A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Eighty Nine

Saturday October 30th, 2010: Late Night

Holiday Inn NYC

As Randy walked into their hotel, he felt a bit aggravated by what Kolleen did. They walked silently through the living room and back to the bedroom area. Once Randy sat down, he felt Kolleen’s hands caressing his shoulders. He shrugged her off and got back up. His head was spinning from the things he’s seen over the day and no one here understands him. “Randy?” she called out to him. He ignored her voice and reentered the living room.

All of these baskets were here for him and he felt like these fans were the only ones who cared about him anymore. He found a nearby basket and tore the plastic off. A strong smell of chocolate wafted through his nostrils. Inside this basket was over a dozen of chocolate muffins with chocolate chips baked throughout them. Randy immediately grabbed one and began to chew on it. It felt as if his anger and anxiety was melting away with each bite. He finished that one and picked up a muffin that had chocolate frosting on top. It tasted so good that he couldn’t help but smile.

That was until he heard her voice again. “Ran-Ran? How long are you gonna give me the cold shoulder?” He ignored her more and walked over to the kitchen. He needed a drink so he found some bottled water and started sucking it down. As he rested against the counters, Kolleen walked slowly over to him.

She looked like a scolded dog with its tail between its legs. The way she had her hands folded, and eyes gazing down at her feet. She stopped, just beside the island area and started fidgeting with her hands. She did this all the time when they would argue. “Why did you go behind my back and talk to Mr. Lawrence anyway? He never had to know, I would have taken care of it myself.” “Well I…” “Well; Well nothing! Do you have ANY idea what I’m going to look like now in front of all my peers? Oh, there goes the mental problems masking itself as a human being. Oh, he only got in this business because his dad and grandfather were in it, that’s it!

“Randy… please…” “Oh, he’s seeing shit. Look at him, he’s about to lose his mind right here; right… NOW! I’m going to look like the freaking nut case of the company. Sure, Mr. Lawrence acts like he gives a crap about me, but right now, do you know what he’s doing?! He’s contemplating firing my ass because I won’t be up to par mentally, with the rest of the guys. He’ll probably have me sent to an institution where they can practice on my brain to see, just what makes Randy tick?” Kolleen could see the fury in his eyes which made her so scared.

“Please… Stop…” she cried. “Don’t give me those tears, Kol. You did your job perfectly! You wanted me out of this business, ever since I first joined. You just tagged along because you were my girlfriend. Well you can take your pity and shove it where the sun don’t shine!” Randy still had his wallet in his pocket and jacket resting on the nearby counter. He grabbed the jacket and stormed out of the room.

Before he shut the door, he got one last look at Kolleen, who was wailing with her arms wrapped around her stomach. She looked up at him, “I’m s-sorry. I’m s-so…” Randy left, letting the door shut between them. He was already near the end of the hallway, when Kolleen yelled to him. “Randy wait!” But he was to livid to listen to reason; he needed to get out of this place. So he entered the elevator and left Kolleen behind, on her knees. As the elevator descended, the guilt began to lick at his insides. He shook it off though and continued his descent.

He felt as if his brain were shutting down on him day by day. First the memory loss, now these weird visions he’s been seeing. Am I losing my mind?! he thought. Then the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Standing on the other side was none other than Leslie Froge. “Randy?!” She yelled, leaping into the elevator and hugging him. “W-What are you doing here Leslie?” he asked. When she let go, Randy noticed she had a baggy gray jacket on with loose jogging pants. “Oh… I would never miss this event Randy. It’s your first pay per view and I know the first is always the hardest.”

She pulled him out of the elevator and pushed him up against the wall inside the main foyer. “What are you doing? Did you send me that disturbing phone call yesterday morning?” “I was drinking that night…” She trailed off, running her fingers up his arm. “And I get so jealous of you and that blonde girl upstairs.” He pushed her off of him and walked away.

“You can’t pretend that there isn’t something between us. I can feel the electricity in the air and I know you can too!” Leslie yelled. She was following him towards the front door and out into the chilly night air. Randy immediately felt the coldness sinking deep into the very pits of his stomach. He leaned against a nearby pillar and looked down the street. He could see a bunch of people running around, throwing eggs at buildings and spray painting cars and walls. “Mischief Night is quite a tradition, you know.” she whispered.

The way her breath caressed his neck, made him shiver, but not in a good way. “I saw that shiver go down your spine.” Leslie walked around him so they could talk face to face. “Let’s go somewhere more… comfortable.” “W-Wait. I have a girlfriend and I love her a lot. Way too much to go fooling around with some bimbo that throws herself at every guy that she deems passable.” Randy replied. Somehow these allegations didn’t seem to hurt her in any way. She just giggled at his attempts of pushing her away.

