A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Ninety Four

Sunday May 11th, 2011: Late Morning

New Rodriguez Residence

Randy had gotten up early, leaving Kolleen to rest in her bed. He knew she needed the rest. After all, she was pregnant with twins which still came as a shock to him. He had already left the upstairs and was cooking breakfast when Kolleen entered the kitchen/dining room. She was wearing a bath robe, which was tied tight around her enormous belly. “Oh god, Kol!” Randy stated. He rushed over to help her to her seat. “And a good morning to you too!” she replied. She giggled at him afterwards as he returned to the stove.

“Mmm, that smells amazing!” she stated. “That’s because I am making my grandpa’s famous biscuits, which should be…Yup, they’re done!” Randy pulled the biscuits out and set them on the dining room table along with a knife and some butter. “Feel free to start eating Kol. Don’t wait for me.” Randy said. She looked at him and gave him the brightest smile. “You’re so good to me!” “Someone’s got to take care of you Kol. You need all the rest you can get. The fact that you walked down here on your own is incentive enough for me to do all the cooking and cleaning.”

He finished cooking the eggs and hash browns then set them down as well. “I hope this breakfast is okay. Orange or apple?” Randy asked, lifting to jugs of juice. “I would like orange please!” “Orange it is then ma’am!”

Kolleen started to laugh again, and snorted into her hands. “You’re so beautiful when you laugh!” He grabbed a hold of her hand, which she accepted. “How are the biscuits?” He asked as he sat and began to eat his sausages. “Oh they’re amazing as always Ran-Ran. So what’s on the agenda today?” Randy sat in thought for a second as today’s events began to fade away from him. “Are…you okay?” “W-What were we supposed to do today?” He looked over at her which pained her so much. The blank expression in his face and the feeling of being lost reflected deeply in his eyes.

Kolleen slid over a notepad with a to do list for that day. “Read this please.” She said to him. Randy looked through the list which read: To Do List for May 15th, 2011. 1.) Eat breakfast. 2.) Place dishes in the dishwasher. 3.) Shower and change for the baby shower. 4.) Drive Kolleen to the baby shower at the park. 5.) Drive to the Valley View Sports Center for a meeting with Mr. Lawrence. 6.) Meet Kolleen at the Sports Center later today. 7.) Prepare for the DWL Spring pay per view show tonight. 8.) Stay relaxed and good luck.

“That seems like a lot… A baby shower, really?” Randy asked. Kolleen watched as he struggled to remember this. She ate silently as did he but she never took her eyes off of the man. “Would you like to see your therapist today? I can squeeze that in if you want.” Kolleen asked him. “No; no, it’s fine. I’ve just been under a lot of stress lately, seeing as tonight I’ll be fighting for the DWL Heavyweight Championship. And it’s against two of my buddies…”

Kolleen grabbed and held tightly onto his arm, rubbing it with her thumb. They sat the rest of the time in silence. When they were done, Randy helped Kolleen up to the bathroom then came back down to clean the dishes. “How could I forget about the baby shower? Or even the huge match tonight?!” he asked himself. His nerves were kicking into high gear now as the realization of tonight’s match hit him. He stopped, resting against the counter as he let the rhythm of the dishwasher sweep him away. A loud ringing began to sound in his ears causing his head to ache. He turned grasping each side of it as the ringing grew louder and louder.

The events of the past six months began to cascade into his brain. He clenched his eyes closed as the memories came back to him. He was standing in the ring with thousands of people watching him. This was the show after Haunted Hallows. Randy could see the crowd standing on their feet as they applauded his handicap victory over Sacrifice and Slaughter. As if he were actually there, he could feel his back ache and saw the two massive men unconscious. Then a bright light flashed and he was in a different setting way over in San Francisco, doing another DWL show.

This was two months later and he was fighting for a shot at the DWL Knockout Championship and was battling Bruiser as well as Gunther in a Triple Threat match. He remembered that he knocked out both of the men, but he was nearly knocked out as well. The ref counted to seven just as he got to his feet. He stumbled around as the ref hit eight, then nine and then ten. The crowd cheered so loudly that he could feel it in his chest.

His back was bleeding as were his legs and chest, but he won. Another bright light flashed, alongside even louder ringing and then he was in a new match against Neo, the then current K.O. Champion. The match was going back and forth with both of them torturing the other. Randy could feel the blood trickling down his back and the back of his legs burned from landing on the fiery table. The last thing he saw was him being thrown back first into a flaming table wrapped in barbed wire and him immediately passing out from the pain.

