A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Eighty Six

Friday October 29th, 2010: Early Evening

Outside Madison Square Garden NYC

The air began to get chillier as night would soon be falling. A light wind picked up which caused Kolleen’s hair to move merrily around. Randy brushed her hair behind her ear, as he always has in the past. “I love how your hair moves in the breeze.” Randy said. She held onto his hand and kissed it. “Do you wanna read the letters?” she asked him. “Yeah, I do.” Randy grabbed the top letter which had very poorly written words on the front. “It’s addressed from a, Justin Dural.” “Where’s the letter from?” “It says it’s from here, New York, New York.” “Well that’s convenient.” Kolleen replied.

He tore the envelope open and a couple of pictures as well as two letters poured out. The first picture was of a very tall, bald man with tan skin. He looked overweight but had happiness written across his smile. He was wearing one of Randy’s new t-shirts, but this one had two stick figures, one holding a knife into the other’s back. Below it, from the blood of the victim were the words: Back Stab. The man’s face was fat, with big ears, a huge nose, small mouth and medium sized, green eyes. The other picture was the man again but with two children, one on each shoulder. The right child was a girl with long brown hair, hazel eyes, and a cute button nose.

The one to the left was a boy with brown hair, blue eyes and looked just like his father, but smaller. Both of which were sporting shirts that had Randy’s nickname printed onto them. “Read the letters.” Kolleen said. Randy opened the first, which was made of red construction paper. What he saw when it was unfolded, made his heart melt. The kids had drawn him a picture, which was of a wrestling ring, with Randy, labeled with his name in their penmanship, and them two by his side. Above it were the words: Go Randy! “I can’t believe this. You have fans even down in the child stages. Ran-Ran… This is amazing!”

Randy then opened up a paper which had a long letter on it. It read: Dear Mr. Rodigruez, or ‘Phantom’, as my kids call you. I would like to thank you so much for your dedication to this amazing sport and the sportsmanship you’ve shown thus far. The kids and I have been fans of you ever since we knew you were debuting. I’ve followed your father’s career and watched all of Patrick’s old matches and was so excited to share this experience with my kids. Wrestling’s been in my family for generations, even if we aren’t wrestler’s ourselves. We have been avid fans of the DWL for years now and I was super excited for you and Marcos when you two won those Tag Team Titles.

The letter continued: My kids took a great liking to you, especially when you lock in the Back Stab. That’s the shirt you see me wearing in those two photos. Anyway, we wanted to congratulate you and hope for the best at Haunted Hallows! OH! My kids also enclosed a picture that they drew themselves. They’re five and six years old; Hailey is five and Bruce Jr. is six I hope to be able to actually meet you someday and get an autograph. It’d be an honor for all of us. You are what keeps this family striving, since what happened with my wife and all. I won’t bore you with my problems however, I just wanted to let you know that you’ve helped us all move on. Thank you for this opportunity to reach you and I hope that the letter does in fact, reach you. Good luck, once again, and have a good day/night. Sincerely: - Bruce Lexington Sr. P.S. Even if you lose, the kids and I will continue supporting you one hundred percent.

“Aww.” Kolleen stated. “It makes my heart pump so hard to see such fantastic fans, Kol.” “We’re framing this Ran-Ran. These kids clearly love you a lot!” Randy opened up the next letter which was addressed from a Marley Nellison. “It says Marley’s from Boise Idaho.” Randy muttered. He ripped open the envelope and out dropped a fifty cent piece which was attached to a necklace made of solid silver. “Wow, the coin dates back to my birth year.” “What does the letter say?” Kolleen asked him. He pulled out the letter, noticing that it was scrawled in an extremely neat matter.

It read: Dear Randy, my name is Marley. I’m seventeen years old, soon to be eighteen this Sunday to be exact. That’s right! I’ll become an adult on the very night of your first pay per view event! I also enclosed a picture of myself, it’s taped to the back of this letter. Sure enough, there was a picture of a dark skinned girl with bright brown eyes, long bushy black hair, a wide smile and pretty cheeks. She was wearing short shorts, and a black tank top. “Wow, she’s beautiful!” Kolleen said. “She’s alright.” Randy replied. When he saw Kolleen look at him, he chuckled.

