A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Nine

Wednesday September 22nd, 2010 Early Evening.

The Rodriguez Residence:

Randy lay, tossing and turning in his bed while a horrible dream continued to plow through his brain. He was standing in the middle of a darkened room, with only a single spotlight shining down a distance away from him. He was nervous, just staring at it and didn’t know what he should do. His brain was unable to process a single thought to help him solve this dilemma. Despite the pounding in his chest and head, Randy began to take a few steps towards the light. There was a faint whining in the background, bouncing off of the seemingly invisible walls. Randy jumped, flipping his head all around at an attempt to discover the noise’s origins.

He had no success, so he decided to press onward. The light appeared to be miles away, but Randy knew it couldn’t be. It felt as if it was right there, nearly feet away from him. Then why did it feel like he was walking for miles? His legs were already aching as he began to pick up the pace. He was now fast walking, feeling sweat beginning to form on his brow and neck. Another whimper vibrated around the blackened room. Randy started to get paranoid, again picking up his speed. He was now jogging towards the light, which still felt so far away. He hastened his breathing, when the whimper sounded once more. His mind was racing with so many thoughts at this point as to who would create such an awful noise.

It sounded as if it was directly behind him. Fear was the only emotion that coursed Randy’s veins now. So he broke into a dead sprint, running as fast as his legs would permit him too. The light was almost there, Randy could feel a slight heat emitting from it. Yes, let me enter your warm embrace! Randy thought. When he was about to enter the light, the whimpering came to a dead halt. He was beyond fear now, his ears perking up to try and trace a single noise in the distance. The silence was worse than the crying, he prayed something would just make a single noise. All around him the ground started to shake violently, staggering him a bit. Bending his knees, Randy steadied his body once more.

The shaking just intensified as time went on, making it harder and harder for Randy to stay upright. All he had to do was enter the light, something told him walking into it would put an end to all of this. He tried to move, but his legs would not comply to his brain’s commands. It was as if they were separated from the nervous system; developing a mind of their own. Randy continued to try and move his feet, and failed miserably. The shaking was in full blow now, nearly replicating an earthquake. Shutting his eyes tightly, and with a huge lunge, Randy detached his feet from the black floor. His entire body went flying into the light; the moment he was illuminated, warmth spread through him.

He could still see the darkness surrounding him, threatening to swallow even the light up. Randy was praying that he would not be forced back into that abyss. It was scary just looking at it from a different perspective. He did not want to be thrust back into it. Sure enough, the light around him was beginning to shrink, evaporating like fog in an early spring morning. He clutched his chest, watching as the light was beginning to shrink to his feet. His left arm was in the darkness, which felt so much colder now.

The light flickered, making him look up. The spotlight was dimming and jolting. Then suddenly the light flickered for a last second and then it was out permanently. Randy lowered his head, staring directly in front of him, or at least what he thought that direction was. He began to shiver, wrapping both arms around his chest. His body was so cold at this point that he didn’t know what to do. He was beginning to feel stinging in his eyes, followed with wet streams dripping down his cheeks. Randy just wanted to go home, and leave this place as far behind as possible. Out of nowhere, a rushing sound, like wind blowing, roared at the opposite end of the darkness.

It was like an enormous tornado, tearing through a vast forest. Randy felt his hair blowing all over the place. He held a hand out at an attempt to shield his face. Although he could not see anything, he squinted his eyes to try and keep looking forward. Suddenly, the whistling stopped; all Randy could hear was ringing in both ears. The ringing stopped almost as fast as it started. An ear piercing scream billowed from a distance, echoing loudly off of the unseen walls. Randy covered his ears, trying to block out the horrendous yells. It was a woman, an older woman. What hurt him the most, was the fact that he knew that voice. The screaming stopped, which at the time, felt like total bliss to him.

Just as fast as it stopped, the screaming started all over again. Randy spotted a light to his right which immediately felt promising to him. His first instinct was to uproot himself and sprint as fast as he could, over towards it. When he took a turn towards it however, the screaming intensified. It was so loud that his ears were beginning to bleed. Randy groaned, falling to one knee, and then both. He stared at what he thought was the ground, with his eyes closed tight. What came next, was as scary if not, scarier then screaming itself. It was the screams, followed but disturbing gagging sounds.

Out of nowhere, a loud horn followed suit, along with an even brighter pair of lights. Randy looked up, and nearly feinted at the site before him. A tractor trailer was heading his way; he shielded his eyes, watching as it began to turn abruptly. There was a screech of tires and a sickening sound of something hard, shearing in half. The last thing that Randy heard was a feint sound of ambulance sirens, blaring off into the distance. When he stood up, his eyes were shut once more. He lifted his head, and when he opened them, he was staring up at his bedroom ceiling.

“God, what time is it?” Randy groaned. He turned to his right, looking over at the door. Something caught his attention though. There, taped to the door was a tiny note. Randy flipped the blankets off of himself, rubbed his eyes and then got up to take a look at it. He figured it was his mom, because she was the only other person who lived in the house. But when he got closer, the handwriting was unrecognizable. It was a girl’s penmanship, he knew that much. When he snatched the note off, Randy walked back over to his bed, sitting on the very edge as he read every word.

It read: Dear Randy, I am leaving this note in hopes that you will notice it. Your mother let me into your room, just momentarily, so I could leave it. There’s something we should talk about, and I want to do it in person. Swing by my house whenever you get up; I’ll drive you to the destination. I hope to see you soon!

With Care,


Randy’s hands were shaking slightly as he read and re-read the note. What does Kol want? He thought to himself. He figured it was important, so he set the note on his bedside table. That was when he noticed the time. The clock displayed the numbers, 4:25 P.M. “Jesus! I’ve been asleep all day?!” Randy exclaimed. “Sorry, Lord!” He said, looking up. Quickly, Randy ran over to his dresser and yanked out an outfit. He decided he would wear black jeans and a long sleeved, blue shirt. Before he left however, he deodorized and sprayed himself with some axe. He then, grabbed a comb from the dresser as well, ran to the mirror and pulled it through his hair about a dozen times.

He wanted the day to be somewhat perfect for when he would see Kolleen again. Just the fact that she was in his room, and gave him a note, without waking him up; that made his heart skip a beat. He tidied up his collar to the best of his abilities, and then yanked his bedroom door open. Everything outside of his room felt oddly cold. He shivered, feeling his body shake momentarily. He figured maybe his mom just left the thermostat on too low. When he got to it, beside the stairs, it was set to 70 degrees.

“Why’s it so cold then?” He asked himself. He shook this thought from his mind and sprinted down the stairs a couple steps at a time. He did not need to worry about the cold; it was probably a small draft. What worried Randy the most was the fact that he couldn’t find his mom. Normally, she would be in the kitchen, either sipping coffee, or preparing dinner. Sometimes it was a combination of both. Randy shook this bad thought from his mind and prepared for what Kolleen had in store for him. With a big smile on his face, Randy grabbed the doorknob and wrenched it open, feeling the evening air caress his very skin.

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