The ringing stopped and the bright light began to fade as Randy was pulled back to the present. He stumbled against the counter, breathing heavily and sweating profusely. That’s when he noticed Kolleen standing in the doorway. The concern in her eyes was more than enough to shock him back into full reality. “H-Hey Kol!” He saw that she was wearing a long red dress, that made her belly look enormous. “Are you sure that you’re alright Ran-Ran?” She couldn’t stop staring at him.

“I’m f-fine! I just had some f-flashbacks, that’s all…” he replied. After he closed his eyes he felt Kolleen’s belly brushing against his and then her arms touching his back. She rested her head into his chest, and then Randy hugged her back. “I love you.” Randy said. “I love you too.” After a short while they released their grip and he went to wash himself. He just hopped in the shower, cleaned quickly under some cold water and threw on a pair of black shorts with a black muscle shirt. He looked even bulkier than ever, due to continuing his workouts with Milo.

He gazed into the mirror, and couldn’t believe the physical specimen that stared back at him. His arms had tripled in size since he started working out with Milo and his abs were rock hard and chiseled. Just for curiosity’s sake, he hopped onto the scale next to the doorway and was blown away by the readings. It read: 280 pounds. “Jesus! I gained twenty five pounds?!” He could bench press five hundred pounds now as well as dead lift four fifty. His squats were up to five hundred and fifty pounds which amazed him.

After he left the bathroom and got downstairs he caught Kolleen giving him googly eyes. “Yeah just drink it all in!” Randy stated. “Oh I will… Believe me; I will.” Kolleen replied. She threw her hair back behind her shoulders, sliding a hand across his stomach. He saw her shudder a bit before exiting the house. Randy loved his new body and knew working out was his way to escape the reality of his life. He followed Kolleen outside and got into his truck, after assisting her into the passenger’s seat.

They pulled out of the drive and started cruising downhill. The way that the sunlight bounced off of the city from up here made Randy smile. He was in the prime of his life. He was only in his early twenties, he had the body of a bodybuilding professional and the love of his high school crush. They reached the end of the driveway which gave them a good look at Randy’s old house. He sighed as the for sale sign was still sticking out of the dirt.

“Someone will buy the house Ran-Ran, they have to. It’s such an amazing place; why wouldn’t they want to?” Kolleen said. “I guess.” he replied. He drove onto the main highway, taking a left and then a right, which lead straight into a main freeway. This freeway gave them full visual contact with the heart of San Diego. Randy could even vaguely see the park way off in the distance. They drove for a while in silence, giving him the perfect time to focus on tonight. Kolleen had her window open, allowing her hair to billow in the wind.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you look?” Randy asked her. She looked back, smiling all the while. “Why yes, you have! And I thank you for that especially with me being as big as a house.” “You’re not as big as a house, Kol.” “Thanks.” Randy nodded. “Maybe as big as a shack…” He added, pursing his bottom lip. “Oh shut up you!” She laughed hard and looked back out the window. Randy was so nervous at this point but not only due to the show or the baby shower, but what he wanted to do with Kolleen.

In the glove department of his truck was a tiny leather case with Kolleen’s name on it. He loved her so much and wanted to be with her the rest of his life. As they drove onward, into San Diego, he took the exit and followed the signs to the park. “They must have been working all night putting those signs up.” Kolleen stated. She looked down, holding onto her belly as she felt the twins kicking. She immediately grabbed Randy’s hand and placed it onto her stomach after they stopped at a red light. “Damn! They have a lot of strength.” he stated.

“Isn’t it magical?” Kolleen asked him. “It’s wonderfully magical.” Randy replied. They kissed quickly and then he took the next left. The park was so close now, with it being only a few turns away. After passing numerous pizza and deli shops, Kolleen began to think of food. “I know I just ate Ran-Ran, but you know I’m eating for three here.” she stated. He rubbed her belly a bit, to assure her that he was listening. The sun was beating down on this great city which made Randy feel more comfortable by the minute. “It’s gonna be a beautiful shower today.” Kolleen said.

