A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Ninety Two

Monday November 1st, 2010: Mid-Late Evening

Rodriguez House

“This can’t be true…” A girl muttered. Randy started to phase in and out of consciousness. Figures moved around, blurry and fast. “I was only gone for a few days. I thought… What the hell happened?” He started to stir a bit more as everything around him began to take focus. He saw a small group of people standing in a far corner, chatting to each other, one of which was the back of his sister. Two men in suits stood on either side of her. The one on the left was an elderly man, with pure white hair, and a chubby bull dog-like face.

He had a briefcase in his hand whilst the other was younger, with short brown hair, high cheekbones, and a wide jaw. “What are we supposed to do? I mean with her being dead, where does the house go?” Penny asked. Both of the men looked over at each other and nodded.

“You see, your mother never really paid the bills accordingly for this house. Meaning…” The old man left Penny in limbo. “M-Meaning what exactly?” she asked. “Meaning the bank has taken over this house and as of now it is open to the market. It’s being sold for three times its starting value which is well out of your price range.” the younger man answered. “No…” Penny muttered. She shook her head as she cried into her hand. “We do have some good news however. Your mother left a will which I will read over with you and your brother, since you are Diana‘s survivors.” The old man said.

Randy rubbed his eyes and went to sit up when his back jolted with pain. “Ugh…” Penny turned towards him with a face full of tears. He noticed she was wearing a long dark blue dress and her hair was up. “Oh Randy…” She cried and walked over to him. Before he knew it, he was being yanked into an enormous hug. Penny gripped tightly onto his shirt and cried on. “I’m so sorry!” She said. “W-What’s going on?” he asked.

“Randy. Mom…” She trailed off as she tried to recompose herself. “Oh God…Mom passed away a few nights ago. Apparently, while you and I were away, she wasn’t being treated well and the assistant nurse neglected to visit her when she needed the help. Mom, she…Mom suffered from a massive seizure a few nights ago, which lead to a stroke…Her lungs…They stopped working shortly afterward. The coroner figures her death to be somewhere in the evening of Friday the twenty ninth.” Penny said.

Randy couldn’t believe what he was hearing. All of his happiness seemed to be trickling away until the proverbial dam exploded. He looked back at his sister with a trembling lip. “Sh-She’s gone? That‘s n-not possible. I t-talked to her last F-Friday d-d-damn it!” he said. Penny looked worried but nodded her head all the same; her tears poured out once more. “This can’t be right. We were just talking to her Friday…This c-can’t be right!” he stated. “Randy, is it? We would like to read to you your mother’s last will and testament.” the older man said.

“What will?” “Forgive me, my name is Abraham Stellar, attorney for wills and affairs in San Diego for over forty years. This here is my colleague, Alan Carbuncle.” Abraham stated as he lifted a hand towards the other man. “N-Nice to meet you.” Randy replied. He shook both of their hands and then wiped his eyes. It took all of his mental power to keep his composure and not act rash. “Your mother wrote this will the moment she found out about her illness. Alan and I have been representing this document ever since to make sure her kids were taken care of.” Abraham stated.

Alan opened his briefcase and withdrew a thick manila envelope. Inside it was a stack of papers. “The will is as follows: ’I, Diana Maurine Francesca Rodriguez, do hereby leave this will and testament for my next of kin: Penny Rodriguez and Randy Rodriguez. To Penny, I first leave my apologies. I am sorry that you didn’t get much of a chance to see Randy as he was growing up. I also give my apologies for not being able to take care of the house. It’s been in a bankruptcy for quite some time.’” Alan stopped for a second to take a breather and then continued.

“’So to you, my daughter, I do hereby leave half of my life insurance policy which is a sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars which will be deposited into your bank account at the pronounced time of my death. I also leave to you my entire collection of novels in the living room. And to my son, Randy, I first give you my apologies as well. I know it has been rough with your father not being around to help raise you. I also know how hard it has been for you to break into the family business. I am sorry that I could not deliver to you the proper parenthood that every child needs and deserves.’” Alan cleared his throat and continued.

Randy’s heart was aching like crazy now as the realization of his mother’s death finally set in. “’I do hereby leave to you your father’s and your grandfather’s replica DWL Heavyweight Championship belts, as I know you take this career seriously. I also hereby leave to you the deed to your grandfather’s house way up in the mountainous hillside, overlooking this great city. I give this to you, Randy, because I know Penny is stable with her own life. You do hereby inherit both your father’s and half of my own life insurance policy of four hundred and seventy five thousand dollars, which will be deposited into your bank account at the pronounced time of my death.’” Alan stopped reading and stared at them both.

