A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Seventy Two

Thursday, October 15th, 2010: Mid-Evening:

Valley View Casino Hotel: Poolside

Randy was sleeping so sound and peacefully that he could barely hear a warming, loving voice calling out to him. It wasn’t until he felt those familiar hands grabbing onto his arm that he woke up. His vision was blurred a bit but came back fast as Kolleen’s face came into focus. She was grinning as she always did, and then leaned in to kiss him. “I know you got to bed a while ago. I read that latest entry in your phone and it said it was placed there around eight A.M. It’s now, five P.M. and I was wondering if you’d like to hit the pool?” She asked.

“Yeah, sure!” Randy replied. He sat up, and rubbed his eyes for a short while. “Ugh…” He groaned, as he tried to massage his aching back. “Here, lay down on your stomach.” He did as he was told, awaiting what majesty she had to offer him. Kolleen pulled out some massaging oil from her backpack and squirted some of it on her hands. “Do you always carry that around with you?” he asked her. She rubbed her hands together and started pressing her fingers deep into Randy’s knotted back. “God, Randy, these knots are terrible!” “I know… Ugh!” Randy groaned as she pressed one of the knots out. “How… How was your classes today?” He asked her. His back felt so warm at that moment and his body tingled with fuzziness each time she rubbed him. “It went amazing! I had already gotten my assignment for my midterms for Psychology as well as the midterm exercise for my Fitness class. And yes, it involves massaging.” She said.

“Does that explain; Ouch! Does it explain why you’re doing this?” She continued to rub his back, now using the ends of her palms, rotating her arms in opposite directions which made him both grunt in pain and groan with bliss. “Well that, and the fact that I know you’re in pain. That workout had to have been brutal and I know this feels good to you.” She leaned forward and as she started working out his trapeziums, and whispered in his ear. “I hope that Leslie girl is staying away from you Randy. I don’t like the fact that she’s there, flaunting her body and what not.”

“She acted like she was, Kol, but I didn’t lead her on. I’m a faithful guy and I won’t ever do anything to hurt you. I showed you the note she left me immediately after seeing you. I felt guilty for her just talking to me the way she was.” He felt Kolleen working more into his muscles as she began to kiss him from the back of his neck down to just above his waist. She then worked her way back up to his neck, and whispered once more. “I love you Ran-Ran.”

“I love you… Ooh! I love you too.” “There, your back should be all neat and unknotted. “Let’s go to the pool, we have a bit of a surprise for you!” Kolleen had then jogged away towards the bathroom, and shut the door. Randy got out of bed and shook his head hard. He then rummaged around for his clothes. “Crap! I didn’t bring any clothes Kol!” “That’s alright! I went with Jack back to your place today and stopped in to say hi to your mom. She’s doing alright by the way. Anyway, I grabbed a week’s worth of clothes as well as your swimming trunks. They’re in the dresser nearby the bed.”

Randy found the dresser and opened it. Like she said, his clothes were resting there. He pulled out a pair of blue jeans and a white muscle shirt, as well as a clean pair of socks and boxer briefs. To the very far right, sat his swim trunks. Randy stripped quickly and threw on the trunks. As he was tying up the strings he heard the bathroom door click. When he looked up, his mind was blown away by the sight that stood before him. Kolleen had been wearing a tight blue bikini top and a matching bottom.

It showed off her amazing curves to a perfection. He could feel his heart beating in his throat as he watched Kolleen walk seductively towards him. Her waist swayed to and fro and her belly looked just slightly chubby, but not to where it was noticeable and like he loved, her hair was tied into a ponytail. “Do you like what you see?” She asked. “You have… no idea!” Randy replied. He clutched his chest as he felt his heart beating even harder than before.