He smiled and nodded at her. “That it is. I’m sorry I can’t be there, but tonight’s show is huge! I still can’t believe it’s gonna be this weird, Prison Break match. I mean, I love the sound of it, but it still makes me feel like a child scared of the Dentist, you know?” “I hear you Ran-Ran.” They drove down the four way intersection, took another left and then saw the park, with pink and blue balloons floating on the fence. A huge sign was taped to the top of the gate entrance reading: Kolleen Sparks’ Baby Shower. “Well, we’re here! Kolleen got out of the truck and when she closed the door she looked back through the window.

The way that she stood there, arms folded and as beautiful as ever, Randy felt his heart race. “Are you going to be okay?” she asked him. “I’ll be perfectly fine, don’t you worry. Now go! Go have some fun with your friends. I’ll have Jack pick you up at seven P.M.” “Sounds good. I love you.” “Love you too Kol.” She blew him a kiss then walked away towards the park, where Samantha and a bunch of her high school friends were standing.

Randy watched the flock of girls walk Kolleen towards the right and out of view. As soon as she was gone, he broke into tears. He rested his head against the steering wheel, pounding the dashboard all the while. “Why do you have to be gone?” Randy whispered. He continued to mutter incoherently to himself as he rocked his head back and forth on the steering wheel. “Would you like to talk?” a familiar voice called out. Randy jerked back to reality as he was struck with fear. Standing outside the truck was none other than Leslie. She had been wearing a tight white tank top, with matching skin tight jeans. The tank top’s buttons were only done up enough to cover a portion of her breasts.

Her hair was tied up into a ponytail as well. “What are you doing here?” Randy asked her. “Well Kolleen wanted to invite my sister to the party so she asked if it was okay that I came. Kolleen obviously didn’t want to embarrass her so she agreed and here I am!” Leslie replied. She was smiling like nothing happened between them. “I see you’ve… bulked up since we last met. I understand why Milo suspended me, but I’m glad his one on one time with you paid off. Just look at those rippling muscles.” Leslie sounded as if she was being turned on at this point.

Randy could feel the awkwardness rising the more she caressed her body. “I have to get going. I have a huge match tonight and I need to get to the Sports Center pronto. You have yourself a good day now!” Randy said as he burned rubber driving away from her. He shook his head in bewilderment, watching her stare at him from the rear view mirror. She seemed distraught but he didn’t care as he turned the corner. Stopping at a nearby red light, Randy looked over at all of the girls who crowded around his beloved. Leslie was the last to walk into the park, and seemed to be greeted alright.

When the green light came on, Randy drove as fast as he could within the speed limit away from that place. He was getting so tired of Leslie’s pathetic attempts to seduce him, as if he would fall for her. “Lady troubles?” a woman asked to his right. “Jesus!” Randy replied. He nearly rear ended another car, and got flipped off by the man. “I deserved that…” he whispered. The Sports Center wasn’t that far away, according to a nearby sign, it was only ten blocks to the left. Randy felt something cool touching his arm, which caused goose bumps to form up and down it.

When he gazed over, his heart nearly sank. A ghostly figure sat there in the passenger’s seat. She looked real, but had an unnatural glow to her. Her hair was back and she looked younger. She seemed to be wearing a pure white dress, but it had frills all over it. “Mom?” Randy asked. His mother smiled back at him and touched his arm once more. Her fingers still felt cold as she grasped his arm firmly. “What do you want?” Randy asked her. “I want you to be happy.” She replied. Her voice sounded so far away even though she was right there beside him.

As Randy sat there anger began to form deep inside of him. He looked over at her who was smiling like nothing ever happened. “Do you realize what you’ve done to me Mom? I have people who think I’m some paranoid Schizophrenic who suffers with delusions. People act so weird around me nowadays because of me seeing this woman all around me. Then to find out that this woman was my own mother…” Randy’s point trailed off. He could see sadness behind his mother’s eyes now. A ghostly tear ran down her cheek and then she disappeared.

“Wait, I have so many things to ask you! Please don’t go! MOM!” Randy yelled. It was too late; she was gone. “DAMN IT!” He slammed his hands hard onto the steering wheel and rocked back in forth with fury. “Why do you have to do this to me? Why now?” He rubbed his eyes and recomposed himself, then pulled back out into the road and continued his journey towards the Sports Center. Even though he was angry with his mother, Randy couldn’t pin point exactly why. It wasn’t her fault for wanting to make sure he was okay and now he felt guilty for being upset. He pushed the feeling back and continued onward like nothing happened.

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