A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Eighty Five

Friday October 29th, 2010: Early Afternoon

Holiday Inn Express NYC

When Randy and Kolleen exited their car, they couldn’t help but gasp in astonishment with the size of New York’s buildings. “They weren’t kidding Kol! This city is huge!” The Holiday Inn Express stood thirty floors high and it glistened beautifully in the sunlight. “Let me help you sir!” Jack stated. He grabbed his and Kolleen’s bags then lead them indoors. To their astonishment, a bunch of the DWL superstars were there already. Gorgon had been standing nearby the front desk with a water in his hands.

He looked and saw Randy there then immediately walked up to him. He was wearing black jogging pants with a black sweater as well. “I see you’re adjusting to the New York weather, eh?” Randy asked. Gorgon looked ashamed of himself, as he kept staring around the enormous main foyer. It looked incredibly fancy, but not as fancy as the hotel he and Kolleen stayed at before. The main entrance of the hotel had a wide windowed area, which opened up to an incredibly wide room. Just like other hotels, there stood a long receptionist desk in which Jack was standing.

“Hey Randy… I’d like to, you know…” “Apology accepted man. Hey, look at me.” Randy stated. He looked up into the big guy’s eyes which were slightly misty. “You are a good person with a kind heart. It takes a big man to apologize especially face to face. We’re cool dude.” Randy patted Gorgon’s massive arm. “Thanks. I was fretting and stewing about this the entire flight over here.” “Well since it’s only hitting Friday night, maybe we could all go out and see the sights? Maybe go look at the Statue of Liberty, see what all the fuss is about?” Randy asked. “Hey, I’d love to do that man, but I am kinda meeting someone here…” Gorgon stopped short as a tall, red haired woman entered the hotel. She had high cheekbones and the greenest eyes Randy had ever seen. She looked like a Russian supermodel with her hourglass figure and long legs.

She had been wearing a dark purple skirt, matching heels and a slightly baggy sweater. “Hey sweet cheeks!” Gorgon said. His voice sounded abnormally higher than usual. “You sly dog…Who’s the lady friend?” Randy asked him. “Oh, sorry about this sweet cheeks. This is Randy Rodriguez.” “The wrestling prodigy.” the woman stated. Her accent was so thick that Randy knew she was Russian. “Yes. Randy, this is Malinda Loreshk. She’s from Russia.” “I can tell dude. Hello Malinda! It’s nice to meet you. I honestly didn’t know my buddy here had a lady friend. How are you?”

“I am doing great, thanks! It’s so nice to meet another person with such etiquettes.” “Likewise miss, likewise.” Just then Kolleen grabbed a hold of Randy’s hand and pulled him towards the elevators. “Did you meet Malinda?” he asked her. They were rushing pretty fast towards the elevator doors, and when they got there Kolleen looked over her shoulder. “I don’t like her…” She stated. She started to jam her finger into the up button as fast and hard as she could. “Careful, Kol! You’re gonna hurt yourself.” The fury on her face began to make him feel scared.

Once the doors opened, they saw Marcos and Samantha standing there, mouth to mouth. Marcos had a thick woolen hat on along with a thin gray sweater and similar colored jeans. Samantha had skin tight jogging pants on along with a slightly baggy turtle neck. She also had a winter hat on. “Oh hey guys…” Marcos muttered. He immediately stopped kissing and turned away. Samantha’s cheeks were turning a bit pink from the embarrassment. “It’s nice to see you two are still going at it.” Randy said happily.

“You know me homes!” Randy and Marcos fist bumped and Marcos laughed. “But seriously though…” He stopped at the look Samantha gave him. “I wanted to treat my lady to a nice day out in the big apple.” Marcos and Samantha left them two behind, before the door shut in front of them. As they rose up, Kolleen gave Randy a spare key. “We’re at the highest floor, room three zero nine.” she said. “Do you wanna go out into the city? Maybe go look at the Statue of Liberty? We could poke around China Town a bit if you want first…” “Were you flirting with that woman?” Kolleen interrupted him.

Randy couldn’t believe the accusation flying out of her mouth. “You got to be kidding me…” He muttered. “What was that?!” Kolleen yelled. Randy rested the back of his head on the elevator walls and sighed. “You gotta stop accusing me of something I never did Kol. It’s destroying that trust we have.” “Maybe I wouldn’t have to act all shifty if you didn’t have your tongue hanging out towards every good looking girl that crossed your path.” The doors clanged open, which showed off a very long, golden hallway.

The floors were carpeted with a thin red material, and the walls had a beige/golden look to them. Their room rested at the center to the right. When their door opened, they were greeted to a whole assortment of baskets filled with numerous amounts of items. They were littered all over the floor, on the beds, covering all the spaces next to and under the T.V. Randy couldn’t believe his eyes. Resting on top of all of these gifts, was his Tag Team Belt. “Admirers huh?” he muttered.

