Little Miss Homeless

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Fiona is lost in the woods and has no idea what to do! But then she meets a bit of an older girl who helps her become Little Miss Homeless!

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

Fiona ran through the woods, her bare feet splashing in the mud. Her short blonde hair was frizzed, with a layer of dirt covering it. She was cold and soaked. Rain poured down all around her. Her short, light blue dress was covered in mud, her white apron stained. Moonlight shined in her wet face. She was running, when suddenly, she ran into something, and fell to the ground. She opened her eyes, and found herself face to face, with a large, creepy, figure. She screamed, got up, and ran in the opposite direction. She kept running, until she tripped on a rock. Her face fell in a pile of mud, and when she sat up, she heard a sound she did not like. She heard the sound of a rattle. She quickly got up, picked up a stick then looked around. She heard it again, and she looked down, only to find, right at her feet, a giant rattle snake. She screamed, hit it with the stick a few times, then ran. She kept running, then realized she could no longer hear rattling. She stopped in her tracks, still shivering, and looked around. She saw a cave in the distance, and ran for it. She got to the cave, and sat down, only to hear another disterbing noise. She heard small squeaking getting closer. Just then, a swarm of bats came flying out of the cave. Fiona ducked down, and screamed. When the bats were gone, she layed down on a hard, cold rock, and cried herself to sleep. The next day, she woke up to something magical. Beams of sunlight shined through the trees, bushes covered in berries surrounded her cave. A family of deer strode through forest, and a couple squirrels nibbled away at a pile of acorns. The forest was much better in the daytime. Fiona sat in her cave to think. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She and her father had been living in a small cabin together almost her whole life, her mother died when she was very young. Her father had been an alcoholic for a long time. But eventually, he was actually crazy enough to kick his daughter out on the day she turned seven. Now here she was, all alone, in the woods, with probably no hope of surviving. Just then, her stomach growled as if there was a lion in there. She dicided she needs some food. She went over to the berie bush, and grabbed some berries. She ate one, but shortly after, had to run behind a tree. She quickly realized, those were some bad berries.
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