A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Sixty Six

Tuesday: October 13th, 2010: Early Night

Rodriguez Residence: Living Room

Randy arrived back at his house, after Kolleen drove him. He went to step out of the truck, when he nearly collapsed. Kolleen immediately ran around and held onto him as tight as she could. “I’m not gonna let you fall, not on my watch!” She helped him walk towards the front door and into the house. As soon as they entered, Diana called out to see who they were. “Mom, it’s me and Kolleen.” Randy replied. “Come in you two!” She told them.

Randy allowed Kolleen to help him towards a recliner that sat nearby the fireplace. The roaring fire was a welcoming gift for him due to the chilly air outside. Once he was seated, Kolleen dragged the other recliner up to his side. They both shifted their chairs so they could face Diana when they all talked. “I saw you helping my son into the living room. Is he still recovering from his injury?” she asked. Randy couldn’t deal staring at his mother at this moment. Her hair was thinning badly and falling out. “Randy, look at me.” his mother said. He couldn’t refuse the woman’s crackly voice so he gazed into her eyes. “I know I’m a ghastly site, but I’m still here Randy. I’m still here.” “I know Mom, and I’m sorry. I did not mean to offend when I didn’t look immediately.” he replied. He went to lift his bad arm but wasn’t able to move his shoulder.

He instead, used his right and grabbed a hold of Diana’s arm. “How is the treatment?” he asked. “It’s doing alright, don’t worry about me. Your old mother still has a lot of fight in her. As for your wrestling, didn’t you have a match tonight?” she asked. Randy’s heart sank at this question and he sighed. “You’ll always get another shot Randy, don’t let yourself down like that.” “How did you know?” he replied with shock in his face.

Diana laughed a bit, but coughed seconds later. Kolleen grabbed some tissues and helped her as she coughed into them. “Thank you darling…” “I have something to tell you Mom.” Randy stated. He was scratching his head and gazing everywhere but in his mom’s face. “I know you’re holding something back Randy. What is it?” She asked him. Before he could answer, Kolleen interrupted. “The first match starts soon Ran-Ran, do you wanna watch it?” “I sure as shoot want to!” Diana stated. Kolleen smiled at her and then went and turned on the big screen, above the fireplace.

Randy went to move his mother but only collapsed once more onto the edge of the bed. “I got this Ran-Ran, just relax.” Kolleen moved Diana’s bed and I.V. so that she could face the television. Once she was set, Kolleen then helped move the two recliners. Afterwards they dimmed the lights and flipped the T.V. channels until DWL popped up. “We’re just in time!” Randy said, relaxing a bit more. Paul and John appeared on the camera, with grave looks in their eyes.

“It is a sad day for the team of Randy Rodriguez and Marcos Gonzales. They were a perfect duo with plenty of strive to push them through this tournament. We have received confirmation that Randy Rodriguez is unable to compete due to the recent head injury he sustained last week. The doctors have explained to the medical team that he has suffered nerve damage causing numbness to his left arm and right leg. We wish Randy the best and pray he pulls through and comes back soon!” Paul stated.

John sighed and folded his hands together. “That is correct partner. It seems their tag team has had to forfeit therefore the Salem twins have advanced to the finals against the tag champions: Mike Dorvis and Motif. God help their souls. Anyway, our opening match is actually with Marcos Gonzales himself. He has been given a right to compete for a shot at a major single’s championship. Marcos has decided to go for the DWL Featherweight Championship and will be competing in a six man, battle royal tonight.” John replied.

The bell rang and then the announcer took over. “Ladies and gentleman, our opening match for this evening is as follows. There will be a six man over the top rope, battle royal to determine who will face the DWL Featherweight Champion: Maguel Maseroso in our next pay per view.” Just then Marcos’ theme song began to play and then, there he was. “Introducing, first, from Mexico, weighing in at one hundred and seventy pounds, Marcos “The Cheetah” Gonzales!” “Woo! Go buddy!” Randy yelled, flailing his good arm.

