A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Ninety

Sunday October 31st, 2010: Early Night

DWL Haunted Hallows / Madison Square Garden NYC

The lights, the screams of the fans, the atmosphere all mixed together to bombard Randy nearly off of his feet. Nothing that he participated in quite felt like tonight. The atmosphere was palpable, and enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye. Randy stood outside, with a bunch of his fellow competitors, as they all got pictures from the press. He then entered the famous Madison Square Garden with his Tag Team Title around his waist and Kolleen holding onto his hand. She looked so amazing to him, wearing a slightly loose red dress that matched the lipstick so well.

As they entered, he the giant DWL crowd was separating as the men went off to the left and the women, towards the right. “Good luck Ran-Ran!” Kolleen stated. She kissed him and walked through the center doors, leading to the spectator’s seats. Randy immediately caught up with Marcos, who was just standing by the door. His title was resting around his waist as well, as he held a hand up for Randy to grab onto. “My man! How are you feeling tonight homes?” He asked. Randy followed Marcos past the steel door, into the musty brightly lit hallway.

“I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said I was feeling one hundred percent psychologically ready.” They walked past multiple pictures of famous athletes, including Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and even Randy’s own father. “Would you look at that.” he muttered. There was an enormous picture of Robert Rodriguez, in his red white and blue outfit and below it stood a replica DWL K.O. Championship with his nameplate screwed onto it. It rested on a solid oak podium, inside a thick glass container. “That is so amazing!” Randy said. Then the door burst open and the Salem twins entered. Both of which had their hair cut completely off, and were wearing bright orange contacts along with matching flame covered outfits. Their pants were leather, as were the boots.

“I see you idiots made it here. That’s great, because it’s gonna look amazing when we take what’s rightfully ours.” John said. “Is that the best you can come up with? HA! I’ve heard worse from eight year olds. Pssh.” Randy replied. He and Marcos fist bumped then entered the men’s locker room. Inside Mana, Bruce and Gunther were all preparing themselves for the Submission Championship match. Mana’s attire was bright turquoise, with matching hair, and irises. He looked up as Randy entered and smiled at him, bearing a matching colored tooth guard.

Bruce’s patented white leather pants and boots were already on and seemed to fit him well. He was already taping up his fingers when he saw Randy, and then nodded towards him. Gunther had his baggy biker pants on with a dark purple along with his boots and he was sporting dark purple gloves as well. Randy turned his attention to his right, where Carl and Gorgon were speaking. Carl had his usual attire on, and looked even more massive than ever.

“What’s up man?” Carl asked, giving him a bright smile. They shook hands and then he and Gorgon repeated the process. “You’re looking pumped my man.” he told Gorgon. “Not as pumped as you. It seems Mr. Lawrence left you and Marcos a gift btw, as well as something you requested yesterday?” Gorgon stated. He jerked his thumb towards a few boxes in the corner behind him. Sure enough, there were packages, two of which were rectangular, and long, which Randy expected and the last two were square. Marcos had already began tearing through his box, and gasped as he pulled out his outfit.

It was the same cheetah print, but instead of the natural color, it had been changed to pure white, to make him look like a snow cheetah. “This is freaking awesome!” he stated. He stripped all his clothes and instantly slid it on, which fit him like a glove. Randy opened his box and noticed that his outfit was slightly different as well. There was blood splattered over the mask, with a thick knife wound being crafted into it. His entire outfit had blood splattered all over it as well and on the back of his shirt, was his nickname: The Phantom, stitched in a bright white color.

“This is so cool!” he stated. “I figured you and Marcos deserved a bit of an incentive seeing as you will be in two matches tonight. OH, and Randy…” Mr. Lawrence said, walking over to him. “I got those custom belts made to a T, to resemble DWL Championships. Hailey’s is identical to the DWL Women’s Championship and Bruce Jr.’s will be an exact replica of the DWL Heavyweight Championship. Both of which have their nameplates put on there, and all you got to do is sign the belt strap with this permanent marker.”

