A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Sixty Seven

Wednesday: October 14th, 2010: Mid-Morning:

Rodriguez Residence/Walk:

Randy awoke, with a headache and his neck feeling all stiff. He couldn’t bring himself to sleeping upstairs when his mother was downstairs in the chilly living room. He noticed the chilliness so he immediately started a fire, to warm up the room. It took him a while to do this due to constantly falling. It took him holding onto an unplugged lamp in order to move around effectively. His mother was shivering a bit so he grabbed the blanket he was using and covered her. Minutes later, she wasn’t shivering anymore and instead, was sleeping soundly. As Randy turned around, he nearly jumped out of his skin with fear.

Kolleen was resting at the opposite end of the couch, with her legs curled up now. When the hell did you get here?! he thought. He shook his head and then decided to sit back down. His brain was buzzing from one thought to another as to how he was going to get back to his passion. He still felt that numbness in his arm and leg. “When will the numbness go away? Will it ever?” Randy asked himself. He let his head lay back and rest on the back of his couch. “I’m not sure if it’ll go away Ran-Ran, but we can figure out how you can cope with it.” Kolleen replied.

“Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.” He immediately grabbed a hold of her shoulders and pulled her into a hug. She held onto his waist and rubbed her face into his chest. “It’s fine Ran-Ran. It’s about time I got up anyway. I came into the house late last night, somewhere around three thirty in the morning. I didn’t want to wake you so I slid into the opposite side of the couch.” Kolleen stood up and stretched and then rubbed her eyes a bit.

“Would you like something to eat?” Randy asked, standing up as well. He still was unable to achieve a permanent upright position and immediately collapsed again. “Let me get it for now.” Kolleen replied. She put one of his arms around her neck and guided him slowly towards the kitchen. She saw the lamp nearby the couch and grinned due to his ingenuity. When he was seated she got right to the fridge. “What would you like?” Randy was sitting in thought, debating whether or not he should have a hot meal. He didn’t want to wake his mother up, not when she’s as sick as she is.

“We could make some oatmeal, if that’s okay with you.” Kolleen nodded and started rummaging the cupboards. “The oatmeal’s in the cupboard to the left of the fridge. There’s multiple flavors in there.” Randy stated. Just then, she pulled out an enormous box filled with all assorted flavors. “I want brown sugar and cinnamon please!” Randy said. Kolleen grabbed a couple packets and then got herself some with dried strawberries in it. It took only minutes to prepare so within five minutes, she and Randy were eating.

Kolleen was resting against the counters while Randy stayed at the table. “What did you think of that match with Marcos last night?” he asked her. She stopped for a second. Staring down at her food, playing with it as she thought. “It was chaotic to be honest.” She replied. “What makes you say that?” Randy started playing with his food as well. Kolleen went and sat down next to him, so they could see eye to eye.

She had her head cocked as if she were confused, but after a short while, she finally spoke. “The way that the match went down was crazy. All those guys flying around the ring and the way Marcos happened to cruise so easily through it… It just doesn’t make sense to me.” “I don’t know what doesn’t make sense Kol. Marcos didn’t just cruise through the match. He has natural talent at this sort of thing.” Randy replied. He had a sort of edginess to his voice, which she immediately picked up on.

“I never said he didn’t Randy, I’m just saying it looked as if the other guys were giving him an easy time. They knew he was new to the league and that this was his second professional match. And it was a big one to say the least. It almost feels like they went easy on him. He barely got touched, besides that nasty haymaker Zavier gave him. Which I still can’t get over that sound it made when his fist connected; ugh!” They sat in silence for quite a while as they finished their breakfast. When they were done, Randy was sitting in deep thought.

Kolleen grabbed his hand, shaking him back down to earth. “What’s up?” She asked. “You know, now that I think of it, it makes total sense. I mean, yeah, the guys did go after Marcos but they weren’t giving him what I know they can deliver. It did look as if they let him slide through that match. Almost as if it were…” “Set up.” Kolleen interrupted. “Yeah!” Randy replied. Just then the door opened, catching both of their gazes. “Oh, hey Randy! I didn’t mean to startle you two, I’m just here to help Mom with her chemo.” Penny said.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” Randy whispered. “How are you gonna do that?” Kolleen asked. She put their dishes into the dishwasher then rested against the fridge. Her arms were crossed and face was contorted into deep thought. “OH, I wanted to let you know, Randy…” Penny started. She was interrupted when she accidentally slammed her foot into the doorframe. “Son of a… God, that hurt! Anyway.” She said, walking into the kitchen. She had a pure black cane that had his nickname on it, painted in white along the side.

