A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Eighty Seven

Saturday October 30th, 2010: Mid-Morning

Hotel / Limo Ride

“Kolleen had stirred awake as she heard Randy’s phone buzzing. She was astounded as to how it didn’t even wake him but broke her straight out of a sound sleep. She groaned angrily and tried to block out the buzzing, but to no avail. She turned to her side, gazing past Randy’s head towards the lit up phone. The phone finally stopped buzzing and Kolleen tried to get back to sleep. Just as she was about to drift off, the phone buzzed again. “Randy?! Could you please, for the love of God, answer the call?!” Kolleen asked.

She shook Randy awake and he stirred a bit then rubbed his eyes. “Who the heck is calling?” he muttered. To his left, sat his still vibrating phone so he finally answered it. “Hello?” He called out with a groggy voice. As he sat up on the edge of the bed, all he could hear was a disturbing noise. It sounded like sexual moaning and then he heard Leslie’s distinct voice. “Oh Jesus…” he whispered. He immediately hung up the phone and set it back down. As he tried to grasp what the girl was doing to them, the phone buzzed once more.

“Listen you two timing disgusting sleaze bag…” “Well good morning to you too, son.” Diana replied. Randy’s heart sank at the sound of her voice. “Oh God… Mom, I didn’t mean it. This girl’s just been harassing me ever since that stupid Athletics Club.” Randy replied.

He got up and left the bedroom so Kolleen could sleep in peace. He entered the kitchen, noticing a basket nearby the coffee machine, which was filled with coffee packets, hot chocolate and tea bags. There was also a lemon flavored tea mix which Randy was very fond of, and immediately started making some cold tea up for himself. As he mixed the powder in, Diana continued to speak. “Who’s this jezebel that’s been bothering you?” she asked him. Randy took a sip of his tea and leaned back against the counter. As he stared out the window towards the city, he sighed.

“Randy, I’m your mother. Remember, you can tell me anything.” She ushered. He rubbed his eyes a bit and sighed once more. “Her name’s Leslie. Leslie Froge. She’s sisters with Natalie Froge in the DWL. See, Natalie’s perfectly fine. She’s down to earth, from what I’ve heard, and she’s one hell of an athlete, but Leslie… I don’t know what’s wrong with her Mom. She’s been relentless with her flirting while I was still working out at that place. She then sent me a letter filled with the most provocative crap I’ve ever seen. And now…” Randy trailed off.

He went to sip more of his tea then checked a small cooler nearby the counters. There were some Eggo waffles inside. “Nice, chocolate chip!” Randy said. He immediately went and began toasting four of them for himself and rummaged through the mini fridge, seeing that there were tiny canisters of syrup. “You found some waffles I presume?” Diana asked. “Uhh… Of course not!” Just then the toaster popped up, and he sighed. “I didn’t hear a thing.” Diana stated. Randy laughed as he tore off the top of the syrup and began eating his makeshift breakfast.

“So tell me about this Leslie. What did she say in that phone call?” Diana asked him. All Randy could hear in his mind were the disturbing moaning noises that she made. “She…” He sighed once more and looked back out the window. The cloud infested skies seemed to make him shiver as if a horror setting was being prepped, just for his life. “She what?” “The woman left these nasty sexual moaning noises on my phone. Mom… I think she was… you know.” Randy said. “You don’t have to say anymore, I get the picture.”

Randy shook his head as he rubbed his eyes even more. That was when he saw Kolleen entering the main room with nothing on but a towel. Her hair was drenched and she looked so attractive at that point. He couldn’t help himself but smile as he always did with her. “That was a fast shower.” He stated. “Waffles?” “Yes! Do they have blueberry though?” Kolleen replied. Randy put a finger up at her and began rummaging the cooler. “Ah! They do in fact. There’s also some Eggo French toast sticks.” Randy stated. “I’d like some of those then!” “French toast sticks it is then. One, two?” He asked her.

“Hmm… Three slices please?” She asked. She had a smug smile on her face, bearing some of her teeth. The look in her eyes made Randy’s heart nearly burst from pumping so hard. “Three slices coming right up miss.” She walked up to him, swaying her hips back and forth and rested against the counters. “Why thank you sir.” She replied, and added a pompous laugh. “I see you have the mix tea, but do you have regular tea bags?” “Yes I do! There’s Green Tea and Black Tea.”

“Green tea me up baby!” Kolleen stated. Randy laughed at her, and then remembered his mother was still on the phone. “Sorry about that mom!” Diana just laughed at him and seemed to laugh for quite some time. “I haven’t laughed like that in ages! You two make such a great couple.” “So are you going to tell Kolleen about this?” “Of course I am Mom! I can’t just keep something like that a secret.” “Keep what a secret?” Kolleen replied. She had already been eating her food when she spoke.

Randy saw that innocent yet penetrating stare she was giving him. He turned towards her and gazed down at his feet. “I gotta let you go Mom. Wish me luck for tomorrow night.” “Good luck honey! I love you.” “Love ya too, Mom.” Randy then hung up and forced himself to look into his girlfriend’s eyes. “You have to hear me out. I got probably the most disturbing call I’ve ever received in my life. Leslie called.” “That bitch from San Diego, continue please.” Kolleen interrupted. “She didn’t speak. The only thing I could hear was sexual moaning and I knew it was her, Kol. Leslie’s becoming more and more of a stalker.”

Kolleen stopped replying and just twiddled with her hair. “I know what you’re thinking Kol, but don’t worry. This girl’s clearly got problems…” “And she clearly wants to be in your pants!” Kolleen interrupted again. She grabbed onto his arms and stared right back into his own eyes. “You can’t tell me that this doesn’t worry you Randy. This girl is clearly out of her freaking mind, and will not back off until she’s with you, alone.”

