A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Ninety One

Sunday October 31st, 2010: Late Night

Madison Square Garden: DWL Submissions Championship Match

Randy had been hopping back and forth in one spot, as his nerves kicked into high gear. Gunther and Bruce had already been called out to the ring and Mana was just being introduced. “Weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds, Mana!” “Good luck out there.” Randy said to him. Mana nodded in return and burst into the arena, with all of those fans yelling for him. Randy then leaned his head against a nearby wall and started to breath in deeply. The poor attempts at calming his nerves just made him feel even worse.

The biggest match of his life was coming up and he didn’t even know what to expect. He was scared; mortified even. Then he heard his music which ignited the crowd even louder than the last three who entered. As if a lever were pulled all of his nervousness drained away.

“And finally, hailing from San Diego California…” Penelope started. “Hey Randy!” Marcos called out. He turned his attention back to his friend, who was leaning against the wall. His newly won DWL Featherweight Title lay strapped around his waist. The way that the dark blue strap showed off against the rose gold plates looked amazing. “Weighing in at two hundred and fifty five pounds…” Penelope stated. She had to stop again as the crowd grew even louder. “Can you hear that homes? They’re going freaking ape shit over you. And listen, I know your intentions were good during that first match and I don’t blame you. Get out there and kick some ass!”

“’The Phantom’ Randy Rodriguez!” “Congrats man.” Randy replied, before cutting through the veil. If the crowd seemed loud before, it was nothing compared to how they were now. Their cheers seemed to echo off of the ancient Garden’s walls. Randy raised a fist into the air, causing all of the fans to cheer even louder. He was halfway down the ramp when he felt a sickening crunch followed by a nasty blow from behind. “God!” Randy yelled, falling to his knees. “What the hell is Jacob Salem doing?!” Paul yelled.

“It appears, ladies and gentlemen, Jacob Salem has struck Randy’s back with the end of that steel chair. He could barely breath, as he struggled to get air to his lungs. His back was screaming in utmost agony and his eyes were becoming misty. Marcos and Gorgon came sprinting down to the ring. Marcos went to tend to Randy whilst Gorgon restrained and dragged Jacob back through the veil. “Are you okay homes?” Marcos asked him.

“Ugh…M-My back…” Randy groaned. He allowed Marcos to help him up but as his friend tried to carry him away, Randy stopped him. “Homes, you need a hospital. That blow looked like it mangled your back pretty good.” “I can’t go… N-Not now…” As much as he wanted to just be in a bed at this moment, he couldn’t let a golden opportunity fly by him again. He looked on as the cell began to lower over the ring. It was made of chain linked fencing and painted black. “I got this man. L-Let me go.” Marcos released him who then toppled to one knee.

“You can’t go in there like this. They’ll…God, Randy, they’ll murder you in there!” Marcos told him. Randy took a few more deep breaths and then stepped into the fenced in area, just as the cell lowered past his head. His back still hurt and ached even more with each breath he took. “Are you okay buddy?” Mana asked him. He had exited the ring to tend to Randy. “I’m fine man… Just let me breathe.” Mana waved towards Gunther and Bruce who nodded back and exited the ring. Gunther and Mana put each one of Randy’s arms around their necks and helped him into the ring.

Just as they were settled, with the ref in the center of the ring, Mr. Lawrence’s voice echoed throughout the arena. “I would just like you all to know that I have officially suspended Jacob Salem without pay for the next six months indefinitely. Meaning the Tag Team Championships are now vacant which means we will be having a tournament this Tuesday for new Tag Team Champions. As for Randy, if he believes he can continue then I will allow him to do so.” Mr. Lawrence had been standing at the top of the ramp with a microphone in his hand.

Randy turned to him and nodded in return. “There you have it. Ref, ring that bell!” Sure enough, the bell rang and the match had officially begun. Randy rested in a far corner as did the other three guys as they all gazed at each other. Bruce’s hair was gelled back as always and Gunther’s ran past his shoulders. Randy took a few more deep breaths and then slid out of the ring. “I don’t blame the kid. After what that idiot did to him, I would want to get out of there as well!” Paul stated. “Well folks our match has officially begun. Remember, this is not our final match. Up next is the DWL Heavyweight Championship match between Sacrifice, Blood and Giant Animal Steel.” John replied.

