerebellum. Meaning you may have a hindered movement speed as well as some of your motor skills. I wouldn’t doubt that by the age of fifty, you’ll be needing a cane to walk around. Which brings up my point earlier when I first entered this room.” Dr. Farber said. He folding his arms in front of him.

This news came as a shock to Randy. He felt his eyes stinging at the potential of retiring. “But doc. I just started in the professional league. I can’t just back down now. I’d be the youngest retiree in sports history!” He ran his free hand through his hair and exhaled hard. “Randy, I understand the concern that you may have, but you have to be a bit concerned about this. Would you really risk being paralyzed when you’re so close to being a father?” Dr. Farber stated.

Randy’s eyes shot open when he heard him say father. “How did you…?” “Miss Rodriguez told me and even if she didn’t, I can tell. I went to medical school and was friends with multiple obstetricians. Miss Sparks here is showing all the signs of pregnancy. Fatigue, swollen ankles, sensitivity… I can see it from a mile away; she’s a little over two months along now, judging by the slight belly that is now developing.” He added in. “You knew all that just by looking?” Randy asked. “It’s my job. I’m a doctor after all. Even if I didn’t dabble with the Obstetrician field.”

“I just urge you to take this seriously. I understand you’re close to getting your first professional title and that it means the world to you. But think about Kolleen here. Think about your unborn child. If I were you and I was thinking of continuing, I would tread beyond carefully.” Dr. Farber said. He rested a hand on Randy’s shoulder and shook it slightly. “I care for you a lot and I’m sure if you decide to continue that you’ll be careful. Take care of yourself and take care of Kolleen. She’s going to need you these next seven months, I promise you that!”

Dr. Farber smiled and then exited the room. Penny sniffed hard and then wiped her eyes a bit. “I’ll notify Mom about your recovery. Stay safe Randy.” she said, before exiting the room. “I can’t believe he knows.” Kolleen stated. “Jesus Kol!” Randy yelled, jumping a mile out of his skin. “I’m sorry Ran-Ran, I wasn’t really sleeping. Well I was, but I woke up near the beginning of that conversation.” Kolleen looked up at him, and then rubbed her eyes and sat up. When she looked down, she too noticed a belly forming. “Wow, he wasn’t kidding.” She said.

She stood up and lifted her shirt so Randy could see. “That’s adorable!” he said, reaching over to touch it. “It feels firm but slightly squishy.” “It honestly feels like I’m bloated, like I’m on my monthly?” She replied. “If I’m into my second month that means I’m nearing the end of it and heading toward my third month. So, November second is when I have to head to the Obstetrician’s office again.” She sat back down and took a few deep breaths. “Are you nervous about this decision?” She asked him. “You have no idea Kol. I don’t know what I should do.” Randy said, covering his eyes.

She grabbed a hold of his leg, shaking it gingerly as she did so. He didn’t even realize she was touching him. It took the shaking motion for him to realize she actually did touch him. “When did you touch my leg?” He asked her. “Just now Ran-Ran, didn’t you feel it?” He was silent for a short while, staring at and past Kolleen’s worrisome face. “N-No, I didn’t.” his voice sounded panicky. He immediately reached down to touch where she was before, and again; nothing. He ran his hand towards his inner thigh and was finally able to feel something. “Oh my God! This injury’s caused me to lose some feeling in my leg! Oh god, no…” Randy cried out.

Kolleen ran her hand towards his inner thigh and tried to test this theory. “Okay Randy, this is serious now. Tell me when you can and can’t feel my touch, alright?” She asked him. “Yeah… Yeah.” She put her hand back to where it was originally. “So you can’t feel this, correct?” She asked. Randy nodded and began to feel teary eyed. She slid her hand slowly down his leg. He couldn’t even begin to feel her until her hand was three inches from the original spot. “I can feel it.” He said. “Okay, so it’s not that bad. What about your left leg?” Kolleen asked.

“I can feel all of that. It’s just my left arm that is slightly numb.” “Here, let me test it.” Kolleen stated. She walked around to his left side and asked where it felt the most numb. He pointed to about five inches above his elbow. She grabbed a hold of it and looked at him. He shook his head, sniffing a little all the while. She slid her hands down his arm, pinching the muscles a bit at a time. Her hands just got to an inch below his elbow when he said he could feel it.

“Oh my lord Randy… That’s like five or six inches of your arm that’s numb!” she said. “I know…” Randy stated, covering his eyes again. “Can you at least feel above that starting point?” She asked with concern. “Y-Yeah, I can. Barely, but I can. I can feel it one hundred percent below the numb area, just like in my right leg.” Kolleen looked more than concerned now. Her eyes were darting back and forth from the numb spot on his leg to the area on his arm. She was biting her bottom lip a bit, as she stood deep in thought. It unnerved Randy how ominously silent she was.

“What do you suppose I do?” he asked her. She looked over at him; her golden hair waving as she did so. He stroked it behind her ear, but she grabbed his hand so he could caress her face. “You can still feel this?” She asked him, kissing his fingers. “Yes.” “Then I suggest this.” She pulled up a chair and continued to hold his hand, gazing into his eyes. “You can go back, if you need to. Remember, I’m behind you…” “One hundred and ten percent, yes.” Randy replied, grinning.

She couldn’t help but smirk back slightly, but then re-focused her thoughts. “I suggest that you do not go back this coming Friday since, clearly, you are not fit to compete. I don’t know how or when you’ll be able to come back, but you can’t go back now. It’s just too soon.” The depressive tone in her voice hit Randy like a ton of bricks. “I actually agree with you Kol. I want to go back, but right now… I-I can’t. I can’t operate at top shape when I’m obviously, not in top shape.” He saw the worry draining away from Kolleen’s face at the sound of these words.

“You have no idea how that makes me feel.” She said. She kissed the back of his hand now, and smiled brightly this time. I’ll go tell Dr. Farber you’ve decided to not participate for a little while. At least until we can see if we can bring the feeling back into your leg and arm.” She then got up and exited the room promptly after this statement. Randy lifted his arm, touching his bicep but unable to feel the fingertips. He dropped it and covered his face with his good arm, weeping deeply into it. Not only was his heart breaking from this news, but his spirit was shattering piece by piece as time went on.

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