“What Kol? She’s alright looking, but you’re all the beauty that I need in this world.” “Aww, Ran-Ran.” She said, kissing him lightly. Randy then turned his attention back to the letter. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’m pursuing wrestling as well. That’s right! I’m going to be hopefully joining a local wrestling league in preparation for the big leagues. I’ve already wrestled five years at my school and have earned multiple medals for first and second places. I wanted to let you know that you were my inspiration to push forward with this whole wrestling thing. Of course I’m gonna go to college, and I’m going with a wrestling scholarship, and hope to major in creative writing.

The letter continued: I love wrestling so much as I do writing. I hope to meet you someday Randy. I loved that match you had with Sacrifice. Even though you lost that match, no one has ever been able to suplex that man, let alone a standing German suplex! It blew my mind when I saw you do that move. Jesus… I mean, I couldn’t stop talking about you to my fellow seniors and friends. They all saw that match as well, and agreed. There are some haters, but who doesn’t have haters, if they’re good anyway? I’ll cut this letter short, with this closing statement. I LOVE wrestling; it’s my passion! You hang in there Randy. I believe you’ll snag that Submission’s Championship at Haunting Hallows. And even if you don’t, I doubt you’ll lose any fans. You can rest easy knowing that I sure as hell won’t lose faith in you. Every great legend in this business has had their fair share of losses, it’s only human nature. I can’t wait to see the match, peace! - Marley.

“It’s nice to see that you’ve garnered these followers.” Kolleen said. Randy had to sit back and stare off across the street. Every single streetlight had lit up, causing the areas to appear majestic. Despite the chilliness that New York brought his exterior, Randy’s interior was as warm as an oven. “I can’t believe I’ve actually made an impact on people’s lives.” That’s when he looked down at the last letter in his lap. It was addressed from their hometown, San Diego. “Wow, someone from back home. Open it Ran-Ran.” Kolleen ordered excitedly.

Randy saw that there was no return address. “How the hell did this person get the letter to my room? How did he or she know where we were staying?!” he asked. He tore the envelope open and out poured five different photos. All of which were of Leslie Froge and each one was of her posing provocatively. “OH JESUS!” Randy exclaimed. He looked immediately away, unable to even look back down. Kolleen picked up the pictures and gasped as she flipped through them. “This is that bimbo that’s been flirting with you!” Randy nodded, attempting to stifle his vomit.

“You saw her, remember? Back at the Athletics Club?” Randy asked her. He looked at the shocked expression in Kolleen’s face. “I’m so sorry Kol! I never knew she was this obsessed with me.” “It… It’s not your fault, but why won’t she leave you alone?” When she looked at him, he saw the tears building in those beautiful blue eyes. He grabbed a hold of her face, pulled her towards his own and kissed her trembling lips. She hugged him tightly around the neck and sobbed hard into his chest.

“Why w-won’t she l-leave us a-alone?!” She cried. “Shh. I don’t know Kol. I really don’t know.” They hugged for a short while until Kolleen was able to recompose herself. She let go of him, took a deep breath and then exhaled shakily. “Let’s see what the bitch has to say to us.” She muttered. Randy opened the letter and read out loud. “’Hey Randy. I wanted to send you something personal to make sure you felt at home.’” “Bitch!” Kolleen interrupted. Randy pulled her into a one armed hug and continued reading. “’Anyway, I hope that blonde brat is taking care of you…’” “Jesus…” Randy muttered.

“Oh I’m the brat?! Oh she has it coming!” Kolleen replied. “I’m sorry Kol…” “It’s not you Ran-Ran. Just please… Keep reading.” He cleared his throat and continued. “’These pictures are for you Randy. That last one especially. I just wanted to let you know that I hope you do well in your matches to come and that the blonde freak takes care of you until you can come back home. Good luck Randy and enjoy!’” He immediately proceeded to tearing the letter into tiny little pieces and threw it into a nearby trash. He then ripped all the photos up tossed them out and spit as big as he could into it afterwards.

