A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Sixty Five

Tuesday October 13th, 2010: Mid-Afternoon:

Hospital Room 205

Randy had finally signed his release papers from the hospital and changed his clothes. He felt dirty but wanted to leave the hospital regardless. It was a challenge however. The moment he tried to stand up, his legs gave out. He figured it was due to laying down for too long, but after the tenth try, he couldn’t shake the feeling into his right leg. He could feel his feet taking the pressure of his weight. He could also feel about halfway up his shin.

A massive area of his right leg was now numb, as if the brain injury was more than just that. “I don’t… get it. It was only a small area a day or so ago, how could this happen?” Randy asked. He tried punching his leg to knock the feeling back into it, but he couldn’t even feel that. Penny was standing there watching her brother struggle to stand, and couldn’t help but tear up a bit. “I feared for this Randy. I really did.” She stated, covering her mouth. Kolleen was on Randy’s right, trying to help him up to his feet for the fifteenth time, and yet again, it failed.

“Doc? Randy can’t feel an enormous portion of his right leg and he says the feeling spread more in his left arm as well. What’s the matter with him?” Kolleen asked. Dr. Farber looked at the updated medical charts. “You told the nurses and other doctors about this problem, correct?” He asked, as he continued to pour over the notes. “Of course I did. Why would I ever leave that out?” Randy replied.

“Try to stand up please.” Dr. Farber instructed. Randy sighed then looked over at Kolleen. “I’ll be here every single second Randy.” She said. She then put his arm around her neck and helped him stand. “See, he’s standing, but watch this.” Kolleen stated. She gingerly set Randy’s arm down and moments later, Randy lost control of his leg and collapsed. “Oh Jesus…” Dr. Farber muttered. He rubbed his eyes and then returned his gaze to the charts.

“It says here the brain damage you have sustained did in fact cause some sort of miniscule paralysis.” “What does that mean?” Randy asked him. He was freaking out now, feeling his mind flitting from one thought to the next. He imagined himself sitting in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. He then saw himself in a bed, not moving; not speaking, just alive. “Randy?” Dr. Farber called out. He jerked his head a bit, as he was pulled out of his deep trance. “This miniscule paralysis is like being paralyzed but you’re not. You can walk, with assistance, but I’m afraid you may never walk on your own again.”

This last statement plowed Randy through like a freight train. “N-Never walk on my own again?” he replied. “I never said never. I said you may never walk on your own again. I mean with proper physical therapy you may actually be able to save your ability to walk. The only thing is, you have to get to that therapy as soon as you can. The more you ignore this Randy, the more likely it’ll be permanent.” Dr. Farber handed the clipboard to Penny and then awaited a reply.

“I-I don’t know how to respond. Which is weird, because I always have a way to reply to things. Just…not now.” “Miss Rodriguez, would you excuse us a minute?” Dr. Farber asked. “Sure. I’ll be right outside if you need me.” Dr. Farber nodded at her, and then she left the room. “I warned Penny not to take you as a patient. The same with your guys’ mother. Doctors and nurses, normally, are not allowed to practice treatment with a family member. I bent the rules a bit when I allowed Penny to attend yours and Diana’s treatments. I don’t think she has it in her to pursue this with you any longer.”

Kolleen’s breathing was shaky as this news was finally getting to her. “What do you suggest we do?” She asked, swallowing hard. “First off, I suggest you breath in deep a few times and relax. Being pregnant is stress enough. Secondly…” Dr. Farber turned his attention to Randy. “I suggest we get you into that physical therapy today. You can go home, you just need to come back at least twice a week and move around at home to try and get that feeling back. I doubt it will come back one hundred percent, but you may be able to get used to it and still walk. As for your wrestling…” He broke off, sighing.

