A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Ninety Seven

Sunday May 11th, 2011: Late Night

Sports Center / DWL Heavyweight Championship Match

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to make an announcement on behalf of myself and my entire roster. We lost a great athlete today and his name is, Marcos ’The Cheetah’ Gonzalez. Notice I said is and not was, meaning he still lives on even though his body has passed away. He lives in our hearts, in our thoughts and in our prayers. He lives in this ring at this very moment and around all his loved ones, both friend and family. Further more, Marcos lives in the short legacy he had built since he first started here late last year.” Randy opened the steel door so he could get a better look at his boss.

He was standing with his head down mostly and had wiped his face a couple of times, here and there. The crowd erupted into loud cheers with clapping and whistling. “Thank you, thank you. He does deserve this appreciation. He was a fine athlete and an even better colleague that I could call, friend. He…He was so full of life and had so much potential to become a DWL legend, but I won’t let his death stop that goal. First off, I’d like to say that Nolan, being the one who caused the death, though unintentionally, has been suspended without pay due to not stopping when Marcos wouldn’t respond. Furthermore, I am suspending the junior referee for not stopping the fight.”

The crowd erupted into even louder cheers as this news came to their ears. Mr. Lawrence stopped for a few moments to catch his breath and let the crowd continue. There was a feint chant of Marcos in the crowd, which quickly grew within seconds.

“Yes; yes, go Marcos. As for the good news, which ties into the whole build up I had going earlier, I have decided to add Marcos to the DWL Hall of Fame. He will be immortalized in the DWL Legends section with his picture in these hallways, alongside the other greats. Replica titles will be made in his honor as well, and hung with pride below the picture. As for the main event of the evening, it is still scheduled to go on. The three competitors waiting in that back room…” He said, pointing up the ramp. He saw Randy staring and gave him a smile and a nod.

He then went back to his mic to keep the crowd going. “…Well, they have decided to pursue the match as scheduled. Marcos wouldn’t want them to quit on his account. No matter how much smaller he was than these three, he’d hold his own in a fight with em’. That’s just who he was; a competitor and a gentleman. So without further ado… The rules of this match are as follows. There are no pinfalls, no submissions, no count outs, no rope breaks and no disqualifications. The way to win the Prison Break match is simple.” He broke off for a second or two to catch a breather and then smiled at the crowed and continued.

“One of these three men must grab the belt, that hangs twenty feet above the ring, from the five by five foot hold in the ceiling of the cell. They must have both feet touching the floor, outside of the cell, but here’s the catch. You cannot win unless the belt is in your hands and both feet touch the floor, outside of the cell. Now, I would like for you to welcome…First, from San Diego California. He’s weighing in today at a whopping two hundred and eighty pounds, ’The Phantom’ Randy Rodriguez!” When the music cued, it wasn’t his song.

Randy stepped through the veil and onto the stage as his and Marcos’ tag team song blared throughout the stadium. Not a single fan were in their seats as he stood before the team’s video. He turned, looking up at it as he watched Marcos flipping off the top rope. Randy didn’t even care that his face was showing, nor did he care to hide his emotions. He dropped to his knees, and gazed up deeply into the giant screen. With misty eyes he kissed his hand and put it up towards Marcos’ giant televised face. He mouthed the words, “I love you.”

Following this motion, the crowd began to whistle as loud as humanely possible while others chanted. “Marcos; Randy! Marcos; Randy!” They’d clap five times between each chant. Randy got back to his feet then continued down the ramp and into the ring. Once inside, he saw Mr. Lawrence tearing up as he stared at him. Randy hugged him and then slid his mask back over his face. The team’s music cut off and then Carl’s music picked up. The trumpets then the drums and that familiar hard rock music phased in perfectly.

“Coming to the ring, hailing from Brooklyn New York, weighing in at an astounding, four hundred and seventy pounds. Sacrifice!” Carl stepped onto the ramp saluted the crowd then shot a quick prayer up for Marcos. Randy saw the menacing stare that rested on his face as he bolted up the steel steps and over the top rope. He shook with anger as he stepped up towards Randy, then he whispered. “Good luck buddy. Let’s fight hard, for Marcos.” “For Marcos!” Randy replied. They shook hands and then Sacrifice started to flex for the crowd.

