A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Eighty Three

Thursday October 28th, 2010: Early Afternoon - Late Night

Rodriguez Residence

Randy had been resting in the bathtub with his muscles relaxing but his mind frantically buzzing from one thought to another. He worried about leaving his mother alone in the house, mostly due to that incident with the burglar. He took a deep breath and rested his head back against the tiled wall. There was a knock at the door and then Kolleen’s voice came through. “Ran-Ran? The last of the guests have arrived. I just told them you’re in the tub relaxing, but you should come down soon.” “I’ll be down in about five minutes.” Randy replied.

He heard Kolleen shifting across the hallway and then heard the creaking as she went back downstairs. “Crap…” Randy sighed. He rubbed his eyes frustratingly and unplugged the tub. “Oh well. This was our idea and I can always take a bath later. A much longer bath.” he added. He quickly dried himself, but slowed down around his back and stomach. The welts still hurt from the previous night. He patted them dry, wincing all the while. Once he was satisfied, Randy put on some black jeans, and a black long sleeved shirt.

He looked back into the mirror and saw bags forming underneath his eyes. “You can’t be tired Randy. I know you haven’t slept yet, but don’t look this way now…” he whispered.

He decided to throw ice cold water onto his face to help alert him a bit, and then exited the bathroom. As he walked across the hallway, voices could be heard downstairs. Gorgon’s was the first that Randy realized. “Yeah I saw that match last night dude. You and Randy work so well as a team and I can’t wait to see how far you take those titles.” he said. Then Gregory’s voice met Randy’s ears. “Hey Kolleen? I have something to say to you.” he stated. “Yeah, what’s up?” She replied. “I’m sorry for how I acted in the past. I’m sorry I was such a jerk and hurt Randy like I did. I don’t know why I acted that way, but, from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry.” He stated.

“Oh, well… I didn’t expect this. You’re forgiven Gregory. People can be real immature until they finally realize it. It took guts to tell me this in front of all these people.” Kolleen said. Randy figured it was time to join them all and descended the stairs. Everyone looked up at him and immediately cheered loudly, with drinks in the air. “There’s the man of the hour!” Gregory stated. He stuck a hand out to Randy who shook it in return. “I’m so proud of you dude. That match you and Marcos had last night was incredible!” “Thanks man.”

Everyone was there, even Neo and Mana. Mana had a pair of beige khakis on as well as a cream colored muscle shirt. Bongo was wearing similar pants, but black and a matching turtle neck. Mana walked right over to Randy with a beer in his hand and put an arm around Randy’s shoulders. His hair was actually dirty blonde in real life. “Nice hair color dude.” Randy stated. “Hey thanks. All that color is just for my persona. My real name is: Joshua.” he replied. “Nice to meet the man behind Mana.” Randy replied. They shook hands and soon thereafter just burst into laughter.

“Anywho, I want you to become more acquainted with my homeys here, Neo and Bongo. We’ve all been in the DWL for about fifteen years now. I may not look like it, but I’m thirty seven years old. Neo over there is going on forty two and Bongo is hitting the big forty soon.” “Early Happy Birthday then!” Randy said, nodding towards Bongo. He raised a glass to him and drank. Samantha and Marcos had been making out nearby the door, when Randy walked up to them. Samantha was wearing tight fishnet leggings, and short black shorts. Her shirt was tight and showed off her pierced belly button. Marcos was just wearing baggy jeans and a baggy t-shirt. “Sorry man, I didn’t mean to break up the moment.” Randy said, smirking. “But my mother’s in there and she’s in full bird view of you two sucking face by the door.”

“Oh Jesus… Sorry homes!” Marcos and Samantha walked by him, and Samantha gave Randy a smile. Carl walked over to him this time with a gift in his hand. “What’s this?” Randy asked. The box was black with a white bow on top. “Open it and you’ll see.” The box felt heavy in Randy’s hands which drew excitement. It felt like the same amount of weight the Tag Team Belt had. Resting, underneath some gift paper, was an exact replica of the DWL Tag Team Championship.

Everything about it was spot on other than the nameplate. Instead of being engraved, Randy’s name was etched in with onyx stones. “Jesus Carl! How much did this cost?!” “The DWL always gives replica titles to those who earn them. Mr. Lawrence and I talked and we believed you and Marcos more than earned those titles last night. Mr. Lawrence, in fact, was so surprised by the match he had to check the ratings right then and there.” Carl seemed excited as he leaned in closer.

“And get this…” He started. “What’s that?” Randy asked. A giant grin spread across Carl’s face. “Mr. Lawrence told me that your’s and Marcos’ match last night was nearly the highest rated match the DWL had ever aired. People all over the world are talking about it as we speak. Actually it’s the highest trending topic on Twitter right now and at the top of the Facebook news feed. You and Marcos are instant legends and you two just started!” Randy couldn’t believe the feeling this news gave him. He felt as light as a feather.

Goose bumps formed all over his legs and arms as well as parts of his neck. “That’s the same exact feeling I got when I had a high profile match like you did. And what’s even better, is you and Marcos were in a main event. That means you’re like instant top card players. No more sitting at the bottom of the crap barrel, clawing your way through the feces.” “That’s right!” Gorgon interjected. He walked over, wearing dark brown jeans and a tight brown shirt. “You’re up top with all of the DWL greats! Though, I’m gonna be honest, I’m still clawing my way back out of the barrel.”

Carl looked at him, shaking his head. “Ever since that loss to Slaughter, it’s been hell on you man.” he stated. “Yeah, but who cares? I’ll be back on top before you know it!” Randy didn’t like the way Gorgon was acting. He already looked drunk out of his mind and it wasn’t even one in the afternoon. “Maybe we should get you some water and something to eat?” he asked Gorgon. “Don’t take pity on me dude. You got it dude?” Gorgon said as he took another swig of beer.