“This is a custom cane made specifically for you! Mr. Lawrence said it was the least the DWL could do, since the injury happened on their turf. He said the cane is made out of one hundred percent solid black steel. The grip is soft but has rubber grips to help you hold onto it.” Penny stated. She handed the cane over which Randy accepted. “It looks so cool!” he exclaimed. “Try it out Ran-Ran.” Randy nodded and propped the cane flat onto the floor. The grip on the bottom of it grabbed onto the tiles as if there was a suction cup attached to it.

He used both the table and the cane to lift himself up onto his feet. Since his right leg was the numb one, he decided to use his right arm to help hold the weight. It worked like a charm. He was able to remain upright by holding most of his weight onto the cane. “It works great!” He said, moving around. “And since it’s been decaled, you won’t look weird walking around with it. It’s almost as if you chose to use it rather than you had to.” Penny said. “Thank you! Thank you so much!” Randy told her. She hugged him and then exited the dining room.

“There you go Ran-Ran. We can go on that walk now.” “Right. Let’s get going. I could use some fresh morning air.” With that said, he and Kolleen exited the house and entered the now, warming, mid-morning air. Randy took a deep breath and couldn’t help but smile at the glistening city below them. They began to walk, hand in hand, slowly down the hill. Randy had to limp a bit, but it wasn’t anything they couldn’t handle. It’s only been a few days but it felt weird to him that he was able to stand.

“So, do you think you’ll tell Marcos what we thought?” Kolleen asked. Randy sighed, and shook his head. “I don’t think that we should. It’d be pretty rude of us to rip on him for surviving that match. I honestly didn’t think he was going to after the Straight Up. It seemed as if Zavier really; really wanted that title shot. Even though they were teaming up throughout it, as if it were their plan in the first place, he still fought hard when it was just them.” Randy replied. They were halfway down the hill, when Kolleen replied.

“I honestly agree with that. It’s best that Marcos not know, unless he knows already. Furthermore, it did seem a bit straightforward. Zavier wanted that title shot, like you said, but needed the help to get down to one on one. But to be honest, I give Marcos kudos. He took that punch like a man and kept going. And as far as we both know…” She cut off as they stopped a second. “You and I both know these thoughts aren’t true. The DWL is as real as breathing; you can vouch for that!” Randy nodded in return and continued his trek forward. They stopped at the bottom of the hill, right where the pathway met the main road. “Do you wanna go take a visit to our old work spot?” Randy asked. “You mean that old gas station? It hasn’t been that long since we worked there, but sure. It’d be nice to take a short walk down memory lane.” Kolleen replied.

So they crossed the street and continued walking down, towards where the roads branched off. It was their usual route that they took every night when they worked. “When did we tell our boss that we quit?” Randy asked. “You mean, you don‘t remember?!” “No, Kol, I don‘t. Not one bit!” Kolleen had to stop this time as she was blown away by this. “Spit it out then, if something‘s bothering you.” Randy said to her. “Randy, we told Mrs. Jones shortly after you signed with the DWL. Don’t you remember the phone call?” “You‘re serious aren‘t you?” Randy replied. “Maybe you‘ve just been too worked up to remember, that‘s all.” Kolleen assured him.

“You know, we could have just drove there. It’d be a lot faster.” Kolleen stated. They turned right and continued walking. A few college students were walking by, with their hair all messed up and eyes bloodshot. “What’s your take on them?” Randy asked, nodding towards the three guys walking towards them. “They seem stressed. Obviously, they’re heading towards the college, and most classes start around seven A.M. My assumption is that they have a class in the afternoon and have been studying for a test all night.”

“Nice observations Kol!” Randy shook her arm playfully. “You know I learned from the best.” she replied, leaning in for a kiss. They kissed and then they accidentally bumped into the first college student. He had short black hair, hazel eyes and a face that looked a lot like Joey from Friends. “Jesus, I’m sorry man.” Randy replied. “Oh god no, don’t be sorry dude. I should have seen ya. I’ve just been super stressed over this test I have today and it’s sort of a mid-term and very important.” he replied. He then stuck out a hand and smiled brightly at them. “My name’s Joseph Loreen. But my friends call me Joey.”

Randy accepted his hand shake and couldn’t help but grin. “That’s so ironic dude. You look just like…” “Joey Tribbioni from Friends; yes.” he replied. “Hey, I know you! You’re The Phantom!” Joey replied. “It’s nice to meet a fan. Yeah, I was The Phantom, before that ring post injury caused me problems.” Randy replied. Just then two more guys showed up. One was a short man, with buzz cut dirty blonde/reddish hair. He was wearing black rimmed glasses and had a bushy red Amish-like beard with a matching mustache.

