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Death : Mystery Unsolved

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The world is on the verge of apocalypse, all no-thanks to the newly elected leader of TTO (The Terrorist Organization), who wants to conquer and rule over the world, by spreading terror [ the utmost form of fear ] all over the world. Within last 20 days ; 4 countries had already gotten hit by it. The blast in the industrial area of Country C, Chemical gas explosion under the thermal plant of Country A, Hijacking of airports area of Country NZ and today The disappearance of 5 high tech public service planes of Country H. Within just 20 days; millions of innocent people had already lost their lives , under this mass slaughter. But TTO won't remain silent , it will attack again , as for when and where, that's an underlying threat , a mystery which needs to be solved and needs to be stopped. But, what will happen , when the people who actually have the capabilities and powers to stop this apocalypse from happening , are SWORN ENEMIES of each other. Two agents; Agent S and Agent K ; who are the highly formidable and undefeatable foe of the entire world, who actually have the abilities to stop this apocalypse together , are actually each other's arch- nemesis. Two agents , who can't even tolerate to breath the same air as other, who can't even tolerate to pass their day without planning the strategies to kill each other. To know more, please read the novel.

Action / Thriller
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And the story begins :

15 minutes before apocalypse :


In an underground basement , the sound of screams could be heard clearly.

The place was enveloped with pitch black darkness, the only source of the light was the rays coming from the old, moving ventilator.

The place was filled with the stench of sweat, blood and dust.


“ Tell me, where is Agent J?” A well-built, highly refined, muscular guard asked in a cold, mechanical voice.

“ Not even if you kill me.” Agent K replied in a soft murmer. All no-thanks to the pain and torture, she has been through.

“ Just give up already. There is no way you can stop the attack from happening. Today is the end of This World. Earth will have an apocalypse today.Human civilization will end today. You can’t save it, anymore.” Amayra, The Leader of TTO spat the words.

“ Don’t forget, Miss Leader. There’s still 15 minutes left.” Agent S replied. Despite all the torture, all the pain, the arrogance, the dominance, the danger, the coldness couldn’t be hidden in his voice.

As if he would challenge her to the very doors of death itself.

“ Take them to the Four-Square and then hang them there. Let them watch the end of This Earth with their own eyes. Idiots.” Amayra gave the orders and then left the place, to accomplish her mission.

‘Mission. Apocalypse.’

~~ Telepathic conversation ~~

“ S, are you alright?” K asked in another soft whisper [ Telepathically]. Her energy was getting drained rapidly, all no-thanks to the bullets, which were still embedded in her body.

“ As if this ( referring to everything, they have been through) can affect me.” S replied haughtily. [ Telepathically]

And after a very long time, a small smile crept on K’s face. This arrogant, egoistic bastard is still the same.

“ K, what’s your condition?” S asked nonchalantly. As if the person shot directly in the heart wasn’t him. As if the person, who was slowly, very slowly succumbing to death, wasn’t him.

“ 3 broken ribs, even the sternum has been cracked a little, 5 bullets still on the body out of 8. But luckily no fatal wound. Can still kick the hell out of others. Oh right, My left arm is delocalised too.” K reported her overall condition as a doctor.

“ Good. Now, listen carefully. There is a dagger in my jacket’s back,grab it and throw it at the man standing at 5 o’clock. He has Gullock with him, which will be useful for you.

We have to finish the mission, before they finish us. We can’t let that psychopath activate the Micro-lemments. It will destroy The Earth.” S replied, the superiority, the patriotism, the leadership, the will to protect this earth, this world could be clearly seen.

“ But, what about you?” K asked worriedly . Fine. Even in the name of humanity, she was worried about him. She had seen the bullet piercing through his heart.

“ Agent K, our priority is to save Earth and Earthlings, not you or me.” S scowl at her.

“But….” K wanted to say more. But.. just like her ‘But’, there was only But... left in between them.

“ Let’s kill them all, before they do the honour. Don’t forget J and M are waiting for us. We have to stop this apocalypse from happening.” S stopped her from continuing further.

He knows, this idiot agent, is still the epitome of stupidity. Rather than saving herself, she is worried about him. Her sworn enemy.


“ Time to say goodbye to your favourite Earth, Agents.” The bodyguard from before replied haughtily.

‘Boom’. And another bullet pierced through K’s already delocalised left arm.

‘’Ah!!!” She screamed due to the pain.

‘ K, Now.’ S said in a calm,yet dangerous voice, telepathically.


And K, who till now was crouching on the ground, all drenched with her own blood and sweat, still coming in terms with the pain of the bullet,followed her senior’s order. She stretched her right arm straight, then bent it at 90degrees angle.

And with a little flip of her already a mess of body, she reached S’s back, brought out the dagger, threw it at the person, standing at 5 o’clock’s direction.

( After all, it was the stupidity to not to tie these agents up, when these idiots had the chance.)

And before any of the people could react she took three leapts, to cover the distance in between her and now dead person, she then sntached the Gullock from the gangster’s hand and shot at the bodyguard, who just hurt her left arm.

‘Boom’. Boom’. Boom’. One after another she shot three bullets directly at the guard’s heart.

‘Boom’. And as if to be double sure, she shot another bullet to screw the brains of the guy.

And the guy as high and mighty as Mount Everest fell to the ground. But that wasn’t all.

There were 50 guards, 80 gangsters in the very same place. What’s more, her partner was heavily injured and so was she.

And only 7 Minutes to stop the apocalypse.

How!!! Is it even possible!!! No, right!!! So, will the World End today. Within just 7 minutes?

Can these two agentS ; Agent K and Agent S, stop the apocalypse from happening? Especially when both of them are injured as Hell.

Who is Agent J? Why does the Leader of TTO want him? Can he save these two agents and the apocalypse from happening?

Will the micro-lemments attack, which would lead to an apocalypse taking place? What is TTO? Who is this girl, Amayra? Why does she want to end the World?

How did she come in contact with this deadliest weapon of the Earth; The Micro-lemments?

Who are these two agents? What’s their relationship with each other? Why did he think, she thinks him as her sworn enemy? Are they really sworn enemies?

Will human civilization end today? Will the existence of humans end today? Will there be no humans from 7 minutes afterwards?

Millions of questions, but answer none.

In order to find out what happened, why it happened, and whether the World will end on the new year eve or not...

We have to go back in time. The time, when all of this started.

The time when the journey of this story started~~

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