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My name is Zola Seavers. I work at the FBI and I work on the unusual cases, the cases the no agent wants to take. I am one of the best. I got hurt on one on my jobs, shot in the shoulder, and because of the damage to the nerves in my shoulder. I had to get my right arm from my elbow amputated. My boss wants me to take three months off with pay. So I decided to go home for the Holidays. But there is something happening in my hometown. Can I find out on what's happening while going through physical therapy and without getting more hurt? Warning: There are dark themes in this book such as rape, violence, and strong language. The rape isn't just with one person. There is also torture in this book, and if you are uncomfortable with torture and rape. Please be advised and stop reading, but if you decide to keep reading, just keep in mind of this warning. On another note, thank you for giving this book a shot otherwise. I'd really appreciate it if you give comments and feedback so that I can learn more.

Action / Mystery
Cora Morris
Age Rating:

Author's Note

Just letting you guys know before you start this book. A couple things to know as you read it.

Any chapters that are written in third person is from the bad guys point of views.

It is mostly in first person but just keep that in mind while you are reading so that you won't comment about it and think it was a mistake.

It will also keep you guessing on who the bad guy is. There will be clues hidden in the chapters on who this person is. I won't say yes or no on any questions on who the bad guy is, but it will be revealed later in the chapters on who the bad guy is.

And may I also remind you that this story is fiction and any places, name, or situations that are similar to real situations are just coincidental. I came up with the story.

Thanks again for reading and keep in mind on my warning that I have given in the description, there is rape, violence, torture, strong and vulgar language, and you must be 18 and older to read.

Thank you


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