He moved his title belt over towards an open spot nearby the mini fridge and set it down onto the counter. He had to shift aside a bunch of brownies that were shipped from a local bakery. As Randy stood there, opening the brownies, he felt that similar embrace as Kolleen’s arms locked around his waist. “I’m so sorry Ran-Ran. It’s just this pregnancy thing has my emotions all out of whack. I know you’re faithful and I shouldn’t be subjecting you to this kind of idiocy.” she said. Randy turned with a brownie in his mouth and leaned in towards her. She bit off the other half and they ate in silence.

“My GOD, these are amazing!” Randy exclaimed. “I know right?!” Who sent them?” Kolleen asked. “I don’t know, let me check.” He read the note on top which was in personal handwriting. It read: Dear Randy and Kolleen. I would like to congratulate you both on your success thus far in the DWL. My family and I are avid DWL fans and have been ever since I was a young girl. I own a bakery about ten blocks from this hotel and knew you would be here. I just asked the bell clerk to give you this when he knew what room you would be in.

“What else does it say?” Kolleen inquired. She already had another brownie in hand, which had a thick layer of cream cheese frosting and drizzled chocolate on top.

“God this is like Heaven in my mouth…” She muttered. Randy smiled at her and turned the note over. It read: My name is Patricia Mote. My son is only sixteen and he’s already in training to join a local wrestling branch to try and attract the attention of your league. He wanted to make sure you got a gift from him as well. It’s the basket with a bunch of fan made things and my home made biscuits. I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to see you this Sunday at the Garden. My entire family is looking forward to it. With love: -Patricia.

“That was nice of them.” Randy stated. He set the note down and saw that Kolleen already had another brownie in hand. This one was plain but with white chocolate drizzled over the top. “Dear lord, the woman knows how to bake! It’s so good…” Kolleen muttered. He kissed the top of her head and she grinned at him. He then began rummaging through the various baskets until he found the one filled with letters and biscuits. He brought it over to the cleared counter and ripped the plastic wrap off. The biscuits still had a fresh smell to them so he immediately began eating one.

The moment the floured cakes hit his mouth, his senses peaked. It tasted so buttery and it didn’t even have butter on it. “You got to try this Kol!” He handed a biscuit to her and she bit into it. The moment her eyes lit up, he laughed. “I know… right?!” He asked her. “I want to marry this woman!” Kolleen yelled. “Well, seeing as it’s only…One forty in the afternoon, we could do a few things here. One, we could open more gifts. Two, we could go explore New York…” Randy began.

“How about we go walk to the square garden. You know, take a good look at where you’ll be performing in less than three days.” Kolleen interrupted. “Sounds like a date.” They both smiled and kissed. A taste of buttery goodness left Kolleen’s lips, making Randy’s taste buds explode. He wrapped up their food and decided to grab a few letters so they could read them later. After exiting the room and descending to the main foyer, Randy and Kolleen exited the building with fresh minds and slightly appeased stomachs. His gurgled a bit but he ignored it as they took a right and began following the signs. The city felt peaceful to him, as if he were back home.

To be honest, Randy felt like part of him still resided back in San Diego. It wasn’t wondering around, thinking what it should do for the day. No; it rested in a bed inside of a living room gazing out into the same old boring scenery day after day after day. He and Kolleen had already passed numerous skyscrapers, past bustling people as a chilly October wind blew slightly through the streets. Randy’s mind was still back on his mother however. That poor woman who needed a change of scenery. As they took a left, he could see the building.

The famous Madison Square Garden rested just at the end of this road. It felt as if a magnet were pulling him towards the building. His feet felt like they were lighter than air, almost gliding as he and Kolleen took in the enormous buildings around them. His heart was racing now. The building was only half a block away. It stuck out in the middle of the city like a sore thumb. The rounded, shiny walls nearly drew him in at full force. “Easy there speedy! We don’t wanna get hit.” Kolleen said.

She had to grab Randy’s hand to stop him from jaywalking. He couldn’t contain his excitement, as the garden seemingly poured into his very soul. The adrenaline had been pumping hard throughout his body now, as if this building knew legends were going to be made that Sunday. As soon as they crossed the street, Randy immediately sprinted towards the building, with Kolleen on his heels. “Randy, slow down! I can’t run that fast!” He couldn’t even hear her voice anymore. Not even the people talking or the cars cruising by caught his attention.

This giant shining building was only fifteen feet away. He ran faster and then stopped, just outside the main doors. When Kolleen caught up with him, she shook him a bit. “I asked you to stop Ran-Ran.” She said. “Sorry Kol. I just needed to get closer. Do you realize how many legends were born in this building?” “Yes, I’m q-quite, aware…” She stopped to catch her breath. “ I’m aware of the events that took place here. Now can we please… sit down?” She grabbed Randy’s hand again and yanked him over towards a series of benches.

“How long did it take us to get here by foot?” he asked. Kolleen had her phone out and had to cup a hand over it due to all the sunlight. “We left at one forty and it’s two o’ five. It took us about twenty five minutes, give our take.” Randy had his hand clutched over his heart with an intense smile on his face. “I can feel it Kol. I can feel the excitement brewing deep within my veins. This Sunday, history will be made and I hope to headline it!” He rested his head on Kolleen’s shoulder, and felt her soft touch as she held onto his face.

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