A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Seventy One

Thursday October 15th, 2010: Early Morning

Valley View Casino Hotel

“We will arrive at your destination shortly sir.” Jack stated. “Thanks man!” Randy replied. “What time is it?” Kolleen asked. Randy checked his phone, nearly dropping it from surprise. “It‘s already four thirty in the morning?! Where did the hours go?” Randy muttered. Just then Jack yelled back from the driver‘s seat. “Sir, the hotel is pretty far away from your house. It‘s normally a three hour drive but with all the traffic here; the early birds and night owls… It‘s put quite a set back in the schedule.”

“I wonder what Mr. Lawrence will put you into. Will it be a regular singles competition or another shot for a title?” Kolleen asked. Randy had still felt taken aback by the hour change but pushed it from his mind. “That is a very good question. I honestly won’t care either or, just as long as I can wrestle again.” Seconds after this statement, the limo slowed and then stopped completely. Their door opened to Jack bowing them out. “We have arrived sir.” He said.

Randy got out and assisted Kolleen and then gawked at the sight of the hotel. The early morning indigo sky loomed magnificently behind the hotel. It stood perched just beside a mountain and had a pool directly out front with a patio. “Mr. Lawrence has booked the luxury suite for you and Miss Sparks which is the room at the very top right. It has the most beautiful view of the mountains.”

“I will take you to your room now.” Jack led the two of them in through the front doors, and up to the main desk. A middle aged dark tan skinned man stood there. He was balding and had a face that resembled a troll. “Can I help you sir?” He asked in a very thick Spanish accent. “Yes you can sir. I am here to check in Mr. Randy Rodriguez and Miss Kolleen Sparks. A Mr. Lawrence booked the room for six days and five nights, if I’m not mistaken.” Jack replied. The man rummaged through his computer and then spoke.

“Yes, we do have a room for these two. And what a lovely couple you two make!” the man added. “Thank you!” they replied. “I am Kyle, just so you know.” He said. “Here are two room keys for you and you’ll be staying in room 300 on the top floor in the luxury suite. Enjoy your stay!” Randy and Kolleen followed Jack through the main foyer and back to some elevators. They ascended up to the top floor, and followed Jack to the very end of the hall. “Here is your room sir. I’ll notify Mr. Lawrence that you’re here.”

“Thank you my good man. Here’s a tip for you.” Randy replied. He handed Jack a hundred dollar bill. “Oh, thank you sir!” He said, bowing. “No problem Jack. It’s what friends are for.” Randy told him. Once Jack was out of sight, he and Kolleen finally entered their room. It looked so amazing that it nearly took Randy’s breath away. Directly in front of them sat a living room set complete with two recliners, a couch, a fifty two inch flat screen T.V. and various tables. A large window sat directly across from the entrance doorway.

It looked over the majestic mountains that Randy saw outside. “This place is beautiful!” Kolleen stated. “I know right? And it’s in our home state. I can’t believe we’ve never been here.” Kolleen disappeared into the next room, which Randy followed. There was a giant king sized bed resting in the center of the room. Another window opened up to even more spectacular views of the mountain. “There’s an amazing bath tub in here Ran-Ran. If you ever want to… you know.” Kolleen said. She moved her eyebrows up and down as she said these words.

He felt bashful but hid it well. Kolleen leapt onto the bed and smiled up at the ceiling as she caressed the bedspread. Randy sat at the edge of the bed and was taken by surprise as to how soft it felt. “It’s perfect! Not too soft but not hard to the point that it’s uncomfortable. It’s definitely softer than my bed anyway.” he stated. “I’m gonna go take a hot shower Ran-Ran. I have class today.” “Would you like Jack to take you? I have to stay here to talk with Mr. Lawrence.”

He walked up to the bathroom door, and noticed Kolleen hadn’t shut it. She was stripping, pulling of her clothes piece by piece. Randy quickly turned, and felt his face burning red hot. He felt Kolleen’s warm breath on the back of his neck which made him shiver a bit. “I know you like this. Don’t ignore it Ran-Ran.” Just then a knock at their door sounded. “Go get it.” Kolleen said. She kissed him and hopped into the shower. Randy jogged to the door with a smug grin on his face and looked through the peep hole. Mr. Lawrence stood on the other side, well dressed and smiling.