Kolleen buried her face into her hands, giggling all the while. “Shall we go then m’lady?” He bowed at her and extended his hand. He felt her own enter his and then that electrical feeling, as always, blasted through him. “Let us go and wade the tempered pool waters my good sir.” Kolleen replied. She curtsied which made him laugh. They exited the room and ran towards the elevators. Kolleen seemed super excited as she jammed hard on the downward button. Once the doors clanged open, they hopped inside and were immediately descending.

“What’s got you so worked up?!” Randy asked her. She looked back at him and shook her head. Her finger was to her mouth, which made him smile once more. When the doors clanged open, She pulled him as hard as she could towards the right of the main foyer. Randy could see that the sun was beginning to set outside, but not for long before Kolleen yanked him through the double doors. Outside, down a long dark hallway, Randy could just make out something moving around. “What’s going on out there?” He asked. “You’ll see Ran-Ran. You’ll see!” Kolleen replied.

Her hair was bouncing back and forth, slightly whipping Randy’s face as he followed in her wake. As soon as they got to the doors, she opened them. “Close your eyes, please.” She requested. “Will do madam!” He covered his eyes and followed her out to a smooth cement like floor. He heard a bunch of people whispering and bustling around as Kolleen pulled him onward. The evening air blew across his skin, making it crawl a bit. “Okay Randy, open your eyes.” Kolleen said. He did as he was told and was blind sided by a series of bright lights.

“Surprise!” A bunch of people yelled. When Randy’s eyes came back into focus, he realized just who was out there. Samantha and Marcos were sitting on the opposite side of the pool, waving at him. Gorgon stood to the right, who was barbecuing at the moment, with burgers, hot dogs, steaks; everything a person would want. He nodded towards Randy with his barbecue fork in hand. Randy nodded back and then felt an enormous hand grasping onto his left shoulder.

He turned and felt every fiber of his being screaming from deep inside of him. Sacrifice stood there with a menacing look. “Please don’t kill me!” Randy pleaded. Sacrifice’s mouth broke into a bright tooth filled smile and then he laughed loud and hard. “Kill you? Are you serious?!” He continued to laugh, slapping his leg and then took some deep breaths. “Hey, my name is Carl Soel, the last name’s pronounced like shole, by the way. I was invited by my buddy here Gorgon. Did you get my message?” Carl asked.

It was at this time that Randy realized his contacts were out. He had very huge irises that were dark brown. “You seemed like a nice person, by the way you addressed me in that message.” Randy told him. “Would you mind if we talk miss?” Carl asked Kolleen. “Go ahead you two. Just don’t toss him around yet, alright?” She asked him. “You have my word ma’am!” He nodded at her as he said this, then guided Randy across the poolside towards a set of cushioned chairs. “Sit, please.” He said. Randy sat down almost immediately and then Carl sat to his right. “I needed to see you physically before our match next Tuesday. It is a miracle that you are walking; damn!”

“That’s what I keep getting told.” Randy replied. Carl shook him lightly by his own shoulder. “And that’s exactly what it is my man. You were taken off the roster way too early so someone upstairs decided to shine their grace upon you. I’d be counting my blessings to be honest.” Randy heard these words and then nodded in return. “You’re absolutely right Carl. It is a miracle and I’m acknowledging it. I’m just so dumbfounded by this random act of gracefulness on my behalf. I mean, what did I do to deserve such generosity?”

He leaned forward, resting his arms onto his legs. For a few seconds he looked up and saw Kolleen wading into the pool. She looked back at him and waved before diving underwater. “She’s a beautiful girl, man. Don’t ever let her go!” Carl leaned back with his hands folded behind his head. “God I love the cool air as it becomes nighttime. It makes me feel so alive.” Randy couldn’t help but notice how at peace Carl appeared to be. He leaned back as well except he had his hands across his stomach. “I read all those profiles by the way.” Randy said.

Carl opened his left eye and said, “Oh yeah?” “Yes sir! I read all four files.” That was when Carl came back to earth and looked straight at Randy. “All four files?” He asked. “You’re correct. Apparently, during Haunting Hallows, I’ll be competing in a fatal four way, falls count anywhere, submissions only match for the DWL Submission Championship.” “Damn man, kudos to you! I heard the three lining up to compete for that before I even knew you were tossed into the mix. Those guys are gonna be pissed when they find out.” Carl replied.

