A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Eighty Four

Friday October 29th, 2010: Early Morning

Limo Ride

“Ran-Ran, if we don’t pack soon we’ll be late for the flight!” Kolleen yelled. Randy immediately checked the nearby alarm clock. It read, 5:05 A.M. Crap, she’s right! he thought. He pulled out at least four days worth of clothes, and slipped his phone into his back pocket and rushed out the bedroom door and down the stairs. The door was wide open with Kolleen standing there. She was breathing heavily, due to the intense moving and then ushered him forward. “We gotta go Ran-Ran. Jack will take us to the San Diego Airport. There’s a flight leaving to New York City at six thirty A.M.”

He nodded and turned to look at his mother. She blew him a kiss and waved him off. After waving back he closed the door behind him. Once they were inside, Jack immediately ran to his seat and pulled away. As Randy sat there, his heart was racing and mind frantically going from one thought to the next. “Where’s my title belt?” “I already packed it. Here you go!” Kolleen handed over the belt, which felt cool in his hands.

He checked the nameplate and took a deep breath as he realized his name was engraved and not encrusted. “Thank god…” he could finally relax a bit. He rested back in his seat, clutching his heart all the while. “Are you still nervous Ran-Ran?” Kolleen looked into his eyes and he nodded. He rested his hand on her back and rubbed it which made her groan happily. “I’m sorry about the twenty seventh. I didn’t mean to freak you and Mom out when I said I was scared.” Randy stated. Twenty seventh? Kolleen thought. She traced the dates back and couldn’t concur his statement.

“Ran-Ran? The twenty seventh was on Wednesday, you told us this news yesterday, the twenty eighth.” Kolleen stated. “Did I now? Huh…” He shrugged it off and kept rubbing her back which made her feel good regardless. She decided to run her fingers up and down his chest, making him feel all tingly. Jack yelled back through the front seat. “We will be arriving at the airport in about fifteen minutes sir.” “Thank you Jack!” Randy replied.

“Hey grandpa? Can we please skip ahead to when you got to New York? This is kinda boring.” Ellie stated. Randy looked up from his book and cracked a smile at her. “Sure thing darlin’. I’m gonna be honest, the next bits and pieces of this part of the story are pretty personal anyway. So I’ll skip ahead to when Kolleen and I arrived at our hotel. It was nearby Madison Square Garden. The date and time was…” Randy trailed off. Kolleen flipped the pages of the story and pointed at the title. “AH! Friday October 29th, 2010. Here we go! Randy cleared his throat and watched all of his family listen in admiration.

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