She grabbed his hand and tried to pull but he yanked it back out. “I’m serious Leslie! I’m in love with Kolleen and I don’t want to fool around with you.” He stared off down the street as he said this. Leslie leaned against a pillar and started to play with her hair. “Why do you look so upset then?” she asked. “That’s a good question and I hardly believe it’s any of your concern. Here’s a question for you.” Randy looked straight into her eyes as he asked. “Did you or did you not send me a phone call yesterday morning with sexual moaning?”

Leslie kept twiddling her hair and chewing on her tongue. “Yes, I told you that I was drunk. I was out of my freaking mind and was obsessing over you. Are ya happy now?” she replied. “No; No, I’m not! Listen, you have to leave me and Kolleen alone. I’ve done no wrong to you so why do you insist in doing wrong to me?” Leslie looked back at him once more, seeing the concern in his face. “I don’t mean to do any wrong to you or your girlfriend, Randy. I…” She stopped and stepped towards him and when she reached out to grab him by the arms, she was shrugged back off.

“I’m obsessed with you. The moment I saw you enter that fitness center, I felt an instant attraction. Like lightning against water and it was only between you and I. Randy, I think I like you a lot.” The pained expression in Leslie’s face just made Randy feel guilty, despite all of the crap she said or put Kolleen and himself through lately. “You have to understand that you are a beautiful girl. You seem to have your head on straight, when you’re not being this obsessive compulsive person. But you also have to understand when to back off when someone’s clearly not interested and not take it personally. I mean no hatred towards you Leslie, just worry.”

She stepped closer towards him, leaving only a foot of space between them. Randy could feel her breath on his face, making him want to move. His feet felt rooted to the spot, as if she cemented his area before he exited the building. Randy folded his arms as she stepped even closer now. Mere inches separated their faces as he tried harder to resist her. Leslie leaned in with her lips pursed, missing Randy’s face but kissing his hand as he pushed her away.

“I thought we had a moment…” She stepped back this time, and the sadness began to set in. Sobbing turned to crying as she covered her mouth. “Leslie, please…” She shook her head at him and sprinted away. He turned and watched her hair bouncing as she sprinted as fast as she could. When she turned the corner, guilt really began to eat at him. He continued to gaze off at the street when Kolleen touched his shoulder. He nearly jumped out of his skin and had to clutch his pounding chest. “Jesus Kol…” “I-I’m s-s-sorry Randy. I-I…” “Come here.” Randy ushered. She immediately leapt into his embrace and cried.

As he stood there, rocking her back and forth, Randy tried to hush her. “I-I should have a-asked y-y-you. I-I’m s-so sorry!” Kolleen wailed. “You don’t need to apologize. I should be the one saying sorry. You didn’t deserve to be talked to like that, not when you have good intentions in heart. I’m sorry Kol.” She looked up into his eyes and then nodded. “Let’s get back to the room, it’s getting colder out here.” He ushered her inside, with his arm around her waist. As they crossed the main foyer, Leslie showed back up.

She stopped just outside the door, with a gift in her hands. She was just about to enter, when she saw Randy and Kolleen entering the elevators. “I gotta tell you what Leslie just did.” He stated, as the doors began to close. That’s when he saw Leslie standing outside the doors. The most furious and upset expression Randy had ever seen was pasted across Leslie’s face. “What the hell is she doing here?!” Kolleen asked. She just saw Leslie as well, and clutched the coat around her neck.

“It’s apparent that Leslie thinks she and I had a moment.” Randy said. “What moment?” “I see the worry in your eyes, Kol, and I hear the fear in your voice. Don’t worry though, she and I didn’t do anything. Though she tried to kiss me, I put my hand up to her face and pushed her back. I told her over and over again I’m happily in love with you but she won’t take the freaking hint.” The doors opened and they were nearly bombarded by Samantha and Marcos who were kissing just outside. “Oh, sorry homes!” Marcos stated.

“You two should probably get a room!” Randy replied. “You wish man. This is the hottest thing I’ve done since I tanned at the beach.” He and Samantha disappeared into the elevators leaving Kolleen and Randy in the upstairs hallway. They walked, hand in hand back to their room, both not talking and both incredibly worried about the Leslie situation. When they entered their room, Randy immediately locked the door for safety’s sake and he and Kolleen ran to the bedroom and hopped into bed. They undressed quickly slipped under the covers and before Randy knew it, they were making love.

“Grandpa, you don’t need to keep those details in there.” Charlie stated. Randy looked back up from his book and then turned his attention back to Kolleen. She had such red cheeks at this moment and she couldn’t stop herself from giggling. Randy then turned towards Charlie and nodded. “Sure, I’ll skip the juicy details, but just so you know, one day you’ll find a wonderful person and will not find making love as unappealing, I assure you.” He then turned a page and readied his voice for the story.

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