The both of them continued to look into each other’s faces as these words mellowed deep inside Randy’s brain. He stroked the wet hair out of Kolleen’s face and pulled her head towards him. She immediately began to weep, holding onto him tightly. “I can’t take this anymore. I’m so scared as to what this girl’s going to do. First the flirting, then the disturbing pictures and now this?! Wh… What are we going to do? Just sit here and pray that she doesn’t hurt us?!” She looked back up at him which made it even harder for him to reply.

“I wish I knew how to answer that.” They hugged for quite a long time as they both fretted over the future to come. Then Randy’s phone went off again. He picked it up and realized the caller I.D. matched the number to Marcos. “Hey buddy!” Randy said. “What’s up homes? The guys and girls at the upstairs department of the DWL wanted to throw all of us a party at the Garden. We’ll be partying in the rafters, as we watch the crew set up the stage for tomorrow night. The party’s starting soon, so if you want, you and Kolleen are more than welcome to join in.”

“Hey, that sounds like something we really need right now. Something to take both our minds off of life. What do you say Kol? There’s a party going on at the Garden hosted by the business department of the DWL.” “Absolutely! I’d never pass a chance for a good party.” With that, Kolleen bustled out of the main room to go change. Randy laughed a bit as she walked away. He never got tired of seeing her hips move. “Sounds like an a okay move by us two. We’ll be there in about forty five minutes. It takes us about twenty five to walk there.”

“Alright homes. We’ll see you here! Don’t worry about food. Mr. Lawrence and the rest of the business heads have ordered like thirty sheet pizzas, piles and piles of wings of every sort, juice, coffee, soda, sweets from a nearby bakery. This fudge is amazing! It literally melts in your mouth!” Marcos stated. “That sounds good man. I’ll see you soon.” With that, he hung up and then saw Kolleen reenter the room. She was wearing an incredibly tight pair of jeans, that showed off her legs and butt magnificently. She also had a very tight white hoodie on which seemed to show off every single physical part that Randy liked, to a T.

Her hair was tied up into a ponytail which he loved as well. “My GOD, you’re beautiful!” he said. “Am I now?” She asked, turning around and bending over. “Do you like what you see?” she had her head cocked to the right as she did some yoga stretches. Randy walked over and ran his hands across her belly, hugging her snuggly in his arms. As he kissed the back of her neck, she giggled at him, and tried to wave him off. She just burst into a fit of giggles and then he let go. “You better get dressed, and at least wash your face and hair.”

Randy immediately sprinted to the bathroom, stripped, hopped into the shower, and soaped himself up as fast as he could. But as he was washing his hair he saw something standing in the doorway. “Kol?” Randy asked. The figure walked slowly up towards the tinted glass doors of the shower and stood just outside it. The figure was of a woman but it wasn’t Kolleen. No, this woman had bigger hips and her hair was thicker and down past her shoulders.

Randy reached for the door handle and stopped as he continued to stare at the distorted figure. He took a big gulp and shot a quick prayer up and closed his eyes. He then threw the door open and immediately opened his eyes; she was gone. Fear was all that he could feel at this point. What’s going on?! he thought. Kolleen happened to walk by the bathroom and at first, she laughed at Randy’s nakedness. When she saw the petrified look in his face, she immediately tended to him. “What’s wrong?”

“I s-swear to God, I saw someone standing outside the shower door.” His voice was shaky as was his rapid breathing. “You poor thing. Are you sure it wasn’t me? I mean, I’ve been standing out in the other room most of the time but…” “No! No, Kol, it wasn’t you. This figure had wider hips and her hair seemed so thick and bushy. I’m seeing things… Am I going crazy?!” Randy asked her. He didn’t even realize the shampoo suds coursing towards his open eyes. “Ran-Ran, you may wanna wash that out before your eyes begin to burn.”

“Y-Yeah.” He turned all the hot water off and ran his head under the icy coldness at an attempt to wake himself up. He immediately pulled his body out of it and shut the water off completely. Kolleen already had a towel for him and wrapped it around his jittering body. He clasped the towel so tightly that his knuckles were turning pure white. He thought he was going insane and felt his mind shifting from one thought to another. Then he felt Kolleen’s loving embrace as she did many times before, with her hands clasped around his midsection.

“You are completely sane Ran-Ran. I think that this girl has you worked up and this is just all in your head.” Randy nodded in return and then allowed her to guide him out of the bathroom. After throwing on a thick white sweater, and matching jeans, Randy put on a snow hat, and Kolleen did as well. They exited the room and did their normal routine up to the main entrance. As they got to the doors, they saw rain beginning to pour down and hard. “Well this blows.” Randy muttered. That was until he saw a limo pulling up to the sidewalk and their friend Jack, waving through the passenger window.

The two of them sprinted out into the freezing rain and nearly leapt into the back of the limo. When they got inside, it was heated as were the seats. “I had the heat turned on just for you two!” Jack stated. “Th-Thank you s-s-so much J-Jack!” Randy replied. “Now, it wasn’t that cold.” Kolleen laughed at his discomfort and he stuck his tongue out at her. “Oh, really mature!” She stuck hers out at him. Jack yelled back from up front. “We’ll be at the Garden in about three minutes. No worries about that place though. They have the temperature modified to suit the weather.”

“Thank you for that!” Kolleen replied. “No problem miss.” They felt the limo lurch forward and then they were off. Even though both of them seemed relatively happy, Kolleen didn’t know the fear that was building deep in the pit of Randy’s stomach. He knew he saw someone outside the shower, and he prayed it wasn’t a delusion. It felt as if his stalker was haunting him. Not in a spiritual way, but both on a physical and a debilitating mental level. He hated it and most of all, he hated Leslie.

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