A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Seventy Seven

Tuesday October 19th, 2010: Later That Night

DWL Submissions Championship Contract Signing

Randy sat in the back locker room, with his regular clothes back on. He had a pair of white jeans with a matching t-shirt on. As he stood there, tying his regular shoes, Marcos showed up alongside Gorgon who both were holding boxes. “What’s in there?” Randy asked. He looked up after finishing his shoes, and watched the smile spread across Gorgon’s face. He set the box down in front of Randy and sat across from him on the opposite bench. “This, my friend, is the newly created DWL t-shirts with our names on them! Check them out.”

Gorgon ripped the tape off of the box and started pulling out purple and black t-shirts. “Here’s yours.” Marcos chimed in. He tossed a black t-shirt from his box which Randy caught. He was blown away by the design and couldn’t help but laugh. His mask was on the front with his name written in slash marks underneath it. Blood dripped out of the bottom of the letters, which he really liked. On the back were the words: Back Stab. And a picture of himself performing the finisher below it. “This is the coolest shirt I’ve ever seen!” Randy exclaimed. “I’ll do ya one even better.” Gorgon said. He dug to the bottom of the box and pulled out a black leather jacket.

On the front, left side were the initials: R.R. They were stitched with the same slash designs as his t-shirt, in white. On the back of the jacket was his full name, with his nickname on the bottom, in quotation marks. In the very center was the ghost face that resembled his mask. “We already had the measurements taken from the physicians here and had a jacket fit to your exact size. We even got one for Kolleen.” Marcos said. He pulled out a smaller jacket that had: K.S. Stamped in the front. On the back of hers were the words: Personal Coach to Randy Rodriguez. Below this was a hand stitched with another hand, as if they were holding each other‘s. A small heart was placed just above that.

“Aw, I love it!” Kolleen stated. She immediately put it on and couldn’t believe how snug it fit. Randy did the same, except he used his t-shirt instead, since he was still hot. “I love this so much! Thanks you guys.” he exclaimed. Marcos yanked off his mask and sat next to Gorgon.

“It was both our ideas, but the DWL wanted to make personal shirts for you as well since the other guys and gals have some.” Marcos replied. The doors opened, revealing Mr. Lawrence who had a contract clasped to a clipboard. “Randy, we’ll be needing you out there.” “Let’s get this signing over with.” He walked up to Kolleen and kissed her before leaving the room. As he and Mr. Lawrence entered the arena he noticed that Mana, Gunther and Bruce were already standing in the ring. A red felt carpet was placed there, with a table, which the guys were sitting at.

Mr. Lawrence and Randy entered the ring and then Randy sat at the table. Mr. Lawrence stood at a podium that was placed there, just for him. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome you to the closing portion of tonight’s show. Sitting before you now are the four men who will compete at Haunting Hallows, on October thirty first, for the Dominant Wrestling League Submissions Championship!” The entire crowd cheered and whistled at this statement. Then an enormous chant of Phantom echoed throughout the arena. “Address them man!” Mana stated. Randy stood up and waved at them all and then sat back down.

“Yes, as I was saying. In my hand, is the contract that will legally bind these men together in twelve days. Remember, Haunting Hallows will be on a Sunday; next Sunday to be exact. So, we have one more amazing show, here at the Valley View Sports Center, before we pack up and ship off to Madison Square Garden in New York. But I digress. Let’s get this contract signed and the match officially sanctioned.” He handed the contract down to Bruce, who immediately signed it.

The contract slid further and further down, with Mana and Gunther signing it and then it passed down to Randy, who didn’t even have to think twice. He grabbed the pen, scribbled his name in and slammed the pen down. “There you have it folks! Just so you know, that match will be a Fatal Four Way, No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere, Submission Match. And, for an added bonus…” Mr. Lawrence stated. The entire crowd went silent. “I’m going to add a steel cell to make sure these animals stay well within their limits. So, yes, falls count anywhere meaning, anywhere inside the ring and inside the cell. Thank you and good night!”

“I can’t believe it John. When he said falls count anywhere, he didn’t mean anywhere, did he?” Paul asked. “Well, apparently he wants to make sure the fans will be safe, or maybe he wants to see how these four men will react in a cell together. You heard us right ladies and gentlemen. Mark your calendars for October thirty first and the location is Madison Square Garden, New York. Of course, if you cannot obtain tickets, the show will always be on pay per view, just check your local cable provider for the details. Until next week, I am John Parker.” “And I’m Paul Brooke!” “We’ll see you then.”