After a short round of showing off, Carl’s music died down and then Gorgon’s music picked up. It started with a few jungle noises like birds and monkeys then an electric guitar began to play slow and a synthesizer picked up the speed. “Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia. Weighing in at four hundred and eighty seven pounds. He is the current DWL Heavyweight Champion. Giant Animal Steel!” The crowd shouted and cheered more as Gorgon entered the arena. The way that the belt glistened off of him in the light made Randy’s nerves kick into high gear.

It looked so seasoned, yet so amazing. Fire burst from the stage as Gorgon held his fists up in the air. He lowered them and just as he did so more fire burst from each side of the ramp. He walked down towards the ring with the flames glistening off of the belt just like the lights did. That was when Randy noticed that the lights weren’t normal. They were shining in orange and green as Gorgon climbed up to the apron and went over the top rope. He unclasped his belt and threw his arm straight into the air with the strap bouncing as he did so.

I want that belt so badly! Randy thought. After Gorgon handed the belt to the ref, who was a very tall, yet burly dark skinned man. He raised it into the air and then the cell began to lower. “There it is folks. Thousands of pounds of steel are lowering around the ring as I speak.” John said. “You’re absolutely right John. This steel has been specially reinforced so no one can break through the walls.” Paul replied.

Randy gazed up as the cell got closer and closer, that’s when he noticed a plus sign made of stretchy wire crossing the hole. “I’m not gonna lie Paul, this has got to be one of Mr. Lawrence’s greatest creations!” “I couldn’t agree anymore partner. This match is right up there with the Falls Count Anywhere, Elimination, Submissions match last year. Our boss is always full of surprises.” Paul stated. Randy rested against a far corner watching as Carl and Gorgon rested against the others. Carl was to his right and Gorgon stood straight across from him.

The cell finally connected with the ground, signifying their impending torment and doom. The ref had to use a ten foot ladder, just so he could reach all the way up and clasp the belt around the wires. “Good god that’s way up there!” Paul said. “I heard that the ceiling of this cell was redesigned to be taller than its predecessors so that the guys couldn’t just jump and grab the belt. They have to actually climb across the ceiling of that cell, or use a ladder and grab that belt and then climb up through the hole.” John replied. This is unbelievable. Randy thought.

He looked back across and nearly had a heart attack as he saw a giant white fist swinging towards him. The bell rang soon thereafter as Randy ducked under Gorgon’s arm. He immediately jumped and dropkicked Gorgon in the chest, throwing him against the turnbuckle. As soon as Randy got to his feet, he felt a familiar pair of arms wrapping around his waist. Carl’s trying to suplex me…You can get out of this Randy; come on! He thought. Randy stuffed his arms underneath Carl’s and flexed as hard as he could. He then swung his arms up, breaking the hold entirely.

He then grabbed a hold of Carl’s neck and swung the man over his shoulder. Carl landed hard onto the mat and to Randy’s surprise, he had a smile on his face. “Good reversal!” He yelled. Randy couldn’t celebrate much however, as he felt a giant arm swing hard down onto his back. He was forced to one knee and then his stomach as Gorgon swung down hard again. Randy’s back was aching like crazy as he lay there on the mat. Gorgon then picked Randy up and threw him backwards into a ferocious fall away slam.

The wind was knocked out of Randy almost immediately after slamming into the mat and then the velocity caused him to fall out of the ring. “That has got to be the most intense slam I’ve ever seen in my life!” John exclaimed. You got that right John… Ugh. Randy thought. He rested there on the mat as he tried to recompose himself. He looked under the ring and noticed there were numerous amounts of chairs, tables, some garbage cans and even that ladder that the ref had used. “I wondered where he put that.” he whispered.

He reached under the ring and grabbed a table as well as a couple of chairs. After the weapons were out, he got back under there and pulled out the ladder. When he stood up he saw Gorgon and Carl in a test of strength and it seemed to have been going on for quite some time now. Sweat was beading down both of their backs and faces as each man pushed as hard as he could. Randy couldn’t believe how much their muscles had been bulging from this intensified test. He used this distraction to set up shop down beside the ring.

He methodically crouch walked around the ring, sliding the table behind him, setting it up, just behind Gorgon, next to the cell wall. Thankfully the arena was constructed bigger down here, so that they had more than eight feet of room between the ring and the cell walls. Randy kept the table propped up and then put a chair right in the middle. This won’t kill them but it sure as hell will slow one of em’ down. he thought. There was a loud grunt causing Randy to look up. Gorgon had just been shoved towards the ropes and then bounced back, immediately falling to the mat.