He handed Randy a silver marker, which he uncapped, after sliding on the bottom half of his outfit. He opened the first box, and was blown away by how well the Women’s Title looked. The strap was pure pink with white kiss marks all over it. In the center, between two solid steel kissing lips, was a circular disk with the words: DWL Women’s Championship bumped out on top. In the center stood a female wrestler, with her hands in the air, and below an elevated foot, was the nameplate with Hailey’s name on it. Randy signed the right side of the strap: To Hailey, for being such a devoted fan. Here’s to hoping maybe someday you join the business. From, Randy Rodriguez.

He quickly put it away and opened up the other belt. This one had a pure orange belt, with black barbed wire printed across it. The two exterior plates had the D.W.L. acronym on them. The center plate itself was of a male competitor, doing the same motion with his feet, resting one foot on the nameplate. But he was standing with his left foot on top of what looked like the earth. He was flexing with both arms and above him were the words: DWL Heavyweight Championship. Randy wrote the same message for Bruce Jr. as he did for Hailey and closed the box after signing his name.

“Thank you sir!” Randy stated. Mr. Lawrence smiled brightly at him and patted his back. “Good luck out there, and I hope you two enjoy your new outfits!” He exited the room, leaving Randy to slip on the shirt of his uniform and then his hood. He rested the mask on top of his head and clutched his Tag Title belt hard. “I can’t believe after only having these for less than a week, we may lose them.” he stated. Marcos sat down, opposite of Randy as he tied his boots.

“Don’t think that homes. Don’t forget, we have a chance to redeem ourselves if this does actually happen. But we got to at least try. We beat the longest reigning Tag Team Champs in DWL history! We sure as hell can handle these two chumps.” Marcos replied. “What time is it?” Randy asked. “It’s about eight fifty five. The first match is in five minutes.” Gorgon replied. He saw the nervousness in Randy’s face, along with the stone white complexion. He squatted and put both hands on Randy’s shoulders. “You’re one hell of a competitor, the both of you are. Don’t you two give up on this business now. Not after all you have achieved!”

“Thanks man.” Randy put a hand on Gorgon’s shoulder, and Marcos copied him. “Yeah, thanks homes.” “Now get out there and kick some ass and take them names!” “Hell yeah!” Randy replied. He grabbed the belt, snapping it around his waist, and picked up the replica titles. As they left the room, John and Jacob walked up, past him and slammed the replica titles out of his hands. “Oops, sorry about that chump.” John stated. “Better watch your back, meat!” Jacob added in. They both laughed as they exited the locker rooms.

“Don’t let em’ get to ya homes. They used to be classy but now… I don’t know; they’re jerks. Let’s do this. Let’s shut them up once and for all!” Randy nodded and followed Marcos out of the room, to the left, and towards the main room before the arena. It all looked so familiar. The same stairs were up to the right, and even on the left, as they lead up to the eyeballs of the pumpkin. Two bright yellow spotlights rested inside of them, lit and ready to go. The crowd was buzzing as loud as the buzzing in Randy’s head.

Then Mr. Lawrence’s voice broke through. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the tenth anniversary of the Dominant Wrestling League’s pay per view event, Haunting Hallows!” The crowed erupted into a roar of cheers and whistles as they applauded the man. “Settle down now; settle down. We have for you tonight some amazing match ups, and most of them are for titles. Coming up now is our first event, which is a normal tag team match. We then have the feather weights getting on, then some heavyweight action for the International Title, followed by the Falls Count Anywhere, Fatal Four Way Submission’s match inside the twenty foot steel cell.”

The crowd erupted into even more cheers as Mr. Lawrence soaked them in. “I would like to inform you that for the Submission’s match, I will be adding in an extra stipulation. Seeing as you all can’t get enough of elimination matches, well, here’s to you. Think of it as a special Halloween treat! The Submission’s Championship match will be an elimination match. That way we will be able to tell, without a shadow of a doubt, who deserves to hold that amazing title. Afterwards there will be our main event, between Sacrifice, Blood and Giant Animal Steel for the newly vacated, DWL Heavyweight Championship. Let’s get this started!”