Randy felt so confused at this point. “Did he say that right?!” Mana asked. Gunther slammed a fist onto the table and sighed. “I can’t believe this shit!” Bruce exclaimed. “I know right? This is complete BULL!” Randy added in. “But what can we do? He’s our boss.” Gunther said. “That’s true, the man does sign our paychecks.” Mana added in. Randy exited the ring and walked up the ramp, leaving the crowd behind.

After he left the backstage area, Randy walked into the locker room. The only people left there were Gregory and Kolleen. Kolleen kissed Randy’s cheek, and he did the same in return. He then looked at Gregory who was still sweating but was getting ready to hop into the showers. “That is so random, isn’t it?” Gregory stated. “Yeah, the bonus stipulation bull crap?” Randy asked. “The very same, dude! But to be honest, it does add to the suspense of that match. I was hoping he would make it an elimination match, which would give you more of a chance of survival. I believe in you anyway dude. If you can go toe to toe with Sacrifice, then you sure as hell can handle those three.”

Gregory walked by Randy and clapped a hand on his shoulder. “Thanks man.” “Anytime, yo.” With that, Gregory left. Mr. Lawrence re-entered the locker room, taking Randy by surprise. “I didn’t mean to startle you.” He said. “Please, sit down. I would like to discuss next week’s match.” He did as he was told and sat across from Mr. Lawrence, who had his eyes locked onto Randy’s own. “What is the match going to be, sir?” he asked. “I want you to team up with Marcos next week and I want you to fight the tag champions themselves. And I want this match to be a DWL Tag Team Championship Ladder Match.”

Randy’s heart leapt at the sound of this. “Y-You aren’t serious are you?” “But of course I am! I dislike what happened to you during your first match and I think you and Marcos deserve that shot that was taken from you. If you two are able to defeat Mike and Motif in this ladder match, I will allow you two to fight the Salem twins at Haunted Hallows.”

Randy began to feel confused once more, which Mr. Lawrence picked up on. “Don’t get me wrong. I will still have you in that fatal four way submission match, but if you and Marcos succeed next week, I will put you two against the Salem twins at the pay per view as well. Think of it like a bonus match for the show. You will star in the event before the main event, putting you very high up in the main card roster. Not only that, but you’ll start the pay per view in the Tag Team Championship match with Marcos. That’s the least I can do.”

“That sounds amazing, sir, but what will the Salem’s think about this?” Randy felt Kolleen’s hands caressing his shoulders which made him feel relaxed and fuzzy. “I already spoke with the two and they more than agreed to give you this title shot next week. Since they’re already guaranteed a title shot at the Haunted Hallows, they were more than agreeable. Do you concur?” “If it’s cool with them sir, it’s cool with me. What did Marcos say?” Randy stood up, as did Mr. Lawrence as the conversation came to a close.

“He was ecstatic as were the rest of your friends. And I have to say this. I’m so happy you’re making a lot of friends back in this locker room. Becoming friends with legendary and not so legendary guys is a good thing to do. So it’s settled. Next Tuesday, you will team up with Marcos to fight Mike and Motif in a Ladder match for the DWL Tag Team Championships, which will be the main event match. I’ll get the paperwork all situated and will have you all sign it, including the Salem’s, before the next show.”

Randy shook Mr. Lawrence’s hand and then followed him out of the locker room. Kolleen was right next to him, with her hand wrapped tightly into his once more. “I can’t believe this.” Randy said, as they exited the Sports Center. They entered the cold October night, which had no cloud in sight. Jack was waiting for them by the limo as they got closer to the curb. “That was a splendid match, sir!” he stated. Kolleen climbed into the limo and Randy followed. “Thank you Jack. Can you please take Kolleen and I back home?” “Very well, sir. You’ll be home in about thirty to forty minutes.”

He shut the door and then ran around to his side and began driving away. Randy’s body was hurting like crazy from that last match which Kolleen could notice. “Turn your back to me Ran-Ran.” She ordered. Randy didn’t even argue, and turned his body. He felt Kolleen’s slender fingers working deep into his aching back which immediately felt relieving. “I love you so much…” he muttered. He knew Kolleen was hugging him, since her chin was resting between his shoulder and neck. Her hands locked around his waist. “I love you too.” She whispered. Randy shivered as her warm breath touched his ear. They rode the rest of the way in silence, other than the groans Randy would get when Kolleen massaged the kinks out of his aching back.

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