“Yeah but screw them. I want to return and activate my singles title clause that was in my contract. Hey, is it true that every time you receive a title, you get a duplicate made in the same weight?” Carl leaned forward with his bottom lip pursed. “Yes; yes you do. I have won the DWL Heavyweight Championship ten times in my career and I only started five years ago. Of course I only have one replica of the title, but it felt so amazing to hold the real thing for so many times. Just another F.Y.I. you won’t be able to tell by just looking at me, but I am only twenty nine years old.”

“Wow! You really know how to keep young man.” “Yeah, but I was never as young as you when I started, and never had as much success as you had either. Your debut match was nothing less than phenomenal! I remember sitting at home watching the show, and yes, I watch it weekly even if I’m in the league.” “Oh my god, I do the same thing!” Randy became super excited by this point. “My man!” Carl stated. He stuck out his fist which Randy bumped almost immediately. “I can’t wait to fight you next week. I want to see how real the Phantom can get!”

“Food is ready!” Gorgon yelled. “I’m gonna get something to eat.” Randy nodded and then rested back once more. He had his eyes closed and his mind was wondering off. He imagined the fight between himself and Carl as well as the Submission Championship. But what always seemed to penetrate his inner thoughts at some point was none other than Kolleen. He could see her standing there, five months in advance with a huge belly. She was holding his wrists and held his hands in place onto her belly. He could actually feel something moving around inside her.

“Ran-Ran?” She asked him. “Yes?” Randy muttered. “Why are you holding my belly?” Just then Randy’s eyes shot open and he realized Kolleen had been resting on his lap. His legs were wet and his hands were indeed on her stomach. “I was daydreaming about you in about five months. Your belly was huge, Kol, it really was. But it made you look even more beautiful than ever. Not saying that you’re not as beautiful as ever now, but it made you glow.” Kolleen got up and squished her hair to try and drain the water from it.

She then sat down in the chair Carl was once occupying and rested her hands onto her stomach. The rhythm in which her chest went in and out made Randy feel fuzzy once more. “How did you throw all of this together?” he asked her. “We set this up some time, actually it was a day or so to be precise. When you were working out I called up all our friends and saw that file with Carl’s number on it. I decided to call him earlier today in between my classes. Even though Gorgon would have brought him anyway, since he suggested it, I figured I’d call Carl personally. Anyway, we wanted to throw a party to celebrate all that has happened so far.”

“You did all of this for me?” Randy asked her. Kolleen opened her eyes and waved him forward. He leaned in towards her and felt her wet hands holding his head. They kissed passionately for a short while and then let go. She continued to hold his head as her bright blue eyes poured into his soul. “I would do anything for you Ran-Ran and I mean anything. Just as long as it’s not illegal of course!” She added in. They both laughed hard and then rested back into their chairs. “I’m gonna go get something to eat, do you want anything, Ran-Ran?”

“Hmm… I’ll come with ya!” He replied. They walked, hand in hand towards Gorgon who was now eating nearby the grill. As they approached him, he set his burger down and wiped his face. “Sorry, would you two like something?” He asked. “Don’t worry homes, just relax.” Randy told him. They fist bumped and then Randy turned towards the grill. “Thankfully they made some veggie burgers for you.” “Gorgon knows I don’t like meat, so he went ahead and made these just for me.” Kolleen grabbed a few of the burgers and put a tiny bit of ketchup on them.

She saw Randy watching her and then giggled playfully. “I’m sorry, I know it’s a lot!” She added. “Don’t worry about me Kol. You’re eating for two here, plus you can eat whatever you want whenever you want. I’m not judging!” He told her. They kissed once more before Kolleen walked over nearby Samantha. Randy grabbed a few burgers as well, since there was an enormous stack of them and then got a couple of hot dogs. Once he was done loading the burgers and dogs with ketchup and mustard he sat nearby Gorgon.