His adrenaline was beginning to build as he watched his friend descending the ramp. Once Marcos was in the ring, he climbed to the top rope, turned around and front flipped, landing straight on his feet. “What an entrance!” Paul said. Just then the music faded away, and the sound of bongo drums broke the silence. A short, dark skinned man with long black hair entered the arena. He had long black pants on, with no shirt. There were white tattoos printed all over him, with a giant cross being on his chest. When he yelled, Randy noticed that his teeth were black from the mouth guard covering them.

“Coming to the ring, hailing from Uganda, weighing in at one hundred and fifty three pounds, Bongo Bruce!” “Nice name.” Kolleen said. As Bongo entered the ring, he ran from corner to corner, shouting at all the spectators. The bongo drums died down and instead, were replaced with very loud organ music. A short, pale white man entered the arena. He had thick red hair, small ears and a long face. His chin ended with a bubble and his lips were naturally puckered. The camera zoomed in on him, as he yelled, baring sharpened teeth.

His attire was that of a full body spandex suit, that had two straps. It was black which complimented the incredibly pale skin this man had. Red tattoos covered his arms, in the shape of thorns. “Now coming to the ring, from the Depths of Hell, weighing in at one hundred and forty seven pounds. Sal Dommer!” “That guy looks horrifying!” Kolleen said. “I hear that.” Diana replied. “So that’s three guys so far. We’re lacking three more.” Randy added in. The organ music died down and was quickly replaced with an incredibly addictive techno song.

A light brown skinned man came out to the arena. He had spiky hair, that had bright green highlights in it. He had big eyes, a big nose a medium sized mouth and big ears. His pants were dark indigo and they had neon green circles all over them. His boots were indigo as well and the shoelaces matched the circles. The lights turned off and were replaced with black lights, which made the man shine like a brightly. “Coming to the ring is a man who needs no introduction. He is a DWL legend and comes from Boise Idaho. Weighing in at one hundred and seventy two pounds, Neo!”

The crowd went ballistic at the sound of his name, even more so than when his music cued. “Can you believe it?! Neo is back after two years of absence!” John yelled. “I can barely believe my ears let alone my eyes John. But there he is, flashing that bright smile in the black light. I can’t believe he’s returned! What a match we have lining up right now ladies and gentlemen and this is only the beginning.” Paul replied. Neo entered the ring as the lights turned back to normal. “Look at Marcos. He’s nervous, I can tell.” Randy said.

Kolleen looked at him, cocking her head a bit in confusion. “How do you know?” she asked. “It’s very simple, honestly. You see, when Marcos gets nervous he jumps around a bit. Notice, he’s going up and down in his spot over in the far left corner. I would be nervous too if I had this opportunity.” They all became silent after this so they could hear the last two entrants. The techno music stopped and was replaced with deep orchestra music. A tan skinned man with a long nose, small ears, a thick brown goatee and giant eyebrows entered the arena now.

He was wearing baggy cream colored pants with matching boots. He was also shirtless, just like Neo. His lip was pierced with snakebites as were his ears and buzz cut hair. “Coming to the ring now, from Beverly Hills California, weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds. Sir Romans the third!” “I heard about him.” Randy stated. “He used to be a hell of a submissions champion back in the day. He’s a new guy, but still has a couple of years under his belt. That modified sleeper, yet half nelson move he does? Ooh, it’s brutal.”

Sir Romans entered the ring, bowed to all of his opponents and then waited near the ropes. The orchestra music stopped and was replaced by the most up beat rap music, Randy had ever heard. It sounded like old school hip hop mixed with gangster rap. Another dark skinned man walked out. He looked like he had dark brown skin. His jaw was medium sized as was his chin and nose. He had wide eyes and small ears. A thin black goatee was on his face. He was buzz cut as well, but with a dark blue bandana on around it.

He had baggy black jean pants, black sneakers, silver chains hanging out of his pockets and a matching silver dollar sign necklace; he was shirtless as well. When the man smiled, his teeth were covered in silver grilles. “And finally, the last participant in this Featherweight Championship Qualifying match. He hails from Brooklyn New York and weighs in at two hundred pounds. The Cash Man himself, Zavier Brewstone!” “See, he’s another man I heard about in the locker rooms of CSWS. He used to be a huge hit back in New York, but transferred here, after his parents died. He’s actually around my age and to be honest, sounded like a down to earth kinda guy.” Randy informed the girls.

