A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Ninety Nine

Monday May 12th, 2010: Early Morning

Hospital / I.C.U. Unit

Randy was still fazing in and out of consciousness as he was being wheeled to the I.C.U. unit. He heard Dr. Farber’s voice as well as Penny’s. “What the hell happened to him?!” Penny asked. Then Gorgon’s voice answered, “I don’t know. He just fell off of the cell after our match, and went head first into the barricade. I think I might have something to do with it, since I punched him in the side of the head during the match. I feel like such an ass right now!” There was a slight pause and then Penny replied. “Don’t beat yourself up.” Gorgon heard the anger behind her shaking voice.

Randy started to groan some more as the pain came to him in full blow. “We have to get him some sedatives, stat!” Dr. Farber yelled. “I’ll give him ten cc’s. That should be more than enough to put him to sleep.” Penny replied. Randy felt his arm being pinched as she put a needle into it. It took only moments until he began to doze off and then he was gone. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in the middle of the I.C.U. area, and heard not one, but two heart monitors going. One was his, but the other, he didn’t know.

“He’s waking up.” Penny stated. “G-Good…” that voice that replied made Randy’s heart sink. “K-Kol…? God, no!” he yelled. He grabbed a hold of his I.V. and yanked it out, and released his heart monitor so he could go see his soul mate. “Randy, what are you doing?!” Penny yelled at him.

“Why is Kolleen here?! What happened?!” Randy yelled back. “You can’t go in there dude!” Gorgon replied. He tried to restrain Randy, but didn’t have to do much, since Randy immediately collapsed. “Why can’t I feel my leg again?!” he cried out. “KOL!” He stretched an arm out, reaching for his injured girlfriend. She looked down at him from her bed, reaching a hand out towards him. “LET GO OF ME! KOL, PLEASE GRAB MY HAND!” Randy yelled even more. A tear ran down Kolleen’s cheek as she tried harder to do as he asked.

Randy felt another needle being shoved into his arm and then he began to fade out again. “I w-want to s-see my K-Kol…” he whimpered. His arm became more and more tired as it lowered to the floor and then he passed out. He opened his eyes almost immediately afterward but couldn’t see anything. It was dark around him and then bright lights began to flash. He tried to take a step but failed as the numbness ran in full blow in his right leg. “Come on damn it!” He yelled. The leg wouldn’t cooperate so he decided to pull himself towards the flashing lights.

“What the hell is going on?” Randy asked. The closer he got to the lights, the clearer things became. He realized that he was inside of a cab that belonged to a tractor trailer. When he gazed down he wasn’t himself anymore, but he was a girl. His chest was no longer flat and his hands were slender. “He’s going to want me, as soon as the trash is taken care of.” Randy said in Leslie’s voice. Oh my lord, I’m Leslie?! Randy thought. He realized that the truck was cruising down a freeway and that they turned to the left, sharply towards a limo that was ascending the ramp.

Randy honked the horn, even though he tried to pull out of the oncoming impact. The back of the truck went to far and caused the entire vehicle to jackknife. There was a yell from the limo in front of him and from his own mouth as they ran over it. The nasty sound of flesh on steel came out as the limo driver was crushed and that’s when it hit him. This was why Kol was in the hospital… Oh my god, Leslie, what have you… Before he could finish his thought, he was ejected out of the side window and he felt his spine snap, instantly killing the body he was in.

Randy, like a spirit, floated out of the body and inspected the scene before him. Leslie was laying through the smashed window, with blood pouring out of her right arm and mouth. He then went towards the limo as a tall, burly tan guy withdrew Kolleen from the limo. “Oh Kol…” Randy whispered as he descended upon her. She was whimpering with shaky lips and grasping her belly. An evenly tall dark skinned man was shouting on a cell phone. “We have three casualties. Two dead and one injured and pregnant. Get here now!” he yelled.

When Randy turned, he saw Leslie’s spirit rising out of the dead body. He knew he wasn’t dead yet, but she definitely was. He could actually feel her bones snap as if he were her. She gazed down at Kolleen’s somewhat crushed body and instantly felt regret. “I’m so sorry! Oh god, what have I done?!” Leslie cried. She fell to her ghostly knees and cried into them. “It’s okay Leslie…” A nearby voice called out. She looked over and saw an elderly woman walking towards her. “G-Grandma?” Leslie asked. Randy stood back, watching this scene unfold like a movie.

“You’ve done some horrifying things here young lady.” the woman stated. Randy saw that she had long hair as well and looked a lot like Leslie, except her ears were bigger. “I’m so sorry Grandma! My sanity snapped and I did a horrible thing… I don’t want to go to Hell!” Leslie cried out. “Darling, listen to me.” The woman lifted Leslie’s chin up and talked to her face to face. “You can fix this. Jack is unfixable. He’s gone to a better place, and you can too. All you gotta do is fix what you’ve done. Prove to Randy and Kolleen that you are a good person.” “H-How am I supposed to do that?! I’m dead!” Leslie replied.

