3 Kingdoms

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Long ago there lived a great king, King Nesbeth who was loved by all the people in the land because he was a very kind and benevolent king, he had 3 sons in whom he saw the potential of greatness, that were fit to become kings but only one king could rule the country at a time so the king had an idea and made a decree that the country will be divided into 3 Kingdoms and each of his sons would have a Kingdom to rule for themselves, so his two younger sons Prince Aidan and Prince Bavol set out, each going in the opposite direction of each other to establish their own kingdoms, with their father's kingdom being the head ruler over them. the king was proud of how they were building up their own kingdom. the 3 Kingdoms lived in harmony for over 400 years until the kingdoms' of the East and West fell under the rule of evil Kings. and plotted to overthrow the Central kingdom, not too long after the Great Invasion took place, both East and West kingdoms rose up and destroyed the Central Kingdom. the current king, King Cresswell, and his family were killed but a servant saved the last child of the king and hid him, he was brought up in a village deep in the mountains of the Central Kingdom. there he grew up with the servants' children.

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Chapter 1: "Present Day"

Ten years had passed since the Central Kingdom had fallen, the castle and its surroundings were reduced to rubble, and the outskirts of the city was inhabited by the ones who survived the invasion. by this time the King's son William was thirteen years old. he was never allowed to go back to the city whenever his Mother and brother were going to trade goods. he always asked "why can't I come with you?" but they always said, "it's too dangerous for you." and "we wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you."

This time around he disobeyed and trailed them into the city. he had always heard stories of the city and had always wanted to see what it was like. he hid outside behind a column not too far from the entrance of the Kingdom until they had gone to the makeshift market to trade, he found an old cloak and threw it over himself to conceal his identity.

while he was off exploring the kingdom all the stories he heard about how great and majestic the kingdom was in it's prime compared to what it is now. it was disappointing to him and heart wrenching, as he made his way around he notices how poverty-stricken the people are and the look on their faces they were really suffering. deep in his heart, he wanted to do something to help them but what could he do?

He saw an elderly man begging, he had a few coins on him so he gave it to him. he said "thank you, young man, how kind of you." William said "I wish I had more to give you." Said William, he went on to ask him "what really happened here?" then the old man told him of how the other kingdoms invaded there's and slaughtered the king and his family but they spared his eldest daughter and took her and some of the people into captivity.

After hearing it the young prince was very much displeased it made him upset. "how could they do such a thing?" the old man told him they were looking for magical items but they didn't find any." I wonder what's so important about them that they had to destroy the entire kingdom?" he thought to himself. William then said "oh I have to go now!" by the way what's your name? the old man said "Phillip." that's a neat name, I'm William nice to meet you. his smile warmed the old man's heart. he then made his way to another part of the kingdom that wasn't so run down like where he was coming from. he saw tents and people gathered. as he made his way closer to the stage he saw a man who had a young girl in chains.

Step right up, one and all come and see the wonders of my magic show. while the young girl was performing her magic tricks, the prince was fascinated by her magic he had never seen anything like it before, as he took a closer look at the girl he didn't like what he saw, she was unhappy and she was suffering, deep in his heart he was troubled.

At the end of the show the prince went over to talk to her, he asked her what was her name she replied with a low broken tone "Rose" he asked her what she had done to be chained like that she told him. I have tried to escape on numerous occasions but I would always get caught. so he chained me up with a binding spell that's connected to the mace in his tent. it's wrapped and tied up with a black cloth. "if I could get my hands on the mace I could undo the spell" she whispered.

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