His nose was bulbous and he had an under bite and what looked like a big beauty mark on his right cheek. His eyebrows were thick and his eyes were light brown. “Hey! My name’s Shane Roberts. And I recognize you as well. That finisher you did; the Back Stab, was it? It was just amazing!” Randy couldn’t help but notice Shane’s voice was a tad bit nasally and naturally low. From the way this guy dressed, Randy could tell he didn’t care about what people thought about him. “My, My what a beautiful woman you have by your side, Randy.” Shane stated.

He shook Kolleen’s hand and then bowed at her. She couldn’t help but giggle at him and then curtsied in return. “Shane here is in Digital Cinema, majoring in Screenplay Writing over at the college. I’m in Digital Cinema as well, but most of my major is in music production.” Joey stated. “We’re all huge fans of yours. Well at least Shane and I here, not Gabe back there. Gabe Wesser; he’s a tough one, I’ll tell ya that.” Just then Gabe walked up. He had short brown hair, brown eyes a small nose and a long face. He reeked of being a rich boy, with his thick woolen plaid polo and dress slacks.

“Gabe here is a business major in our class year. He’s quite a smart guy, with a four point zero GPA.” Joey stated. Gabe looked over at Randy and then down to his cane and scoffed at him. “Is there something wrong?” Randy asked. Gabe folded his arms and kept gazing at the cane. “If you’re such an amazing athlete, how is it after one professional bout, you’re crippled?” Gabe asked. Even his voice stank of a typical jerk’s pompous edginess. “I believe that’s not a question you should be asking me. It’s incredibly disrespectful.” Randy replied.

“Don’t mind him…” Joey started, pushing Gabe back. Shane chimed in this time, with a positive edge to his voice. “Yeah, he can be a bit of an ass sometimes. Hell, he’s an ass all the time; who am I kidding? In all honesty, I blame the league for being too barbaric. If their wrestling is going to be real, like they say it will be, they really should put padding on the ring posts. I’m just saying.” “Hey, thanks Shane. I’m glad there are still good guys out there. The same goes to you Joey.” Kolleen said.

“I’m happy to bring happiness to the world. That is my mission as it is Joey’s.” Shane replied. He grinned, not a tooth filled grin, but a closed smile. He and Joey began walking away, across the street. Gabe held back to get one last look at Randy. He walked up to Kolleen and grabbed a hold of her free arm. She tried to shake it off, but his grasp was too tight. Randy went to yank Gabe off of her, but slipped and fell into a convenience store parking lot. “I’ll be keeping an eye on your sexy ass.” Gabe stated. He grabbed Kolleen’s butt and then ran after the others.

“Are you alright Ran-Ran?” Kolleen asked. “Y-Yeah, I’m fine. I just need to get back up is all.” Randy replied. Kolleen helped him to his feet and put the cane back in his hand. He noticed that she was tearing up a bit as they continued to walk down the road. They stopped just at the end of the store’s parking lot, when Kolleen broke down. “What’s the matter Kol?” They sat on a bench and Kolleen placed her head deep into Randy’s chest. “That sick bastard grabbed my butt Randy. I don’t like the way he was breathing on my neck either.” “Where is that college he goes to?! I’m gonna fill out a complaint towards him!” Randy replied.

“N-No Randy… I don’t want to cause a scene. He’s just some sick pervert and we may never see him again.” “Are you sure?” Randy replied. Kolleen sniffed hard and then nodded. “Maybe we shouldn’t continue this walk. You may need some more rest.” She waved this idea off and wiped her tears away. “N-No, it’s f-fine. I just need some time to calm down. Let’s keep walking, okay?” “Alright, if that’s what you want.” They both continued their walk. There was an occasional sniff here and there from Kolleen, but mostly she was relatively quiet.

They had already passed the four corners and were headed towards the alleyway in which Kolleen met Marcos for the first time. A light wind picked up, which blew her hair around slightly. She had her arms folded and eyes facing the sidewalk. Randy pulled her in towards him with his free arm and almost immediately, she grabbed a hold of him. She rested her eyes into Randy’s chest and cried. Randy stumbled a bit, as he tried to get even footing and then hushed her


He never liked seeing her in such distress and knew only this. Hugging made Kolleen feel better and has worked since they first got together. “It’ll be alright Kol. That bastard will have what’s coming to him, if Karma truly does exist.” Randy stated. “Thank you Randy.” She whimpered back. They continued to hold each other for a minute or so and then decided to go further onward. The gas station was just down the road, to the right so they pushed on; both had arms around each other. No matter what, these two knew they had each other through thin and even now, through the tremendously thick.

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