He exited the ring and went to ringside as the female announcer took over. “Ladies and gentlemen, the first event is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall. And it is for the D-W-L. Tag Team Championships!” The crowd seemed to be relatively silent, until Randy’s and Marcos’ theme song cracked through the stupor like a whip. The eruption of cheers was so much that it made Randy’s ears ring.

Randy followed Marcos through the veil, after sliding his mask on and onto the stage. The applause was deafening as Randy heard them screaming their names. Orange and black lights ran up and down the ramp, towards a pure orange mat, and the Halloween themed ring. Even the announcer’s table was decked in Halloween colors. Marcos looked to the right and saw a bazooka like machine with candy resting in a canister. A note was attached to it which read: Please feel free to fire this baby off whenever you want. (Directed towards any DWL Athlete competing tonight. - Penelope (DWL Ring Announcer).

Marcos picked the bazooka up and began firing candy bars out towards the crowd. Penelope began to laugh a bit before she introduced them. “N-Now, coming to the ring. From San Diego California, weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and twenty three pounds. They are the current DWL Tag Team Champions, ’The Phantom’ Randy Rodriguez and Marcos ’The Cheetah’ Gonzales!” Randy followed Marcos down the ring, after Marcos was finished firing off candy. “Welcome one and all to the tenth edition of Haunted Hallows. I am John Parker alongside my partner in crime, Paul Brookes. Paul, how do you feel about tonight?”

“Well, judging on the new stipulation to that Submission’s Title match tonight, I’ve went from excited to over excited. Just look at this beauty.” Paul replied. Randy saw it. The title was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life. He walked around the ring, towards the belt, which took the announcer’s by surprise. “It seems young Randy wanted to get a closer look.” John stated. “And I can’t blame the man! Just look at this thing partner.” Paul replied.

He gazed with such anticipation at the belt. The strap itself was dark red. The two side plates were made of pure silver and had the letters: S.C. encrusted in it with rubies. The center plate was made of solid silver as well. Two men stood in the middle of a ring, with one wrapping the other into a Boston Crab maneuver, while the other had his hand in mid air, waiting to tap. Sure enough: D.W.L. Submissions Championship popped out above the image. The nameplate was in an oval shape and bolted just below the image of the wrestling ring.

Randy realized the heaviness he felt in his left arm, and forgot he was holding the replica titles. He turned his attention back to the fans, and there they were. Bruce Sr. his wife and Hailey along with Bruce Jr. Randy dropped to one knee, opened both packages and waited. “What is young Randy doing?” Paul asked. He stood back up with the belts in hand, and saw the excitement on the kids’ faces. As he got to them, he handed both of them their custom belts. “This is for being such great little fans.” Randy said. “Thank you! Thank you!” The kids replied.

They kept jumping up and down, holding their belts high up in the air. “Aw. It seems Randy has paid two special fans tonight with their own custom belts.” John said. “Can you imagine how much that cost him? The amount of detail in it alone, I would price that up in the high hundreds, apiece!” Paul replied. Bruce Sr. stared into Randy’s mask, and had his hand already outstretched. “Thank you sir.” he said. Randy shook the man’s hand.

“No problem Bruce! You two just stay out of trouble, always go to school and never lose hope in your dreams.” He ruffled both of the kids’ hair and then entered the ring. He and Marcos stood side by side, holding their tag team belts. Just then the sound of electricity erupted, followed by a loud explosion. The lights dimmed a bit, and flames began to emerge from the ramp, and out of each ring post. A loud death metal band began to play, screeching all the while as Jacob and John stood at the top of the ramp. Penelope entered the ring once more, with her mic in hand and readied herself.

