A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Ninety Three

Sunday November 17th, 2080: Early Evening

Park / Rodriguez Reunion

Not a dry eye was in the immediate area, including Randy himself. Kolleen had been weeping while holding onto his arm. Ellie, Laura, Lori, Charlie, the twins and even Robert were all in tears. All of them crowded around Randy and pulled him into a giant family group hug. “This is the love that I like the most; family love.” Randy said. He looked around, seeing the faces of his kids, grand kid and great grand kids gazing back at him.

“I love you all so very much. Kolleen and I both do and that will never change.” he added. When they all released the hug, they got back to their seats and waited. “Aren’t you going to tell us about the rest of the pregnancy?” Ellie asked. “Yeah, what about that amazing final match that you had in the DWL?” Robert chimed in. “I agree dad. I want to hear about those last final moments in the DWL!” Lorie said. “There’s more?!” Lori asked. “Yeah, you have a big match?!” the twins added. Randy felt the chilliness of night beginning to linger but ignored it.

“Yes I do. I want to let you know that I love Kolleen very much and these last few moments in my past will open up some old wounds. And that’s for the both of us. So let’s skip ahead six and a half months which will bring us up to the middle of May of 2011. Let’s do this.” Randy cleared his throat and readied himself for the end of the tale.

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