“Carl? Could you please make sure he doesn’t have anymore?” “Of course.” Carl walked away and stayed nearby Gorgon the rest of the day. Randy had his own problems in mind. He was freaking out about the Sunday coming up and how he had to compete in not one, but two high profile matches. Both of which could make or break him. “Honey, come here.” Diana said. She saw him pacing back and forth outside the living room, with that replica belt in his hands. Kolleen walked with him towards his mother who looked so sick that it bothered him.

Her hair had completely fallen out by this time and her face looked so sunken in. “My god, Mom…” Randy muttered as he saw her. “Well good day to you too son!” Diana replied. Randy couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. “Come, sit down next to me.” “Okay.“ He sat right up next to her. She reached for his hand which he accepted and then she spoke on. “Now tell your mother what’s bothering you darling.” “Mom… I’m scared.”

He was freaking out so much, internally, that it was coming to surface in his eyes.

“What are you afraid of?” Randy gazed out the window towards the lit up city of San Diego. He loved how the light shined off of the many skyscrapers that occupied that great city. For a few brief moments, tranquility seemed to be coming off of those beautiful rays of light. “Randy? Please don’t float off. I asked you a legitimate question. What are you afraid of?” She broke Randy’s concentration, bringing him back down to Earth. The look that Diana had given him struck all confusion and procrastination far from his mind.

“I-I’m scared of the event coming up. My boss has me and Marcos both booked for two major title events this Sunday. We both have to defend our newly gained Tag Team Titles as soon as the pay per view starts. No more than five or six matches later, I’ll be starring in the sub main event. Mom, in this sub main event, I’ll be competing with three other guys inside of a giant cell made of solid steel in one of the most brutal matches I’ve ever heard of. And on top of all that, it’s falls count anywhere, No DQ’s, and submissions only. This isn’t even an elimination style match, as far as I know of. Who knows, I might get lucky. Anyay, Mom, I can lose both major events and have nothing in a blink of an eye.” The fear was apparent in his voice.

“So the true colors finally come out.” Kolleen said. “Why didn’t you tell me you were worried?” She grabbed his free hand, shaking it a bit as well. “I didn’t want you to know I was scared, Kol. I’m supposed to show that I’m tough and that I can face anything. Not back down and be vulnerable.” Kolleen got up and pulled him into one of the warmest hugs she’d ever given him. Her belly seemed to be even warmer as his head rested on it.

“Darling, being scared means you’re human. If you weren’t scared then we’d both be having a problem. Look at me Randy.” Diana ordered. Randy turned his attention back to his mother. Her eyes were squinted in a smile just like her mouth. “I’ll love you no matter what you do in life. If you’re scared, then you’re scared. Your father and grandfather wouldn’t think of you any less if they knew this. In fact, they’d be proud that you told us this. Now, is there anything else you wish to tell us?” Randy shook his head. “OH! I have finished training with Milo over at the Fitness Club. Can you believe I’m up to two hundred and fifty five pounds?” he asked.

“Dang, son! But I guess I could tell as to that bulkiness underneath that tight shirt of yours. I see what you’re doing there. Trying to get Kolleen here all hot and bothered.” “Mom!” Randy replied. Diana couldn’t help herself, so she laughed, and ruffled Randy’s hair. “God, I love you!” she stated. “I love you too Mom.” “Hey, Randy?” Marcos’ voice called out. He was standing in the doorway with his replica Tag Team Belt. “What’s up homes?” Randy asked him. He got up, after pardoning himself, and went to go see what the matter was.

“I overheard you say that you were scared about Sunday. Is that right?” Randy could see the worry in his eyes and nodded. He leaned against the doorframe and kept his eyes on his partner. “I am too homes. I can’t believe this double whammy we have to deal with. It was bad enough having to face those Salem twin bastards. What the hell was Mr. Lawrence thinking?!” Just then Gorgon came over, resting a hand on both of their shoulders.

“I’ll tell ya what he was thinking… That old man wants nothing more than to keep me down. Why else would he keep putting you two low card wrestlers up to the big leagues?! Sure, I’m the same level as you two, but I’ve proven I can handle myself with the best. Have I gotten a major title shot yet?! NO! That old bastard doesn’t give a damn about me! I tell you Randy…” Gorgon started. He had his face an inch away from Randy’s. His putrid breath made Randy’s stomach turn. It took all his willpower to not just vomit right then and there.

“If that old geezer doesn’t give me a major title shot, like it guarantees me in my contract, then I’m walking out man! Goodbye DWL! I’m serious dudes. I’m tired of fighting the low card grunts that I have been the last few weeks.” He stumbled away as Carl came by. “Sorry about this guys. I know he’s not this way when he’s sober.” “It’s fine Carl. Thanks for keeping an eye on him.” Randy replied. Carl grabbed Gorgon’s shoulder and walked off. “Well I guess we know what’s been irking him, huh?” Marcos asked.

He kept holding onto that replica belt as if it were his lifeline. “I still can’t believe we won. After all that’s gone on, we got that chance and we destroyed the competition. And now…Now we just wait to see how Haunted Hallows goes down.” Marcos stuck out his fist, which Randy bumped as always then he walked off. Randy stood there, watching all of those wrestlers partying and dancing as the music began to blare, without a care in the world. It was amazing to him how they could just turn off their professional switches and go back to regular civilian-like life.

He saw his title sitting on the nearby couch, glistening in the afternoon sun. It looked even more amazing in the light and it made him feel better. He looked back at Kolleen and Diana who both had been staring at him and waved, which they returned. At least, for now, he could relax and take a breather before he had to get packed up and ship off.

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