Randy dropped to his knees and looked under the ring for weapons. There they were, kendo sticks, tables, trash cans, chairs, ladders; the whole nine. He grabbed a kendo stick, and a couple of steel chairs. Just as he slid the second chair out, he felt the kendo stick snap across his already aching spine. “GAH!” He yelled, falling to his stomach. Randy then felt his arms being locked as well as his legs and then the man grunted as he pulled with both ends. The amount of pain that surged to the small of Randy’s back made the chair and kendo shots seem relatively painless.

“Mana’s already going for the Magic of Pain!” John exclaimed. Randy arched his head up, screaming all the while. The ref was standing there asking him over and over if he wanted to quit. “NO!” “Come on man, quit!” Mana muttered. Randy knew the man was losing his grip, due to the sweat forming around his and Mana’s arms. Randy dug deep inside himself and flexed while pulling with both arms and legs. Mana yelled as Randy broke the hold completely.

“I can’t believe it. Someone’s been able to break Mana’s patented finishing maneuver.” John said. Randy got to his feet, though he had to rest against the cool steel walls so he wouldn’t collapse. He saw Mana look up at him with fear in his eyes. Randy ducked down and picked up the kendo stick and watched the man as he plead for forgiveness. Randy lost his cool and swung the kendo stick as hard as he could against Mana’s side, and legs, then arms and back. With each successful crack of the weapon, Mana screeched in pain.

Randy started to take pity on the man so he stopped swinging and dropped to one knee. Just as he did this he heard a yell from behind him and then saw Bruce being thrown into the steel walls. “I’m sorry dude.” Randy whispered. “Y-You’re fine man. G-Good job breaking that hold!” Mana replied. Randy thanked him then turned his attention to Gunther, who had been taunting in the ring. Randy slid in like a ghost and snuck up behind the man. He flipped, swinging his right leg around and kendo kicked the man in the back of the neck.

Gunther fell to his stomach, tossing and turning slightly as he was nearly knocked out. Randy then intertwined Gunther’s legs, locked his hands around his throat and began his finisher. “The back Stab has been locked in and it looks like it’s been locked for good!” Paul yelled. “Do you give up Gunther?!” The ref asked him. “AAHH! N-NO!” Gunther was flailing his arms around as he tried to grab onto the ropes. Randy pulled harder and heard his opponent scream even louder. Gunther seemed like he was fading out but then he had a burst of energy.

Gunther reached out and locked his fingers around the bottom rope, but the ref wouldn’t call for the break. “Why… W-Why aren’t y-you c-c-calling for the b-break?!” He yelled. “No rope breaks!” “GOD! AHHH!” Gunther was in so much pain. He couldn’t take it anymore so he began slapping the mat hard and fast. The ref called for the bell which rang once. “Gunther Reigns has been eliminated.” Penelope said. The ref helped Gunther out of the ring, and through a locked door. Bruce got up this time, with Mana in his grasp. He had a variation of a full nelson, with his hands locked behind Mana’s neck and under his arms.

He swung Mana to and fro as hard as he could with each swing, slamming the man’s head into the steel walls. Randy didn’t know what he was doing, but an adrenaline rush hit him. He bounced off of the ropes, ran as fast as he could and leapt between the top and middle rope, kicking Bruce straight in the side of the head. Bruce went face first into the steel once again and fell to the floor. Randy was on his knees, watching Mana coughing and stretching his neck. “Thanks for that!” He said. As Randy went to welcome him, Mana swung hard with the back of his foot and caught Randy in the stomach.

Randy doubled over, feeling his abdomen aching like crazy. He tried to get up, but Mana pulled him towards the steel steps. He then grabbed the back of Randy’s head and slammed it hard into them. He began to feel dizzy and his forehead began to swell where it hit the metal. His vision was blurring and could barely see Mana’s fists as they connected with his jaw. “A flurry of punches by Mana, following that brutal steel step encounter. Nice haymaker and OOHH, that’s GOTTA hurt!” John yelled.

Mana had landed an uppercut throwing Randy hard into the ring post. His vision began to come back to him as he saw Mana swinging with another kendo stick in hand. Randy ducked, and heard the stick slap hard into the post. The vibrations caused Mana to drop the stick, which Randy immediately latched onto. He got up and swung it hard into the back of Mana’s legs, who screamed in pain, doubling over onto his side and then onto his back. He held his hands up in surrender but to no avail. Randy slapped the stick hard into the man’s shins, thighs, stomach, arms; any place he could land the weapon.

