A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Seventy Eight

Wednesday October 20th, 2010: Early Morning

Rodriguez Residence

Time had passed and Randy had completely passed out on the couch. His mother was watching on as Kolleen sat by her side. “Should we wake him?” Kolleen asked. “No. Let the boy sleep. He’s been through so much in the last twenty four hours.” Diana replied. “So tell me about you. How’s college going? How’s the pregnancy?” Kolleen grasped her stomach, though it was still relatively flat, she could feel a slight bulge. She looked over at the woman, and was unable to tear her eyes away. Her hair had been falling out all over the place, with only a very thin layer left.

“I know honey, I look horrifying.” Diana stated. She saw the look on Kolleen’s face as she said this. “No ma’am, I didn’t mean to stare or look disrespectful or anything like that.” “No offense taken honey. Now tell me about your school and the pregnancy, if you don’t mind. Give me something to take my mind off of this.” “Well, I am halfway through my last semester; I graduated high school early. They put me in the two thousand and nine class and thus, I’m here.”

“What are you going for?” “I want to become a physical trainer, like a trainer for athletes.” “Such as my son?” “Yes ma’am. I want to be Randy’s personal trainer and I’ve already gotten a deal from Mr. Lawrence to sign onto his company. He gave me one heck of a deal that more than covered my tuition costs and gave me a ton extra to live off of, and that’s just the first year. He’s already allowing me to follow Randy around and help him when he needs it and will hire me full time after I graduate.”

Diana smiled at her and reached for her hand which Kolleen gladly accepted. “It seems that you have your future planned already and so does my son. To be honest, the family business, isn‘t what it‘s cracked up to be.” Kolleen heard the annoyed emphasis on those last two words. “Ma’am, you aren’t bothered by the fact that Randy wanted to wrestle, are you? Cause it sure sounds like it.” “Nonsense honey. Sure, I disliked his urges to want to join, but I support whatever he does, no matter what, just as long as it’s legal of course!”

Diana actually began to laugh a bit which caused Kolleen to join in. “Oh, you gotta have a sense of humor in situations like this.” She sighed and gazed back down at Randy who was sleeping peacefully. “Don’t let anyone fool you. My son is the lucky one in this relationship. You should have seen the days where he’d come home and he’d break down at that kitchen table. He wanted to ask you out so badly but he told me, and I quote: ‘She said every guy deserves a chance.’ end quote. He wanted to be with you so badly, that he would cry every night that he did not get that chance.” Diana said.

Kolleen couldn’t help but feel her heart break at these words. Tears began to form in her eyes which she wiped away immediately. “I had no idea. At the time, I had a boyfriend and Randy seemed so anti-social; so… distant.” She looked over at Randy as well, who had been stirring a bit, but fell back asleep. “Cherish these moments you have with him honey. There’ll come a day when you both become too old to understand most things. Randy’s already showing signs.” Diana whispered. Kolleen’s brain began to buzz at this last phrase.

“Sh-Showing signs of what?” She asked. Diana saw the worry in the girl’s eyes and nearly wasn’t able to explain herself, but she did. “Hear me out, honey. Alzheimer’s Disease runs in this family dating way back to even before Randy’s grandfather. He frequently forgets the date and time, even if I tell him. Tasks that he used to do within minutes takes him almost a half hour or so to finish now. Such as, taking out the garbage. You know, he actually forgot where our garbage goes even though he’s done it for over nineteen years.”

“You got to be kidding me. Randy’s got Alzheimer’s?” Kolleen asked. Her voice was shaky and her emotions were running all out of whack. “Honey; honey, listen to me. Please look at me whilst I explain this.” Kolleen sniffed and exhaled hard and then returned her attention. “Randy, most of the time, keeps right on track. But lately he’s forgotten some things here and there. Like that day he danced with me, on mine and my husband’s anniversary? I cried due to his thoughtfulness but also the fact that he forgot. I just got done telling him, that very same day, that our anniversary was on January first, two thousand, not October seventh. It took him mere minutes to forget what I just said and sure enough, he was dancing with me to mine and Robert’s wedding song. I didn’t have the heart to tell him, honey, you have to believe me.” Diana said.

All of this news hit Kolleen so hard that she couldn’t see straight for a moment. “Honey, look at me, please.” Diana requested. “Yes ma’am.” Kolleen turned her attention back to the, now weeping, woman. “M-My son is s-so grateful that you g-gave him this o-opportunity. I can t-tell that h-he l-l-loves you.” Diana buried her face into her hands and cried a bit. Kolleen looked back over at her boyfriend, and saw him smiling in his sleep. She felt the corners of her mouth twitching a bit before a grin spread across her face as well.

“Mrs. Rodriguez?” she asked. Diana sniffed and then blew her nose. “Yes honey?” She replied. Kolleen grabbed Diana’s hand and stared straight into her eyes. “I’ll take care of Randy no matter what. If he begins to forget things, and I notice it, I’ll play along. I can’t have him hurting himself or feeling emotionally damaged, and that will happen if I question his every movement and thought. I love Randy and I know he loves me. We’re going to have a child together.” Kolleen stated.

She looked back at Randy and then smiled once more. A couple of tears streamed down her cheeks and her lips trembled a bit. She wiped the tears away and continued. “He and I are both emotionally, physically and financially set to have children. We have our futures planned and I’m not going to let some hereditary sickness destroy what is so concrete.” “That brings joy to my heart, honey.” Diana said. Just then, Randy began to stir a bit more and then he got up. He rubbed his eyes and waited until they focused in on the two women staring back at him.

He got up an limped towards them and put an arm around Kolleen’s shoulder. She held his hand and sniffed as another tear streaked down her face. “Why the sad face?” Randy asked her. He squatted down and gave her the most loving eyes she had ever seen. “It’s nothing Ran-Ran. Your mother and I were just talking, that’s all.” Kolleen replied. Randy noticed that his mom was crying as well. “What’s the matter you two? It’s not like I’m dying or anything.”

Kolleen rubbed his arm and got up. “I think Randy and I should get in bed and try to get some sleep. He’s only got a week to prepare himself for his next match.” “Right. Go, get some sleep you two. You deserve it!” Diana stated. Randy kissed his mother’s forehead then followed Kolleen upstairs and into his bedroom. Once they both fell onto his bed, they snuggled, face to face. “No matter what Ran-Ran, I’ll always love you.” “I’ll love you up to and even after I die, Kol.” Randy swiped her hair from her face and then they kissed.

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