“Hello sir!” He said, after he opened the door. “Please, come in. And I would like to thank you on both Kolleen’s behalf and my own. We cannot even begin to think how we’ll repay you.” Mr. Lawrence grabbed a hold of Randy’s shoulders and looked him in the eye. “There’s no need for repayment my dear boy. Think of this as a return bonus if you will. Now, I can see that you are in fact walking and from what I heard, you had a rigorous workout last night.” He straightened his suit, which drew Randy’s attention.

He was wearing a pure black suit and matching pants/shoes as well as a sapphire blue tie. “I apologize for wearing my sweaty clothes I had on yesterday. I wasn’t able to take a shower, since Jack showed up and drove us here.” “No need for that either Randy. I’m here purely to verify that you can walk, and you can indeed do so. This means great things for your future my boy. You see, Marcos has already earned a shot for the DWL Featherweight Championship. Gorgon is well on his way to a major title shot as well. Samantha is in the finals for the DWL Women’s K.O. Championship.”

“That’s cool sir! I saw all of their matches the other night and they all did amazing jobs.” Randy replied. He sat down next to Mr. Lawrence on the couch and continued to watch his boss as he spoke. “I was skeptical at first Randy. Now that I see you though… I can’t say more than it’s a divine intervention. Someone upstairs wanted you to walk normal again so they gave you that miracle. And now I hear you’re training even harder than before?” he inquired.

He looked straight into Randy’s eyes, which nearly pierced his soul. “Y-Yes sir. Like I said, I’ve been training over at the Fit Athletics Club. I have a personal trainer; Milo’s his name. He gave me this protein powder that I take twice a day in milk that makes it taste like chocolate milk, but I digress. He pushed me so hard to the point I thought I was going to vomit, sir. I have another round tomorrow and I’m only certain he’s going to amp up the workout with each time I visit.” Randy replied. He tried to move but his legs and arms were aching so bad at this point that he could barely move an inch.

“Well let’s discuss your return to the ring. Remember, your contract was a one point five million dollar deal. You’re paid weekly whether you’re in the ring or not. Just as long as your contract is not terminated and thankfully, I didn’t terminate it yet. I deposited thirty one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars into your bank account, adding to the six hundred plus thousand you had already.”

“I see that look in your eye Randy. That look of confusion? No worries my boy, I’m a very wealthy man. I’m a multi billionaire and I just gain more and more money each year. Each and every one of you perform at your best so you deserve to get paid the best.” Mr. Lawrence stated.

“How am I supposed to approach this?” Randy asked. He rested his head back on the couch and gazed up into the ceiling. “Well I assume you’re going to head towards a major title, correct? It stated right in your contract that you are allowed one shot towards a major title of your choice when the opportunity presents itself. I think your opportunity has well presented itself my dear boy. The only question is, what title are you gunning for?” Mr. Lawrence asked. Randy looked back at him once more as this question bounced around inside his head.

Well, sir, to be honest I never really gave it much thought. What’s the list of titles your company has again? It’s been a while since I last saw the show.” He felt his eyes burning since he hadn’t slept at all yet. “Well here’s a list. You read it off inside your head and tell me which one sounds the most appealing. Disregarding the Heavyweight Title, I do not think that you are ready for that shot yet.” Mr. Lawrence replied.

Randy poured over the list and was honestly surprised by how many there were in this corporation. The list read: DWL Heavyweight Championship, DWL Featherweight Championship, DWL Submissions Championship, DWL K.O. Championship, DWL Steel Championship, DWL Tag Team Championships, DWL American Championship, and DWL International Championship. “That is quite a bit of titles.” Randy said.

He thought hard about the Steel and Submissions Championships. “What exactly does one do for the Steel Championship as well as the International and American titles?” He asked. Mr. Lawrence couldn’t help but smile at his inquisitions so he cleared his throat and spoke. “The International and American titles can be competed for almost at all times. The International title normally involves multiple ethnicities as they fight for the title that represents all cultures. The American title is contested upon within these fifty states and nowhere else.”

“And the Steel Championship?” Randy asked. Just then Kolleen had entered the room, with her hair put up. She was wearing skin tight jogging pants and a slightly baggy red shirt. “Wow you look good!” Randy said as she walked by him. “You are looking beautiful Miss Sparks.” Mr. Lawrence said to her. “Thank you sir.” She replied. “OH! Jack will be here shortly to drive you up to your college, okay?” “Thanks sir, I knew that but I appreciate the update.” she replied politely. Mr. Lawrence turned his attention back towards Randy.

