The Black diamonds

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AT the age of seven, Lucia Rossio learns how to shoot guns, set off alarms, brake in and out of of places without being seen, how to set off bombs and more, Just so she can take over her fathers Gang when she is old enough. Now at the age of 16 her father passes away after getting a shot in the head... Now it is her time to take over the gang but the question is, can a 16 year old over the most powerful gang in the world, will she fall in love with other gang leaders around her age? Or will she just give up? Hey what are you doing your not allowed over here Umm yes i am... Who said i wasn't allowed Me... The second most powerful gang leader in the world... Who said YOU can be here? Me... The most powerful gang leader in the world

Action / Adventure
Brianna Austin
Age Rating:

The call from the gang

Lucia's Pov
Lucia, Lucia wake up
What Lilly
Mom said you must get you ass up before she comes up here and beats it. My little sister Lilly said.

I quickly got up and ran to my bathroom to take a shower

After taking my shower i ran out into my room and walked over to my closet

After serching through my closet i found some black ripped jeans, black and white checkered croped top

After i got dressed i put on my black and white vans and made my way downstaries

Walking out of my room i walked over to the elevator and pressed 1 to go down to the ground floor

Good morning Lucia, my mother said quite bitterly

Good morning mother, i responded with a with a huge smile

Miyah called from down by the gang house.
And whats wrong i asked with a mouth full of toast
She said that you need to get down there and quick
Okay mum im going to head out now

At the gang house
Hey Miyah whats going on i yelled after i burst through the front door

Oh god your finaly here, Alex my third in comand yelled from the stairs
Ya i am, and i was eating food i said in a angry like tone

Oohh was it mamas toast with with eggs and-
Yes it was i said in an annoyed tone
Now whats going on i questioned

Oh yes, everyones in the meeting room waiting on you, he said with a blank face

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