When he turned around he saw Kolleen standing, with a giddy smile on her face. The wind decided to blow through her hair again and her glistening crystal like eyes made his heart pump hard. “I love you…” She mouthed. “I love you too.” he mouthed back. She ran and leapt into his embrace and kissed him more passionate than she had ever done in the past.

“I can’t believe I’ve found the most amazing guy I’ve always dreamed of!” “You’ll never be able to get rid of me Kol.” He spun her around which caused her hair to fly, making her laugh hard. When he set her down she had her hands folded as she felt the cold setting in. He saw the backs of them and her cheeks turning pink. “Here, take this.” He took off his shirt and went to wrap it around her face, when she refused it. “You’d get pneumonia if you didn’t at least have that on.” She stated. “But you’re worth any sickness I ever get.”

She refused to accept the shirt, so eventually, he put it back on. “How about we get back to the hotel? I’m cold…” Randy stated. She nodded and that was when he noticed a concession stand nearby. “We haven’t eaten supper yet Kol. How about we get a couple of New York hotdogs and maybe stop by a coffee shop and get some hot chocolate?” “That sounds lovely.” Kolleen replied. They went, hand in hand, across the street, towards the hotdog vendor. “Wait…I forgot you’re a vegetarian… CRAP!” Randy muttered. “Can I take your order sir?” a tall light skinned man asked. He had a thick black mustache and a balding head.

“Sir, I forgot that my girlfriend was a vegetarian, and I offered her hotdogs…I’m such a dunce, Kol.” Randy said to her. “Kolleen laughed and shook her head. “It’s fine Ran-Ran.” “Sir, you’re in luck! I have veggie dogs here, made out of one hundred percent vegetables. Carrots, broccoli, spinach; you name it. It’s held together with bread crumbs and some eggs. We fry them in specially made casings that are made from vegetables as well.” “That’s amazing!” Randy replied.

“How many would you like sir?” the man asked him. “I’ll take two please.” Randy replied. “I would like ketchup and mustard on mine, and you would like?” Randy asked Kolleen. “I would just like mine plain, thanks.” She replied. “You like the taste of the product itself I see, I like that!” the man stated. “How long have you been in this business… Roger?” Randy asked, reading the man’s nametag. Roger handed over the two hotdogs. “First off, that would be five dollars even and secondly, I’ve been in this business for over thirty five years. I started back when I was only sixteen.” Randy saw the fatigue in the man’s face and rummaged in his wallet.

He had over a thousand dollars on him so he pulled out five one hundred dollar bills and handed it over. “Sir… I do not have change for this and it’s only five dollars.” Roger replied. “Please, sir, take it as a gift. Keep the change.” Randy replied. He shook Roger by the shoulder a bit and then walked away. As they walked down the road, Randy noticed a coffee shop ahead, which happened to be a Starbucks. He didn’t realize the teary eyes that Roger had as he watched them leave. Randy rushed in and came back out with two medium drinks. They walked and ate in silence, taking in all the sights of the amazing lit up city.

“These hotdogs are amazing!” Kolleen stated. He noticed she already had a quarter of hers gone. “You seem to enjoy them Kol. To be honest, they’re not that bad.” “In fact, I really think they taste just like regular hotdogs.” As they turned the corner and headed back towards the Holiday Inn, they saw all of the city’s splendor. Skyscrapers shooting up into the air, illuminating every inch of darkness that rested on the streets below them.

Randy finished his food and began to sip on his hot chocolate. “Jesus this tastes good!” The hotel was just feet from them, and looked even better in the coming night. Kolleen had just finished her food and was already sipping at her drink as well. They stood across the street, hand in hand once again as they gazed at the immaculate building ahead of them. For those precious moments, nothing else existed to either of them. They kept sipping on their drinks and spoke not a word.

The only noise that they heard was their exhales of breath and the slight chattering of Kolleen’s teeth. Then, there it was, the feint squeezing in Randy’s hand. He didn’t even have to think about the reply and squeezed hers back. They then crossed the street and began their slightly long trek back to the top floor, with their hands never disconnecting, but seemingly locking more and more as time wore on.

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