“The Steel Championship is a title that is contested in steel incorporated matches. Like Steel Cage matches, Those giant cells that surround the ring, except ours are made of solid steel and welded so there’s no way they’re breaking. There’s also a hole at the top in which you can climb out of. There’s a specialty match that goes with this cell. It’s a match where the title hangs in the center of the ceiling. One must grab the title, exit the cell and have both feet touch the floor outside of the cell. We call it: The Maximum Security Match.

Randy smiled a bit at this and just rubbed his eyes. “That sounds awesome sir! I think I’ve made my decision however.” “Please enlighten me Randy.” Mr. Lawrence replied. “I think I’m going to go for the DWL Submissions Championship. I assumed it’s contested under Submissions only rules, meaning it will be a Submission Match.” “Correct you are my dear boy! Then it is settled. You will compete in a Fatal Four Way Submissions only, No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere match! It will be between you, Gunther Reigns, Mana and Bruce Kellington. Here are their profiles and finishers. Get to know them a bit.” Mr. Lawrence stated.

He got up and went to walk towards the door when he stopped dead in his tracks. “I almost forgot!” He turned back around and clapped his hands to get Randy’s and Kolleen’s attention. “Next Tuesday night, you will be signing the contract for the Submission Championship Match for the next pay per view: Haunting Hallows which will be on October thirty first. For your appearance next week however, I’ll have you set up for your first singles match which will be a regular one on one. Your opponent will be Sacrifice. He’s a very built yet very agile tough guy. Here’s his profile as well! Good luck.”

Mr. Lawrence tossed an extra stapled file and then went to exit the room. Jack was standing there in mid knock formation. “Hello Mr. Lawrence sir. I am here to pick up Miss Sparks.” “Right on time Jack my man! Come along Miss Sparks.” “I’ll see you later then?” Kolleen asked. She gazed into Randy’s eyes, with her hand on his chest. “You bet! I love ya.” They kissed for a short while and then Kolleen got up. “I love you too!” She left the room and him there with all these files in front of him. “I might as well get to know you guys a bit.” Randy stated. He picked up the first file which was: Gunther Reigns. “It says here that he stands at six feet, nine inches tall. Wow!” he muttered. He looked at the man’s picture. Gunther had beady green eyes and long jet black hair. He had a wide jaw, wide/high cheekbones and a huge nose.

His ears were enormous as well. There was a scar running from the top left side of his head down to the left of his chin. He wore indigo boots, with black biker pants. He is shirtless and has indigo biker gloves. His finisher is a running big boot, from corner to corner. He runs up to the opponent in the opposite corner and lifts his right leg, planting it full force into the opponent’s face. He calls it: The Reign. He has a secondary, submission finisher where her chokes the opponent with his legs wrapped around their waist and hands pulling on the opponent’s legs. The opponent is on his stomach during this hold. He calls it: Breathless.

“Jesus, that sounds brutal. That running boot? Ugh!” He tossed Reigns’ file aside and picked up the next one. This one was called: Mana. There was something peculiar about this man. Whether it was his hair or his eyes, Randy couldn’t put a finger on it. He decided to read the file anyway, despite these random thoughts.

He stands at six feet, one inch tall. “’He is slightly bulky but very agile.’” Randy muttered, as he read the profiler’s description. His hair is cut into three strips, all of which stand five inches away from his scalp. They start black and end with bright green. He had neon green eyes as well. His forehead was large as was his nose. He had a small mouth and medium sized eyes. He wore a full body spandex suit, that was black and there were neon green lightning bolts that run up his arm sleeves and connected to his neon green gloves.

His boots were also the same color green and there were matching bolts running up the sides of his legs. His finisher is a submission move where he locks his opponent’s arms with his own and intertwines his legs with his opponents, whilst the opponent is on his stomach. “’It causes severe strain to the opponent’s abdominal area.’” Says the profiler. “He calls it: The Magic of Pain.” “It sounds kind of wimpy to be honest, but meh, maybe it really does hurt. I mean, look at that picture. The opponent looks like he’s in tears.”

Like the others, he tossed that file aside. Outside he could see the sun was rising even higher. He checked the nearby clock as it read, 6:30 A.M. There’s no way the time went by that fast! What’s been going on with the time lately anyway?! It’s ridiculous. Randy thought. He knew he needed sleep so he decided to burn through the last few files quickly. The next was: Gunther Kellington. He was a massive human being and looked as if he were some sort of Amish man with a touch of sophistication. Randy stared at this man’s face and was unable to tear his eyes away for even more than a few seconds. He finally broke his gaze from the man’s eyes and turned to his profile.