Carl had put a foot up to the man’s face, and then dropped to a knee so he could catch his breath. Before Randy gave the man too much time, he climbed to the top turnbuckle and waited. As soon as Carl got up Randy jumped landing both legs on the man’s shoulders and heaved backwards, throwing Carl into a hurrincanrana/DDT maneuver. “Did you see the way Sacrifice’s head slammed into that mat?!” Paul yelled. “That I did Paul. Randy has never before attempted a move such a that, but he pulled it off.” John replied.

Randy saw that Carl was temporarily knocked out so he went to get up. When he got to his feet he realized Gorgon was standing by the table. He had been dumping gasoline on it and lit a match. Before he tossed the match, he held up the steel chair and ignited it. He then tossed the match onto the gas drenched wood. It instantly erupted into flames, forcing Gorgon to step back. “My god, he’s got a flaming chair…” John muttered. Gorgon slid into the ring and readied himself to swing the chair down onto Carl’s unconscious body.

As Gorgon swung the chair down, Randy dove in front of Carl, catching the flaming chair in the top part of his back and the bottom of his skull. His skin instantly screamed in agony as it blistered from the searing white heat. That was when Carl noticed what he had done, and gazed upon the blazing chair in Gorgon’s hand. Randy’s back was blistering from the heat which jarred Gorgon out of his stupor. He tossed the chair down onto the table, and went to check on Randy who was wailing as he tossed and turned. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry man!” Gorgon yelled. “I don’t know what came over me. It’s this whole match in general and my title’s on the line… Oh god, but I have no excuse for this!” Gorgon stated.

He couldn’t see it, but Randy had tears in his eyes from the pain that he was in. “I feel like my back is melting!” Randy groaned. Gorgon could see that Randy’s back was raw as was the back of his head. Moments later, Randy began to feel woozy. His back was bleeding and every time he tried to move it would cause severe pain to surge up and down his spine. “It h-hurts s-s-so bad…” he cried out. “That is gruesome. It seems as if Gorgon has given young Randy here what looks like first to second degree burns.” John said. “I know partner. Just look at the way his back is all bloody and raw, as is the bottom part of his head there. I pity the man.” Paul replied.

The crowd around Randy began to sound like they were underwater. He could faintly hear his name being chanted, but it was distant. Everything was becoming blurry as he faded closer and closer to unconsciousness. That was when he saw her again. That lovely woman who sat next to him during Marcos’ match. And right next to her was a man that Randy hadn’t seen in forever.

He was standing tall and proud, with his arm around his mother’s waist. His hair was long and he had been wearing his army uniform. “D-Dad?” Randy whispered. They were standing right next to the barricade and then both climbed over it to get through the cell. Randy closed his eyes for a little while as he felt his heart beating hard with depression. He then felt something cool caressing his burned back. It didn’t sting at all, in fact, it felt soothing. When he opened his eyes he saw his mom and dad standing right outside the ring. Each one had a hand rubbing his back as they gazed at him.

“I am so proud of you son.” Robert stated. “Your mother has told me that you wanted to see me. She said you were feeling upset that I couldn’t make an appearance and you have every right to be. I got you interested in this business and I should have been there to help you. If it wasn’t for those damn bombs…” Robert trailed off. Randy reached out to him, and was actually able to grab a hold of his father’s shoulder. “Dad, don’t you ever let me hear you say that again. You served the fans and then you served this country. You died a hero, not a coward. And I’m proud to call you my father!”

Randy saw and felt Robert’s hand touching his own shoulder as they locked their eyes onto each other. “What on earth is he doing?” John asked. “He’s touching something, or someone. Maybe someone special came to visit him.” Paul replied. Gorgon had continued his fight with Carl, who had just regained consciousness and both of which thought Randy was passed out. Randy could feel the mat vibrating as each man took a swing at the other. “I love you two so much.” he whispered. He saw their cheeks streaking with ghostly tears.

“We love you too!” Robert replied. “Now get out there, and kick some burly booty!” Diana stated. Both of them kissed Randy’s cheeks and then returned to the barricade. Randy noticed that the table was still flaming and that Carl was throwing Gorgon into a far corner. Carl ran and clotheslined Gorgon, throwing him over the top rope. That was when Carl decided to try and grab the belt. He got to the top turnbuckle and leapt up, grabbing onto the steel ceiling. “What a jump by Sacrifice! That had to be at least a three to four foot leap.” John stated.

