A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Ninety Eight

Sunday May 11th 2010: Late Night

Baby Shower - Hospital

“What are you talking about?!” Kolleen replied. She was standing nearby a few remnants of her open gifts. Most of the people had headed home, with Leslie being the third to last one. The sun had already set and all of the city lights illuminated the darkness. Chilliness had set in, causing Kolleen to shiver a bit. She was just moving the last few gifts to the limo trunk where Jack was standing. Her eyes were tearing up as she heard this news. “Hey Jack?” She asked him, after hanging the phone up. She brushed the hair from her face and then started to sob more.

“What’s the matter Miss Sparks?” Jack asked her. “It’s about R-Randy. H-He’s b-been taken to the h-h-hospital…” She immediately broke down and cried into the man’s arms. “It’s going to be okay miss. Let’s get you to the hospital alright?” The sobbing wouldn’t stop but she nodded and then allowed him to pack the rest of her gifts and slid into the limo. After the door shut, seconds later he was already pulling out into the road. “I’ll get you there in less than ten minutes, I promise!” Jack yelled back to her. “Thank you s-so much!”

She held onto her stomach and cried into her free hand. “Please be okay Ran-Ran.” She muttered. “What the hell…?” Jack muttered. This got her attention so she gazed forward, noticing a pair of bright lights heading their way. There was a loud honking, screeching tires and then the limo started to swerve all over the place. “OH MY G…” Was all Jack could say. There was a loud sound of metal sheering as Kolleen saw the bottom of a tractor trailer tearing the roof of the limo off.

She screamed loudly and then got knocked out as the truck slammed hard into her face. The limo was being crushed now, as the wheels began to run over it. Jack had been squashed immediately by them and then Kolleen was pinned between the remainder of the ceiling and the seat, with the metal pinching hard on her stomach. The pain woke her up instantly. All she could hear now was flames and rushed speaking outside the limo. She started to cry as she felt blood surging out of her pants and more pain struck her belly. “HELP ME!!” She yelled. “Oh Jesus; dude! Call an ambulance!” a man yelled. He ran to the limo, stopping for a second as he saw Jack’s mangled body.

“Oh my god…” the man muttered. The man had a chiseled face and shoulder length blonde hair. “Hold on miss, my buddy’s calling for an ambulance…” The man’s voice began to fade as Kolleen started to become unconscious once more. He pulled her out of the wreckage and rested her against his folded up hoodie. “Yeah, there’s been a horrible accident up on the highway nearby the park in San Diego. Y-Yeah, it was a jackknifing tractor trailer. It appears there are three casualties, two dead; one alive, but damaged and pregnant. Send an ambulance now!” the man yelled.

Two dead? Kolleen thought. She looked over at the destroyed truck, and saw a torn up body resting just behind the limo. The woman’s body was unmistakable. The long dark brown hair, the slender arm dangling out of the window. Leslie Froge had tried to kill to obtain what she ultimately wanted and it ended catastrophically for her.

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