He stands at six feet, eleven inches tall. He has smooth brown hair that is gelled back. He also has a very bushy beard, but no mustache. His build is slightly fat, with some extra pounds on his stomach and legs, but he is mostly muscle. He has a short yet flat nose. His ears are small and he has a long/wide jaw. His face is long in general and his eyes are light brown. He wears leather shorts that are white with blue trim. His boots are white as well, with blue strips up each side.

He wears white tape around his wrists as well as between the end of his fingers and the middle knuckle. His finisher looks brutal but classical as well. He puts his opponent’s left arm in between his legs and pulls on the opponent’s face with his hands locked. “’A typical cross face move.’” The profiler commented. He calls it: Double Crossed. “Now that’s a name for a finisher!” Randy said. He couldn’t help but laugh from all the creativity. It reminded him of his modified sharpshooter. “I can’t believe I call that move the Back Stab… Ha! Kol has one hell of a creative mind.” He grabbed the last file which was his soon to be next opponent: Sacrifice.

This man looked so horrifying. He was pure black; as black as coal. His eyes were huge, and completely white. Contacts probably. Randy thought. Sure enough, the profile stated he wore white contacts. He stood at seven feet eleven inches tall. He was pure muscle. There were no traces of fat, but plenty of veins running up his massive forearms and alongside his biceps. His hair was long and dreadlocked, which ran down to his shoulders. He had a very flat, yet wide nose, a wide mouth, long, yet wide face. His ears were huge as well.

He wore tape on his wrists and fingers, just like Gunther does, but the tape was black. He’s shirtless as well, which shows off his massive chest. Across his chest is a tattoo that read: Blood is Blood. Below this, was a smaller tattoo that read: Family is Family and Love is Love. Sacrifice wore a pair of black tights, that ended inside a pair of enormous shiny black boots. There was another picture of his back which was of a giant cross that spanned over his entire backside. Jesus was on this cross and just above it, across his shoulder blades was the message: He died for us. “Huh… He sounds like a decent person, despite the scary look he has.” Randy muttered.

He read the man’s finisher and nearly went sheet white. “It says that he throws his opponent towards the ropes, spins backwards and connects the heel of his boot to the opponent’s jaw. He calls it: Sacrificial Tactics. Jesus…” Randy gasped. He began to feel more and more nervous as he continued to gaze into this man’s eyes. Below the picture was a phone number, which was written in actual handwriting. Below the number a message was scrawled as well.

It read: Hey Randy. This is Sacrifice here! I just wanted to let you know that I applaud your efforts in that first Tag Team Title Qualifier Match. You kicked some serious ass in there, as did your buddy, Marcos. Never before in my life have I seen Blood just pass out like that. I want you to know that I am a nice person. Yes I look big and scary and in the ring I can act that way, but outside of the ring I’m just a big softy. Feel free to call me anytime, before or even after the match. I’d like to get to know you, like I knew your father when I was growing up.

“He knows my dad?” Randy asked himself. He looked back down and noticed there was more to the message. It read: As much as that may shock you, I grew up watching wrestling too. My father himself was a referee for the DWL for forty five years before he retired. He’s long gone by now, but he lives on in my heart as well as my family’s. I grew up loving your father’s matches especially that gruesome Knockout Championship fight against Jorge? GAH! It looked horrible when he was done.

Randy flipped the page and continued to read. His heart was beginning to beat harder and harder with adrenaline as this man spoke on. For starters, call my number so we can talk man to man, voice to voice. I may come off as a bit boisterous but like I said earlier, I’m a big softy. OH, I also heard that you’re doing some personal weight training at the Fit Athletic Club. If you’re as determined there as you were in that ring, you’ll do just fine. Just an F.Y.I. Don’t push too hard man, you’ll hurt yourself in the long run. Go every few sessions, then take at least a few days off, for just relaxing. I hope to hear from you soon! Signed, -Sacrifice. P.S.: You can call me, Carl.

“Wow, he is really nice. And for a big guy, his penmanship is top notch.” Randy said. He set the file down and pulled out his phone. Once Sacrifice’s name was in his contacts, he slid the phone onto the coffee table and then stripped off his clothes. His aching muscles needed rest so he hopped into the bed, and covered up. It felt like clouds were caressing his every muscle and were lolling him to sleep. His mind was buzzing a bit but calmed as he thought of Kolleen. The image of her smiling made him grin as well as he slowed his breathing and dozed peacefully off to sleep.

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