A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Seventy

October 14th, 2010: Late Evening:

Fit Athletic Club

“I see you fit those clothes very well my man!” Milo stated. He clapped Randy on the back and then guided him to a scale. “Please just stand here straight as we weigh you in…” Milo began. He was gazing at the digital monitor as it moved up into the two hundreds. “You are a perfect, two hundred and forty one pound man. I can see that it’s mostly muscle and a bit of fat, but we can change that in an instant! Let’s get those measurements now. He had measuring tape and began to wrap it around Randy’s biceps, triceps, thighs and calves. He then ran it from Randy’s foot to the top of his head.

“According to this you have twenty inch biceps, ten inch triceps and…” He paused to scribble notes into his clipboard. “Your quadriceps are nineteen inches and the calves are nine inches. Standing at six feet, ten inches tall, that’s pretty damn good! But we can do better.” Milo stated. Randy sipped more of his drink and followed Milo to a set of double oak doors. This brought them to a huge room filled with various machines. Most of this room had been filled with ellipticals, but to the far left side was an area to rest and stretch.

“We’ll be in the room to adjacent to this one, to the right.” Milo said. Randy looked over and saw the next room. It was filled to the brim with weight benches, dumbbells, barbells, various weights and even a few boflexes. As he entered the weight room, his phone began to go off.

He picked it up; Kolleen was what flashed across the screen. “Hey, what’s up Kol?” “Hey Ran-Ran. I read your note. So you’re in a gym right now?” she asked. Randy followed Milo towards a set of dumbbells, in which he withdrew a couple of thirty pound weights. “Yeah, I paid for a five month membership and have a strength trainer and everything!” Randy replied. “Is that the Mrs.?” Milo asked. “It’s my girlfriend; yeah.” Milo smiled at him and backed off.

“Are you sure it’s the best decision to even begin strength training? I mean, you just recently gained your natural mobility again. Shouldn’t you start slow?” Randy sensed the worry in her voice and immediately went to calm her down. “I’m sure it’ll be fine Kol, honestly.” There was a short pause in which all he could hear was Kolleen’s gentle breathing.

“Well, be careful okay?” “You know I will. OH, I almost forgot! I called Mr. Lawrence to tell him the good news. He wants to meet up with me at the Valley View Casino Center where the last San Diego show will be held next week. He wants to verify that I’m alright and then will let me in with my return match.” “That’s great!” The excitement was apparent this time. “Okay, I gotta go Kol. My trainer’s waiting to help me.” “I love you Ran-Ran.” “Love ya too, Kol.” He put his phone away into his duffle bag and then took another quick swig of his drink. “How does it taste buddy?” Milo asked.

He was already handing Randy over the weights after Randy set the drink down. “It tastes pretty amazing.” “That’s what I like to hear. Now give me fifty lifts each and do some full squats as well.” Milo stated. Randy did as he was told and squatted down all the way, while continuing his bicep training. “If you feel a burning sensation deep in your biceps, straight to the bone, then you know you’re doing it right. The same goes with your quads; can ya feel it?” Milo asked. “I’m feeling a huge burning sensation right now and I’m only at twenty five.” Randy said.

“That’s what I like to hear! Now move faster; faster… keep moving. Move; go, go, go!” Milo yelled. Randy lifted his arms as fast as he could and squatted as many times as he could muster. He was up to forty three lifts and still squatting and standing. His thighs felt like they would burst in half as did his arms. “UGH! Fifty…” Randy said. He dropped the weights and started breathing heavier. “That’s good, now jump onto that weight bench. It’s set to three hundred pounds. I want you to lift that sucker until you can’t lift anymore!”

Randy dropped onto the weight bench and began his bench presses. He counted from one to ten and as soon as he hit ten, he felt his arms shaking and aching like crazy. He started to slow down after eighteen but kept pushing through the pain. Once he hit twenty five, he stopped. “Twenty five bench presses at three hundred pounds is amazing Randy. Now hop that ass over to the butterfly presses.” Randy leapt up jogged over to the butterfly machine and sat down. Once his arms were set, he began to push with all his might.

“These are set to one hundred and eighty pounds. Give me thirty good ones Randy, come on now!” Milo yelled. Randy pushed and pushed as much as he could. The lower parts of his biceps were now screaming in pain as were his shoulders and shoulder blades. “Twenty. Twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, twenty five; good, just five more Randy!” Milo said. He paced back and forth as Randy continue to push. Sweat was pouring down his face at this moment, and it began to drench his shirt.

“Twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty; great job! Now over to the that wall there. I want you to give me fifty good pull ups; go!” Randy jumped onto the pull up bar and started to lift. His heart was going so fast at this point, as it beat hard in his throat. “You’re at forty five man, keep pushing; you can do it!” Milo yelled. His encouraging voice gave Randy the adrenaline he needed to keep going. He got to forty nine and pulled one last time as hard as he could muster.

“Fifty; good job man! Now take a minute break and go drink some water. Don’t worry, I’ll chill the protein shake for you.” Randy nodded and walked limply over to a nearby water machine. He drank almost five small cups of water before Milo returned. “You’ve been at this for twenty five minutes now Randy. I want you to get on that treadmill in the next room and run for five minutes straight at speed number four. That’s a sprinting speed.” Milo stated. Randy nodded and walked fast over to the next room. He set the treadmill to the speed asked, but before he started Milo put a hand on the stop button. “Let’s spruce this up a bit. I want you to run five minutes at an incline of seven. It’ll be like you’re running up hill.”

Randy groaned at this action and then started to run. Slowly but steadily, the treadmill began to incline. Seconds later, he felt like he was sprinting, like Milo had said, up a hill. One and a half minutes flew by as his quads and calves screamed even louder than his arms did prior to this. Sweat was beginning to pour down his face once more and now his shirt was even more wet. “You’re in at four and a half minutes Randy. I’m gonna bump that speed up two more times, so you’re sprinting at maximum capacity.” Sure enough, the treadmill picked up so he was at a dead sprint.

“Run. Run Randy, you can do this! Run like your life depends on it!” Milo yelled in his face. Randy closed his eyes and sprinted with the image of Kolleen’s smile resting in his head. “I can see it in your face Randy. Picture that girl of yours and run to her. Be like you’re on permanent leave from the military and sprint to her for her embrace. Three, two, one and you’re done!” Milo shut off the machine and the incline and speed went down. Randy stepped off and nearly collapsed.

“You’re doing great so far. We’re already closing in on the forty minute mark. I want you to give me fifty dead lifts with one hundred and twenty five pounds. When you’re done with that, you’ll be set until Friday.” “Okay… Okay!” Randy replied. He limply walked over to the dead lift station, lifted the bar off of the hooks and began squatting. After the first five, he felt like his legs would give out. But he loved this feeling. This feeling of burning deep within his thighs, especially his right one. Even though it hurt like Hell, Randy was overjoyed that he was able to do these things once again.

“Thirty eight, thirty nine, forty. Just ten more to go Randy; COME ON!” Milo yelled. Randy closed his eyes once more and this time pictured Kolleen and himself in the hospital with Kolleen holding their baby. He could see her face looking at him and smiling with rosy cheeks and face covered in sweat. “I love you Ran-Ran.” her voice whispered in his head. I love you too Kol! Randy thought back. He opened his eyes and realized he was still going. Milo had been gazing at him with the biggest smile he had ever given.

“Look at you go; you’re an animal man!” “Thanks, but I really; REALLY need to s-stop…” Randy replied. He set the bar back into its holder and had to hold onto a nearby counter to remain upright. “Man you took those dead lifts and blasted them, not into the spectators, but straight outta’ the damn PARK! Not only did you do fifty, but you did one hundred dead lifts at a hundred and fifty pounds. I’m so proud of ya man, and I know you’ll make it far in both the wrestling world and the fitness world.” Milo replied. He guided Randy, out of the three rooms and back towards the locker room.

“Go take a shower and hop in that hot tub. It has massaging jets in there that’ll make all those aches and pains go away, trust me!” “Are… Are you sure?” Randy asked. As soon as they entered the locker room, Randy stripped off his shirt. “I’ll see you out in the main foyer whenever you’re feeling up to it man. And yes, I’m sure. You deserve a massage after that work out. Ya killed it man!” When he left, Randy took off the rest of his clothes and hopped into the shower room. He washed away all the sweat and stood, leaning against the tiled walls.

As the water poured down his back, his mind floated off. He could see Kolleen again as well as his mother. Both of them were smiling at him and Kolleen was still pregnant. A few minutes passed by as he continued to reminisce about his loved ones until he finally shut the water off. Despite the agony his legs were in, he pushed through it and reentered the locker room. It was here that he noticed a pair of swimming trunks were resting inside an open locker. Inside the locker he saw a note, which had feminine penmanship.