“And their opponents. From San Diego California, weighing in at a combined weight of six hundred pounds. John and Jacob; The Salems!” She nodded towards Marcos, laughing as she did and exited the ring. “Dude, she likes you!” Randy said. Marcos punched his arm. “Shut up bro!” They both laughed and watched as the angry dark skinned twins began to ascend the steel steps. They both looked so much heavier than they did back at the old school. As they climbed into the ring, both of them walked straight up into Randy’s and Marcos’ faces.

“You’re dead!” John said to Randy. “Bring it big guy.” John shoved him, almost toppling him over the ropes. Then fear began to strike him. How are they so strong?! Randy thought. He didn’t let them hear the fear in his breathing, as he steadied it. The ref grabbed both of their titles and raised them into the air. After showing them off, he handed them over and waved for the bell. Randy could barely tell the two apart, other than the fact that Jacob had smaller ears, than his twin. He watched Jacob exit the ring, and then nodded towards Marcos who returned the nod.

“It seems like Jacob and Marcos will be kicking things off tonight.” Paul said. “And what a night it will be; OOH, that has GOT to hurt!” John replied. Jacob had slammed his head hard into Marco’s chest. Marcos stumbled to the ropes, propping himself up. Randy could hear him coughing as he tried to clear his lungs. Marcos went straight back into the man’s face and ducked as Jacob swung a fat fist. Jacob swung again, and again, but kept missing Marcos by inches. “It appears Marcos clearly has the speed advantage.” John stated.

“You’re doing good buddy!” Randy yelled to him. Marcos took his eyes off of Jacob for one second to reply but caught a thick clothesline to the back of the head. He flew face first into the middle rope, and ricocheted onto his back. He was clutching his face, and kicking in agony as Jacob picked him up and threw him backward, over his head. Marcos flipped a bit, and slammed chest first into the mat. He was gasping for air as he tried to get up. He had to use the ropes to even get to his knees as he was wheezing. Fear began to strike Randy as he saw Marcos clutching his chest tightly.

“It appears Marcos may have damaged some ribs.” Paul said. “Tag me!” Randy yelled. He had his arm as far outstretched as he could muster. Marcos stumbled towards him and just as their fingers were about to meet, Jacob speared Marcos in the small of his back. He flew forward, and Randy heard a sickening crunch. Marcos began to cough hard, and then Randy saw blood pouring out from under his mask. “J-Just tag me man…” Randy muttered. Marcos reached up with a shaky hand and was finally able to tag Randy in.

“We got a clean tag… OH JESUS!” Paul yelled. Jacob slammed a knee hard and with all his weight into the top of Marcos’ back. Marcos screamed in pain, and rolled out of the ring. The pool of blood that he left in the ring, still sat there. Randy turned and looked up at Jacob who was smiling like no tomorrow. As if he were as happy as can be with the things he inflicted onto Marcos. Randy walked straight up to the man and shoved him hard. Jacob went to shove him back, but Randy swung his fist deep into the pit of Jacob’s stomach.

He doubled up, fell to his knees and immediately began puking. “We’re definitely gonna have to clean this place up before our next match. But what a nice punch by Randy!” Paul exclaimed. Jacob rolled onto his back and shook his head. “W-Wait…GOD!” He screamed as Randy stomped hard onto the man’s stomach. “How do you like it, HUH! DO YOU LIKE NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATH?!” Randy yelled. He stomped Jacob over and over in the stomach, which made him toss and turn in pain. “Please… stop…” Jacob gasped.

Randy’s conscience began to get to him and he stopped stomping on the man. He turned his attention back to Marcos who was on his hands and knees, coughing even harder than before. Blood had been pouring everywhere, out from under his mask, as he left an even bigger pool nearby the steps. Randy slid out of the ring and went to assist his friend. “Are you okay dude?” he asked. “G-Get back in the ring Homes. I don’t want to keep the titles due to a count out. G-Get your funky ass back in there!” Marcos replied. “But you need my h…” “I SAID GET IN THERE! DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING QUIT!”