“We have already taken the liberty of bringing totes, which will help you pack any belongings you received from the will, as well as anything else you’d might like to keep.” Abraham stated. “Thank you Mr. Stellar.” Penny replied. Abraham smiled and then nodded towards his coworker who followed him out of the house.

“I can’t believe this.” Randy whispered. He hunched over, staring down at his feet as the pain started to become insurmountable. “I know how it sounds Randy but we can work through this. We’re part of an amazingly strong family with firm moral values. Don’t lose hope just because we lost a loved one. Stay strong, keep your faith and never forget how mom lived.” Penny hugged him and got up to start putting her stuff into a tote. Randy couldn’t even bring himself to grab anything, at least not yet. He hated the fact that his mother was gone. He hated that he left and lived lavishly over in New York whilst his mother was dying here.

Guilt began to eat away at him as he dwelled more and more. Penny finished putting her stuff away and exited the house to set her things in her car. Kolleen entered, resting against the living room doorway. “Ran-Ran?” She called out. “Oh god, Kolleen…I’m s-sorry Mom! I…I’m s-sorry!” The overwhelming sadness finally tipped his emotional ship over, as he burst back into tears. “Shh. There, there Ran-Ran.” Kolleen sat down next to him and held onto him tightly. He immediately latched onto her like a little child and cried hard into her chest.

“It’ll be okay. I’m here for you and I’m so sorry about your mom.” “I l-loved her s-s-so much…” “I know you did. But think of it this way. She’s no longer suffering and she’s in a better place.” She rubbed his back and head as he continued to wail. Penny reentered the living room and cleared her throat to get their attention. “Uh, Randy? I’m gonna…get going. I have to get back to work. I’ll call you later.” He refused to look at her. The truth was, he was too sad to even look up.

“Take care Penny.” Kolleen replied. She looked over as Penny nodded and exited the house. After she pulled away, Randy let go and wiped his eyes. He went and grabbed his tote then looked inside to see the two titles. The DWL Heavyweight Championship belts both addressed to Robert and Patrick, rested in there looking aged but immaculate. He dropped to his knees and rummaged through the totes. “It seems Penny already took the liberty of filling yours. She probably did it as you were sleeping.” Kolleen stated. She got to her knees as well while she watched Randy reminisce about his memories.

“Look how old these replicas are. The fact that the leather is still in tact surprises me. I have to get these framed along with my replica DWL Tag Team belt.” “Then that’s what we’ll do.” Kolleen put an arm around his neck and kissed his cheek. He noticed a manila envelope underneath the two belts and pulled it out. Inside the envelope was an incredibly old deed. “This is the deed to my grandfather’s house way up in the hills.” Randy stated. He kept staring at the old lettering and his grandfather’s signature at the bottom.

“The house has been paid in full.” he added. “You got a house?” He looked over at her and nodded. “My grandfather left the house to me before he died. I also have my father’s and half of my mother’s life insurance money with a total of four hundred and seventy five thousand dollars. Which more than made up for the money I spent to help my Mom. Not saying that I regret doing that, cause I don’t. I just didn’t know what to say when I received all this money.” “What do you think we should do then? I mean, about the house and the money?” Kolleen asked.

He sighed lightly. “I don’t know. I really don’t know what I should do at the moment. I know for a fact my mom and dad wouldn’t want me sitting here, wallowing in their absence. They’d want me to take some of the money and go have some fun.” He gazed into Kolleen’s eyes and then a thought occurred to him. “Let’s go up and check out the house! We can see if it’s still holding up and since the bank now owns this house, I’ll be evicted soon anyway, unless I decide to make payments on it… I don’t know.” Randy trailed off. “Listen to me Ran-Ran.” Kolleen got to her feet and helped him up to his.

“I say we go out and blow off some steam. Your next DWL show isn’t until tomorrow night so we have time. Let’s go check out the house and make a decision there, okay?” Randy set the titles and the deed back into the tote and then returned his attention to the blonde beauty before him. “Okay. I agree, we should go and check out the house.” He picked up the tote and followed her out to his truck and when both of them got inside they kissed. “I love you so much!” Kolleen stated. “I love you too!”

They both continued to kiss for minutes on end until finally, Randy broke free of the hold. “Okay, we should get going. I’m sure no one would argue if we slept at the house tonight just to get a feel for it during the night time.” Randy stated. “Right! Let’s go do some exploring; have some fun.” Kolleen pulled out of the driveway, not noticing Randy gazing back at his old house. He knew that soon, this house would be up for sale and it hurt him knowing strangers would roam throughout it.

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