He saw Mana trying to crawl away, when Bruce stood up once more. He looked furious, giving Randy a horrifying smile. Blood had been trickling from the side of his head as well as the bottom part of his left ear. Oh my God, the bottom’s missing! Randy thought. He quickly turned his attention to the growling mammoth that was Bruce who had already turned the corner. But he didn’t go after Randy; no, he turned his attention to the crawling mass that was Mana. He slid into the ring, and waited for Mana to climb up onto the apron.

Once Mana did this action, Bruce wrapped Mana’s left arm into the ropes, locked one of his legs around it and pulled with his fingers locked under Mana’s chin. Mana yelled and grunted in pain, swinging his free arm around. He started to slip, but knew he couldn’t fall off, otherwise he’d be choking. “I always get squeamish when Bruce gets his Double Crossed finisher locked in. But look at the torque being applied to Mana’s torso!” John muttered. “If you’re gonna win this title John, especially in this match type, you have to be willing to pay the price. And dear God, is Mana paying it!” Paul replied.

“I give up; I give up!” Mana yelled, slapping Bruce’s shoulder rapidly. The ref waved for the bell and, like before, it rang. “Mana has been, eliminated.” Penelope said. Randy watched as Bruce gave that same maniacal smile that he did before and felt his heart beginning to sink. “I’m comin’ for you now meat!” Bruce said to him. Randy walked around the ring, trying to find a good place to slide in. Bruce followed his every move, refusing to keep his eyes off of his opponent. “The intensity that this match has gained seems to just grow more and more in depth as it continues. First Randy eliminated Gunther, then Mana was eliminated by Bruce. Now, the final two.” Paul muttered.

Randy felt a bit woozy so he stumbled and then fell face first onto the padded floor. “It seems as if the previous events have gotten to the Phantom.” John said. “It seems that is the truth partner. What is he doing?” Paul asked. Randy was looking under the ring and then saw an old tub with a bunch of dust in it. He reached in and grabbed a handful but then felt himself being lifted by the stomach and slammed into the steel walls. His back was beginning to hurt again and his head felt even dizzier than before. Bruce yelled loudly, slamming Randy back into the wall.

“Come on now, I think that’s quite enough!” John yelled. “I actually agree partner. I think Randy’s had enough. There he goes.” Paul replied as Randy was thrown over the top rope like a rag doll. He slammed down hard, side first onto the mat, and rolled over, keeping his back to Bruce. He could actually feel the vibrations of Bruce’s heaviness as he walked slowly towards the other side of the ring. As Bruce reached down to grab him Randy flipped back over and blew hard, throwing the dust into the man’s eyes.

“OH GOD! UGGGH!” Bruce yelled. He started to stumble around and tripped, falling over the ropes. He fell on his feet, miraculously and climbed back up to the apron. Randy got up and wrapped the man’s head and chest in between the top and middle ropes, turned, and locked the Back Stab into the ropes. “Randy Rodriguez with the Back Stab locked into the ropes. Good lord look at the pressure being applied!” John exclaimed. He was hanging on for dear life and could hear the entire crowd chanting his name.

Bruce kept swinging his arms back and forth, which began to scare Randy because it was loosening his grip. Bruce kicked hard and unlocked his own legs, then grabbed Randy, by his neck and pulled, yanking him over the top rope. As Randy fell, Bruce dropped too, locking Randy’s arm in between his legs. He then cinched in his fingers around Randy’s throat and began to pull his head up. The amount of pain the coursed the top of Randy’s spine and chest, was only equal to the agony being applied to his left shoulder.

“What a reversal by the big guy! Flipping that horrifying Back Stab on the topes to a falling Double Crossed.” Paul stated. Randy was grunting in pain as he felt all of his ensnared parts yelling at him to give up. He couldn’t give up, not now. His eyes became teary and sweat poured down his face. Bruce kept yelling as he put more torque onto the pull, applying even more pressure onto the middle and top of his spine. The pain was becoming harsh with each passing moment. Randy gazed to his right and would gasp if this hold would allow it. He saw that same bushy haired woman gazing down at him.

“Who are you?” he asked her. He began to feel his brain fading away as the pain started to knock him out. He never gave up, but couldn’t hold on any longer. The ref saw him becoming unconscious and seconds later, off in the distance, Randy could hear the bell ringing, echoing off of seemingly cavernous walls. The bushy haired woman climbed over the banister, and squatted down beside the cell. He got a good look at her and felt his heart leap with fear. It was his mother and the hair was as black as night. “I’m here baby!” She whispered. And then, he was out for good.

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