Randy saw Carl getting closer and closer to the belt. Just as Carl reached for it, Randy jumped leapt onto the top rope and jumped towards Carl, spearing him straight down and between the middle and top ropes. They both landed hard against the mat, but Carl landed harder. “What a spear by The Phantom!” Paul exclaimed. “I honest to God have never seen a spear quite like that before.” John replied. “Randy, Randy, Randy!” The crowd was chanting and cheering after that spectacular move. He got up, with his back aching still. He exited the ring and began moving the ladder inside.

Gorgon was just getting up as he saw Randy sliding a ladder into the ring. Randy got in immediately, set the ladder up and began to climb it. When Randy turned his head, he realized that there was another table on top of the flaming one. Huh… He must have set that up when I was nearly out. He then realized Gorgon was climbing the ladder as well. Randy couldn’t allow this, not now that he was so close to the belt. He actually touched it, feeling the cool gold plates in his fingers. Gorgon swung hard, punching him in the side of the head.

As his fist connected, Randy’s ears began to ring. The crowd around him started to faze out as his vision became blurry once again. Randy fell, with his arm around the ladder, dropping both himself and Gorgon to the mat. Randy got up, attempting to walk but the ringing was getting louder. His legs felt wobbly and he fell to one knee, immediately getting back up and stumbling around. Gorgon realized what he had just done and forgot about the title entirely. “Jesus, man! Are you okay?!” he asked him. Gorgon’s voice boomed around inside Randy’s head, low and echoing.

“Please stop yelling…” he groaned back. He leaned against the turnbuckle, clasping a hand over each ear. The ringing wouldn’t cease but kept growing. Please God, don’t let me lose now. I’m so…so close! As he shot this prayer up, Randy’s hearing became clearer and the ringing died down. Instead he could hear the crowd chanting his name once more. Gorgon’s voice came in full blow this time as clear as a bell. “It’s okay dude. I’m good now.” “Okay, thank God!” Gorgon stuck his hand out to shake Randy’s, who accepted it and they broke off cleanly.

What a nice gesture by Gorgon, but they should really pay attention to Carl.” Paul stated. Randy had just noticed Carl was at the top of the ladder with the belt already unclasped. He shoved Gorgon aside, ran and dropkicked the ladder, forcing Carl to hang onto the ceiling of the cell with one hand. Gorgon saw this and wailed his fist as hard as he could into Carl’s stomach. After a flurry of punches, Carl lost his grip and plummeted to the mat. The belt flew from his hand across the ring and rested nearby the far right corner.

Randy propped the ladder up in the opposite corner and then saw Gorgon grabbing the title. As Gorgon turned around he saw Randy’s leg before it connected hard into the side of his own head. Randy couldn’t help but smile as Gorgon fell to the mat; that kick actually worked. “It seems like Steel’s down for the count, at least for now.” John said. Randy saw Carl out of his peripheral vision swinging his fists down hard. He ducked, quickly sticking a hard punch to Carl’s already bruised stomach. The man instantly fell to his knees, grasping onto the middle ropes.

Randy then carried the title back over to the ladder, moved and set the ladder up then began ascending it. He was right in the center of the hole, and tossed the belt onto the roof of the cell. The crowd was completely silent at this point as they watched on. Randy tried to pull himself up but Carl had latched his arms onto his legs. He held onto the roof of the cell with all his might, leaving Carl to hang there, swinging to and fro. Randy could see the stacked tables were still there so he started to swing his legs with Carl’s momentum.

As Carl drew backward, Randy swung forward hard, and felt Carl’s grasp immediately let go. He then heard the man yell and then the distinct sound of wood snapping. “JESUS H! CARL HAS JUST BEEN THROWN AT LEAST FIFTEEN FEET. THROUGH NOT ONE, BUT TWO TABLES!” Paul yelled. Randy pulled himself up through the hole and was standing on the roof of the cell now. His heart was racing fast so he had to stop to catch his breath. “There’s no way in hell that man’s getting up anytime soon.” John stated.

Looking around the arena, Randy noticed each and every fan were on their feet. Some had hands covering their mouths. Others were using their cameras as multiple flashes of light went off at different times. He picked the belt up and then started to walk but tripped as a giant hand grasped him around the ankle. After slamming hard into the roof of the cell, he saw Gorgon pulling himself up onto the roof as well. The belt was still in Randy’s hands when Gorgon lifted him up. The man didn’t even notice that the belt was still grasped tightly into Randy’s left fist, but kept choking him out.