Zavier entered the ring, with Marcos to his left and Sir Romans to his right. Across the ring, Neo, Sal and Bongo were jumping around in place. “Ring the bell!” The ref called out. Seconds later the bell rang and all men were gazing at each other. Marcos was staring straight into Zavier’s face and for a second, Randy thought they would go at it. But Marcos nodded at the man, sticking his fist out. Zavier nodded back and they fist bumped.

“It looks as if Zavier and Marcos have decided to team up against the rest of these men. Sir Romans and Bongo are already going at it in the far corner with a bunch of lefts and rights.” John said. Marcos and Zavier decided it was best to gang up on Neo, seeing as he was the only one not fighting. Zavier grabbed Neo by the neck and punched him hard in the stomach. Marcos climbed to the top turnbuckle and jumped. Zavier let go, allowing Marcos to flip and land, thigh first onto the back of Neo’s neck.

Neo fell and face planted the canvas. “What a move by Marcos. That kid seems to know what he’s doing when it come to the aerial wrestling. Let’s see if he can hold his own later on.” Paul stated. Bongo reversed Sir Roman’s kick and grabbed a hold of his foot. He twisted it and then kicked the back of his free leg. “It looks like Bongo has Romans in some sort of an ankle hold.” John said. Sir Romans bent Bongo’s leg, causing his foot to touch his own back and placed a knee onto the back of Bongo’s head. “That has got to be one of the nastiest half Boston crabs I have ever seen.” John said.

Marcos jumped towards the ropes and sprinted at full speed towards Romans, slamming his shoulder as hard as he could into Roman’s side. Romans flew over the top rope and slammed, knee first onto the floor. “That is gonna take some time before he gets back up.” John said now. “Sir Romans the Third has been eliminated.” the announcer called out. “We’re down to five guys now. Zavier, Marcos, Bongo, Neo and Sal. Which one will persevere during this match and outlast the four other opponents?” Paul asked. “That is a good question partner. Let’s see where it… OH MY GOD!” John yelled, interrupting his own sentence.

“Oh my god is right!” Randy muttered. They just witnessed Zavier winding up his finishing punch and connecting it hard onto Neo’s face in mid air. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Neo needs to see a Dentist after this one folks. He jumped off the rope and got absolutely CLOCKED by Zavier’s finisher, Straight Up!” “You’re absolutely right Paul. That spinning haymaker is no joke especially if you only have one way down.” Neo was on one knee now, grasping his jaw. Blood was beginning to trickle out of his mouth, and dripped onto the canvas.

“I’m honestly surprised he wasn’t knocked out… Never mind.” John said. His train of thought changed when Neo dropped face first into the mat, and remained motionless. Zavier snapped his fingers and waved for Marcos to come over. Marcos nodded and helped pick Neo up. They lifted him to the top rope and pushed him over. “Neo has been eliminated.” the announcer called out. Just then Bongo came up from behind, holding a steel chair in hand. “How did he get that chair?!” John yelled. “I saw him slide out of the ring John. His feet did touch the floor, but remember, he has to go over the top rope as well.”

“This is getting too intense!” Randy exclaimed, furling his fists up. “You can do it buddy.” he cheered on. Bongo swung the chair but Zavier and Marcos ducked. “Where has Sal been this whole time?” Paul asked. “I saw the little bastard sneak out of the ring right at the beginning. Look at him, he’s over by the steel steps.” John replied. Sure enough, the camera moved over and exposed Sal for who he really was; a coward. Zavier heard of this so he slid out of the ring, and ran towards him.

Sal ducked, and slipped a toe hold around Zavier who slammed his face into the steel steps. “It looks like lights out for Zavier here. At least for a short while.” John stated. Sal slithered into the ring like a serpent and watched as Marcos continued to dodge Bongo’s chair swings. He was hanging around in a corner, opposite of Sal and watched as Bongo ran at him full speed. He slid to he side and did a picture perfect trip, yanking Bongo’s leg. Bongo fell towards the turnbuckle and slammed his head hard into the steel chair, and then, he was out.

