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A Life To Come Back Too (Edited Version)

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Ashtyn Gray is dead. She died in a house fire. Ashtyn King survived. But no one knows that, besides her father of course. When Ashtyn finds out that she is pregnant with not one baby but three babies her life turns upside down. For three and a half years she raised her children by herself, until Ryder finds out that shes alive. What happens when Ashtyn is thrown back into the gang life with three children and she is renamed the heiress. With her half-brother dead, and her family finding out that she's alive, Ashtyn has to forget the peaceful life away from everyone and forced to become the gangs leader. (This is the second book in "A Life' series. I suggest reading the first book or the unedited version of these but you don't have too, good luck figuring everything out though.) 1-A life left behind 2-A Life to come back too 3-A life to never leave

Action / Drama
Abby Moon
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Chapter 1

I placed the test on the counter top and pulled up my pants. Looking in the mirror I noticed the slight bulge in my lower abdomen. I shook it off and paced for five minutes around the bathroom. I needed to clean the shower later.

I had been in the clear for a month, making it January. Finally I gained the courage to look at the test, taking a deep breath before turning it over. It was positive, I was pregnant.

My first doctors appointment was starting out awkward. Sam and I had been just dating for a few weeks and I wanted to get a blood test before telling him. They drew my blood and had me sit a while before the ultrasound tech came in with the doctor and they had me lay on a table with a white sheet over it. I complied and I pulled up my shirt.

“Do you know the possible conception date?” He asked and I shrugged. “Sometime in November?” I said though it was more of a question. The doctor eyed me suspiciously.

“Your measuring at four months, are you sure that you couldn’t be that far along?” He questioned and I shook my head. I hadn’t had sex with anyone else in over six months, besides Ryder. Dad became harsher on me and pushed me out every night for missions. I didn’t have any other fun.

“Okay, lets take a look,” He said and they placed a cold gel on my lower stomach. I saw the screen freeze before showing me anything. I tried to crane my head to see the baby but they turned it towards them more. “Are you sure?” The tech asked and my face paled.

The doctor must have sensed my anxiety and reassured me that everything was okay.

“Okay, lets unfreeze that screen,” The doctor said as he unfroze it so that I could see. My eyes widened at the sight. There was three fetuses on the screen.

“You are measuring at nine weeks,” He said.

“Is that?” I questioned and the doctor nodded at my unasked question.

“Camryn, you are expecting triplets.” He said and scanned my face for a reaction.

My heart rate sped up as I heard the first cry. “It’s a girl,” one of the nurses told me at they poked their head behind the blue screen that I was looking at. The cry was strong but I was thirty weeks pregnant, something that they didn’t think I would measure too.

They placed him on a cart. A minute later I heard the second cry. “It’s a boy,” The nurse told me, her eyes lit up with excitement. Sam kissed my head as he watched. Sam was my boyfriend. I was surprised when he didn’t leave me when I told him the news. I was pregnant with triplets.

I heard a smaller cry another minute later. “It’s another boy,” I sighed. My two boys and girl were out of me now. They rolled them out to the hospital nursery as I was sewn back up and put into a recovery room.

“Did you have names picked out?” One nurse asked me when she checked on me.

“Yeah, Alexander, Owen, and Carsyn,” I told them.

Carsyn Victoria King, First born daughter and child.

Alexander Lein King, First born male and second child.

Owen Ryder King, my second male and third born child.

These were my children now, mine to protect and defend.

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