A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Sixty Four

November 15th 2080: Early Afternoon

Rodriguez Residence: Dining Room

“Hey kids, we should probably head inside. It looks like a storm is getting ready to start.” Randy stated. “Okay.” They all said, rushing past him in through the back doors. Randy stood up, holding tightly onto his cane as he did so. Kolleen went to help him, but he shook his head at her. “Go tend to the kids Kol.” He gave a slight smile, even though he knew it was fake. “Will do Ran-Ran.” She walked towards the door, turned and blew a kiss at him. He caught it and rested it over his heart. Once she was out of sight a grunt escaped his lips from the short pain he received. The cool air whipped through his thick white hair making him gaze up at the darkened gray cloud rolling in. “I hear ya Mom, I’m going inside now, don’t rush me!”

He started walking slowly towards the back door, inch by inch he trekked forward; his bum leg was really bothering him at the moment. He decided it was the cold that caused it to act up like this and pushed harder, finally entering the house. Once the door slid behind him, the warmth immediately felt welcoming. He heard plates being set down on the table. Kolleen looked down the hall and nodded at him, raising a glass of water in his direction.. “I’m comin’ Kol, don’t you worry your pretty little mind!” He yelled down towards her.

He took a few more steps, feeling his heart rate increasing. The dining room was only a few feet away. Once he got to the doorway, Randy leaned against the side of the frame. Kolleen was busy making sandwiches for the kids, who were all sitting around the table. Each of them had a laptop out in front of them as they were doing their schoolwork. “The kids figured it was best to catch up on some work whilst they had the time.” Kolleen said. “I’m making egg salad, would you like some?” She asked him. “I’d never refuse your egg salad.” A grin spread across Randy’s face.

He kissed Kolleen after walking over to her and accepted his food. He then sat at the end of the table, in between Charlie and Lori. “How’s schoolwork going?” He asked them. “I just got an A in math!” Charlie stated. “Yeah, I got an A in spelling!” Lori chimed in. “Of course the twins aren’t doing school yet, but they’re in online Pre-K at the moment and are kicking serious butt!” Kolleen said. She was sitting at the counter table, as she watched Randy interacting with the kids. It always warmed her heart when she saw their faces light up at the sight of him.

She pulled out her cell phone and started to record him talking. That was when Randy noticed and stopped for a second. “What are you up to Kol?” He asked, laughing at her. “I just wanted to make sure these moments were permanent. We won’t be around forever Ran-Ran.” “That makes sense, which leads me into the next part of my story.” This caught all the great grand kids’ attention. They all closed their laptops and kept eating while listening to their great grandfather speak.

“As you all recall, I was in the hospital when we broke the story off. I was losing feeling to my left arm and right leg.” He added in. Lori spoke afterward in the most respectful tone a child could muster. “Is that why you walk with that metal thing?” She asked, looking at the cane. Randy turned and grinned at her. “Ah, you are correct little one! Very inquisitive of you to be honest.” “Inquisitive?” she replied. She had that confused look, with her head tilted a bit, and hair dangling. “You look just like your great grandmother when she was your age. I saw your photos Kol, don’t judge me.” Randy stated at Kolleen’s expression.

“Inquisitive means observant. Like you connected the dots between my past and present. That’s a good talent to have, especially for police work.” Randy stated. Lori giggled as Randy poked the end of her nose playfully. Charlie spoke up now, after being momentarily distracted by Randal and Roy, who were playing with their food. “Where does the story pick up? If you don’t mind me asking.” he said. Randy was taken aback by the mature nature in his question. “Well I’ll tell you, just listen up.” Randy cleared his throat and mind then prepared to start up the story once more.

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