A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Seventy Six

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010: Early Night

Valley View Sports Center

Randy stood in that familiar locker room that he only visited once before. Standing around him were all these guys preparing themselves for their matches tonight. Amongst these guys were Marcos and Gorgon. Both of which were talking to themselves. The Salem twins were staring at Randy and laughing as Gregory Hammond kept collapsing as he tried to imitate him. Anger was boiling up deep inside of him and he was seconds away from running over and punching them when a huge hand stopped him.

It was Gorgon’s. “Hey man, don’t let them idiots get to you! They’re just angry because you have a main title shot at the next pay per view. Sure the Salem twins get a shot at the Tag Titles, but nothing like the Submission’s Championship.” The doors opened and Gunther Reigns, Mana as well as Bruce Kellington stepped into the room. They were every bit close as they were in their photos. Mana immediately walked over to Randy and actually stuck his hand out to shake his. Randy was taken by surprise with this action but returned the gesture.

“It’s nice to finally meet the man who knocked out Blood! Thank god someone was able to put that big guy down. Though I heard he’s back tonight for a match with Gorgon here.” Mana stated. He was still wearing the familiar clothes except this night, the lightning bolts were a bright purple as was his hair and irises. Bruce and Gunther both joined Mana alongside them both. “Hey, our match isn’t for another eleven days. Who says we can’t enjoy each other’s company whilst we wait?” Gunther stated.

“Hells to the yeah with that comment!” Bruce said. Randy knew that his match was coming up so he bid the guys farewell and slipped on his outfit. Once his shirt and pants as well as boots were on, he slid the hood up onto his head. Sacrifice came in, as shirtless as his picture was with oil covering his body. He looked around the room, making all the guys jump away from him. He then gazed down at Randy with the angriest snarl he had ever seen. Just as his face was almost nose to nose with him, Sacrifice whispered in his ear.

“Let’s give em’ a good fight. May the best man win.” “I hear that buddy.” They shook hands and then exited the locker room. As they stood outside the steel doors to the arena, Randy could feel his heart pumping harder and harder. “Hey, I have faith in ya buddy. If I lose then I know I gave you my all and I wouldn’t expect any less from you.” Carl stated. Randy nodded at him and then slid the mask over his face. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another episode of DWL! I am John Parker and sitting to my left is my partner in crime, Paul Brooke.”

“Right you are John. And we have a special double treat for y’all tonight! It’s come to our attention that Randy Rodriguez, through some act of God, has been given a miracle and is able to walk on his own once more. He will be fighting in our opening match tonight, against none other than Sacrifice! That massive seven footer who seems to destroy every person he goes against. What are your thoughts on that John?” Paul asked. “Well, I’m glad you asked partner. As for Randy’s return, I am more than happy to welcome him back to the active roster. But for the situation he is in tonight… Boy, I pity the man.” John replied.

Then the female announcer spoke up, cutting the commentators off. “Starting tonight is a match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Bronx New York, weighing in at four hundred and thirty seven pounds, Sacrifice!” As she announced his name, trumpets began to play along with drums which then lead into immensely booming, rock music. “See you out there man.” Carl said. He kicked the doors open and rolled his shoulders before the doors cut him from view. Randy could feel his heart beating even harder now, almost in his throat.

He leaned against the steel doors and dropped his head in prayer. Please God, don’t let Sacrifice destroy me too bad. I want to keep wrestling and I can’t do it if I get more injuries like before. Please help me. Amen. “And from San Diego California, weighing in at two hundred and forty nine pounds, Randy ’The Phantom’ Rodriguez!” The announcer yelled. Randy’s music began to play and then he threw the door wide open.

As he entered the arena, the crowd had been screaming with excitement and happiness. “There he is partner, The Phantom himself, Randy Rodriguez. Did you hear his weight though? He gained like four pounds or so.” John stated. “That he did John, but it’s all muscle, I can assure you that. I caught wind that Randy has been undergoing intense muscle and cardio training in the nearby athletics club. From what I’ve been hearing, the trainer has been putting him through hell the last couple of sessions.”

Randy was at the bottom of the ramp and already climbing up the stairs. He could feel the adrenaline pumping hard through his veins. Standing across the ring was Carl, who looked even more scarier than before. The referee waved his hand for the bell to ring and then the match was on. Randy walked up to Sacrifice who gave him that snarl like he did before. He then grabbed a hold of Randy’s waist and slammed him hard on his back. “What a nice belly to belly suplex by Sacrifice!” John stated. The wind was knocked straight out of Randy’s lungs.

He forced himself to get up though and stared straight back into Sacrifice’s face. “I honestly don’t see how this is fair John. Sacrifice has at least an eighty plus pound advantage.” Paul said. Randy saw Sacrifice charging at him but whipped around his left side and slipped in a toe hold. Oddly, there was enough torque to throw the big man down onto his hands and knees. “I’ve never seen Sacrifice out maneuvered like that!” Paul yelled. Randy went to quickly lock in the Back Stab. “He’s going for the Back Stab already?! This can’t be possible!” John said.

Randy already had the man’s legs locked and went to reach back but Sacrifice kicked hard and threw him off. Randy immediately rolled and got straight back up to his feet. I knew it wasn’t gonna be that easy; crap! he thought. He ran up to Sacrifice’s body and began punching as hard as he could into his ribs and abdomen. As much as he tried, Randy couldn’t break down the man’s iron like stomach. Sacrifice grabbed Randy’s arm and threw him hard into the turnbuckle. He then grabbed Randy’s arm once more pushed and then pulled with all his might, throwing Randy even harder into the opposite turnbuckle.