It read: Randy, I opened up a locker just for you. Milo told me about your amazing determination and drive you had during that first work out. I figured, since you’re a member now and that you have the will, I’d give you a locker. It’s free of charge, due to the V.I.P. status of your card. The trunks here are the same size as your shorts. So, yes, they will fit. Your card will unlock the hot tub area, so feel free to come and go there as you please! I’m heading home now, since Milo’s closing up shop at ten. Have a good night! Sincerely, -Leslie.

Randy grabbed the note and slid it into the side pocket of his pants and then put the trunks on. Like she said, they fit perfectly. He then saw a sign on the wall, opposite of him, which read: Sana / Hot tub rooms, this way, and an arrow pointed to the left. It took him only seconds to enter the room and then get into the hot tub. Once he laid back, he hit the button to turn on the jets and was greeted instantly by bliss. That feels so good! he thought. The jets worked away all the aches and pains in his legs and back as well as his arms.

As his pain was worked away, Randy’s mind floated off. He imagined Kolleen for a third time, but this time it was something bad. She looked absolutely angry at him and he didn’t know why. “Randy? Are you in there?” Milo called out. Randy jerked back awake and rubbed his eyes. “Y-Yeah. Sorry man, I must have dozed off.” “Hey it’s cool man, I just have to close up shop here. It’s already nine fifty five and I’d like to get home and get some sleep before college tomorrow.” Randy got out of the hot tub, which automatically shut off after he exited the room.

Milo had been leaning against the lockers with his arms crossed. A smug smile was on his face as Randy walked up to his own locker. “You’ve done me proud today Randy. The way you forced yourself through all that, proves you’re dedicated to fitness and health. Go and take a load off tomorrow. Oh yeah! I wanted to give ya this.” he said, handing over a book. “That’s compliments of myself. A health and fitness book written by yours truly. It is full of delicious home cooked meals that will help you maintain your nutrition and protein but will still taste good.”

“Thanks. I’ll get to reading this as soon as I can.” Once Milo exited the room, Randy got dressed and slid his work out clothes as well as his sweatbands into the locker and locked the door. He then left the room and entered the main foyer, gazing out into the darkened yet illuminated city outside the doors. He fist bumped Milo and exited the building. Just outside of the building was a familiar face, that Randy was enormously happy to see. “Jack my main man, what’s going on?!” Randy called out to him. “It is very nice to see you too sir.” Jack grinned at him.

He had the door open in which Kolleen was sitting. “Ran-Ran!” She said, hugging him tightly. They both sat in the back as Jack ran around to his seat. “Why is Jack here again?” Randy asked. Kolleen kept on hugging him and then let go to answer. “Mr. Lawrence has requested we be brought to the Valley View hotel tonight, courtesy of DWL, so that we can talk to him tomorrow. He’s booked the hotel up until Tuesday of next week. Meaning, we’ll be pretty far away from your house for quite some time, but no worries! Your mother has two policemen guarding her house at all times.” Kolleen replied.

They were off soon thereafter, driving in mostly silence towards the hotel. “Do you wanna tell me what’s on your mind?” she asked. Randy felt his heart beating hard. “It’s this receptionist at the fitness center. She’s Laura Froge’s twin sister and I think she has a crush on me. The way she was talking to me, and caressed the back of my hand… Even the way she wrote this note here. It all sounds like she’s hitting on me.” Randy said. He handed the note over so Kolleen could read it. Her eyes were rapidly moving back and forth across the paper as she muttered to herself.

“Does she know you’re taken?” Kolleen asked. “I never got the chance to tell her. I was bewildered by the fact that I could run, and I signed up for the five month membership and everything was going smoothly. I didn’t think about saying anything because I was so taken aback. I’m sure she wasn’t much of a problem, but more so a worry. Only because I fear she doesn’t know what boundaries are. I’m afraid that she’ll push further and further on to try and seduce me.”

“But you won’t.” Kolleen told him. “Of course not!” Randy replied. He kissed the top of her head. She sighed and nuzzled her face into his chest like she always does. “I love you so much Ran-Ran.” He rubbed her back gingerly. “I love you too.” With that, they both quieted down as they rode further on towards their destination. From time to time, Randy would feel Kolleen squeeze slightly around his waist, as if she were giving him a giant signal. He returned the gesture and squeezed lightly around her waist with one arm. Their love was beating further on, and Randy knew nothing would stop them from being together.

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