Tears streamed out of Randy’s eyes as he felt the air being cut off of him. He looked to his left, seeing both of his parents watching with awe and fear. There was a little bit of energy still left in his tank, so Randy swung the belt hard, connecting it to the side of Gorgon’s face. He stumbled towards the edge of the roof, grasping his head. Gorgon, thinking he had the belt, began climbing down the cell and then rested against the announcer table. “It seems as if Gorgon believes he’s won.” John said. Gorgon raised a fist into the air, and then rested on top of the table like it was a hardened bed.

Randy clasped the belt tightly around his waist and stood at the edge of the cell. His heart was racing, pumping hard inside of his throat. His brain buzzed as the adrenaline raced hard throughout his veins. I’m channeling your spirit buddy! Randy prayed to Marcos. He readied himself, with his legs hunched. “What in the good God’s name is he planning?” John asked. Randy took a deep breath and then leapt from the top of the cell. At that moment, as he lurched backward to do the double flip he couldn’t hear anything but the wind whistling through his ears.

There was a loud snap, following a groan from Gorgon as he slammed him, back first through the announcer table. Randy got up, stumbling off of the remnants of the table, and then heard the bell ring loudly. As he rested against the cell wall it felt like someone had been turning the volume of the arena up gradually. “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! RANDY HAS DONE IT! WHAT A FLIP OFF OF THE TOP OF THAT CELL!” John yelled. “I cannot even begin to explain what we have just witnessed here folks. Randy, it seems, was channeling the spirit of his newly lost partner, Marcos Gonzalez and performed a picture perfect Marco Polo flip from the top of a twenty foot cell.” Paul stated.

Randy couldn’t believe the feeling he had in his chest as the crowd clapped and whistled for him. Each and every spectator had been on their feet and were waving or clapping in his honor. Randy grabbed a hold of his mask and peeled it off, revealing his sweaty face. He heaved hard in and out, with his hands to his hips. That was when he remembered the belt around his waist. He looked up at the cell and then began climbing it. Once he was on top, he took a breather then unclasped the belt. The moment he threw his arms into the air, with the belt in hand, the crowd erupted.

Randy didn’t even notice that his music was playing. “Here is your winner and the new… DWL Heavyweight Champion. ’The Phantom’ Randy Rodriguez!” Penelope yelled. Randy walked around the roof of the cell, with the belt in the air. The crowd just kept cheering and yelling with each time he raised the belt. He got to the last side of the cell and saw that his parents were looking on and clapping.

As Randy gazed down at them his head began to buzz. He felt dizzy and dropped to his knees, just at the edge of the cell. “Umm, someone may want to help him…He looks like he’s about to pass out.” John muttered. Randy’s hands were shaking as he let go of the belt. It fell to the ground and soon thereafter he followed. “OH MY GOD! SOMEONE CALL THE EMT’S!” Paul yelled. Randy had fallen straight off of the cell, and slammed head first into the barricade. Though it felt soft on the floor, the barricade didn’t when it broke his fall.

“Randy, you need to stay with me!” An EMT stated. “W-Where…” “Hush now. You must keep your strength.” Randy could feel himself being strapped into a stretcher and then saw Carl and Gorgon standing next to him as he was wheeled up the ramp. “Stay with us, with us, with us…” Carl’s low voice echoed in his head. It sounded even lower than normal at this point of time. “You did it buddy, buddy, buddy…” Gorgon’s voice followed. “Ugh…” Randy groaned. His eyes were blurring and he could see nothing but shapes as they wheeled him towards the ambulance.

“I c-can’t feel my leg… God, I can’t feel m-my leg!” Randy cried out. “We’ll get you to a hospital as soon as we can sir!” The EMT said. “What’s wrong with his leg?!” Gorgon asked. “We’ll figure that out as soon as we can. Does he have anyone we should contact?” the EMT replied. “Y-Yeah! His girlfriend, Kolleen Sparks.” Gorgon replied. “I’ll call her man.” Carl stated. He immediately got on the phone and then spoke. “Yeah, Kolleen? This is Carl. It’s about Randy, he’s heading to the hospital…” Carl’s voice echoed like before and then Randy was out.

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