Randy felt his back scream in agony as it met the barely padded steel. He felt dizzy and his vision was blurry. He could vaguely see the massive form of Sacrifice running towards him and then his instincts kicked in. Randy slipped between the man’s legs and got back to his feet. Sacrifice went chest first into the turnbuckle and dropped to one knee. “That has to have knocked some wind out of the big guy!” Paul said. Randy put his arms around Sacrifice’s waist and heaved as hard as he could with his legs. “There’s no way he’s gonna… OH MY GOD! DID YOU SEE THAT PARTNER?!” John exclaimed.

“Never before in the big guy’s life, has he ever been suplexed. That was an amazing German suplex by The Phantom!” Paul replied. How the hell did I do that?! Randy thought. Sacrifice was taking a while to get up, but Randy didn’t give him much time. He grabbed the man’s massive legs and locked in the figure four. “I didn’t know young Randy knew more than one submission hold.” John said. Randy could hear Sacrifice’s screams of pain but kept putting the pressure on the man’s legs.

“Do you give up Sacrifice?!” The ref asked. “AHH! N-NO!” he growled back. Randy kept pushing and pushing which caused Sacrifice to scream even more in agony. But just as he thought he would win, Sacrifice wrapped his huge hand around the bottom rope. Being the respectful wrestler that he was, Randy immediately let go and got back to his feet. “What a nice, clean break by Randy.” Paul said. “Yeah, at least we all know he’s definitely a clean fighter.” John replied. Sacrifice had to use the ropes to get himself back to his feet, and even then he was a bit shaky. Randy knew the man’s weak point now so he dove towards his legs, making him collapse again.

“It appears Randy has found the man’s weakness.” John muttered. Randy propped Sacrifice’s leg up on the bottom rope and jumped onto it, causing him to scream even more. He repeated the process a few more times and then stopped. He flipped Sacrifice over to his stomach, wrapped his legs around and squatted, locking in a sharpshooter.

“He’s got a sharpshooter cinched in.” Paul said. Randy had Sacrifice in the center of the ring. He could hear the man scream in agony as the pressure was put more and more on his lower back and legs.

Sacrifice was close to tapping; he had his hand ready to slam down, but he didn’t tap. He crawled towards the ropes and grabbed a hold of them. As infuriating as that was, Randy let go with another clean break. Sacrifice was barely able to stand, but Randy prepared himself for the next onslaught. Just as soon as Sacrifice got to his feet, Randy climbed to the top rope.

He waited, patiently, until Sacrifice turned around. Randy then leapt and attempted a hurracanrana but was caught on Sacrifice’s neck. He felt a powerful push from behind him and was thrown neck first into the nearby ropes. Randy clenched his throat, feeling it as he coughed hard. He saw Sacrifice pinning him and felt his leg being lifted. After the second slap to the mat, he jerked his shoulder up. “I thought Randy would be finished after that.” Paul stated. Randy quickly got to his feet but was grabbed by Sacrifice and thrown towards the opposite rope.

Randy’s eyes were streaming as he came back full force. The next thing he felt was a solid heal from a boot clocking him in the side of his face. He felt his body being whipped down onto the mat by the blunt force as his head rang in agony. “One, two…” The ref went to slap the mat a third time but Randy was unable to answer it. “Three!” The ref called for the bell and Randy’s heart shattered. He had not only lost his first match, but his return match at that. Even though it was just his second one, he couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

He felt Sacrifice pulling on his arm; he sighed and allowed the big guy to help him up. “Here is your winner, Sacrifice!” The announcer called out. Randy gazed over at the dark brown haired woman who was wearing a tight sequin dress. He stumbled over to the ropes and gazed down at her. She shook her head, shrugging at the same time. He turned and saw Sacrifice staring at him. As angry as he felt from this loss, he wasn’t going to be a sore loser about it. He walked over to the man and stuck out his hand. Sacrifice immediately accepted it and they hugged.

“What a great show of sportsmanship, yet again!” John stated. “Even though young Randy lost this match, he gave up one hell of a fight against the big guy. Congratulations Randy! You survived longer than most. Hell, you gave him more of a fight than most of the other big guys on this roster.” Paul said. Randy and Sacrifice exited the ring and limped up the ramp and into the back. As they entered the room behind the steel doors, a group of people stood there clapping. All of them were congratulating both Randy and Sacrifice on a great match.

Amongst those there were, Marcos, Samantha, Gorgon and Kolleen watching behind the crowd. Kolleen waved at him and then beckoned him forward. Randy couldn’t help but notice, however, that Gregory actually was cheering him on. He stopped just beside Gregory and gazed at him, pulling his mask off soon thereafter. “Hey, I know I gave you shit back in the old roster and here as well, but that was because I was pissed and jealous. I’ve come to realize that you are a hell of an athlete, after seeing that fight. No offense to you, of course.” Gregory said, looking at Sacrifice.

“None taken man. I agree with you a hundred percent. LET’S HEAR IT FOR RANDY ’THE PHANTOM’ RODRIGUEZ!” Sacrifice yelled. All of the guys and girls on the roster seemed to be cheering for Randy. It was this gesture that made his spirits pick right back up off the floor. “Thanks buddy.” he whispered to Sacrifice. “Remember dude, call me Carl.” he replied. Randy and Kolleen followed Carl out towards the locker rooms hand in hand. No one else, but Gregory saw their hands connect and it brought a bright smile to his face.

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