“These burgers are amazing!” he exclaimed. He had already eaten half of his first one and was still tucking into it. “Thanks man. My family is filled with chefs and to be honest I went to college for the Culinary Arts. I know, it’s weird seeing a professional wrestler that has a food degree in his background.” Gorgon said. “Like I told Kolleen, I’m not judging man. I never went to college, at least you have a degree and she’s working towards one.” “Hey, you don’t need a degree when you have as much natural talent as you do.” Gorgon replied.

Randy laid his head against the brick wall surrounding the pool. He munched hungrily into his second burger and saw Kolleen gazing at him. Even though they were ten feet away, it felt like she was right by his side. She waved playfully at him before turning back towards Samantha. “Man, I can’t believe I’ve made it this far.” Randy stated. He had already gone halfway through his third burger when he started to feel full.

“Don’t worry about being full dude. All of this food is for you two. We all chipped in to buy you it, even though we know you can more than afford your own. Think of it as our welcome back present.” Randy looked over at him, watching as he finished his last bit of food. “Who bought what? If you don’t mind me asking.” “Oh I bought the meat here. There’s at least fifty burgers and forty dogs on that grill, even after everyone took some food.”

Gorgon trailed off as he thought about the rest of the food. “Oh yeah! Samantha bought you two a couple cases of Pepsi as well as a couple cases of ginger ale, for Kolleen’s morning sickness. Marcos bought a huge sheet cake, that is marble with whipped cream frosting, which is sitting over on that table nearby the doors.” Randy gazed to where Gorgon was pointing and sure enough, there was the cake. Underneath the table were the cases of soda which nobody was touching. “We have extra drinks here in this cooler underneath me, just so you know. Carl chipped in today and bought two five pound bags of fudge from a local bakery.”

“Fudge?! I love fudge!” Randy exclaimed. “I know you do buddy. Your mother told me about your favorite desserts whilst you two were up here today. I told Carl who then went and bought them. Jack has probably already set them inside of your hotel room as we speak. The shelf life for those things even unwrapped is two weeks, so you’re all set. Your sister, Penny, even helped. She made like three big tubs of homemade cookies, varying from chocolate chip to raisin all the way down to sugar cookies and half moons. She made extra for all of us here as well. Jack probably also took them up along with the fudge, I wouldn’t doubt.”

“Hey listen, buddy.” Gorgon asked. He tapped Randy’s leg, which drew his attention. “What’s up?” Randy finally was able to continue eating so he downed the rest of his burger and began eating his first hot dog. “We’re all very happy that you’re able to walk normally again. We’re ecstatic that you’re rejoining the DWL next week and coming back full time. We all just wanted to show our thanks, from old friends…” Gorgon said waving towards Kolleen, Marcos and Samantha. “To new ones.” He said waving a hand towards Carl.

“We all care for you man. The one that cares for you the most is that lovely blonde girl right there. The one who always smiles and waves when you’re nearby. The one you kiss all the time without any problem of people staring. Don’t ever let that woman go, Randy. She’s good to you and you’re good to her. And let’s face it, love is rare these days; true love that is.” Randy nodded and then saw Marcos front flipping into the pool.

He laughed as he resurfaced, and flexed with one arm. He kept moving his eyebrows up and down towards Samantha who was laughing at him. The time seemed to go by fast now, as the sun set completely. Lights turned on all around the pool as night finally set in. Randy had a great time, laughing and eating with his beloved friends until nine P.M. rolled around. The cake had a sizable dent in it already. The extra cookies were gone completely. “Here, take some cake, please! Kol and I can’t eat this all by ourselves.” Randy stated. He gave each person a container with five slices of cake each. He was thankful, seeing all of their faces being there just for him.