Marcos had looked straight up into Randy’s face which made him nod back. “J-Just stay calm buddy. I’ll help…” He slid back into the ring, and saw that John was freshly tagged in. He was cracking his knuckles and smiling as well. “Bring it on big boy!” Randy yelled at him. John ran towards him, which Randy dodged. He immediately jumped and drop kicked John straight into the corner. “What a nice reversal by Randy!” John said. Randy wrapped John’s arms around the top ropes, grabbed a hold of his hands, jumped and swung down hard.

“AHHH!” John yelled. He couldn’t even lift his arms as they both felt incredibly numb. “W-What did you do to me?!” John yelled. “I struck a major nerve in your arms, and it will take minutes for the feeling to even begin to come back. Now, where were we? OH, right!” Randy replied. He spun and swung hard with his leg, connecting his shin to the side of John’s skull. John stumbled away, swinging his arms this way and that and Randy followed. He threw John across the ring towards the ropes, ran to his side and sprinted back towards the big guy, jumping and diving shoulder first into the man’s stomach.

He could literally hear the breath being forced out of John’s lungs as he speared him hard into the mat. Randy went for the pin. “One, two…” The ref was about to hit three, when John kicked out. Damn it! Randy thought. He got up but was blindsided by a rogue shot to the kidneys, as Jacob clocked him good.

Randy winced, and dropped to one knee as his back screamed. Jacob then went and distracted the ref who was trying to get the man out of the ring. John slid out of the ring, and grabbed a chair. After he slid back in, he got up, and lifted the chair, swinging it down hard onto Randy’s back. The ref tried to turn around, but Jacob held tightly onto the man’s shirt. John continued to slam the chair hard into Randy’s back, until he was in tears. He then threw the chair out of the ring, flipped Randy over and began the pinning process.

“It seems these two dirty individuals will stop at nothing to claim these belts.” Paul said. Randy’s ears were ringing, but he could feel the mat vibrating as the ref went for the count. One… Randy thought. His mind was buzzing in and out as he could barely breath. The mat vibrated again: Two. Come on Randy… He knew the ref’s hand was on its way down, but heard John grunting in pain and immediately rolled off of Randy. “Did you see that?! Marcos from the top rope, performed a picture perfect Shooting Star Press onto the back of John. He has saved his partner.” John exclaimed.

“Get up homes.” Marcos helped Randy to his feet. Randy stumbled a bit, due to the numbness in his back and his legs, but he was able to regain composure. “What should we do with these idiots?” Marcos asked. He was breathing hard, but seemed relatively okay. “Are you alright buddy?” “Y-Yeah, don’t worry about it. The idiots probably just cracked a few ribs. I’m fine, really!” Marcos replied. “Why were you bleeding so much then?” “Oh that? They chipped a couple of teeth and it caused massive bleeding for a short while, but it seems to be closing up.”

“Oh thank God!” Randy shook Marcos slightly, which he grunted in return. “Oh… Sorry bout that. So what do you advise we do? It’s clear that Jacob’s abdomen has taken some sever damage, and I know for a fact John’s arms aren’t a hundred percent back yet. Otherwise, his chair shots would have hurt more.” “You target John okay? You seem to be weakening him. I’ll focus on Jacob’s stomach. Let’s do this!” They fist bumped and then Marcos went back to his corner, waiting to be tagged. Randy picked John up, and suplexed him belly to belly style.

“Nice belly to belly suplex performed by Randy. And another; and another. Jesus man, how many can you do?!” Paul asked. Randy lost count of how many times he had flipped John. He then threw John back to his and Marcos’ corner and tagged his friend in. Randy lifted John up to his shoulders, dropped him forward into a reverse electric chair move, as Marcos flipped, slamming his leg hard into the back of John’s head. “A beautiful tag team maneuver performed by our champs!” John said. “You’re darn right partner. There seems to be an insurmountable amount of teamwork between these two guys.” Paul replied.

