A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Seventy Five

Saturday November 16th, 2080: Mid-Afternoon

Rodriguez Residence

When Randy awoke, he realized he was in his bedroom once again. Was it all just a bad dream? He thought. When his eyes adjusted he noticed the children sitting around his bed. Charlie and Lori had been napping in sleeping bags whilst Randal and Roy slept in some recliner chairs. As he turned his attention to the door, he saw Kolleen entering the room. She was carrying a tray full of waffles, eggs, sausages, juice, syrup and hash browns. “What do I owe the honor?” Randy whispered. Kolleen’s cheeks blushed as she carried in the food.

She set it down next to him and then lifted the top plate up to grab the six underneath. “Would you mind helping me dish the food out?” she asked. “Not at all.” His brain still felt a bit dizzy from his seizure two nights ago. He fought through it however and helped her with the food. “I figured since it’s still far enough away from dinner, I’d let you all sleep in and then I’d serve you breakfast in bed.” They had divided the waffles into the six plates, with three each. They then went to dividing the eggs and hash browns when Lori woke up.

She was rubbing her eyes, when Randy noticed her. “What’s up little one?” He asked her. “I’m hungry.” she replied. Randy handed her a plate filled with food and then the syrup. “Thank you…” she whispered. She was trying to be respectful and not wake her brother or her second cousins up, but they all awoke one by one over time. The last one to wake up was Charlie who had been tossing and turning in his sleep. When he awoke, a cold sweat was on his head. “What’s the matter Charlie?” Randy asked him. “N-Nothing. I had a bad dream, that’s all.” he replied. “Ooh, food!” “I thought that would get your attention!” Randy laughed afterwards as he watched all of his great grandkids eat.

He handed over Charlie’s plate which he immediately tucked into. “Well, since we’re all eating and are comfortable on this enormous bed, let’s get back into the story, shall we?” All of the kids situated themselves at the end of his bed and Kolleen had already pulled out her cell phone. “I want to document every minute of this so they’ll have it forever.” She stated. “I know Kol, just like before. Alright! Where we left off, I was heading to my next training session.”

“Can we skip that part Grandpa?” Lori asked. Charlie chimed in, after swallowing some waffle. “Yeah! Can we please get to your return match?” he added in. “Of course we can! That would bring us up to the night of Tuesday, the nineteenth.” Randy cleared his throat and picked right back up in the story as his great grandchildren watched in excitement and awe.

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