Randy heard an ambulance coming, which caught his attention. It rounded the corner and stopped, with three women and a man stepping out. Two looked like they were of Latina origin, one looked like African American and the guy was pure white. The Latina EMT’s surveyed Jack’s body whilst the dark skinned woman and the white man went to check on Kolleen. “She’s still breathing, but it seems the accident has put her into an early labor. The water has broken and the girl seems to be going through contractions. Let’s get her to the hospital now!” the dark skinned woman asked.

Another ambulance came up, as more people piled out of it. They helped Kolleen into a stretcher and then into the back before speeding off. “Who’s this girl driving the truck Susan?” the man asked. Susan, the dark skinned woman, pulled out the girl’s pocket book. “It says she is Leslie Froge, age twenty three, Lance.” Susan replied. “What the hell was she doing driving a vehicle like that?!” “It appears she wanted this to happen.” Susan replied.

Leslie heard these words and cried even harder. That was when a bright light shined down on her. “Wh-What’s happening to me?” She asked. Her grandma smiled upon her and rose up into the light as well. “You have to pay for what you’ve done, so Paradise is not an option, yet. You will be in purgatory to make up for your sins and when it’s time, I will be sent to bring you to the promised land.” Randy watched as the two of them disappeared into the bright light and then he jolted awake. Everything around him disappeared, dissolving and then reformed into the hospital room.

He looked to his right, and saw that his and Kolleen’s curtain’s were pulled back, but she was gone. “W-Where did she go?! WHERE’S KOLLEEN?!” Randy yelled. Penny awoke instantly and tried to calm her brother down. “Randy, you have to calm down!” She yelled. “WHERE’S MY GIRLFRIEND?!” “She’s been taken to the surgery room. The crash caused some internal bleeding and the twins are in danger of dying. We had to perform an emergency C-section so they wouldn‘t.” Penny stated.

“Please don’t take her from me… She’s all I have!” Randy cried out. “We’re here for you bro.” Gorgon stated. Randy looked to his left and noticed not only he was there, but so was Carl and Samantha. “I love her so much.” Samantha nodded at him, crying all the while into a tissue. “We know you do Randy. We’re all praying here and hoping for the best.” she replied. He laid his head back, covering his eyes with an arm as he began to cry as well. He felt so guilty. Not only was he not there for his pregnant girlfriend, but maybe if he were, this wouldn’t have happened.

The guilt was eating him alive as the tears continued to pour down his face. Just then he heard Dr. Farber talking to Penny. “Did the transfusion work?” Penny asked him. “Yes. Kolleen had a blood type that was hard to come by at the moment, but we found a perfect donor.” Dr. Farber replied. Penny was playing with her hair as she contemplated this new information. “Who was it?” she asked him. “Let me tell him, okay?” “Go right ahead.” Penny waved an arm towards Randy. Dr. Farber walked right up to Randy’s side and smiled down at him.

“First off I’d like to congratulate you on the birth of your new son and daughter.” he stated. Randy’s heart leapt a bit at this news and then a smile formed on his face. “I would also like to tell you that your girlfriend is one hell of a fighter. She was dying in that surgery room due to an incredible loss of blood but we were able to find suitable blood from a once anonymous donor. Would you like to have a guess as to who that was?” Dr. Farber asked. Randy’s face was formed with confusion which Farber expected. “It was Leslie Froge’s blood. The girl who caused this accident in the first place, saved your girlfriend’s life.” he explained.

“A-Are you serious?!” Randy replied. “As a heart attack Randy. I don’t know what it was but something was pushing me to look deeper into the blood vault. Like something deep in my mind kept saying: ’Look further back. Look further back.’ The voice sounded familiar, and then it clicked when I found the blood. Leslie seemed to be telling me from beyond the grave to keep searching. Thank God that I did, because there was more than enough to refill the blood Miss Sparks had lost.” Dr. Farber stated.

You did it Leslie! Even after all that jealous rage, you were able to put that aside, and you saved my girlfriend. Thank you so much; you are forgiven by me. Randy said, looking up. He then turned and saw Kolleen being wheeled back into the room. She was out like a light but her heart was still pumping. With peace in his heart and mind, Randy closed his eyes and felt himself being swept off into dreamland. A land full of harmony and bliss which he was more than happy to indulge in. A smile was spread across his face as he saw Kolleen manifesting before him. As he grabbed her hand, in reality, Randy’s hand was moving towards Kolleen’s direction.

Penny covered her mouth as she started to cry. She and the rest of them looked over at Kolleen who’s left hand had been moving towards Randy’s right. Both of them shaped their hands as if they were being held. Penny watched as Kolleen’s hand twitched a bit and seconds later, Randy’s imitated this action. Gorgon, Samantha, Carl, Penny and Dr. Farber all stood between the two, with the curtain drawn back. The grin was still resting on Randy’s face. They looked over towards Kolleen and seconds later a smile spread across hers.

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