Randy watched as Marcos pulled John to the center of the ring and then hopped up onto the top turnbuckle. He leapt, doing his finishing flips and slammed stomach first into John’s back. He then wrapped his legs tightly around John’s neck, flipping him onto his back, and pulled on the man’s arm while squeezing his throat with his legs. “He’s got a triangle choke hold on John and it’s cinched in good!” John said. “Do you give up?!” the ref asked him.

“GAH! N-NO!” John yelled back. He kept kicking around and flailing his free arm to try and grab the ropes. Marcos kept choking him out but didn’t see Jacob coming around the apron. Randy jumped off of the apron, snuck around the right side of the ring and went up behind Jacob. Just as Jacob was about to stomp on Marcos, Randy yanked him off the apron. He then jumped, kicking his legs fast and bicycle kicked Jacob in the face as he was falling. “Oh dear GOD, what a bicycle kick that was!” Paul yelled. Though Randy’s leg was aching, he knew Jacob was knocked out for good.

He looked back up into the ring and just as he looked everything seemed to unravel badly. Marcos was on his back, and John had his head locked into a triangle choke of his own. But this time he was pulling Marcos’ arm around his thigh, causing an enormous amount of pressure in Marcos’ elbow. “Do you give up?!” the ref asked him. Randy slid into the ring and went to kick John when Marcos slapped the mat with his free hand. Everything seemed to hit him right then and there. The bell rang, the crowd seemed to be cheering low in the background as realization hit Randy like an anvil.

“Here are your winners, and the new DWL Tag Team Champions. John and Jacob, The Salems!” “Well I can’t believe this. After such a hard fought victory last week, Randy and Marcos have lost the Tag Team Championships in less than a week. That has to be a record, ain’t it John?” Paul asked. Randy saw Marcos tossing and turning on the mat, with his arm grasped tightly in his hand. He dropped to his knees and drooped his head. “I’m sorry…” Marcos said. “It’s fine buddy. I tried to help you; I really did!” Randy replied.

He got Marcos to his feet and helped him through the ropes and up the ramp. They both turned, and walked backwards as they watched the Salems get their hands raised. Both of them turned towards the stage and shook the belts high in the air. Randy looked at Marcos who then nodded and they both released their grips. Both Randy and Marcos began to clap and Randy waved towards the crowd, getting them to join in. An ear shattering applause followed suit causing the Salems to spin around, jerking every which way, trying to take in all of the support.

“There’s that classy sportsmanship we can expect from Randy and Marcos. We’ll be seeing Marcos very shortly, but we won’t have Randy back here until much later into the night. Good job guys, and kudos to the Salems for winning their first titles in this business.” John said. Randy ushered Marcos out of the arena, into the back area, where a bunch of the people were standing, like so many times before. Mana, Gunther, Bruce, Bongo, Neo, Samantha, Natalie, Hannah, Bailey, Sabrina and then Randy’s beloved; Kolleen. “Way to go guys!” Natalie yelled.

“Yeah, way to show them what for!” Bailey chimed in. Hannah, the pale white, vampire like girl walked up to them, and hugged them both. “What was that for?” Randy asked her. She released her grip and smiled, showing off her sharp teeth. “That was for all the sportsmanship you two consistently show day in and day out. Your attitudes are what caused me to want to finally join this business. Thank you.” Randy turned his attention towards Kolleen, who had the brightest smile on her face. He walked up to her, who then hugged him tightly around the neck.

“I love you so much.” She muttered. Randy embraced her, nuzzling his aching face into her neck. He rubbed her back as she did in return; both of which rocked from side to side. There was no other place Randy would rather be, than right here, titles or no titles. These people around him weren’t just his colleagues, they were friends. These people, that showered Marcos and himself with compassion and understanding made him proud to be part of this business. He let Kolleen guide him back towards the locker rooms, and away from the noise. It’s what he needed for the rest of the night to go smoothly. One more shot at a title, and above all else, the loving blonde haired girl beside him.

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