“It looks as if Bongo and Zavier have bit off more than they can chew. How is this match going to turn out?” John asked. Sal saw Marcos standing there, in a boxing like stance. “Come at me then bro!” Marcos yelled. Sal slid back out of the ring and tried to hide once more. As he ran around to where Zavier was, he stopped. “Where did Zavier go?” Randy asked. “I didn’t see him leave either honey.” Diana added in. She coughed slightly and then re-focused onto the T.V.

“Where are you?!” Sal yelled. He started searching underneath the ring. Just then he yelled loudly and then he was sucked underneath the ring. There was a commotion under there, filled with grunting and punches and swearing all around. Marcos was still in the ring and saw Bongo standing up, who was stumbling around, grasping his head as blood trickled out of his forehead. He didn’t even see Marcos coming who ran at full speed, and jumped, spinning in mid air. He did the most amazing drop kick Randy had ever seen. “What a drop kick by Marcos!” Paul exclaimed. Bongo flew into the air and soared of the top rope, slamming hard onto the floor.

“Bongo Bruce has been eliminated.” The announcer said. Marcos was resting in the corner, heaving up and down rapidly. “He has to be exhausted John. This match has been going on for about ten minutes now.” Just then, Marcos saw Sal being pushed back into the ring. Zavier climbed in after him. His fists were bloody and swollen, as was Sal’s face. “He really got the crap kicked outta’ him.” Paul said. Zavier stood up, lifting Sal onto his shoulders. He then tossed Sal over the rope with ease, allowing him to hit the floor. “Ladies and gentlemen. Sal Dommer has been… eliminated!”

“We are down to two men now! Zavier and Marcos, the two men who started this fight as a quote-unquote, team. What is to happen now?” Paul asked. “You can do this.” Randy muttered. Marcos walked up to Zavier, extending a hand. Zavier had his fists to his hips, heaving heavily. He then nodded and shook Marcos’ hand. They separated into opposite corners, nodded once more at each other and charged straight in. Their arms locked and their heads pressed together. They were pushing each other back and forth at an attempt to prove who was stronger.

Zavier shoved Marcos towards the ropes, but Marcos used the momentum to propel himself back, slamming hard into Zavier’s fist. “Oh my dear GOD in heaven did that look painful! Zavier landed the Straight Up, straight to Marcos’ face. Oh my God Paul!” John yelled. “Man, Marcos ran right into that spinning haymaker like it was a welcoming present.” Paul replied. Randy winced when he saw and heard the impact from Marcos’ face to Zavier’s fist. “There’s no way he’s recovering from that…” Randy stated, feeling his spirits breaking.

Zavier lifted Marcos up like an infant, cradling him in his arms and walked him over to the ropes. He lifted Marcos up and went to drop him. Marcos was coming to when he was lifted up. He wrapped his right leg around the bottom rope, dangling only an inch from the floor. He grabbed onto the ropes and pulled himself in, which was seen by Zavier, who sighed, rubbing his eyes from astonishment. Marcos stood up, breathing hard but still kicking. “I have to go with Zavier on this one Paul. I’ve never seen anyone shrug off the Straight Up like it was nothing.” John stated.

Marcos had his fists furled and eyes locked. Randy could practically feel his buddy’s mind frantically working for a solution. Zavier walked up to him, with his fists to his hips once more. He, this time, initiated another handshake. Marcos looked at him, waving a hand at Zavier’s. Zavier nodded and kept his arm extended. Marcos looked around the arena and then dropped his head. He looked back up and nodded one last time, accepting Zavier’s handshake. They broke the hold and then locked into another test of strength.

Zavier shoved Marcos into a corner and ran at him, arm extended. Marcos slid between Zavier’s legs and pulled hard on his ankles. Zavier went between the turnbuckles, slamming his shoulder into the corner post. He went limp soon thereafter, just laying on the middle turnbuckle. Marcos got out of the ring, through the middle ropes and rummaged underneath. “What is he looking for?” Randy asked. “I have no idea.” Kolleen replied. Just then, Marcos withdrew a solid chain. He slid back into the ring and saw Zavier recovering.

