A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Eighty

Sunday November 17th, 2080: Late Morning

The Park / Rodriguez Reunion:

The day was sunny and bright. Randy and Kolleen had been sitting at a barbecue pavilion as Robert Sr. was cooking on the grill. Sitting across from Randy was Lorie and next to her was Ellie. Lorie, that day, had a long black dress on and her hair tied back. Ellie was wearing jeans, with ugh boots and a thin long sleeved shirt. Robert Sr. had the usual khakis and long sleeved shirt. Randy and Kolleen dressed for the occasion, with Randy wearing brown dress slacks and a matching sweater. Kolleen had one of her dresses on, which was dark blue, and her hair was tied into a ponytail.

Randy watched as the kids played on the playground which yielded the same results. A smile spread across his face and his heart felt light. “Did you bring the story?” he asked “Sure did! It’s right here.” Kolleen pulled the book out of a bag to her right and set it in front of him. “We will be continuing the story while we eat, if that’s okay?” Randy asked everyone. “Of course!” Lorie and Robert said. They both pointed at each other and laughed. Ellie saw the happiness in his face which brought a mixture of pain and elation to her.

“Hey kids?! Lunch is ready!” Robert yelled. The twins and Charlie as well as Lori ran over. “How much can you kids eat?” Randy asked them all. “We’ll start with a burger and a dog apiece with some salad and we’ll see where we go from there.” Robert stated. He handed out the food and then gave Randy and Kolleen some as well. Once he was done dividing up the food, Robert sat next to Lorie. “Where does this story pick up?” he asked. Randy continued to eat in peace and cracked the book wide open. “It picks up…” He swallowed his food and continued.

“The book picks back a week past the match with Sacrifice. Meaning, on this night, Marcos and I fought Mike and Motif for the DWL Tag Team Championships in a Ladder Match…” All of the great grand kids as well as Ellie, Lorie and Robert listened on with awe and anticipation.

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