A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Seventy Three

Friday November 15th, 2080: Mid-Afternoon

Rodriguez Residence

“There’s a lot of that mushy stuff Grandpa!” Randal exclaimed. “I don’t know, I think I like it.” Lori said. Randy had to take a good hard look at her with a face full of shock. “Well do ya now?” He asked. Lori couldn’t help but giggle which reminded Randy so much of Kolleen. “She definitely takes after her great grandma, don’t she Kol?” Randy asked, looking back. “She sure does Ran-Ran.” Kolleen had just finished recording. “It says you’ve been talking for about three hours. I had to set up the camera and get my charger/cord to continue recording.”

She set the phone down and walked around the counter so she could sit next to him. All of their great grandkids were smiling brightly at Randy, all except Charlie who was fidgeting and continuously gazing towards the clock. “What’s eating you up?” Kolleen asked him. She had already taken her seat and was resting her head on her chin. Charlie didn’t reply. “Is there something wrong with him Ran-Ran?” “Charlie, what’s the matter?” Randy asked this time. Charlie looked over at him and then calmed down.

“We haven’t done our schoolwork in a while and our parents will be here in a few days to pick us up. I wanna make sure I go home with straight A’s.” Randy gazed up at the clock and was blown away by how much time had gone by. It was already 2:30 P.M. “Hey kids? Your eldest here is right. You should all go get your schoolwork caught up for the day. I know your laptops are set up already so go. Go and expand your brains. As much as you can that is, since three fourths of you are in such lower grades.” The children all got up and ran out of the kitchen, all except the twins. They lagged behind. Randy turned his attention back to Kolleen who was smiling at the door. “They grow up so fast.” She said. He got up, with the use of his cane and put an arm around her shoulder. “That they do Kol.”

“Well we have some time to kill and their dinner isn’t expected to be done until six thirty. I have a meatloaf going in the oven right now, in case you were wondering. Anyway, we have some time that needs burning. What do you suppose we do?” She asked him. “Well, to be honest, I could use a nap right now. My old bones aren’t what they used to be and my brain’s zapped.” “Alright, let’s get you to the study and I’ll set up the recliner for you.” Kolleen walked with Randy, hand in hand as they trekked down the hallway.

They were already rounding the corner and heading towards the study when something began to affect Randy’s thoughts. He could hear children laughing and running around. A piercing headache took over him, causing his eyes to strain and stream. He stopped and clutched the free side of his head at a poor attempt to block it all out. “What’s the matter?” Kolleen asked him. The children’s laughter seemed to only increase in pitch and volume, ending with loud screeching as it built up to its peak. Randy let go of his cane and collapsed onto the floor.

“Ran-Ran?” Kolleen asked. She dropped to her knees to help him up. “RANDY!” Randy began to seize and was frothing at the mouth. Kolleen quickly pulled out her phone and dialed 911. “What’s the emergency?” A woman asked. “My husband is having a seizure ma’am and it’s serious! He’s over eighty years old and I don’t know how much more he can take!” “Ma’am, please calm down. We have your address right now and are dispatching an ambulance as we speak.” “Okay, thank you!” Kolleen replied.

Randy kept jolting around and noticed everything around him was becoming blurry. Kolleen’s voice was getting lower and lower as he began to fade away. “Stay with me Ran-Ran.” She held his head tight so he wouldn’t slam it around. Flooding throughout Randy’s mind was the children’s laughter and the images of them running back and forth. He could feel his heart beating even harder than it ever had before. His brain began to ache worse now and then everything went black. The last thing he remembered seeing, before passing out, was Kolleen’s blurry face.

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