He walked up to Zavier’s back, and quickly wrapped the chain around his neck. He kicked the back of Zavier’s legs, causing him to drop to his knees, grasping his throat. “He’s gonna choke the poor guy out!” John stated. Zavier was fading so Marcos released the pressure. Zavier fell to one knee, grasping his throat as he choked hard, coughing up spit. Marcos went back outside and grabbed a steel chair. He got back in and set it up just behind Zavier. “What do you have planned now you sick bastard?” Randy asked. He had a smile to his face as he watched on.

Marcos grabbed the other chair that Bongo had previously and slammed it hard onto the back of Zavier, who then fell onto the chair on the canvas, resting his face on it all the while. Marcos jumped to the top turnbuckle raising his arms up as the crowd began to chant his name. “It looks like he’s going for the Marco Polo. Marcos leapt, flipping three times with his knees tucked and then went spread eagle as Zavier began to come to. Zavier got to his knees only to be slammed hard into the chair, knocking him out completely.

“That move may have just ended Zavier’s dreams of becoming DWL Featherweight Champion.” Paul said. Marcos grabbed Zavier’s limp body and heaved with all his might. His legs were shaking and he was staggering at a poor attempt to stay upright. He lifted Zavier up to the top turnbuckle and took a second to rest. Zavier began to stir a bit, groaning as his wits were coming back to him. He noticed he was up top so he instantly came back, swinging his fist into Marcos’ head. Marcos shook it off and swung his head hard, cracking it into Zavier’s forehead.

Zavier stumbled, waving a slow arm around as he tried to fend Marcos off. Seconds later Zavier toppled over the top rope. It felt as if the entire world stood still at this moment. As if time was going in slow motion as Zavier fell towards the bottom rope. Moments later, the announcer spoke. “Zavier Brewstone has been… eliminated!” “There ya have it folks, Marcos ‘The Cheetah’ Gonzales will go on to face Louis Mila for the DWL Featherweight Championship at Haunted Hallows.” Paul stated. “We have our winner and number one contender for the DWL Featherweight Championship of the world, Marcos ‘The Cheetah’ Gonzales!”

“YEAH, YOU GOT IT BUDDY!” Randy yelled, slamming his fist hard into his chair. “My god, what a match.” Diana stated. “I know right?! My adrenaline is blowing through this roof right now.” Randy replied. He sighed, resting back for a bit. It was then that he noticed Kolleen was holding his hand, which shocked him for a bit. He began to kiss the back of hers all the way up her arm to her cheek and then her lips. The rest of the night they enjoyed the matches. Samantha defeated Hannah Luntz. The girl looked like a red haired vampire and seemed to give Samantha a run for her money. In the end, Samantha won, as did Gorgon as he took on Teo Nales.

“I can’t believe after that sickening spinning move Teo did, Gorgon actually kicked out. I still don’t know how he was able to lift that massive form of Teo into the air. He had that double choke slam move and flipped backwards into a suplex. UGH, it was amazing!” Randy said. He was freaking out over how exciting the entire show was that night.

Diana was tired so Randy shut off the T.V. and turned down the lights so she could sleep. He then guided Kolleen out into the hallway and kept holding her hand. They looked at each other for a short while, not able to break their own gaze. “I really should go see my Mom tonight. I haven’t spoken to her in forever and she needs some time with me.” She said. “Alright! I’ll be up in my room if ya change your mind. You know where the spare key is right?” Randy asked. She grinned and nodded, “Underneath the third stone on the left side of the stoop.”

“Correct you are my good lady!” Randy replied. They kissed and kissed and wouldn’t stop kissing for what felt like an eternity. Finally, Kolleen was able to break the hold and went to exit the house. She was halfway out the door when she turned to get a last look at Randy. “I love you.” She mouthed silently. They didn’t want to wake Diana up, who was now lightly snoring in the living room. “Love you too.” Randy mouthed back. Kolleen blew a kiss at him which he caught and placed onto his chest, over his heart. She left the house and Randy behind. His hand was still over his heart which was beating as fast as a jet.

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