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By Lecoffins All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action

Keyword: Ground

I looked down at my feet; below them were the remains of cars stuck in traffic mixed with the last remains of decaying skeletons. Keeping my balance, I banana-stepped by the edge. My feet would slip sometimes, but there was no rush in my heart to alert me from falling down, for it was dead, – just like everybody else’s. It’s dead.

Flailing my arms in the air, I stepped down the ledge and looked around the place. It had rocks as a roof-floor, fading draws painted in every wall and scattered cigarettes all over. This world is so filthy it bothers me finding trash everywhere, so dirty it destroyed every last trace of nature.

Silently, I got down an out the building heading somewhere to spend some more time before my job would begin. To my delight, there was one of those places with many records of the past so I ventured inside.

There are many books in which you could read or even see pictures of how our world used to be. It was clean, it was green, it had blueish water and it covered the planet by it’s three quarters of its entirety.

People used to live their life working in order to cope with society, children studied as far as they were able to, they had pets who looked quite cute if I may say so, and they had all sorts of foods all over the world. They created things, had a way to punish and decide what had to be done to any sort of crime and were able to win something called money and use it for their own desires and needs. The human body was normal, and every organ inside their body functioned in sync.

The thing I love the most about the peaceful word there used to be, is the entertainment. They used to have all sorts of entertainment too. We have none left though. Just torn posters about their coming up. I wish I would have been able to be born before so that I’d enjoy that world.

This version of the world has no water, no real food, no nature, just no everything I mentioned. Only huge deserts and abandoned falling apart buildings. The few animals that are left are savage overgrown creatures; And the toxicity in the air made it hard to make their meat edible which is why they still exist up to this generation.

There is no work, no money, no justice, and there is no sole organ functioning in our body but our brains. In truth, we are not humans, we are devils born with their looks. This world is so ignorant to what’s wrong and what’s right that there is no such thing as crime but our birth itself.

Everything is valid, like a mad game. And what’s a game without weapons and bosses to defeat? The weak cower in fear while the rest of us encounter against the pawns of madness in crazy battles with weapons we've managed to re-create.

There is no such thing as ‘sun’ in this world either, only energy cubes that run out of energy every thirteen hours, – luckily the light source also regulates temperature as it wills. Else we’d all freeze to death.

Light is to be praised, darkness is to be feared, therefore people don’t roam the destroyed streets by nightfall, even if they could see at night like a predator, death awaits in the shadows. 

There are only two kinds of people who roam the pitch black fields. Murderers and Punishers.

Sadly, there isn't real intel about them but rumors you hear in hideouts made upon descriptions by rare survivors.

Murderers are crazed individuals, always looking for hideouts filled with survivors to eat their essence away, it didn’t matter if they were newborn children, the only thing they eat is the blue liquid that traveled through our veins, because it’s the only thing they could see with their sickening yellow eyes. Or so they say, no one knows if they truly are blind to everything but blood.

Unlike Murderers, Punishers don’t have a definitive figure at all. Rumors say that they don’t have eyes but can see and that they don’t eat what they kill. Their name was suggested when they appeared after a Murderer began tormenting a refuge, and killed it. Their kind were branded as Punishers then. Some say that if near them, they’ll slaughter you.

The only ones who have seen them are the old people, and the dead. The old geezers never dared to talk about them thinking they’d appear if named. They’re like a myth, a story to tell your kids before sleep to assure them no Murderer would enter their little hideouts.

No one knows if they truly exist. The only thing that the old can remember of seeing them–if not heard–is that they are black. Whatever they say afterwards are wild hallucinations from their imagination.

The size of a kid-youth-adult, flat faced, faceless, tall, thin, agile, foam coming out their mouths, masks, that they glow, and the list goes on.

Getting out the abandoned building, I looked up at the sky to look at the all mighty energy cube. Nightfall was to begin. Sighing, I stuffed my hands in my pockets and walked down the empty street. They were all destroyed and cracked by a long vanished enraged nature. Honestly, they look like the most disgusting thing you could ever lay your eyes on.

As the sky turned darker each minute, I found myself walking into yet another BookStore. However, none of the readable contents were of my taste.

Whoever who could’ve seen me would think I was looking for a hideout for nightfall when all I’m doing is exploring. I don’t fear those Murderers unlike everybody else. I don’t care if I’m found by those pathetic creatures and fight for my essence. To my eyes that’s a merciful gift from the ripped skies to finally rest from this madness.

If only it could be that easy.

The lights finally went off and the howls began in the distance.

– “Time to work.” I mumbled.

Putting the rather pointless book I was eyeing back down in it’s place, I pulled the hood of my winter cloak over my head and headed out towards the moans that could be heard strongest. Reaching behind my back, I palmed the grip of my blades. Grinning to myself, I slipped into the darken night with the eyes of a predator expecting for those yellow eyed monstrosities to appear.

It is my job to kill those things, to exterminate them and to erase every single one of their sorry, filthy beings.

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