A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Seventy Nine

Saturday November 16th, 2080: Early-Night

Rodriguez Residence/Bedroom:

Randy trailed off as his mind began to buzz. He didn’t realize that it was already dark out and it was way past the kids’ bed time. “Are you okay Ran-Ran?” “Memory loss… Memory loss? Wh-Where am I?” Randy asked. He looked over at Kolleen who was teary eyed. “Who are you? Where am I?!” he yelled. His ears began to ring and his brain buzzed even harder as he sank deeper and deeper into lost thoughts. “Where are the kids?” He couldn’t see any of them, not even Charlie, and he was the biggest of them all.

“Where’s the kids?!” he asked again. Kolleen broke into a steady cry now as the realization began to hit her husband hard. “Why are you crying? And who are you again?” She couldn’t bring herself to reply. “The kids are gone Ran-Ran…” “Gone where? Wait! I have kids?! What’s their names? Where have they gone?” Kolleen’s heart was shattering at this point. She gazed up at the ceiling with shaky hands and trembling breathing. When she turned her attention back to the befuddled old man, immediately she broke into hard sobs.

She walked over and fell down at his lap, waling into it. Randy touched her head, feeling the gray hairs between his fingers. “I don’t know who you are, but I sure as hell wished I did!” Kolleen laughed and then sat up so she could see him face to face. As heartbreaking as this was, she still loved him beyond most other things.

“The kids had to go to sleep Ran-Ran. It’s late and they just ate some spaghetti and went to sleep. You can continue the story tomorrow, I promise.” Kolleen told him. “I was telling a story?” he replied. Kolleen laid by his side, and then withdrew a thick writing book from the nearby nightstand. “Here, read this.” She said. He grabbed the book, feeling the leather like substance under his fingertips. Stamped in gold on the front were the words: A Wrestler‘s Dream. Below this were the words: Lived through and written by: Randy and Kolleen Rodriguez. “What’s this?” he asked.

“Just open it to the dedications page.” As Randy opened the book, Kolleen buried her mouth into her hands. “I dedicate this book; the story of our lives, to my beautiful wife: Kolleen. I also dedicate it to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. May this story live on for the rest of time.” It began to come back to him now. His past, his present and the current predicament he was in. “Oh Jesus, Kol! I’ve been a damn fool…” he muttered.

He looked at her, which caused her to burst into the hardest crying fit he had ever seen. “Come here…” Randy said, waving her towards him. They hugged and Kolleen wailed into his shoulder. He rubbed her back and hushed her like a little child. “I realize what’s happening here…” He trailed off. The sudden silence stirred Kolleen’s worry. She looked back up at him, after releasing her embrace, and watched the confusion running through Randy’s mind. “Our great grand kids aren’t even…” “They’re not here Ran-Ran. They never were.” Kolleen interjected.

“What do you mean?” He asked her. The bewildered expression on his face was more than enough to re-break her already severely shattered heart. She couldn’t bare hurting him anymore so she immediately spoke. “I was lying Ran-Ran! The kids are in their bedrooms, fast asleep. You can go see them if you wish.” She knew she was too late however, since the sadness was now sinking into him. “I was just talking to myself this entire time?!” He asked her. Kolleen buried her mouth into her hands once more and nodded in return.

“Ellie, Robert and Lorie were really there, as were the twins, Charlie and his sister, Lori. What they said was true. Daniel died as did Tony and Amelia. Laura Lang, Robert Sr.’s wife, died twenty years ago. When you asked about her, he played along. Everyone knows about the Alzheimer’s Randy. The great grandchildren are in their teens right now. The entire time you were talking, your mind reverted them back to children, even though they weren’t ever there.” Kolleen stated. “But they were there around my hospital bed!”

“Yes, they were Randy, but they weren’t children. All of the great grand kids, like I said, are teenagers, Charlie and Lori are sixteen and seventeen to be exact. The twins; well, they just turned fourteen this year. They played along with you as well, so they didn’t hurt your feelings. I’m so sorry Ran-Ran…” Kolleen’s voice was shaking now. Randy could feel his mind being shattered over and over again as all this news came to him. He gazed back at his wife, who couldn’t bring herself to look away. He opened his arms and waved her forward. “Come here.”

Kolleen leapt into his arms once more and they hugged. “It all makes sense to me now. But what about the camera recordings? Didn’t you say you were recording me?” He asked. “Yes… I recorded you for future use. I know that we’re old and there’s no way we’re going to become great, great grandparents; not in this lifetime. I wanted to document your story telling so that when the twins, Charlie and Lori all have kids, if they do, they’ll have something to show their kids. It’s also a treasure for our kids and grand kids to remember you by.”

“What about the rest of the story? I still haven’t talked about mine and Marcos’ Tag Team Title match or even the Submission’s Championship match. Kol… I had an even bigger match scheduled after my first title match!” Randy stated. “I have an idea! Let’s invite the great grand children over, legitimately along with Ellie, Robert and Lorie so we can finish this story together.” “But wouldn’t the great grandchildren already be here?” Randy asked. Kolleen knew he was sinking back into his forgetful ways. “Yes. Like I said, they’re asleep in their rooms. I’ll call over Lorie, Robert and Ellie, even Eliza, if you wish.”

“Y-Yeah. Call them over and we can tell more of my tale. Just do it in the morning, okay? I don’t want to wake the kids.” Randy set the book down and went under his covers. As he began to fall asleep, Kolleen set the book back into the nightstand. It felt like a conundrum with them. Going back and forth between the present and the past and it was taking a toll on her. She got into bed and curled up next to him. As if he knew, Randy wrapped an arm around her and that similar smile spread across his face.

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