A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Eighty Two

Wednesday October 27th, 2010: Mid-Afternoon

Fitness Athletics Club

Randy had already given Kolleen and his mother a notice that he would be at the gym today, despite the pain he was in. He couldn’t abandon his workouts just because he was hurting a bit. So as he entered the main foyer, Leslie greeted him. That day she was wearing a skin tight top that showed off a lot of her chest. Her hair had been tied back into pigtails, and she had a pair of extremely short black shorts on. Randy had just been wearing an old white t-shirt with blue jeans at that moment. “Welcome back Randy! I assume you’re hear for Milo?” she asked.

She gave him a grin/hair twirl combo as she chewed on some gum. Randy felt uneasy around the woman and clutched his hand around his shirt. In his free hand was a duffle bag with his protein shake all ready as well as his change of clothes. “I regret to inform you that Milo has called in sick. He has a terrible stomach bug and he won’t be in the rest of the week. And from what I’ve heard, you’ll be leaving for New York this Friday.” Leslie stated. She leaned against the counter holding a cup of water as she sipped it. She accidentally slipped, dropping the water all over her chest. “Oops, silly me! Let me go get a towel.”

As she spun around, she made sure that all of her hair bounced and then she cat walked into the back room. Why is she being so seductive? I better tell her that I’m taken. Randy thought. She exited the room, with her top completely off now. All she had on was a very tight black bikini that seemed to be struggling to keep her chest held up.

Randy shielded his eyes and tried to wave her away. “Miss, I’m gonna have to ask you to put a shirt on. I’m taken already and I feel guilty just standing in this room with you right now.” “That’s gonna be a problem then Randy.” She walked around the counter, and stripped her shorts off, revealing an even tighter bikini bottom. She was holding a clipboard and stumbled, dropping it next to the door. “Oops again.” She whispered. She bent over, showing off the biggest butt Randy had ever seen.

He immediately shielded his face again and backed off. “It says here that Milo has you down for pool/cardio training today. Seeing as he’s sick and all, I’ll have to just step in and take care of you.” Leslie closed in on Randy, pushing him up against another door. “Please, stay back!” Randy ordered. Leslie’s chest began to push up against his which felt very warm. He felt violated and tried to push her off. Leslie was now pushing her face closer to his with her lips pursed. “Leslie! What in the hell are you doing woman?!” Milo yelled. Randy saw Milo entering the building with his swim trunks over his shoulder.

“I’m sorry sir, I was just making sure Randy was alright.” Leslie replied. “Why in God’s good name, are you wearing that outfit?! Get some clothes on girl! You’re a receptionist, not a playboy bunny.” Milo yelled. Leslie’s cheeks burned red from embarrassment as she ran back behind the counter and into the back room. “I apologize on the behalf of my co-worker here. She seems to have taken a liking to you and has done nothing but speak of you all day, every day.” Milo said.

“She needs to learn about respecting someone’s personal space ya know?” Randy replied. Milo grabbed a hold of his shoulder and guided him into the back area. “We’ll be swimming today, like I told you during our last meeting. Now swimming works every single muscle in your body, which will give you a complete cardio overhaul, even though you may not need it.” Milo said. They got to a new locker room, through a door that was past the main gym area. “Let’s get these trunks on and get to swimming. Don’t worry though, the pool is heated, and even though it’s outdoors, you’ll be fine. Though we close the pool around November first or so; so let’s enjoy it.”

Randy nodded and immediately took off his shirt, pants and shoes then slipped on this tight pair of swim trunks that had the club’s logo on the side. “Go ahead and put these swim shoes on. The side fins will help propel ya better.” Milo stated. He tossed a pair of shoes at Randy which he slipped on. After Randy hit the shower, he walked out to the pool, where Milo was standing. “Damn dude, you’re looking great!” he exclaimed. “Let me get a closer look at you.” Milo walked over to him and around his body. “Man, you got pecks forming in all the right places, and a rock hard stomach coming in; LOOK AT THAT!” Milo yelled.

He was gazing at the defined six pack that was more than prominent on his abdomen. “I can see your arms have bulked up as well. You can see the muscles and you ain’t even flexin’.” Milo sounded happy which made Randy feel happy, who took a good look around, noticing some sky scrapers poking up over the pool walls. In the distance he could hear cars as they tried to reach their own destinations.

“Hop in dude. I want ya to do a few warm up laps to get those muscles nice and loose.” Milo said. Randy hopped into the deep end and swam nice and casually back and forth, doing perfect breast stroke movements. On his third turn, Milo blew a whistle and began to yell. “GO, GO, GO! GIVE ME FIFTEEN MORE LAPS AND PUSH HARD! HARDER! HARDER DAMN YOU!” Randy was heaving hard as he pulled with all his might, and kicked as hard as ever to meet Milo’s expectations.

“COME ON RANDY, YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT! I KNOW YOU CAN MAN. LET’S GO, TEN MORE LAPS THEN I WANT TO SEE TWENTY MORE, BACK STROKES ONLY! MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!” Milo paced back and forth as Randy pushed and pushed, even though his every muscle yelled at him, he ignored it and moved forward. “You’re nearly done Randy, come on now!” Milo yelled. “Just one more lap… and STOP!” Milo stated. Randy held onto the side of the pool as he felt his lungs aching from the exercise.

“That was good Randy, hell it was even greater than I expected. Now that you’re nice and loose, let’s push a bit harder. I want you to give me fifty straight laps as hard as you can muster. If you need to take a second to breath, then do so and jump right back in. When you’re done with that, I want you to dry off, get into the weight room and onto the bench presses. NOW GO!” Minutes passed by as Randy swam with all his might. Milo’s voice went in and out of focus as Randy’s attention went all towards swimming. The pain was no longer there, just determination to finish.