“What does that mean?!” Randy asked him. Dr. Farber shook his head, rubbing his eyes once more. “There’s no way you’re going out tonight and wrestling, not with this type of injury. I have already taken the liberty of contacting Mr. Lawrence and telling him, as your personal physician, that you are unable to compete.” Randy looked up at him in shock. “I thought I had a choice in this matter!” He replied. Confusion and anger were beginning to mix and boil deep inside his stomach. The thought of being retired with only one professional bout, didn’t settle right with him.

“Look, I see the pain in your eyes and that burning anger welling deep inside you, but this is simple. Your choice to decide whether to wrestle or not, flew out the window when this slight paralysis kicked in. You can’t actively compete when you’re constantly collapsing within a few seconds of stability. Let alone perform your finisher, not even that, just basic running around in the ring. It is just not possible with your current predicament. I’m sorry, but this is the way it is for now. I’ll contact a physical therapist now and see if I can’t set up an appointment today.”

Dr. Farber rested a hand on Randy’s shoulder and then exited the room. When the door clicked shut, Randy flopped back onto his bed. “This can’t be happening, not to me!” he said. “Why me? Why? Why? Why?” He kept moving his head back and forth, as the agonizing truth started to set in. Kolleen laid back onto her side and placed a hand on Randy’s chest. He pulled his arm away, looking at her pained expression. “You’re the only thing that’s keeping me sane in this room, Kol.” He told her. “I know Ran-Ran, I know. And likewise.” She replied.

Just then the door opened, and Marcos walked in. Samantha was right behind him, followed by Gorgon and none other than Mr. Lawrence. “We came as fast as we could when we heard the new information.” Marcos stated, standing nearby Randy’s I.V. bag. Samantha stood next to him and then Gorgon, then Mr. Lawrence, who was fiddling with his tie. “I’m so sorry man.” Randy said, looking straight into Marcos’ eyes. “I wanted to be there tonight, I really did. I let you down man… I-I’m s-sorry…” Randy broke off, as overwhelming sadness slammed him hard.

“Dude, you can’t blame yourself. No one expected this to happen. I sure as hell didn’t anyway!” Randy then turned his attention back towards Mr. Lawrence. “What does this mean for our team? I mean, I know we can’t compete in the tournament anymore, so does that mean that the Salem twins automatically move on?” “Yes Randy, the Salem twins will advance to the finals against the Tag Team Champions, Mike Dorvis and Motif. As for you Randy, I will see to it that you get the best physical trainers my money can buy. Also, I know that Miss Sparks here is a trainer in training, so she can help as well. We will not let you down.”

He then turned his attention to Marcos and cleared his throat a bit. “As for you Marcos, since you can no longer compete for the tag team championships, I am not without compassion. I will give you a singles title shot of your choice, as said in your contract. You just pick one you are interested in and I’ll set the match up for the next pay per view.” “Wow! Just… Thanks sir!” Marcos replied. “We should get going. The first match will be airing in about five hours. Also, Randy, I will personally pay for the next pay per view, just so you and anyone you wish to have there, can watch the show.”

“Thank you sir.” Randy replied. “Get well soon my man.” Marcos said, clapping Randy on the shoulder. “I hope you come back soon.” Samantha added in. Gorgon sighed, shaking his head at the floor. “You’ll be with us in our hearts man, at least until you can be there physically. I know you have it in you to come back and I will vouch for you no matter what!” “Thanks homes.” Randy replied. They shook hands and before Gorgon left, Randy spoke. “Good luck,”

He waited at the door then took a deep breath. “Thanks, I’ll need these wins to get back up in that heavyweight title bracket again.” He then shut the door, leaving Kolleen and Randy alone once again. They sat in silence, both of which had their inside arms dangling freely. Randy’s mind was buzzing so hard about the current situation. Kolleen’s mind was as well, but also focusing on her pregnancy. Their hands were barely touching, but soon began to caress and then their fingers were intertwined. Randy gave a light squeeze, feeling his eyes stinging. Then he felt a light squeeze back which made him feel somewhat better.

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