“We can handle a quarter sheet, right?” Randy asked Kolleen. They both waved as their friends left the hallway into the main foyer. “I think so. Especially with all that fudge and cookies up in our room? I’m in Heaven right now, even more so, now that I’m pregnant. I feel like I’m always hungry.” Just as Kolleen said this, she grabbed another slice of cake and slowly ate it. “This cake is so good!” She stated, smiling as she continued to eat. “You look so adorable when you eat. You know that right?” She giggled again with a mouth full of cake.

Her cheeks turned a slight pink but stayed that way even after a few minutes. “You feeling cold yet?” She finished her cake and nodded. “Okay. I’ll take you up to the room and come back for the food and drinks.” Just as they entered the now lit up hallway, they saw Jack who was halfway down towards them. “I’ll be down soon Jack to help bring up the food and drinks.” “No need to do that sir. I’ll have your items up to the room in a jiffy!” Jack replied.

“If I weren’t with you Kol, I could kiss that man!” Randy stated. Kolleen laughed as they continued to the opposite doors. Once inside the main foyer, Randy guided Kolleen back to the elevator and up to their floor. Time seemed to keep flying by as he guided his freshly filled pregnant girlfriend to their room. Once inside, he grabbed one of his shirts and let her put it on. “This will keep you warm tonight!” He helped walk her towards the bedroom and then tucked her into her side of the bed. Once she was settled, she wrapped he arms around his neck.

They kissed again and again as if they never kissed before. When they were done, Randy kissed her forehead and then exited the bedroom. Jack had already been up there, setting the cake onto a counter. “I have the desk employee helping me bring up the stuff sir! He’s grabbing the drinks and the meat, which I packaged, and should be up here soon.” Jack said. “Thank you my good man! Here’s another hundred for you.” “You don’t have to sir.” He looked a bit sweaty and was heaving a bit. Then a bulky black haired kid came up with all four cases in his arms and the meat on top.

Randy rushed over and grabbed the two cases on top and set them down nearby the fridge. “Thank you dude!” The kid said. Randy saw them both sweating a bit so he turned and saw the cooler was already up there. “I… I brought th-that up just a f-few minutes ago s-sir!” Jack seemed to be wheezing a bit, but still maintained his composure. Randy opened up the cooler and saw various sodas and water in there. “Would either of you like a drink?” he asked them. “Do you have orange in there?” The desk clerk asked. “Here ya go!” Randy replied, tossing it towards him. “Thanks so much.” The kid replied.

Jack cleared his throat and then patted his forehead with a napkin. “Is there any Pepsi in there sir?” he asked. “There’s tons of it Jack, and ice cold as well.” Randy grabbed one and handed it to him. “Thank you so much sir. You’ve been so kind to me.” He cracked the soda open and sipped on it. “It tastes so good!” “I’ll see you tomorrow for your work out sir!” “Thank you Jack, you can leave now. Go relax and get some sleep.” Jack left the room with the desk clerk at the doorway. “Here’s a twenty dude. I hope it’s enough, I kind of need to hit the ATM soon.” Randy told him.

“Hey man, it’s more than what I normally get. You have yourself a good night!” He replied. With that, Randy shut the door and put more of the Pepsi and ginger ale into the cooler. He then set the meats inside the cooler as well and then reentered the bedroom. Kolleen was already fast asleep and had her hand curled underneath her pillow. Randy took a quick shower and then slid into his side. He turned towards Kolleen and snuggled up to her. His arm was wrapped around her waist. She removed her left hand and reached down to grab his.

After a second or two of searching, their fingers were locked. Randy kissed the back of her neck which made her grin, unbeknownst to him. “I love it when you snuggle.” She said to him. “I thought you were asleep Kol. Did I wake you?” She turned her head and then shook it in his direction. Her eyes were as bright and beautiful as ever in the night. They couldn’t help but kiss again for minutes on end. Finally, once they let go, Kolleen turned towards him, with her face inches from his. Both of them had their noses touching as they fell asleep.

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