“JUST TWO MORE LAPS, LET’S FINISH THIS STRONG!” Randy heard these words and pushed even harder than before. He swam faster and harder despite all of the agony he was in. “And… DONE! Great job man! Let’s get you out of this pool and into the gym.” Milo helped him out and they both went back inside, into the locker rooms. As Randy sat there, drying himself off, Milo was speaking, leaning against a set of lockers. “Take a few swigs of that drink. It’ll keep you energized and aware of your surroundings.” Randy took a few swigs then handed it to Milo.

“I’m proud of you Randy, I want you to know that. Not to many people come to this gym and put one hundred and ten percent into their workouts such as you do. I mean it, from the bottom of my heart and soul. You are a prodigy that everyone can look up to. Now let’s hit that gym and work your ass off!” Milo laughed which made Randy smile back. Randy had already put on his work out clothes and followed his trainer to the back gym. They worked out for another couple of hours, with Randy bench pressing three hundred and ninety pounds now. Milo had his dead lifts up to three ninety five and his butterflies set to two eighty.

Randy was so focused during this workout that he didn’t even realize that he was done already. It wasn’t until Milo stopped his arms from moving on the butterfly machine, that he noticed. “Dude, you’ve been working out thirty minutes after your end time. I can’t believe the amount of focus you had during that. Look at all that sweat just pouring off of your body.” Milo said. He smiled brightly and then hugged Randy with one arm. “I know you’ll be leaving to New York this Friday, Mr. Lawrence had already called me to verify it.”

“What should I do when I’m gone?” Randy asked him. They looked eye to eye and Milo grinned. “Just do what I’ve taught you and remember this. You always have a spot in this gym no matter what. Here’s two more containers of protein powder and I wanted to give you something to remember us by. Milo looked over at Leslie who nodded in return. For a split second, Randy was jarred by the fact she was in there, finally able to notice his surroundings. She left the room and then came back with a huge plaque in her hands and handed it over to Randy, giggled and ran away. The plaque was all black with gold letters carved into it.

It read: For hard work, perseverance and focus, this plaque is dedicated to Randy Rodriguez. The man who never thought he’d walk normally again, showed great pride and took his miracle to the next level. It is on this date: October 27th, 2010 that your name will be inducted into this building’s Hall of Fame. Congratulations! Below this message was Milo’s and this building’s manager’s signatures on it. “Flip it over dude, look at the back!” Randy flipped the plaque over and was blown away by what befell his eyes.

On the back was a picture with a bunch of famous athletes staring back at him, and at the very bottom was Randy’s picture. “That’s the Hall of Fame area. You’ll be put right next to a local boxer by the name of, ‘Buckeye’ Barry Banes.’” “The dude that held this state’s main title for more than twenty years?!” Randy asked. “The very same one.” Milo replied. “Thank you so much!” “It’s nothing much man and the very least we could do for all the hard work you put into not only your training, but your wrestling career and your life.”

Randy got up, shakily, as his muscles felt like jell-o and stumbled out of the work out area showered and changed. He then sprinted out of the building, and saw Kolleen gazing back at him. She was leaning against his own truck with her arms folded and her cold stricken face smiling. He stumbled towards her as fast as he could and collapsed into her arms. “I think I’m done going to this gym Kol. They gave me a plaque congratulating me on my hard work. Look at this!” He showed her it, which made her gasp.

“This is amazing Ran-Ran! I’m so proud of you.” They kissed and then hugged. What Randy didn’t see, was Leslie gazing at them. “Who’s that girl over there?” she asked. Randy let go and looked back at the gym. Sure enough, Leslie was standing there with her arms crossed and a pouting look on her face. “That is the girl who seems to always hit on me, and today she actually tried seducing me.” “WHAT?!” Kolleen yelled back. “I pushed her away Kol! She just won’t leave me alone whenever I’m there. Today she came out in just a bikini, telling me Milo called in sick and pushed me up against a wall. As soon as she tried to do something, Milo came into the building.”

“Thank God for that! As well as your ability to say no.” Kolleen replied. Leslie stormed back inside, slamming the door behind her. “That girl needs some help.” Randy muttered. Kolleen laughed and then got into the truck. As Randy got into his side, he saw Leslie gazing at him through the window. She put a sign up that read: I’ll find you. We belong together. “Kol, read that sign!” Kolleen looked over and gasped at the horrifying image.

Before they pulled away, she slipped her phone out and snuck a few picture of it. “If that crazy bimbo tries coming after us, I’ll get a restraining order put on her faster than flies on crap!” They pulled away as fast but as legally as they could and then they were off towards their homes. “We only have a day left to hang out with our families before we’re shipped off to New York. I can’t believe you and Marcos won those titles. That match was so harrowing that the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I literally had goose bumps all up and down my arms and legs; no joke!” Kolleen said.

“Let’s hang out with our families tomorrow, seeing as it’s already heading towards six thirty. I can’t believe four hours passed that quickly!” “Agreed. We’ll have a good old fashioned party at your house, since your mom can’t leave her bed, and I’ll invite over my mom.” “And I’ll invite Marcos, Samantha, Gorgon, Carl, Mana, Gregory… Yes, Gregory. Apparently he’s a buddy of mine now. He’s going to have a word with you tomorrow, I know that much. I’ll also invite over Gunther, Neo, Bongo, Motif and maybe even Bruce.” Randy replied. “Then it is settled! Party tomorrow, and it’s gonna be a rager!” They drove off through the semi-deserted streets with happiness in their hearts and their minds focused.

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